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Dogs chasing deer



Messages posted to thread:
Butternut40 20-Apr-10
Archenemy 20-Apr-10
Stickman24 20-Apr-10
gobbler 20-Apr-10
Butternut40 20-Apr-10
ryanrc 20-Apr-10
Ranger44 20-Apr-10
Butternut40 20-Apr-10
nurse121980 20-Apr-10
bowtechcountry 21-Apr-10
Tatertot45 21-Apr-10
Butternut40 21-Apr-10
Broadhead150 21-Apr-10
DrenAxisTaker 21-Apr-10
glacier 21-Apr-10
AndyJ 21-Apr-10
Bou'bound 21-Apr-10
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casshuntress 21-Apr-10
gator 2 21-Apr-10
Sage Buffalo 21-Apr-10
tonyo6302 22-Apr-10
curlewjimmy 22-Apr-10
DonSchultz 22-Apr-10
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two-oh-two 22-Apr-10
Hambo 22-Apr-10
gobbler 22-Apr-10
jungleman06 22-Apr-10
fairchase 22-Apr-10
hpd503 22-Apr-10
split_toe 23-Apr-10
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gobbler 23-Apr-10
gobbler 23-Apr-10
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JUSTHUNT1 23-Apr-10
Butternut40 23-Apr-10
Owl 23-Apr-10
Owl 23-Apr-10
gobbler 23-Apr-10
Butternut40 23-Apr-10
Owl 23-Apr-10
Butternut40 23-Apr-10
split_toe 24-Apr-10
Butternut40 24-Apr-10
JUSTHUNT1 24-Apr-10
Butternut40 24-Apr-10
hpd503 24-Apr-10
Owl 24-Apr-10
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hpd503 27-Apr-10

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From: Butternut40 Date: 20-Apr-10
My problem with dogs chasing deer continues. I have the sheriff deputy going out to the landowners place today to talk to them. On going problem and talking to them has not done anything positive in the past. Unless I'm out there 24/7 with gun in hand it is hard to shoot them in the act of chasing.

Given this is a smart group I need some input. Part of the problem is the township my land is in has no ordinance against dogs running free. Deputy said he will go out because of the deer chasing incident. Other than that dogs can run whereever they want.

My question, has anyone here or someone you know of succesfully got an ordinance passed (regarding dogs running free). Deputy said I need to get a law on the books before anything can really be done (aside from legally shooting a dog during certain time period if caught chasing a deer).

Deer will be dropping fawns and the neighbors 4 dogs are just raping my property.

From: Archenemy Date: 20-Apr-10
Set traps for coyotes and see what you get. Its not your fault if their dogs end up in traps on your land.

From: Stickman24 Date: 20-Apr-10
If you put up posted signs and the dogs run on your property.....shoot em! Check your hunting laws, there might be something in them.

From: gobbler Date: 20-Apr-10
Go coyote hunting with a shovel and shut up and don't tell anyone about your hunting trip.

From: Butternut40 Date: 20-Apr-10
Trapping coyotes may be the way to go. Anyone try to have an ordinance passed? Sounds like a lot of work and meetings.

From: ryanrc Date: 20-Apr-10
set coyote traps and be done with it.

From: Ranger44 Date: 20-Apr-10
It looks you are form MN. In MN it is illegal for dog owners to allow them to chase deer. They can be given a ticket and the dogs destroyed by the CO. Call the conservation officer in your area. There used to be a CO with the same last name you list on your profile.

From: Butternut40 Date: 20-Apr-10
Ranger I left my CO a message. The last time I called him on it he didn't seem to be willing to write any tickets (he probably has to witness it)although he did suggest shooting them and said he would run by a few times to keep an eye on it. In talking to the deputy he was not against me shooting them but said I might be sued.

The sad thing is the dog owner is irresponsible and it's up to me to sort this out.

From: nurse121980 Date: 20-Apr-10
my dad always said that dogs and deer deserved the 3 s's: shoot, shovel, shut up.

From: bowtechcountry Date: 21-Apr-10
this is one time a rifle should come up on this site lol

From: Tatertot45 Date: 21-Apr-10
You can't be the only one in town that is irritated by this. see if you can muster some support and get some help. maybe the right people don't know this is going on. this might be the ONLY time to muster up some of those anti-huntin_those-deer-are-too-cute-to-shoot people. As far as evidence, do you have a trail camera? maybe you can get a pic of two of a run down. It will be tough if the deer are haulin butt, but you never know. Last thing, "Tell on them". contact the Mayor. See what he has to say.

