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Snort and Wheeze



Messages posted to thread:
live2hunt88 03-Aug-08
antlrs 03-Aug-08
wannabe 03-Aug-08
Bou'bound 03-Aug-08
live2hunt88 03-Aug-08
thesquid 03-Aug-08
live2hunt88 03-Aug-08
buckhntr162 03-Aug-08
live2hunt88 03-Aug-08
Buckfvr 03-Aug-08
live2hunt88 03-Aug-08
Iowa bound 03-Aug-08
Barry Wensel 03-Aug-08
HeadHunter®........ 04-Aug-08
live2hunt88 04-Aug-08
Morning Star 04-Aug-08
Darrell 04-Aug-08
DeerSlayer08 04-Aug-08
live2hunt88 04-Aug-08
Barry Wensel 04-Aug-08
kluzakd 04-Aug-08
DC 04-Aug-08
Iowa bound 04-Aug-08
JUSTHUNT1 05-Aug-08
CTBowMan 05-Aug-08
CTBowMan 05-Aug-08
polar@work 05-Aug-08
Barry Wensel 05-Aug-08
live2hunt88 05-Aug-08
St. Croix 05-Aug-08
sipe 05-Aug-08
Barry Wensel 05-Aug-08
Ward 05-Aug-08
Warren 05-Aug-08
live2hunt88 05-Aug-08
Gene 05-Aug-08
Jaybee 06-Aug-08
Tribe Shark 06-Aug-08
rupescot 06-Aug-08
Robin@AimLow 06-Aug-08
live2hunt88 06-Aug-08
Warren 06-Aug-08
live2hunt88 06-Aug-08
onlybow 06-Aug-08
live2hunt88 06-Aug-08
Iowa bound 06-Aug-08
Devin Dandurand 07-Aug-08
JUSTHUNT1 07-Aug-08
rupescot 07-Aug-08
Mighy Mouse 07-Aug-08
live2hunt88 07-Aug-08
Darrell 23-Sep-08

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From: live2hunt88 Date: 03-Aug-08
Ive been watching a lot of my hunting movies lately and noticed that everytime someone sees a big buck they do the snort and wheeze and the buck comes in everytime. does this really work every time? or do they just not show the times that it fails?

From: antlrs Date: 03-Aug-08
Nothing works all the time that's why we hunt! We learn more every hunt but never learn it all! Good luck this season!

From: wannabe Date: 03-Aug-08
They just don't show the times that if doesn't work. Good tactic but far from fool proof.

From: Bou'bound Date: 03-Aug-08
..............and on fishing shows they get a bass on each cast.

how do they do that?

From: live2hunt88 Date: 03-Aug-08
ive never tried it. just use my doe in a can call. but was thinkin of tryin it if it works as good as they show. i know it won't work all the time, but wasn't sure how well it worked

From: thesquid Date: 03-Aug-08
They do not work all the time - nothing does. I have had it work for me once but found that the can out preforms any call I've ever tried. The can just like any other call works less than half the time, but when it does you forget about the times it doesn't. Rattling works some times too, now mix that with a grunt and a can & wow the fun starts.

From: live2hunt88 Date: 03-Aug-08
ive never had any luck with grunting or rattling here in oklahoma or in illinois. but i have with the can. once in illinois and twice last year. but you are right it does work less than half the time.

From: buckhntr162 Date: 03-Aug-08
I always start all my rattling sequences with a snort weez I'd say after 3 years of doing it about 35-40 percent it seems to make a difference

From: live2hunt88 Date: 03-Aug-08
buckhnter: do you do any grunting during your sequence? and how long do you wait after doing the snort and weez to start rattling?

From: Buckfvr Date: 03-Aug-08
Can tipping is the best we have come up with....grunting and rattling works some of the time, but less movement in the tree is the better option. R

From: live2hunt88 Date: 03-Aug-08
ya i really like the doe in a can. just trying out how to figure out how to make my rattling sequence better. id love to get a buck running into it one day

From: Iowa bound Date: 03-Aug-08
It will never work if you don't try it. I have turned uncounted number of bucks with this call as they were walking away. Big and small both. I believe the buck has to be in the right mood as well. You also have to be in a good hunting area. It works better for me out west as opposed to here in Pa.

