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2 headed deer



Messages posted to thread:
Tunames 02-Dec-06
guidermd 02-Dec-06
JTV 02-Dec-06
The Old Sarge 02-Dec-06
Pat Lefemine 02-Dec-06
travis@work 02-Dec-06
The Old Sarge 02-Dec-06
Doum 02-Dec-06
GaryB@Home 02-Dec-06
INBowman 02-Dec-06
Trebarker 02-Dec-06
TD 02-Dec-06
Ron 02-Dec-06
Bou'bound 02-Dec-06
Yanna 02-Dec-06
HuntinHabit 02-Dec-06
TD 02-Dec-06
unsuccessful-ED 02-Dec-06
nijimasu 02-Dec-06
Trebarker 02-Dec-06
TheIceman 02-Dec-06
Redfingers 02-Dec-06
passthru 02-Dec-06
hunting dad 02-Dec-06
Shuteye 03-Dec-06
Muzzy 03-Dec-06
tjh 03-Dec-06
bobbyG 03-Dec-06
flip 03-Dec-06
flip 03-Dec-06
Bowme2 03-Dec-06
nijimasu 03-Dec-06
hmaxims 03-Dec-06
buck deerman 04-Dec-06
guidermd 04-Dec-06
Blaze 13-Dec-06
Ki-Ke 13-Dec-06
JT 13-Dec-06
Mr Wapiti 13-Dec-06
pwahuntn 13-Dec-06
Gobble Stopper 14-Dec-06
bowtechie 14-Dec-06
Knife2sharp 14-Dec-06
Gobble Stopper 14-Dec-06
bowtechie 14-Dec-06
bowtechie 14-Dec-06
bowtechie 14-Dec-06
COUGAR 14-Dec-06

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From: Tunames Date: 02-Dec-06
Anybody seen this? I got it offa Dick's sporting goods web site under tropy photos.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

From: guidermd Date: 02-Dec-06
that's the buck i've been feeding a new mineral supplement to. its got a denise austin's power bar and a richard simmons glycemic index included with the 50lb bag for only 3 payments of 69.95!! act now and we'll reduce it to 2 payments!!

From: JTV Date: 02-Dec-06
NO...No...Its a High Fence critter thats had way to many steriod injections...or it lived next to a nuclear power plant....Jeff

From: The Old Sarge Date: 02-Dec-06
Does/do he/they fight with one another during the rut?

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 02-Dec-06
Would you score that as a non-typical?

From: travis@work Date: 02-Dec-06
Nope--you would conjoin the score...

From: The Old Sarge Date: 02-Dec-06
... in the Siamese record books ...

From: Doum Date: 02-Dec-06
What happen if one want to turn right and the other left?

From: GaryB@Home Date: 02-Dec-06
Would you have to use two tags on that thing?

Taking into account the theory that damaged gonads create a deformed rack. I wonder what his look like :)

From: INBowman Date: 02-Dec-06
I want to see that thing in a battle with another buck.. Do you think there would be another deer dumb enough to pick that fight?

From: Trebarker Date: 02-Dec-06
Imagine how hard it would be to keep from getting caught moving with that.

PS-I think it's a photoshop job

From: TD Date: 02-Dec-06
It's ear is droopy.

I'm with Trebarker. My guess is photoshop. Either that or Rompala had a few too many.

From: Ron Date: 02-Dec-06
Don't know about that. Went to the Dick's sporting good site and that is what the kid is claiming and it is a different picture. If so he would have one heck of a score.

From: Bou'bound Date: 02-Dec-06
it would be hard to imagine that IF there were a two headed deer that the racks would be so normal. those appear to very healthy, symetrical racks.

From: Yanna Date: 02-Dec-06
great now the drury bros have come up with the growl and roar at the same time.

From: HuntinHabit Date: 02-Dec-06
I don't think there is any way it's real, but for arguement sake let's say it is. Would you be able to score this for P&Y as a single deer as a non-typ, and somehow measure both racks? My guess is that P&Y would allow one rack to be scored, or else it's disqualified as a 'mutant' of some kind. Kind of like the cactus bucks we've all seen...