You don't have to do this alone. this is grotesque behavior by the dogs, someone else will be upset about it too.

From: Butternut40 Date: 21-Apr-10
Tator, my land is out in the middle of farm country and it is in a township that has no ordinances regarding dog. I plan on setting up some trail cams to have some ammo.

From: Broadhead150 Date: 21-Apr-10
It is sad that the owner is irresponsible but, the only way you are going to solve the dog issue is to dispose of them. Too bad you can't dispose of him too but, hopefully, he learns a lesson from the loss of his dogs.

Bad dog owners disgust me! It's always the animals that pay the ultimate price.

From: DrenAxisTaker Date: 21-Apr-10
hamburger drenched in Prestone should do the trick...

From: glacier Date: 21-Apr-10
Where I grew up there were leash laws. We raised sheep, and we had to kill many neighborhood dogs once they got a taste for wool. Of course, with the laws in that area, you could shoot any dog that was on your property. We used to notify the owners, and the owners were legally responsible to pay for the dead sheep. We quickly learned that it was just easier to bury the dog or haul it to the dump and not get paid for the dead sheep. If we told the owners, we had to deal with harassing phone calls, death threats, threats of lawsuits, vandalism, slander, viscious letters to the editor, etc.

If you have been pushing the issue at all with these dog owners, they will blame you if anything happens to their dogs. Even if you didn't do it, it will be your fault if fido fails to come home one day. Maybe a friend could come sit in a tree stand while you are on vacation (alibi) and use a caliber that you don't even own...

Some dog owners need to be punished severely!

From: AndyJ Date: 21-Apr-10
If you are looking at laws about loose dogs check to make sure there are no laws against killing dogs that are running deer on your property. You may need to prove they where chasing deer so you might want to start racking up some video footage. Otherwise you may have a very difficult time proving they where in fact being a nuisance if you end up in court. Also, be wary of putting out poison because if someone's unoffending dog eats it and dies, you may have some trouble on your hands. Personally, I don't condone killing someone's dogs, but I see your predicament. I think the best thing you could do is call the humane society. Sure they are usually a hunter's worst enemy, but on occasions like this, not only will they know the laws better than anyone, but they will know how to get something done.

From: Bou'bound Date: 21-Apr-10
these threads always bring out the worst in this site

From: Headin West Date: 21-Apr-10
Can you trap them and turn them into the dog pound?

From: casshuntress Date: 21-Apr-10
Years ago I had the same problem. The dog was chasing deer and I yelled at him. He stopped and came to me. I had Duct tape in my pack and a marker. Wrote a note on the duct tape and attached to his collar. Never saw him on the property after that. I wouldn't have done that if he was mean!

From: gator 2 Date: 21-Apr-10
When you go bow hunting carry a arrow with a SMOOTH rubber blunt.That dog won't know what happen to him and he won't like your place any more.Works for me.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 21-Apr-10
Don't shoot the dogs...

Catch them, take their collar off and call animal control. They will never be returned, likely adopted or otherwise disposed in a legal manner.

From: tonyo6302 Date: 22-Apr-10
Catch them, DO NOT take their collar off, then take them to animal control.

Animal control will then give them all the required shots again, and then call the owner.

The owner will then have to pay for the shots, and pay a fine for a loose dog.

That is the best way to make the owner, who is at fault, pay. The owners then usually insure their animals never get loose again.

It is not the dogs fault.


From: curlewjimmy Date: 22-Apr-10

From: DonSchultz Date: 22-Apr-10
Right on Bou bound.

From: Butternut40 Date: 22-Apr-10
Thanks for the feedback. I am doing some homework on getting an ordinance passed that way law enforcement will have something to work with. The next township over has an ordinance regarding stray dogs and I'm trying to contact the person that got this started. I think it's bullshit that's up to me, but I guess that is how it works.

Tonyo I like your suggestion as I have thought about live trapping and turning them in to the shelter.

Here's what I did. Last night I called the person who I believe to be the owner of the dogs (there are several farms around and I have seen multiple dogs on my property). We put our differences aside and had a long conversation. To sum it up he is willing to put in a fence along the line and I offered to help. I don't believe this will solve the problem but I guess it is a start and he know's where I stand on this issue.

