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5575 13-Dec-07
From: L2H@work
Anyone heard from Jack Brittingham in a while? I know people were kind a jerk to him before, but I thought he brought a lot to the discusion table. I saw a video the other day of him predator calling in black bears in Alaska while standing on tree stump. As always he shot a monster with his bow.

From: Apprentice
why were people a jerk to him before? Did he used to post here or something?

From: Bigdan
I ejoyed most of his shows but sence I lost the Mens Channel on my Sat. I have not seen any of his stuff. That Brown Bear He Shot in Alaska was as good as anything i have ever seen

From: Hollywood
Jack posted here from time to time and offered up a lot of great info and experience, but some people just can't stand to see someone else succeed, excel, whatever...

It's kind of a bummer, he's a super nice guy and didn't deserve the excess crticism, that's why none of the big-name guys come here.

The anonymity of the internet makes it too easy for people to be rude to one another and type things that no one would ever actually say to a person's face.

From: MJS

You are right on. Somehow the anonymity of the internet unleashes the inner beast in many people. As usual, the technoloy goes ahead and our social adaptions come dragging along behind.

I have a couple of Jack's tapes and while they are professional in their production, many of them involve hunts from high fence operations - which many here are opposed to.

I haven't hunted that way either, but I am assuming that is what aggravates some.

It takes some pretty thick skin to be succesful at anything these days.

From: Waterfowler
Just wish I had half his money.You'd never see me again except in the pages of Monster mulies or Bowhunter mag.Seems like an okay guy in his videos but man are they overpriced ( i think).

From: MaBow
Like BigBan stated I have not heard anything since the Mens channel was dropped by Dish network. I was one of the better hunting shows IMO. I like how he hunts all over the world. Hopefully next year he will move his show to the outdoor channel.

His staff told me that he is seriously considering leaving tv production and concentrating on videotape and dvd only. This is the result of the unfortunate demise of the MOR channel and the many problems associated with the collapse. His show was a class act, and so is Jack. My granddaughter has an autographed pic of him with that massive brown bear in her room. The Catastrophic tape he made with Brian Hawkins about bobcat calling/hunting is one of the best I've ever seen.

From: pupper
he used to post here and you guys drove him out. awww come on, hes a big boy. He probably started this post.

From: DoubleD
Haven't seen his show lately, but I still see his adds in hunting mags for his videos. He seemed like an OK guy to me, I didn't like that everytime he hunted whitetails on his show he was in a high fence area, but to each his own.

Anyone who teaches his sons and daughters to hunt with a bow and show extreme ehtics and skill is Ok by me.

he does have $$ to do all, His Hippo video was is the bobcats he takes with bow. They are much harder to take than deer with bow.

From: TD
He owns the HF place. (several I think) I liked his show, most of them anyway. Outdoor Channel used to have it, but I haven't seen it in quite a while. Maybe he'll come back on now?

The grizzly show was pretty cool.

I enjoyed his posts here. Pretty stand up guy. I think he realizes who and what the "public" is in a public forum.

From: woodie
Extreme Predator

I agree with you about your views on children in hunting.Jack's video's had a great impact on my daughter Taylor.When she was seven she would watch Jack's little girl hammer those big bucks,and it really lit her fire.She has been on three trips with me since then .Jack enjoy's his work and his family all at the same time.Isnt that what we all want.

Shoot Straight. Woodie

From: TradTech
I still watch the dvd hunting that monster brown. The best I've ever seen.

Class act individual in my opinion.

From: TD
Grizzly? Oops. Been a while since I saw it. Brown Bear. My bad.

From: L2H@work
I have been called a lot of things But jack brittingham is not one of them. I missed his shows as well. Sure the deer were shot in texas, But most of his other game was shot in the same kind of areas we could hunt in if we could afford it.

Travis Wetter (WI)

I have watched the exciting brown bear hunt too.

What impressed me the most was that his hunting buddy, Bill Sims, was once a guide in Alaska who lost his guide license and went to jail for multiple "same day airborne," chasing bears and wolves with aircraft and Lacey Act violations.

Jack may be a fine fellow, but in my opinion he does not keep very good company.

Incidentally, this is not second-hand information. I held a seat on the Alaska Guide Licensing and Control Board back then.


From: BigRed
The dude runs a HF operation and trys to pass it off as fair chase.

Nothing more needs to be said.

I lost all respect for the guy. Wont watch his tv shows. And certainly wont buy his DVD's.

From: baldy
did you ever notice that they never mention the high fence on these shows? even though they think there is nothing wrong with it!

From: JTV
I'll say it to his face...high fence is crap....Dont like it...never did....If he'll stick to free range critters thats fine. None of this high fence BS, at least have some nads and put a disclaimer on his videos(Buyer Beware). I'm impressed with those put the notice on their videos, "All hunts are fair chase free range animals" ....Jeff

From: RUGER1022
He started out by making a name for himself as a shooter not hunter trying to hide the canned hunts . I remember an early tape of his where he tells the viewers that he's going to stalk this big whitetail standing in the background and starts walking through oak leaves so noisey you couldn't hear him talk . Whatta joke.

Now he's doing real hunts so he can be looked at as a real hunter. Whatta joke .

From: TD

I must have missed the part where he claimed his HF hunts were fair chase. First I've heard of him making any such claims.

Hunting HF is one thing. Actually trying to pass it off as fair chase, committing fraud trying to enter it into P&Y, lying etc. That would be too much.

If it were true.

From: Gator
I've never met the man but I did leave an email for him asking about some of his equipment when he was on his Brown Bear hunt. I got a reply from his office telling me he was in Tanzania. The next day I received an email from Jack explaining that he was indeed in Africa along with the answers to my questions.

I call that being a stand up guy. I've enjoyed every video I have seen from him but I will look at the BB hunt video again, looking for that high fence. Guess I missed it the first time.

From: quarterback
Jack and his son came here and folks gave him alot of grief about high fence hunting. He made it worst by defending it as not much different than no fence. Even offered bets on how hard it was hunting in his personal high fenced ranch. Seems to be good with his kids and the big bear hunt was wild. I have seen him take some very questionable 50-60 yard shots but many do that. I have hunted in high fences and have no problem with it but he is full of it when he talks about high fence hunting.

From: 5575
How did the guys do that went and hunted in his high fence anyhow??

I agree with the other guys thou. Guy made videos of him and his kids shooting giant deer and never ever mentioned that they were locked up in a pen. That ticked me off, gotta love the guys that put "fair chase" right on the cover of their DVDs those are the ones I'll buy and try to learn something from. And don't get me wrong, I don't mind the feeders, heck even the high fence stuff. If it's legal where you live and you like doing that then by all means do!That's what makes this country so great! BUT Don't go making a "hunting" video of it and try to come off as some kind of know it all whitetail guru. There's a reason his little kids were shooting giant deer, and skill and ability wern't some of them.

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