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Pedestal deer mount questions



Messages posted to thread:
gg1 18-Dec-08
IThunter 18-Dec-08
IThunter 18-Dec-08
5575 18-Dec-08
herd bull 18-Dec-08
grasshopper 18-Dec-08
Taxi_Guy 18-Dec-08
Taxi_Guy 18-Dec-08
Taxi_Guy 18-Dec-08
mulehorn 18-Dec-08
pirogue 19-Dec-08
5575 19-Dec-08
ncsturkey 19-Dec-08
Big J 03-Feb-09
Charlie Rehor 03-Feb-09
BENS NUTS 03-Feb-09
Pancake 16-Feb-09
Gold Miner 17-Feb-09

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From: gg1 Date: 18-Dec-08
Does anyone have pictures of pedestal deer mounts? Can you take your old mount off the wall and convert it to a pedestal mount?

From: IThunter Date: 18-Dec-08

IThunter's Supporting Link

Mine is a wall pedestal mount it looks like you may be able to move it to a floor pedestal if you wanted to at a later date.

From: IThunter Date: 18-Dec-08

IThunter's Supporting Link

added pic

From: 5575 Date: 18-Dec-08

5575's embedded Photo

I just picked up my pedistal mount and put it on an old rubbed post I pulled from right in the spot I shot him. It looks cool and is inexpensive!

From: herd bull Date: 18-Dec-08

herd bull's embedded Photo

I would think you could convert just about any shoulder mount into a pedestal mount. It might take a little work for a taxidermist but I think it could be done. Whether or not it looks "ok" is another question.

Personally I don't think a lot of standard shoulder mounts would look very good on a pedestal. IMO you need a different form to make it look good. Here's mine from 2007 on a custom built base.

From: grasshopper Date: 18-Dec-08
gg1, Go to McKenzie Taxidermy website and u can view all the pedestal mounts available.

From: Taxi_Guy Date: 18-Dec-08

Taxi_Guy's embedded Photo

From: Taxi_Guy Date: 18-Dec-08

Taxi_Guy's embedded Photo

From: Taxi_Guy Date: 18-Dec-08

Taxi_Guy's embedded Photo

You can put any mount onto a pedestal if you want. Here are two regular full uprights that we put on a ped. to show them together. One is a customer's deer and the other is a set of reproductions that we made off the real deer.

From: mulehorn Date: 18-Dec-08
5575... Very cool idea with the rub post! Very nice.

From: pirogue Date: 19-Dec-08
You can put it on a pedestal and it may look OK to you but it will look like crap to others. A nice pedestal mount has a vertical arc shape(at the rear as you can see on a couple above), and the hair extends beyond the backing, which it isn't going to do from a former wall mount. If you are going to display it against a wall or corner anyway, it won't be as noticeable.

From: 5575 Date: 19-Dec-08

5575's embedded Photo

Here's another one my buddy had done, if you have yhe room they look great!

From: ncsturkey Date: 19-Dec-08

ncsturkey's embedded Photo

Not a Whitetail but Impala look good too.

From: Big J Date: 03-Feb-09

Big J's embedded Photo

I had my pedestal mount put on the wall. It looks great.

From: MULIES4EVER Date: 03-Feb-09
Those are some nice mounts guys. You should be proud of them.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 03-Feb-09

Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo

It's a little hard to see well but the whitetail on the coffee table is a pedestal table mount but my taxidermist also put a regular hanging hook on it as well so I could go either way in the future or substitute a future buck on this pedestal. Good luck with your mount. Charlie

From: BENS NUTS Date: 03-Feb-09

BENS NUTS's embedded Photo

I would like to change my mount to a ped.

From: Pancake Date: 16-Feb-09

Pancake's embedded Photo

On my pedestal mount, I saved some money and used an old end table for my base and an actual rubbed cedar tree. I also used two regular shoulder mount deer forms.

From: Gold Miner Date: 17-Feb-09

Gold Miner's embedded Photo

Deer pedestal mount

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Subject: RE: Pedestal deer mount questions

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