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Apple feeder for deer
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tadpole 11-Dec-09
guidermd 11-Dec-09
IaHawkeye 12-Dec-09
2treestands 12-Dec-09
From: tadpole
Anyone ever made an apple feeder for your deer? I seen all kinds of corn feeder designs, but never an apple feeder. I'm thinking late apples would keep better, size of the opening would probably be important, fruit kept dry maybe, up off the ground of course...any more ideas?

From: guidermd

guidermd's embedded Photo
guidermd's embedded Photo
just put the apples in a barrel and the deer will pick them up and eat them, nothing fancy but it works great.

From: IaHawkeye
Hmmmm, I didn't realize baiting was legal in Ohio.

From: 2treestands
We just wait till the nursery has a sale on young trees and plant them by the dozen, it takes some time but man when they mature you got a spot to die for. Its good soil conservation also.

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