The last thing I want to do is shoot someone's pet and yes it certainly would be hard to prove they were chasing deer unless I had some good video footage. Even so, one would most likely be sued.

I will continue to push for an ordinance to give law enforcement something to work with besides the deer chasing issue which is very difficult to catch unless one is out on the property 24/7. My taxes are increasing so I'm going to become a very squeaky wheel until something is done.

I'll let you know how it goes. It may take several years but I will try.

From: two-oh-two Date: 22-Apr-10
SSS is a good way to loose permission to hunt! if i found out that dogs were being shot on my property i would end the hunting by those involved including those that thought it was a good soloution! i can't have people with that type of thinking hunting on my property. i can't trust their judgement!

From: Hambo Date: 22-Apr-10
If you live in the country you might have to go before a township or county board to get an ordinance passed. If you do a little research and find an ordinance that suits your needs, copy it and note the references. Go to the local governing unit and tell them your problem, show them the ordinance and the references. I'm a government teacher and on our town council. You make elected officials decisions much easier if you do the homework and legwork. Point out that not only will this benefit the wildlife, it might save a child or elderly person from being mauled. Contact each member of the local governing unit individually so they can see that you are serious and not just grinding an axe. (Save the axe in case the ordinance doesn't pass!)Good luck!

From: gobbler Date: 22-Apr-10
Every dog that I have seen in the woods has always run towards me in a threatening and aggressive manner, growling and salivating at the mouth.

From: jungleman06 Date: 22-Apr-10
it depends. on the type of dog if it has a collar and the frequency of the situation. do what you want and dont tell anyone.

From: fairchase Date: 22-Apr-10
You may be asking for big trouble if you shoot someone's pet dog, chasing deer or not. SSS is not the way to go.

From: hpd503 Date: 22-Apr-10
Interesting responses.

Dogs that chase deer will also chase livestock. Most farmers that I know in my area will leave dogs lay if they catch them more than a 1/2 mile from home or running their livestock.

1 of my landowners shot his own dog one day when he caught him running some of his cows.

I had dogs run some deer under my tree this year. Told my landowner and he said he would take care of it. Never saw them again.

I love my dog. She is a great waterfowl dog. But if I caught her running anything she would be done. But that won't happen because she is kept in a kennel and not allowed to roam freely and for sure not allowed to roam off my property freely.

Dogs running deer are no better than coyotes.

From: split_toe Date: 23-Apr-10
trap them and take to a shelter in the next county killing them makes us gready heartless hunters in the bunny huggers eyes

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 23-Apr-10
split toe is right, the next county is the key! I doubt they are micro chipped. You get caught killing somebody's dog and you may just make the national news at 5. Rural King or Farm & Fleet have large animal traps for about $50 to $60 bucks. Problem solved. That's alot cheaper than bail money, court costs, attorney fees, and the fines you'll be paying if you get caught.

From: tonyo6302 Date: 23-Apr-10

I hope and pray your waterfowl boat never hits a submerged log, tossing you and your dog to swim ashore, just to have some "deer hunter" shoot your dog as it runs away "loose" from the fright of getting tossed.


From: Butternut40 Date: 23-Apr-10
Hambo, that's what I've been looking for. Does the township board have the authority or power to pass the ordinance immediately or is it something that would have to be voted on by the people in the township?


From: BOW-HO Date: 23-Apr-10
Would hate for someone to lose pet, but in the South, it's not unheard of for landowners to shoot stray dogs that come on their land and mess with livestock, children, chase deer or just be annoying.

Also know duckhunters that would cause a hunting accident to happen if someone hurt their dog...

From: Owl Date: 23-Apr-10
Free roaming dogs are a reality of rural living. A pet dog is no threat to a deer.

From: gobbler Date: 23-Apr-10
I beg to differ. I've personally seen numerous pet dogs trotting off with a fawn in their mouth.

From: BOW-HO Date: 23-Apr-10
Interesting topic, and it got me thinking: you would think that if many or most fawns can survive predation from coyotes, most should be safe from "domestic" dogs.

Seen some big coyotes in Western TN. Not sure if there are coyotes in MN. Are there wolves up there?

From: Northwoods Date: 23-Apr-10
"Not sure if there are coyotes in MN. Are there wolves up there?"

There are coyotes throughout Minnesota, and the state has the highest population of timberwolves (grey wolves) in the continental U.S.