From: Barry Wensel Date: 03-Aug-08
I'm not disputing anyone else's success on wheezing, but I have had more positive results wheezing in bucks for the past 25 years than with all the rattling, grunting (with and without tubes), bleats, and rolling of cans all put together. I can't remember ever having a negative response. I bet we've filmed no less than two dozen examples of bucks literally running into our mouth wheezing just in the last 2 or 3 seasons alone on video. The last four big bucks I shot I would not have killed if I hadn't wheezed them in. Read that sentence again. I'm not trying to sell you anything, we make the noise with our mouth. USUALLY I only: use it on single/alone mature bucks; use it from late October through late November; don't use it when he's coming to you or looking at you, unless you have a decoy; it will spook immature bucks or most bucks if they're too close; they can hear it from a lot farther than you'd think (a couple hundred yards when quiet) and can pin-point the exact location where it's coming from. No, it won't work every time but it works way better than most people will believe. BW

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 04-Aug-08
I just wish no one ever heard of rattling, grunting and wheeeeezing!....public land gets conditioned way to much from all of that!.................

From: live2hunt88 Date: 04-Aug-08
ok ill give it a shot this year. have any of you ever wheezed when you didn't see a deer and had one come into it?

From: Morning Star Date: 04-Aug-08
I've killed two bucks doing the wheeze by mouth. Both deer were just out of bow range and wouldn't turn for a grunt, but the wheeze froze them like a statue, turned them on a dime and moved into under 10 yards for the shot. Very direct and obvious responses, unlike many grunted in deer.

From: Darrell Date: 04-Aug-08
Anyone know of any audio files on line for a good snort wheeze?

From: DeerSlayer08 Date: 04-Aug-08
How often do you hear a wheeze while hunting. I have only heard it twice and I have bow hunted for 6 years and I have been hunting for 12. I'm not saying it doesn't work I am just saying if you go out and snort wheeze every 15 minutes that really isn't natural. I am not lucky enough to have tons of land with huge bucks running around everywhere like you see on T.V. and maybe some of you are. I am not against it but I don't think it is near as effective as the t.v. makes it look. Plus who knows if they cut a clip of them snort wheezing to sell a product then put the clip in right before they shoot a big buck just to make it look like it was because of the snort wheeze.

From: live2hunt88 Date: 04-Aug-08
darrell: idk ive tried to find one but cannot. i would like to see a clip of a deer doing it in the wild too.

From: Barry Wensel Date: 04-Aug-08
We filmed a buck wheezing probably 10 yds. from our treestand back in the early '80's in Montana. Excellent clear footage. It was in one of the old VHS videos I was in as part of the "Technique Series" through Whitetail Visions back then. I'm not home so I don't have it here. And it's been so long ago I frankly can't even remember which title it was in. Sorry. I know QDMA had a VHS tape available documenting snort-wheezing several years ago also. BW

From: kluzakd Date: 04-Aug-08
Mr. Wensel,

What is the easiest way to do the snort wheeze. I heard it on Prmail Dreams and am interested on how to do it with your mouth. Thanks for your help. Ken

From: DC Date: 04-Aug-08
I grunted at a buck off and on for almost an hour one morning that was harrasing does in a draw below me. When the does finally left his sight I grunted ( with my mouth) one more time and he marched in very mad amd stoped 18 yards out and snort wheezed right before I loosed my arrow. I video tape it and was surprised that it was not as loud as I thought it would be.

From: Iowa bound Date: 04-Aug-08
Mr Wensel,

It's really nice to see someone with so much knowledge on whitetails getting active on this site. Great to see ya posting.

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 05-Aug-08
The Primos buck roar comes with a mini DVD and has a buck doing the snort/wheeze on it.

From: CTBowMan Date: 05-Aug-08

CTBowMan's Supporting Link

Try these from this site! Very informative!

