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biggest doe?



Messages posted to thread:
love-to-hunt 22-Oct-08
kennelboy 22-Oct-08
Owl 22-Oct-08
JTV 22-Oct-08
bigpizzaman@work 22-Oct-08
JTV 22-Oct-08
Bambi Killer 22-Oct-08
commander 22-Oct-08
Owl 22-Oct-08
chip 22-Oct-08
Waterfowler 22-Oct-08
Elk Hunter 22-Oct-08
Rick M 22-Oct-08
GBTG 22-Oct-08
Bowfreak 22-Oct-08
fuzzy 22-Oct-08
BirdBoy 22-Oct-08
fuzzy 22-Oct-08
kota-man 22-Oct-08
Rock 22-Oct-08
snapcrackpop 22-Oct-08
Shuteye 22-Oct-08
Genesis 22-Oct-08
DC 22-Oct-08
Shifty 22-Oct-08
Shifty 22-Oct-08
Bowfreak 22-Oct-08
BuckSlayer 22-Oct-08
Grant Williamson 22-Oct-08
love-to-hunt 23-Oct-08
BluegrassHammer 23-Oct-08
Bowfreak 23-Oct-08
love-to-hunt 23-Oct-08
fuzzy 23-Oct-08
guidermd 23-Oct-08
>>>BoW-TeCh-BoY-> 23-Oct-08
JUSTHUNT1 23-Oct-08
Shuteye 23-Oct-08
billygoat 24-Oct-08
DC 24-Oct-08
Shuteye 24-Oct-08
Boone@work 24-Oct-08
Bushbow 24-Oct-08
shifty@lunch 24-Oct-08
Boarhawg52 24-Oct-08
Joebowhunter 24-Oct-08
Shuteye 24-Oct-08
thesquid 24-Oct-08
Shuteye 24-Oct-08
HeadHunter®........ 25-Oct-08
MoBowhunter 25-Oct-08
Genesis 25-Oct-08
VanDam 25-Oct-08
bowriter 25-Oct-08
bowriter 25-Oct-08
Canuck 25-Oct-08
Canuck 25-Oct-08
BUCTRK 25-Oct-08
Topper 26-Oct-08
HeadHunter®........ 27-Oct-08
Pain - M 27-Oct-08
Genesis 27-Oct-08
love-to-hunt 27-Oct-08
J.E. Travis 27-Oct-08
St. Croix 27-Oct-08
staggyd 27-Oct-08
Pain - M 27-Oct-08
Waterfowler 28-Oct-08
Waterfowler 28-Oct-08
fuzzy 28-Oct-08
Waterfowler 28-Oct-08
kman 28-Oct-08
Milo 28-Oct-08
Greg Kush 28-Oct-08
treewalker 28-Oct-08
Deerman1 29-Oct-08
Deerman1 29-Oct-08
Genesis 29-Oct-08
Norseman 29-Oct-08
RD 29-Oct-08
HARDBALL 29-Oct-08
lewis 30-Oct-08
Greg Kush 31-Oct-08
Jeff McCormick 31-Oct-08
camoman73 31-Oct-08
blazelefty7 01-Nov-08
Norseman 18-Nov-08
Norseman 18-Nov-08
Will 18-Nov-08
Morning Star 18-Nov-08
steyrsdad 21-Nov-08
sticksender 21-Nov-08
buckandbronco 30-Apr-09
buckandbronco 30-Apr-09
buckandbronco 30-Apr-09
ruger1022 30-Apr-09
heavy hitter 30-Apr-09
Bernie1 30-Apr-09
Kansas Native 30-Apr-09
1942 30-Apr-09
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From: love-to-hunt Date: 22-Oct-08
My friends dad shot a doe the other night field dressed 215lbs biggest doe i have ever seen! Was wondering what is the biggest doe you all have harvested? Mine is 115 which is big for where i live in oklahoma.

