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Looking for whitetail mount option/input



Messages posted to thread:
herd bull 20-Dec-07
travis@work 20-Dec-07
wisconsinteacher 20-Dec-07
Hugh 20-Dec-07
Hugh 20-Dec-07
travis@work 20-Dec-07
MRmich 20-Dec-07
herd bull 20-Dec-07
kev 20-Dec-07
Matt 20-Dec-07
travis@work 20-Dec-07
muzzyfied 20-Dec-07
Mountain Man 20-Dec-07
skinny indian 20-Dec-07
Gobblestopper 20-Dec-07
Grinr 20-Dec-07
herd bull 20-Dec-07
muthabuckr 20-Dec-07
MBguide 20-Dec-07
RobHood23 20-Dec-07
rackmaster300 20-Dec-07
herd bull 20-Dec-07
Bionicrooster 20-Dec-07
pybowhunter68 21-Dec-07
pybowhunter68 21-Dec-07
Earl E. Nove....mber 21-Dec-07
Slap 21-Dec-07
Slap 21-Dec-07
bo-n-aro 21-Dec-07
split_toe 21-Dec-07
Xprez 22-Dec-07
moleshaver 22-Dec-07
herd bull 22-Dec-07
mdjunior 22-Dec-07

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From: herd bull Date: 20-Dec-07

herd bull's embedded Photo

I've been talking with my taxidermist about what to do with my whitetail. Yeah I know, tough decision to have - lol . I was fortunate enough to take a really nice deer this year. Possibly the biggest one I may shoot in my whitetail career and I wanted to do something a little different or unique with the mount.

We've tossed around ideas from pedestal mounts, to lip curls and a bunch of other things. The guy does great work and has won some awards for his efforts. I'm looking for ideas because he wants me to be happy with it and do what I want to do and not what he wants.

Personally I think I want to stay away from poses like head down rubbing a tree or head up and tilted back licking a branch. While these are definitely unique they take away from the deer (horns). I also think, just my opinion, that keeping his head more parallel to the floor shows off his horns better.

I like the muscular look in the neck that can be done. Not sure what forms are out there for this or if it's all custom work done by the taxidermist. Currently I'm leaning towards a semi-sneak, head somewhat up, with a slight turn to the right. I also like the lip curl idea with maybe the ears pinned back or partially pinned back.

His measurements around the meat at the ears was almost 20". I don't have an around the meat measurement at the chest but over the hide it was 36"-37". So I might be limited in form selection?

Any info,direction or links to specific mount forms would be great. Or better yet pics of a variety of mounts. We have to get this nailed down pretty quick as he'd like to enter it here at the midwestern deer expo.

Thanks for any help or input. Here's a pic of the deer again even though I did post it under the harvest thread.

From: travis@work Date: 20-Dec-07

travis@work's embedded Photo

Personally I always push the upright poses on my customers..especially with a big buck..Gives them that proud look...the muscular detail is accented by the taxidermist doing the specific and let him know what you want as he`ll have to file these muscle areas deeper into the manikin...late season bucks have alot thicker fur and it`s not always easy to get that muscular look...I like one ear forward and one ear back too...I`ll attach a picture---the upright i`m talking about is the second deer from the right..

From: wisconsinteacher Date: 20-Dec-07
I have a semi sneak, right and a left turn. Dad just got a semi sneak head up and I do not like it. If I were you get a Van Dykes book and look at it. Also, use the net and look at a ton of pictures. Take your time and get what you want. Also, go to hunting stores with a camera and look at the mounts on the wall.

From: Hugh Date: 20-Dec-07

Hugh's embedded Photo

I differ from Travis, and refuse to do uprights....I think they look rigid and stiff and unlifelike. That's not picking on him, just my opinion.

I get my clients to do either an semisneak or semi upright.

The musculature that can be dramatic on a mount will only show up on short haired deer. Long haired deer don't have the Hulk look, the hair covers up the contour.

Lip curls on a once in a lifetime buck are a mistake, again in my opinion.