From: TD Date: 02-Dec-06
Definitely "non-typical".

From: unsuccessful-ED Date: 02-Dec-06
weird, looks like a photo shop, but the pic is to small to tell definitely

From: nijimasu Date: 02-Dec-06

nijimasu's embedded Photo

Might be real.. This is the deersign posted on a road near where the deer was taken.

From: Trebarker Date: 02-Dec-06
lol at the sign.

It's not even photoshopped, it's a double exposure.

From: TheIceman Date: 02-Dec-06
The deer's coats are 2 different colors.

From: Redfingers Date: 02-Dec-06
If it was real it would be a lot fatter (2 mouths!).

From: passthru Date: 02-Dec-06
Get it X-rayed for authenticity.

From: hunting dad Date: 02-Dec-06

From: Shuteye Date: 03-Dec-06
One head coud eat while the other looked for danger.

From: Muzzy Date: 03-Dec-06
would u have to tag it as an 8 by 8 or use 2 tags ?

From: tjh Date: 03-Dec-06
twice the cost at the taxidermist?

From: bobbyG Date: 03-Dec-06
The dominant buck in that area was heard braging how he kicked two bucks _ _ _ at one time!

This is as believable as the picture!

From: flip Date: 03-Dec-06
Photos like this already? This is going to be a long winter!

From: flip Date: 03-Dec-06
Photos like this already? This is going to be a long winter!

From: Bowme2 Date: 03-Dec-06
I can hear the argument now... "no, this doe is mine!"

From: nijimasu Date: 03-Dec-06

nijimasu's embedded Photo

This is a back view of the archer that took him.

From: hmaxims Date: 03-Dec-06
So thats what was making those crazy rubs in my hunting area!

From: buck deerman Date: 04-Dec-06
That is the fabled "Drop Head Buck"

From: guidermd Date: 04-Dec-06
is this one deer with two heads, or is it two deer with one ass?

From: Blaze Date: 13-Dec-06

Blaze's embedded Photo

This is for real!!! I live about 10 miles from where this thing was killed.It was taken in English, In. the opening morning of firearms. I did not se the deer but I know several people who where there at the check station. The owner of the bow shop/check station said it beats all he's ever seen. This is definitely legit. I did not belive it until I talked with the guys who saw it.

From: Ki-Ke Date: 13-Dec-06
"conjoin the scores"


From: JT Date: 13-Dec-06
...two headed buck, and a hunter in a pear tree.

From: Mr Wapiti Date: 13-Dec-06
um anyone notice the location of the pic to the words? how he do that????

From: pwahuntn Date: 13-Dec-06
steroid Buck thats what it is.

From: KSBUCKHUNTER Date: 13-Dec-06
I have the same problem as the deer!!!!!

From: Gobble Stopper Date: 14-Dec-06
Where did they check the deer in at? I live at Sulphur.I have seen a picture of it,but aint talked to anyone who has actually seen it.

From: bowtechie Date: 14-Dec-06
Don't hold your breath, Gobble!


From: Knife2sharp Date: 14-Dec-06
Maybe the guy came across two bucks locked together, one dead one alive. He cut the head off the dead one after he shot the live one and is displaying the dead dear with the other head.

This makes the most sense to me.

From: Gobble Stopper Date: 14-Dec-06
Trust me bowtechie,I aint holdin' my breath. I live next door to Smith Mountain taxidermy.My cousin,who is the taxidermist,has mounted some animals for the guys dad who is supposed to have killed the two headed deer. My cousin has a lot of people in and out of the shop,and aint nobody came in that has mentioned seeing this thing,or talked to anyone who has seen it. I figure if this thing was for real there would have been a lot more being heard about it around here.

From: bowtechie Date: 14-Dec-06

bowtechie's embedded Photo

the ilusive 2 headed deer is only one of the two animals I'm's the other one...

From: bowtechie Date: 14-Dec-06
oops...elusive...need to take spelling lessons between

From: bowtechie Date: 14-Dec-06

bowtechie's embedded Photo

Wait, I stand's one now!

From: COUGAR Date: 14-Dec-06
Must have been sired by the seven legged buck!

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