~ Van

From: CTBowMan Date: 05-Aug-08

CTBowMan's Supporting Link

Here's the rattleling one!


From: polar@work Date: 05-Aug-08
Just another weapon for the calling arsenal,If you know how and when to utilize it its deadly-for the buck.polar@work,{Late pre-rut~end of season}.You must have the buck in site to be able to read his body language and call accordingly from there.Blind calling is like casting a big fat worm to a hungry catfish sooner or later that bobber is going down!

From: Barry Wensel Date: 05-Aug-08
Thanks for the nice comments. I always enjoy sharing my opinions and experience when I have the time. Kluzakd, teaching someone to wheeze with their mouth is a little tough to put into words but I'll try. The noise itself is a "moist" wheezing sound. Some of the commercial calls I've heard might work but they seem to sound too "dry" to me. Therefore, I don't think they're as realistic sounding. There's a variety of ways to produce the proper noise. First thing you need to realize is it doesn't need to be as loud as most people think. They're relating it to human hearing. A deer will detect the lower volume much easier and accurately than you'd think. Basically, an example of the noise you are trying to imitate is to bite the tip of your tongue and at the same time blow air THROUGH your teeth. I start with two short noises that sound like "Phitt.. Phitt" immediately followed by the wheezing noise. That's it in a nutshell. It's easy, no physical motions necessary and best of all it's free. It's the deadliest call in the woods when used properly.. bar none. Best of luck. BW

From: live2hunt88 Date: 05-Aug-08
i can't wait to try it in the woods this year. hopefully it works great!

From: St. Croix Date: 05-Aug-08
I just had a funny thought of opening morning listening to all you guys up in your stands doing your best snort-wheezes! And to think I got into this sport for the solitude. LOL!!!

From: sipe Date: 05-Aug-08
I called a small buck (1.5) on public land in MD using the Primos roar with snort wheeze.

I roared, wheezed, then tickled a rattling bag. the buck came in and paced back and forth under me looking for the other bucks. I had not seen the buck before calling and there is NO DOUBT he came in to the call.

From: Barry Wensel Date: 05-Aug-08
St Croix: Wheezing on opening day is too early. It'd be like everyone rattling on opening day. It might work, but not nearly as well as during the pre-rut/ rut. I usually don't start until late October. ZBone: I always start with two "Phitts". I guess out of habit because that's usually what I hear when I hear them wheezing at each other. I think the double Phitt gets their attention better too. I forgot to mention I like to draw the wheezing part out for as long as I can because the volume drops off near the end. BW

From: Ward Date: 05-Aug-08
A Decoy is the best by far..alot more trouble also

From: Warren Date: 05-Aug-08
After a rattling sequence, I noticed a mature buck walking across a hardwood bottom. He checked where a doe had been earlier. I snort-wheezed and he came running like a pack of walker hounds was runnin' him. I shot him with a rifle at 50 yards. Another time I came across a buck at an old house site on the way to my stand. He saw me and froze. I wheezed at him with my mouth and he began to paw the ground and lay his ears back. He was a mature 6 pt and was not legal by club rules at the time. Only when I moved did he ease off. On a Halloween morning hunting in an old cemetary, I saw a mature buck passing out of bow range. I wheezed him back into bow range three times with my mouth, but never had a clear shot. This call is for big bucks. It is part of nearly every rattling sequence I do.

From: live2hunt88 Date: 05-Aug-08
is it worth the money to buy one of the calls that have the little things to louden the call? or do the sounds with the mouth reach just a far?

From: Gene Date: 05-Aug-08
Barry, Thanks for your input.Its great to get advice from a real expert.Are you still wearing your hat sideways so the deer won't know which way you are looking? You cracked me up with that one years ago. Seriously,you and your brother always put out some great info and its a pleasure to have your comments on the Bowsite.