From: kennelboy Date: 22-Oct-08
160 lb, field dressed, taken with bow back about 15 years ago. that is big for around her as well.

From: Owl Date: 22-Oct-08
2 weeks ago I took a live weight doe that went 113. Exactly 1 week later I took one that was 118. Those are very large does in my part of VA.

From: JTV Date: 22-Oct-08
132#, and a few in the 120's.....Jeff

From: bigpizzaman@work Date: 22-Oct-08
Taken some 200# Does live weight in the mid-west, but 215 dressed! WOW that's the size of a very large Buck!

From: JTV Date: 22-Oct-08
Need pics of that one....Jeff

From: Bambi Killer Date: 22-Oct-08
Im with owl killed one monday in Va. that had to go over 110 but thats a fawn compared to what yall r talkin bout.

From: commander Date: 22-Oct-08
I mounted the state-record doe in NJ a few years ago and it weighed 161 lbs on a certified scale. The client came with the entire deer in the back of his truck and it was giant. I had to build a custom form to mount it. If I'm not mistaken it was 203 with the guts in.

From: Owl Date: 22-Oct-08
Yep, BK, I thought I was really doing something. Now I have doe envy. :)

From: chip Date: 22-Oct-08
215 lbs. dressed weight seems kind of iffy. We will need photos, live and dead, name of restaurants near the area she frequented because it would appear she was dining out quite often. Also, a list of relatives so we can see if their is an obesity problem in her family. Other than that give your friend my congrats.

From: Waterfowler Date: 22-Oct-08
Yea its funny to watch guys' reaction at the butcher shop when the scale comes out. Those 200 pound bucks rarely make 150. The heaviest doe I killed dressed 121 on certified butcher scales. I killed one last week that I think was heavier but didnt weigh her. Is that 215 on a scale or a guesstimate?

From: Elk Hunter Date: 22-Oct-08
160 lb field dressed. Killed it in IL back in 2004

From: Rick M Date: 22-Oct-08
171 dressed about 3 years ago. I have 2 bucks that went over 215 dressed. That is a HUGE doe and would like to see a pic.

From: GBTG Date: 22-Oct-08
160 lbs. and I have pics! I've killed many does and weigh them all most adult does in central Wisconsin go 110-125 lbs.

From: Bowfreak Date: 22-Oct-08
Where I live an adult doe is usaully 75-90 lbs dressed. I have killed a handful over 100 and one that was 117#. The last couple of years, I have shot a lot of big does and only a couple of the smaller ones.

I am skeptical of a 215lb dressed doe anywhere. I would have to see it to believe it. If so, I would be as proud of that as a 140-150" buck.

From: fuzzy Date: 22-Oct-08
the biggest doe I ever weighed was a gun kill by my ex, went 133# intact "live-weight" ...I killed one in '94 with bow that was a bit bigger, at the time I would've sworn it was over 150# LW, but now feel it was likely no more than 140#, probably a bit less. a 120# LW doe is huge for here, most don't go much over 100#

From: BirdBoy Date: 22-Oct-08
147 lbs live weight....smoke pole when I was a kid.

From: fuzzy Date: 22-Oct-08
I SAW a doe in RAAP once at a distance, thru binocs, that dwarfed the bucks who were harrassing her, one of the bucks chased a smaller doe by my stand, he looked to be a good 160# to 170# LW ten point (management hunt, shot at the doe, running, SG slug, missed)

From: kota-man Date: 22-Oct-08
I think 'boubound shot one that went 155 :)

From: Rock Date: 22-Oct-08
Hinckly, Minnesota many years ago they shot one that went 477 lbs. If I remember correctly it was a rifle kill.

From: snapcrackpop Date: 22-Oct-08

snapcrackpop's Supporting Link

MN has the record for the heaviest white tailed buck...500 pounds!