From: gobbler Date: 23-Apr-10
Actually, coyotes get quite a few fawns. That is why a spread out rut is worse for the fawns. The birthing is spread out over a month or two. Deer populations that have a shorter rut drop most of their fawns in a shorter period of time and "overwhelm" the predator population. Sure, some get killed, but less overall than when they are dropped over a longer time period.

Thats one of the benefits of having a 1:1-1:3 buck/doe ratio than a 10:1 buck doe ratio.

From: Owl Date: 23-Apr-10
"numerous?" Really? I'd have to call prima facie BS.;)

From: gobbler Date: 23-Apr-10
4 or 5 in my lifetime, I would call that numerous.

From: gobbler Date: 23-Apr-10
Ok, I will admit that 2 of the episodes I actually didn't see the dog run off with the fawn, they were laying down eating them. Maybe, they had found one freshly dead from some other reason, a lightening strike perhaps. I guess I'm guilty of dog-profiling.

From: Owl Date: 23-Apr-10
sounds like you have a feral problem. Either that or you can't identify carrion from a fresh kill. I'm guessing the former is the case because anybody can identify carrion from a fresh kill.

From: one_elk Date: 23-Apr-10
snare 'em and send the collar to the owner. There is no reason for anybody's dog to be to harassing wildlife…

From: gobbler Date: 23-Apr-10
Anybody thats grown up in the southern coalfields of WV will attest to the fact that just about every other house up a holler will have somewhere between 2-8 dogs laying around the yard unleashed and unfenced that look extremely bored.

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 23-Apr-10
I've seen the same three dogs walk the same hayfield for a few years and they catch fawns, kill baby rabbits, and young turkeys. It is in their nature to kill, they weren't always domestic. They kill just to kill, especially when you have more than one running together.

You'd have to be blind, deaf, and a little slow to think pet dogs are no threat to deer. Dogs kill livestock and wildlife. Pet dogs sometimes kill children! ??????????????

From: Butternut40 Date: 23-Apr-10
Justhunt1, I agree with you.

Free roaming dogs a fact of life? than one coming up missing once in awhile is also a fact of life.

From: Owl Date: 23-Apr-10
"Pet dogs sometimes kill children! ??????????????"

-Hyperbole of the year thus far....Some parents kill children. Anyone who wants to shoot me on sight by virtue of my fatherhood (blanket indictment) will have quite an unpleasant surprise returned!!

From: Owl Date: 23-Apr-10
"Free roaming dogs a fact of life? than one coming up missing once in awhile is also a fact of life."

-Frankly, that's right and an implied acknowledgment of letting one's dogs roam free.

From: gobbler Date: 23-Apr-10
How is a statement that free roaming dogs is a fact of life, imply that one has let dogs roam free.

Thats like me saying I saw a dog run across the street so it must me mine, theres no other plausible explanation.

How about it's a neighbors dog?

From: Butternut40 Date: 23-Apr-10
Owl I respect that, "Frankly, that's right and an implied acknowledgment of letting one's dogs roam free."

Unfortunately not everyone would agree with the consequences.

From: Owl Date: 23-Apr-10
gobbler I can't decipher your meaning.


It is true isn't it? If a fellow let's his dog run (most likely because he sees it as inhumane to cage it), he has to acknowledge that dog may present a hazard to himself or a nuisance to others and must take the responsibility for the consequences thereof. In most cases, Rover doesn't present more than a charming facet of the rural landscape. However, if he keeps getting into the neighbors chickens or repeatedly knocks over their garbage, the owner can't expect the dog should impose itself on others unfettered. That ain't neighborly.

Having said that, I've lived in the rural south my whole life. Everywhere I've lived, free roaming dogs have been a part of the landscape. Only an isolated pack of ferals have presented either a threat or nuisance to man or beast. They were dealt with.

From: Butternut40 Date: 23-Apr-10
Owl, yes true. However, having been around the farm country all my life I've never thought of rover as a charming facet of the rural landscape. Yes a part of it I must admit. But, it has always been an irritant to me that causes me to unleash a "F" bomb or two when my hunt is disrupted by Fido. Especially an irritant when seen chasing deer around my property.

Yes the owner should be willing to accept the consequences the dog's actions may bring upon itself but in today's society people are quick to sue and overlook their own irresponsibility. I don't blame the dog. They are just doing what they do. It is the owner who is to blame and it is the owner that should be held accountable.