Go to and then click to the taxidermist's webpages. Youll see all kinds of options availabe for you.

Remember you will live with this thing for close to the rest of your life, so pick out one that jumps out to you.

A pedistal mount makes a beautiful piece if you have the room and the budget.


From: Hugh Date: 20-Dec-07

Hugh's embedded Photo

From: travis@work Date: 20-Dec-07
I do agree with the pedestal mounts...They really do catch your eye and add something different

From: MRmich Date: 20-Dec-07
Herd bull, Congrats on a great buck. This is one buck that you don't want to skimp on the cash. Do it up right bro. MRmich

From: herd bull Date: 20-Dec-07
Hugh, the first pedestal mount is just awesome. I just spent a half hour or so going through webpages from Thanks by the way, great link.

OK so I agree after seeing numerous mounts with the mouth open. Probably not a good idea. If I were to do a sneak it would be a semi as I don't like the looks of the deer head and neck coming straight out of the wall like that pose.

Travis@work, i like the looks of the mount on the far right. It seems to show more shoulder unless the pic is deceiving. I could see that same look but with a little more sneak put in it. Do you know what type of form that was? I'll check out there website.

This deer did have a real thick heavy winter coat already being from WI and shot in November. So it's probably going to be hard to get any muscular look to it and quite honestly might make things look out of place. I'd like to keep it natural to the time of year.

Thanks guys great stuff so far.

Herd Bull

From: kev Date: 20-Dec-07

kev's embedded Photo

I chose this mount because it shows the size of the neck & a bit of the shoulder. I think it's a semi sneak. By the way, great deer.

From: Matt Date: 20-Dec-07
I would do a wall pedestal like the one on the right or the second from the left in the picture above. You can get more definition in the shoulder and an overall more natural look.

From: travis@work Date: 20-Dec-07
Herd Bull--That`s a Mckenzie wall pedestal..The manikin does require a little more of the deer`s skin than a regual shoulder mount. I do alot of those for customer..

From: muzzyfied Date: 20-Dec-07
I agree that the wall pedestals look awesome.

Herd Bull...when possible I like to have a buck mounted in a pose of something he was doing before I shot him. i.e. if he came in with his ears laid back, looking for a fight, then I have the taxidermist put his ears back. I never get tired of looking at my mounts, and re-living those hunts. Good luck with your decision.

From: Mountain Man Date: 20-Dec-07
herd bull - sent you a pm.

From: skinny indian Date: 20-Dec-07
I like the double throat patch kev!

From: Gobblestopper Date: 20-Dec-07

Gobblestopper's embedded Photo

I was really happy with how my pedestal mount came back, all I told my taxidermist was put it on a fence post.

From: Grinr Date: 20-Dec-07
quote herdbull" Currently I'm leaning towards a semi-sneak, head somewhat up, with a slight turn to the right. I also like the lip curl idea with maybe the ears pinned back or partially pinned back."/qu

That is the exact pose that I had agreed on with my taxidermist for the 1st WT I took that I considered "mount-worthy',a 140 class 10 pt.When I shot the deer at 30 yards(rifle)he was Flehming,neck stretched etc.,and that is how I wanted to remember him.Unfortunately,I was working out of province for several months while the taxidermy was being completed and had not stayed in contact with the taxidermist.When he called to have me pick up my finished mount,he explained that he could not find a mannequin big enough to fit my deer in that pose from his sources,and he went ahead with another pose.It was not at all what I had ordered or paid for.Needless to say I was somewhat dissapointed.

From: herd bull Date: 20-Dec-07
Gooblestopper, I like that pose. I could see that general form with a slight head tilt back and the ears back. PM me if you could with the taxidermists info and I'll see if I can track down the form #, unless you have that handy, but I don't think too many of us have our mounts form # memorized - lol.

That's very similar to another pose I found. I'd post the pic but I don't think it would be right to do that.

Thanks everyone so far, this is going easier than I thought it would.