From: Shuteye Date: 22-Oct-08
The very first doe I ever killed weighed 166 pounds on the Check station scales. That was field dressed and the first year Maryland allowed does to be killed. For many years it was one deer per year and it had to be a buck. Then they gave out some permits to allow killing one doe and it was only a two or three day season. I killed the big doe the first time I went out. Since it had been illegal to kill does for many years there were bunches of old does that had a chance to get big and fat. Now he average deer killed in the state of Maryland and Delaware is 18 months old. I have killed several does in the 130-134 pound range in the last few years.

From: Genesis Date: 22-Oct-08
"The very first doe I ever killed weighed 166 pounds on the Check station scales"

That is one big Dyke.....most we shoot down here will run 65-80 field dressed

From: DC Date: 22-Oct-08
140 lb. Field dressed at Oakmulgee Management Area in Alabama which is huge for a Bama Deer. Weird thing is there was two about the same size and I was trying to decide which was the biggest of the two.

From: Shifty Date: 22-Oct-08

Shifty's embedded Photo

From: Shifty Date: 22-Oct-08
I'm even standing behind her. No just kidding.

From: Bowfreak Date: 22-Oct-08
Shifty....if you were standing wouldn't that be like Dorf on Doe Patrol??? LOL!!!

From: BuckSlayer Date: 22-Oct-08
Took a poke at a doe 2 years ago that would have put any of the bucks i've shot to shame! Biggest fattest deer I ever did see. She only gave me a quick chance to shoot and I failed to connect. I was estimating close to 300# and I've seen my share of 200# bucks and this one made them look small. They are out there, although rare.

From: Grant Williamson Date: 22-Oct-08

Grant Williamson's embedded Photo

From: love-to-hunt Date: 23-Oct-08
i will check with him to see if i can get a pic of it. but they had a scale in the shed with a 6 pully system on it so he could pull it up easier. but i saw the 215 with my own eyes. i thought he had killed it in oklahoma but he was hunting his parents property in kansas. but i still think thats a big doe for anywhere.

From: BluegrassHammer Date: 23-Oct-08
Hell, every doe around here is a "nice, big doe" that would go ate least 120 lbs.! At least that's what I hear.

Makes me a little embarrassed to shoot those 70-80 pound does.

From: Bowfreak Date: 23-Oct-08

No offense intended. That is just a huge doe and I for one would love to see a picture of a doe that large.

From: love-to-hunt Date: 23-Oct-08
o no offense taken. i would have trouble believing it myself if i hadn't seen it with my own eyes. the biggest doe i have ever seen other than that was my gpa's illinois doe he shot a few years back that went 200lbs even. i will try and get in touch with him tonight about it.

From: fuzzy Date: 23-Oct-08
I once saw a picture of one taken in the '20 s in Amelia County, VA, that was so big that the picture weighed 7 pounds!

From: guidermd Date: 23-Oct-08
147 dressed. year ago it was standard procedure to weigh ALL deer that were checked in maryland. the hangwritten field tag had a weigh slot that needed to be filled in. now they don't even bother, and its imposible to find a place to weight hem certified since we don't check them in anymore. the average buck in maryland is 18 months, 118-123 lbs, and 5 points. looking up the stats, that's pretty accurate for this whole mid-atlantic region. body weights increase slightly as you go north, but that's expected.

From: >>>BoW-TeCh-BoY-> Date: 23-Oct-08
biggest doe to date 300lbs we ate good all year!

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 23-Oct-08
170 is the biggest I've seen with my own eyes.

From: Shuteye Date: 23-Oct-08
"Makes me a little embarrassed to shoot those 70-80 pound does."

Don't be embarrassed, I love those kinds of does for my freezer. A yearling is great eating while a fawn is good you don't get nearly as much meat as a yearling. A fawn won't weigh 40 pounds.

From: billygoat Date: 24-Oct-08
Back in '87, 144# dressed, 1st archery kill.

From: DC Date: 24-Oct-08
If you hunt in some parts of Alabama a 80 lb. doe is big. In other parts they average 110 - 115 lb.