The question is, what is more inhumane? Allowing the dog to roam free knowing it may be shot or using proper training and tools available to keep the dog(s) within control of the pack leader (in this case the owner)?

From: split_toe Date: 24-Apr-10
The question is, what is more inhumane? Allowing the dog to roam free knowing it may be shot or using proper training and tools available to keep the dog(s) within control of the pack leader (in this case the owner)? TRAP THEM AND SHIP OFF TO THE NEXT COUNTY THE OWNER DOESNT DESERVE THEM

From: Butternut40 Date: 24-Apr-10
Split Toe, live trapping them but deliver to the pound and let them deal with it seems like a great option. I think a dog would make it back if just dropped off 20+ miles away and besides this would make me a hun-yuck leaving some other poor sap the same problem I'm trying to get rid of. Don't know.

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 24-Apr-10

JUSTHUNT1's embedded Photo

I'll spare you the photos of dead humans but here's what a pet is capable of. Research dog attacks on google Owl and you will see. I bet you still disagree! LOL!

From: Butternut40 Date: 24-Apr-10
Justhunt1, I bet it happens every day.

From: hpd503 Date: 24-Apr-10

I hope and pray your waterfowl boat never hits a submerged log, tossing you and your dog to swim ashore, just to have some "deer hunter" shoot your dog as it runs away "loose" from the fright of getting tossed.


That is pretty funny Tony.

I don't hunt from a boat and if I did, while we were moving my dog would be tethered to keep her in the boar if we hit something.

But if my dog were chasing deer while "Running away loose from fright" then I wouldn't have a problem with it. Just like I don't have a problem putting a dog down that needs to be put down be it from old age, illness or for being aggressive.

What I have a problem with is people who move to the country and think that they are not responsible to keep their pets under control. Just like the neighbors in town who let their cat roam free to use some one else's yard as their bathroom. If you can't take responsibility for your pets 24/7 then you shouldn't have them, in my opinion.

From: Owl Date: 24-Apr-10
JUSTHUNT1, I'm not denying the occurrence only the hysterical notion that the relatively LOW occurrences justifies shooting dogs on sight. A weak rationalization.

From: tonyo6302 Date: 25-Apr-10
"But if my dog were chasing deer while "Running away loose from fright" then I wouldn't have a problem with it."

So you value more that anothers deer hunt to go uninterupted than the life of your loyal dog if it were to ever get loose.

That, Sir, says volumes about your character.

That you think your hunting dog has no chance to ever get loose or get away from you, now THAT is funny!


From: hunter10 Date: 25-Apr-10
Anyone remember a Missouri dog "Drum"? I would think twice about shooting someones dog unless he was attacking a person or pet. Sorry I don't have a solution for you. Keep working with dog owners is all I got.

From: zipper Date: 27-Apr-10
Post a sign trapping in progress. Hopefully word will spread to the owners of the free running dogs. Then put out traps for coyotes and if a dog gets trapped its a damn shame. Free running dogs destroy wildlife, and infringe on the rights of property owners who have invested time, money and a whole lot of effort to enhance wildlife on their ground. Dogs kill fawns and stress all deer merely by their presence. Where legal dogs that roam should not go home.

From: BOW-HO Date: 27-Apr-10
I think I would tend to side with the landowner most of the time, and landowners should be free to follow rule 223 or 308 if necessary.

But if you kill someone's dog and rub their nose in it, might have to grow eyes in back of head and sleep lightly. Always consequences in life...

From: hunting addict Date: 27-Apr-10
Call PETA and tell them that your neighbor turns his dogs loose to chase poor innocent deer, which live on your property! You're a nature buff and these wild domestic dogs are killing poor does & fawns!

Give them the name of the dog owner, his address and his phone # - and let them HARASS him to death!!!

From: hpd503 Date: 27-Apr-10


First of all in all my years hunting (about 30) I have never had a dog run away from me. Well trained dogs tend to do what they are suppose to do.

Secondly I could care less if anyone's deer hunt gets ruined. What I care about is that people don't care enough for their animals or their neighbors to keep there animals on their own property so that this isn't an issue. What if someone was running snares or leg holds next to your property for coyotes. Your dog got caught in one and died, who's fault is that? I think I know you answer already.

Finally Tony the I think the Character flaws have shown up perfectly here. Sorry you don't agree with my position, but my guess is you don't live where I live and things may be done different in your neck of the woods.

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