From: muthabuckr Date: 20-Dec-07

muthabuckr's embedded Photo

Here is the pedistal mount of my 2006 buck on a fence post.

From: MBguide Date: 20-Dec-07
that is one big body deer and will make a beautiful mount. I like the 3-D mount that are out now that is going to be my next mount. You have to take a look at you game room and see were it will look the best and then you can put it left or right upright, semi-sneak.

From: RobHood23 Date: 20-Dec-07
I prefer the looks of the semi sneaks and the semi uprights!

From: rackmaster300 Date: 20-Dec-07

rackmaster300's embedded Photo

From: herd bull Date: 20-Dec-07
I think I've found the pose. It's a Joe Meder form, the Wenzel buck, if I remember. That Meder form maybe with the ears back a little bit. Now I haven't decided to keep it a pedestal or a wall but I need to talk with the man doing the work.

Thanks guys for the photos, web links and insight.

From: Bionicrooster Date: 20-Dec-07
I have one at the taxidermist now, he is being done in a Joe Mears Offset shoulder sneak (head up)... an awesome form.

From: pybowhunter68 Date: 21-Dec-07

pybowhunter68's embedded Photo

Great looking ped. mounts guys.

From: pybowhunter68 Date: 21-Dec-07

pybowhunter68's embedded Photo

From: Earl E. Nove....mber Date: 21-Dec-07
I think if you consider where exactly in your home, you plan on displaying him, The home will tell you what you need to do.. I have hear many times and believe it, is the deer should be looking at people as they come into the room, as opposed to away from them. Personally if you are wanting to accent the "Antlers" a 1/4 turn sneak seems to work the best.

From: Slap Date: 21-Dec-07

Slap's embedded Photo

Here's a picture of my NY 2005 bow bear

From: Slap Date: 21-Dec-07

Slap's embedded Photo

Here's a picture of my NY 2001 2002 2003 Deer Mounts

From: bo-n-aro Date: 21-Dec-07
You may want to consider the hunt. What was the buck doing before the shot? Was he walking around relaxed, full alert, trailing a doe .....or ....??? You sould also pick out the spot you want to display him. A full upright would look great on a ped or low on a wall, but if he gets much over head high the rack may not display well. Dont have him turned looking into a corner, but out into the room, or at the entrance. Good luck and he is a wonderful buck! Congrats.

From: split_toe Date: 21-Dec-07
hes big in the neck go for a quarter turn proud look or half sneak on a pedistal with ears alert

From: Xprez Date: 22-Dec-07

Xprez's embedded Photo


For what you are talking about minus the lip curl I would be looking at Van Dykes Jody Green series. If the eye X nose measurement is right, I would highly recommend it.

Here is a customer's deer with that form.

From: moleshaver Date: 22-Dec-07
I'd skip the lip curl on that bruiser. Some deer that would be great on. I suspect this one will be King of the trophy room. I would make him look that way. Proud and tall. Expose as much of his body as possible like a pedastal type wall mount. No sneak or semi-sneak. Proud and tall.

From: herd bull Date: 22-Dec-07
The more I think about it the lip curl may go. What I did track down was a Joe Meder #881 form with the added part on the shoulder that you can get with that form.

It will go on a pedestal but we're working on something unique but not corny for that. I had some of my measurements wrong earlier. I found out the "A" measurement is right between 7.5 and 7.75. If I remember right the "B" measurement was 21.5". He was pretty big in the neck.

The buck or pose I really liked was the Gene Wenzel double drop time buck done with this #881 form. It's amazing what a phone can do. It does appear the Wenzel buck pose is a cross brtween the #881 and I think the #981 with the head tilted up a little.

My taxidermist says no problem we can alter the form and tilt the head back a little. I have quite a bit of spare time on my hands which has allowed me to do a lot of investigative work, otherwise I probably wouldn't take it quite to this level.

From: mdjunior Date: 22-Dec-07
Hey slap. Is that dried velvet on your mount on the right? Can we get a close up of it?

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