From: Shuteye Date: 24-Oct-08
Yesterday I played a gig with my banjo player and he had just taken a doe to the butcher. They weighed it because it was so big. It was 158 pounds. He lives near the Chesapeake bay in an area that has very little hunting pressure and he doesn't shoot any small deer. He lets bucks walk since he is mainly after meat. He said that he doesn't intend to shoot another buck unless it is bigger than the last one he shot, with his bow. It was the largest 8 pointer I have ever seen in person so he may never shoot another buck.

From: Boone@work Date: 24-Oct-08
I've killed a ton of does in Michigan and weigh every deer I kill. The average weighed 110 lbs. The biggest doe by far field dressed at 155 lbs. That was taken in Adams County Illinois back in 2004.

From: Bushbow Date: 24-Oct-08
I'm with Boone and others - once the scale comes out most deer shrink right up. Not to call anyone a liar but you need to come with pics when making a claim like that. My hunting crew and I have been weighing all our deer for years and I have also started threads on many sites every year(this one included) in search of big gals. It has become my "not so scientific" conclusion that a TRUE 150lb dressed doe is more rare than a 150" buck by far. They are out there, but they are rare. My best field dressed doe to date is 147lb. Still looking to crack the magical 150 mark.

Shifty - that gal is a pig. Nice doe and great pic. I am guesing she would be close to the 150 line.

Bob Urban

From: shifty@lunch Date: 24-Oct-08
Bob, she was the biggest doe I have ever shot. I didn't weigh her but I was pretty sure she had swallowed an anchor on the drag out.

From: Boarhawg52 Date: 24-Oct-08
70 ha ha. I live in fl

From: Joebowhunter Date: 24-Oct-08
Biggest doe was also my first deer bow kill. She had just finished beating the crap out of a small fork horn standing on her back legs and punching with her fronts when I arrowed her. She weighed just under 160lbs dressed and IF I entered the local deer competition I would have won but of course I did not. I still remember that first bow kill like it just happened.

From: Shuteye Date: 24-Oct-08
I killed a 132 pound, field dressed, doe today. I killed it in Delaware during their doe only shotgun season. I ranged her at exactly 60 yards and put a 460 mag revolver bullet through her. She never moved a muscle and dropped like a rock. Four others stood there and didn't even run. they walked up to the dead doe and watched her for several minutes before going back to munching clover. I had two bucks walk by closer than the doe but they are not leagal today. The people at the butcher shop said it was above average in weight. I donated it to feed the hungry. I could easily have killed more, I have several tags but that was enough for today.

From: thesquid Date: 24-Oct-08
Got one opening day that dressed out 157# beating my old record of 154. Saw one that'll be at least 15# more but she is a real foxie one, she picks me out every time. These are Wisconsin deer by the way. Bucks I've taken over 200 but never a doe like that.

From: Shuteye Date: 24-Oct-08
I have seen one old doe that is quite a bit bigger than the one I killed today but she is also super smart. She knows where all my tree are from past screw ups I have made. I call her big momma since she has three fawns two years in a row. Originally, her fawns saved her from catching an arrow. It is tough to draw your bow with three fawns right under your tree. The next time the fawns came by I didn't move a muscle and they strolled by. I finally spied her 100 yards away, looking at me. I told my wife about my many encounters with that doe. I finally decided I wouldn't shoot her if I got the chance,she had earned her freedom. Corny but that's the way I feel. I could have killed her with a gun but I wouln't do that either.

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 25-Oct-08
268 live weight several years ago and many in the 250 pound range thru the years. I like them BIG old grandma does!

*Edit: weighed on a farm hog scale that was used at the Illinois deer check station!

From: MoBowhunter Date: 25-Oct-08
I shot one years ago that was 136# dressed. Our group has always weighed the majority of the deer we kill and it is amazing when someone new comes along ona hunt with us. They will generally overestimate the field dressed weight by 20 to 30 lbs. It shocks them when their 200# buck is 160 to 170. I am with most of the above posts and would have to see it on the scale to believe it. Not saying it can't be but am a little skeptical.

