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Free deer blind plans



Messages posted to thread:
pleasantlake 14-Oct-07
Arrowslinger92 14-Oct-07
pleasantlake 14-Oct-07
Northwoods 15-Oct-07
Razorhead 15-Oct-07
MBOGO 15-Oct-07
Diablo 16-Oct-07
Hawkarcher 16-Oct-07
iowaPete 17-Oct-07
Razorhead 17-Oct-07
chip 17-Oct-07

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From: pleasantlake Date: 14-Oct-07
Does anyone know where I can find free deer blind plans? I want to build an above ground deer blind for myself and my grandson to hunt in.

From: Arrowslinger92 Date: 14-Oct-07
You mean like a shootin house kinda thing?

From: pleasantlake Date: 14-Oct-07

From: Northwoods Date: 15-Oct-07
How much do you plan to spend on a "homemade" blind with plans? My guess is you can get one at a store for about $50 that will be as nice as anything you can make and will save you alot of time.


From: Razorhead Date: 15-Oct-07
Are you talking portable or permanent? If portable, then I would strongly recommend North's advice above. I built a portable blind about 10 or so years ago (I shoot longbows and there wasn't anything-or very few- at that time tall enough for comfortable shooting). I don't even want to think about how much time I spent building, tinkering and improving it. One of my wife's happiest days was when it was destroyed out west on an antelope hunt a few years back. If permanent, then 2X4's, chicken wire and burlap should be a simple solution. Good luck.

From: MBOGO Date: 15-Oct-07

MBOGO's embedded Photo

You mean like these?

From: Diablo Date: 16-Oct-07
Double bull!

From: Hawkarcher Date: 16-Oct-07

Hawkarcher's embedded Photo

We built this one recently. My buddy has the plans in his head according to him. I could put you in touch with him if you want.

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 17-Oct-07

SERBIANSHARK's embedded Photo

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 17-Oct-07

SERBIANSHARK's embedded Photo

From: iowaPete Date: 17-Oct-07
Serb - Does that come with a wet bar and a jacuzzi?? hehee.

That thing is awesome!!


From: Razorhead Date: 17-Oct-07
Looks like they are clearing land for an entire sub-division of hunting blinds! Better get them while you can. ;o)

From: chip Date: 17-Oct-07
Serb-Lsst time I saw that Bobcat you were standing in front of it wearing shorts, and oh those legs. thanks kfor not posing in this pic. Not a bad looking building but I have to ask, do you really feel that you are hunting in one of those blinds? You are out of the elements and probably have it heated. Just seems to take some of the fun out of the hunt.

From: LUNDLIKER Date: 17-Oct-07

LUNDLIKER's embedded Photo

I managed to knock this out this past summer. Damn coons found it and like pooping on my deck!!!

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 17-Oct-07

SERBIANSHARK's embedded Photo

chip, i really built it for my 70 year old dad. he still likes to hunt, and here where i live, we have some bad weather during gun season sometimes.

that parcel has 400 acre's and has 14 other ladder stands on it. i hunt the ladder that i think is best for the wind of that given day. dad...he wants the comforts. i suppose if the weather was really crappy may get a room mate. lol

and yes, it's heated, no wet bar, but is padded, and carpeted on all walls, floor, and ceiling (for sound). it's also insulated with fiberglass all the way including ceiling, and floor.

has 3 swivel secretary chairs, and a small 3' table in the middle. i also built a staircase to it.

is it hunting...yes.....comfortable hunting i'd


oh, and just for

From: LUNDLIKER Date: 17-Oct-07

LUNDLIKER's embedded Photo

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Subject: RE: Free deer blind plans

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