From: Jaybee Date: 06-Aug-08
I have used the snort wheeze with great success over the years. Just last year I got a nice 8 pointer using it. Had been just using my mouth but bought one of those Primos dual calls. I agree with Mr Wenzel that it does sound a little dryer than the real thing but it worked several times last season. 2 seasons ago on opening day of the Wisconsin archery season i took a nice buck on a foodplot with a snort wheeze. There were 12 bucks on the plot so I used a snort wheeze and he came running over. I have heard more bucks use it early in the season than late. Maybe these bachelor groups are working on hierarchy and using it then. I'm not sure but I would not be afraid to try it early.

From: Tribe Shark Date: 06-Aug-08
I have the buck roar from primos.If you do some blind rattling durring the rut,and follow it with the can and some snort wheezes,If the cover is thick i have had it work.I have grunted numerous bucks with the buck roar and at almost 150 yards had them come into the call.The wheeze is what deer do right befor they fight or if they are in a intimadating state of ming i have heard it in the wild only once and the 2 bucks were both biggys,not a biggy chasing a little guy off.I think that has alot to do with the success of the wheeze if a mature buck thinks another stud is in his doe patch,he will come and look for him.Thats about all i can say bout that.

From: rupescot Date: 06-Aug-08
They also do it when they are frustrated or just out right mad. Deer are a little like people. Each one has it's own personality and reacts differently to different situations. I've seen the call work on just about every age group of deer.

From: Robin@AimLow Date: 06-Aug-08
I agree with Barry. Can calls have shown me zero success. Grunts and rattling have been so, so. Snort weezing would be my go to call though.

We have a great clip of a buck weezing while at ten yards. I will try to get time to export it out as an audio file and attach it here.

From: live2hunt88 Date: 06-Aug-08
that would be great. i can't find a good one online anywhere

From: Warren Date: 06-Aug-08
I like the M.A.D. version of the call. The grunt tube on it sounds great.

From: live2hunt88 Date: 06-Aug-08
my fiance's dad bought the M.A.D. version last night. i was messing with it today and like it a lot.

From: onlybow Date: 06-Aug-08
I have had terrible experiences with the can...I tried the early one, the original one, and the big one..and cant seem to get a deer to come in....what am I doing wrong..what is the sequence..i tried it with grunting, no grunting....scent, no scent..i'm about to throw mine in the please.

I have to say that when mr wensel was explaining the snort weez I found myself trying it out loud right here in the office......i think my co workers think i am going crazy...(crazier)

From: live2hunt88 Date: 06-Aug-08
ive had great success with the can. i just use it by its self and flip it over wait 2 seconds after the first bleat and do it again. ive called in 3 nice bucks with it.

From: Iowa bound Date: 06-Aug-08
I find myself doing it alot when my wife says "not tonight I have a headache. Followed by a couple of grunts of course. LOL

From: Devin Dandurand Date: 07-Aug-08
I use it as a way to spook smaller deer and does with out actually showing im a human. when it time to call it a day and the deer are still in the feild, do a snort wheeze, it almost always will push a doe off the field long enough to get down and out of the woods.


From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 07-Aug-08
rupescot You're exactly right each has his own personality like people. Some are aggresive and others not so much.

I don't care for the M.A.D. buck growl much. There's just something about the way Mark Drury puts his lips on it that makes me cringe. That and it sounds like a cazoo when you blow it too loud.

From: rupescot Date: 07-Aug-08
I used that call when it was just a prototype not offered to the public yet. It always called deer in for us. Calling blind or seeing them then calling. I think it is a pretty good call for the money. All I can say is, it worked but, you're right it does sound like a kazoo. But hey, if it works use it right?

From: Mighy Mouse Date: 07-Aug-08
Onlybow said "I have to say that when mr wensel was explaining the snort weez I found myself trying it out loud right here in the office......i think my co workers think i am going crazy...(crazier)"

Guilty of that myself............thankfully there is a lot of chatter in my office so the only one who heard me was the guy right next to me. He also hunts and just looked over at me, I explained what was going on and just laughed.

May have to try it a few times this fall...

From: live2hunt88 Date: 07-Aug-08
lol i too did the same thing. but i was at home so no one heard me

From: Darrell Date: 23-Sep-08

Darrell's Supporting Link

Still would like to hear a recording on line. Robin, did you forget about us or run into technical difficulties???

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