From: Genesis Date: 25-Oct-08
"268 live weight several years ago"

Ring the bell! 209 field dressed if using standard 22% reduction

I can't even imagine how she would look.......skinny neck hippo maybe?

From: VanDam Date: 25-Oct-08

VanDam's embedded Photo

Here is a buddy of mine with his 1st doe shot in 94 in Nebraska that weighed 140.

From: bowriter Date: 25-Oct-08
No offense intended. But 215 field dressed????? I'm afraid I have to throw the flag and ask that the scales be calibrated.

As for Herm, hell, you know he is lying.

From: bowriter Date: 25-Oct-08
A few years ago, I helped Sam Collora (Mrs. Doe Pee) load a doe he shot that I know weighed at least 400 pounds. Between us, we had two arms, (his torn bicept and my wrecked shoulder). It took us 20 minutes to get that biaitch in the 4X.

From: Canuck Date: 25-Oct-08

Canuck's embedded Photo

here is my biggest. regards from Canada

From: Canuck Date: 25-Oct-08
btw, just to calibrate a bit!!! the bow is my old 45 inch Axle to Axle finger bow!!! :)

From: BUCTRK Date: 25-Oct-08
Something SHIFTY going on Ha HA

From: Topper Date: 26-Oct-08
215 is freakishly huge and it will be interesting to see what you find out as it does not seem likely that it was that heavy. If so, wow!!

Camp Riply (a millitary base in central Minnesota) has sponsored an archery hunt for many years and they keep detailed records of every hunt.

A friend of mine works there and helps manage the hunt. I do not know the total number of does taken over the years but they weigh every deer harvested and the heaviest doe was just over 160lbs.

On a side note I think the smallest fawn weight 35lbs. That is tiny for a deer in MN. Most are born heavier than that! ;) Just kidding of course.

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 27-Oct-08
? Maybe ? I'll shoot one later and show you! But only if it's that size!....((*;

(250+ live weight) Not many around....but a few!

From: Pain - M Date: 27-Oct-08

Pain - M's embedded Photo

My son shot a doe last night that weighed 128lbs field dressed. He's 5'9" and 140lbs, for comparison.

From: Genesis Date: 27-Oct-08
Congrats Ken!Look at the noggin' on that girl!

From: love-to-hunt Date: 27-Oct-08
well he didn't have any pics. but i promise you what i saw on that scale said 215. and when he took it to the check station that's what they weighed it as he said. i wasn't with him there so i can't verify that part. but the guy is an honest man so i will take his word for it.

From: J.E. Travis Date: 27-Oct-08
They weighed a doe on Tensas NWR here in Louisiana several years ago...296# live wieght. Biggest buck that season tipped the scale at 304#.

From: St. Croix Date: 27-Oct-08
My biggest was my first...over 30 years ago...she dressed 194 pounds!!! I remember that hunt like it was yesterday.

From: staggyd Date: 27-Oct-08
Funny how we all have pics of the 120-140 lb. deer but not a single oneof a doe over 160.....and it seems like alot of guys have shot them....coincidence ? .....doubt it......when I was a kid I saw a doe that some guy shot and weighed on dnr scales that weighed 164....but even I am skeptical now....and I saw it !!!!!!

From: Pain - M Date: 27-Oct-08
Steve, I thought she was maybe 110lbs live weight, when I first saw her...they all look smaller from 20' up! ;^)

She had so much fat on her...I can't remember the last one I cleaned that was that we're gonna have a good winter.

From: Waterfowler Date: 28-Oct-08

From: Waterfowler Date: 28-Oct-08

Waterfowler's embedded Photo

Here's my most recent. Figure I'm 5'9" 215. I think she was in the 150 range.

From: fuzzy Date: 28-Oct-08
waterfowler, hard to tell, but yeah, she MIGHT approach 150 live-weight

From: Waterfowler Date: 28-Oct-08
Thats what I thought fuzzy. I should have weighed her but it was warm so i boned her out and called it quits.

From: kman Date: 28-Oct-08
I saw one in Iowa that we nick named "Doezilla". I never got a shot at her but I guessed that she was in the 180lb range. She was giant and had two yearling twins in tow with her that looked like midgets.

From: Milo Date: 28-Oct-08

Milo's embedded Photo

I don't know how much she weighed but she's a nice big doe. Maybe not the biggest I shot but the biggest with a bow.

From: Greg Kush Date: 28-Oct-08

Greg Kush's embedded Photo

I would love to see a picture of a doe that was verified to dress out at over 180 pounds. My wife arrowed these two does last November. For reference, she is 5'7". These deer were definitely some good-sized does for where we hunt here in Nebraska. They dressed-out at 112 pounds and 110 pounds. A huge doe around here might dress out at 125 to 130. A doe that dresses out over 140 pounds would be a monster for us. I can't imagine what a doe that dressed out at over 200 pounds would look like.

From: treewalker Date: 28-Oct-08

treewalker's embedded Photo

i know shes not the biggest but im proud of her!

From: Deerman1 Date: 29-Oct-08
Any doe that goes 150#s dressed is HUGE.

I'm calling BS on 250# does.

180's maybe

From: Deerman1 Date: 29-Oct-08
If you guys check out my trophy photos the does that is in there from NOV 20th is the largest I've ever seen or taken. She weighed 163# dressed on a certified butchers scale. For reference I'm 5'11" and weigh 205

From: Genesis Date: 29-Oct-08
Kolin,your doe looks like she has been rubbing trees.....what a neck!

From: Norseman Date: 29-Oct-08

Norseman's embedded Photo

Brothers late season ML doe from last year. Tip the scales at 185 field dressed.

From: RD Date: 29-Oct-08
143# last weekend in Dec. Thought I had screwed up and shot a buck that had lost it's antlers.

From: HARDBALL Date: 29-Oct-08
My calf elk weighed in at 215........but a doe?....really? hard to believe...

From: lewis Date: 30-Oct-08

lewis's embedded Photo

My wife took this little one.

From: Greg Kush Date: 31-Oct-08

Thank you for finally giving us a photo of a doe that dressed out over 180 pounds! That thing looks abnormal--what a head on it! Now, I finally know what one looks like.

From: Jeff McCormick Date: 31-Oct-08

Jeff McCormick's embedded Photo

This one from this year has been my biggest in awhile.Not bad for a PA. mountain Deer.

From: camoman73 Date: 31-Oct-08
160 lber dressed was my largest doe. central wisconsin.

From: blazelefty7 Date: 01-Nov-08
I agree...Norseman's doe is by far the biggest doe I've seen on here. That head is huge! along with the body. I'm tryin to see bases on that thing...

From: Norseman Date: 18-Nov-08

Norseman's embedded Photo

Another pic of the doe in the garage. My brother is 6'1 200 lbs. Although he is kneeling in both pics you can get an idea how big this doe was. Just a plain big mutant doe.

From: Norseman Date: 18-Nov-08

Norseman's embedded Photo

no bases

From: Will Date: 18-Nov-08
Mine was 140 here in MA. She was a fatty! I thought by the body it was a 1.5-2.5year old buck until I saw the head with no antlers! Got a nice quartering away shot and she ran 60yds. The biologist estimated her at 4.5years. So pretty mature but still a big one for here.

From: Morning Star Date: 18-Nov-08
I shot one this year with a 42" chest....anyone know what the weight correlation is? She was BIIIIHHHHHIIIIIGGGGG!

From: steyrsdad Date: 21-Nov-08
my first gun doe was 203# DRESSED! HUGE. Ohio. yea thats how we grow them. sorry no pic but real

From: sticksender Date: 21-Nov-08

sticksender's embedded Photo

Never got the weight on this one because I never could kill her. But this was one of the most disturbingly enormous does I ever captured on a trail cam.

From: buckandbronco Date: 30-Apr-09

buckandbronco's embedded Photo

There are over a million does killed in the U.S. every year. That's over a million. While a doe weighing over two hundred pounds would be an extreme rarity, one in a million, I see no reason why it could not happen. Humans that are seven feet tall are an extreme rarity, but it happens.

From: buckandbronco Date: 30-Apr-09

buckandbronco's embedded Photo

From: buckandbronco Date: 30-Apr-09

buckandbronco's embedded Photo

Doe of a friend of mine. I don't know the weight of these animals, (nor do I know my friend's weight (funny, she won't tell me) but I can tell you see is not a small woman.

From: ruger1022 Date: 30-Apr-09
Morning star, My chart shows that a 42 inch chest equals to 185 lb live wt .

At the turn of the century a doe was shot near Hayward WI that hit the 400 lb mark . The full mount stood in a bar in the area for 40 years until the bar burned down .

It must have had a gland problem or was fed by some of Barry Bonds relatives . ;]

From: heavy hitter Date: 30-Apr-09

heavy hitter's embedded Photo

my biggest doe with the bow. not huge, probably a little bigger than the average midwestern mama.

From: Bernie1 Date: 30-Apr-09

Bernie1's embedded Photo

This was an old doe and very big for North Carolina she weighted 140. This was by far the toughest venison I have ever eaten it was like chewing on a garden hose.

From: SILVERADO Date: 30-Apr-09

SILVERADO's embedded Photo

Here is a pic of my biggest. Not 200lbs bit she went every bit of 130lbs dressed.

From: Kansas Native Date: 30-Apr-09

Kansas Native's embedded Photo

Here is the largest does I have ever shot. Wish I had a scale to see what she weighed. It was a witch dragging her out.....


From: 1942 Date: 30-Apr-09

1942's embedded Photo

I did not weigh this doe but I am 6'1" and 220 lbs. She is taller than me but not as heavy by a long shot. She is a Manitoulin Island deer which is the bigest island in Lake Huron. Regards from Northern Ontario, Canada

From: Opie hunt Date: 03-May-09
Anybody ever see this new scoring system that came out they call it BIG MAMMA doe score? Where they measure the entire doe from nose to tail and around the chest cavity. I think I seen it in a field and stream mag. I know most scoring system's for doe's is how much jerky and back strap you can get.

From: city hunter Date: 03-May-09
some giant does esp norseman , the largest doe i killed had no teeth upper and lower very long body , very lean id say on her way down,, i measured the tip of her nose to the corner of her eye ,, 8 1/4 i have her skull in the ice box...

From: Mathew Date: 03-Jun-09
the largest doe I ever killed weighed 140 lbs. field dressed. killed her with a 55 lb. Martin X-200 recurve, easton gamegetter 2 2315 arrow and a Muzzy 125 gr. 3 blade. She had three fawns with her when I shot her.

From: Mr.Chaos Date: 03-Jun-09
my granfather killed a doe last year it was 165 (not field dressed) which large for were i hunt in louisana mr chaos

From: buckiller Date: 04-Jun-09

That is one big doe... That thing must have scared alot of bucks in the area... The bucks were probably afraid to breed her!

From: Elkman52 Date: 04-Jun-09
I shot a New Jersey doe winter bow feb. 3 dressed 136 on the scale.But I saw one once on public land in Chester N.J. I thought someones mule got out 180 -200 if she was an ounce!

From: rocky Date: 04-Jun-09

rocky's embedded Photo

One of the largest I've seen is one shot by my father. I's laying in front of the two bucks and is just as large as both of them. All shot on the same afternoon. With three plus feet of snow on the ground it was a late night by the time we got them all back to the cabin.

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Subject: RE: biggest doe?

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