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How many deer per square mile?
Whitetail Deer
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Tombow 25-Oct-10
RTH 25-Oct-10
Fitzdogg 25-Oct-10
Amoebus 25-Oct-10
pdubs 25-Oct-10
JTV 25-Oct-10
DPowers 25-Oct-10
non-typical 25-Oct-10
hunterx 25-Oct-10
HeadHunter® 25-Oct-10
St. Croix 26-Oct-10
From: Tombow
How many deer does your area hold per square mile? the BEST zone in the province only has 15/mile2 and that is because of the urban areas which are off limits. Some zones are running less than 3/mile2. I see guys complaining about no deer in their area but with some of the numbers they are throwing out I'd be real happy having so FEW :) Mind you we got big deer so maybe they need the extra room :)

From: RTH
Don't know, guarranty it's a heck of alot more than 15/square mile though.

From: Fitzdogg
There is a preserve on Long Island that has 40 per square. They are allowing a special hunt this December to try to bring it to around 25 per. I have a buddy who got a spot. I'm applying next year. I'm not sure as far as the rest of the Island is concerned,but would now love to find out.

From: Amoebus
Northern MN - 1-8 deer/mi2. Even less hunters.

From: pdubs
I'm in northern Delaware; some areas it's 100 per habitable mile.

From: JTV
NW Indiana .... 25-50 and in some urban and non- huntable Nat. Lakeshore areas even more dense .....before I started a urban hunt program in a local town, they were around 70-100 per Sq. Mile .... now they are around 20 .....Jeff

From: DPowers
Allegheny National Forest PA - based on my observations over the past few seasons - hardly any.

From: non-typical
nw pa we have approx .05 dpsq mi lol

From: hunterx

5 to 10 deer per sq. mile and about 250 hunters per sq. mile!.....(In the 'old days' it was maybe 1 hunter in 100 sq. miles!)...what happened?

From: St. Croix
BWCA...maybe 5-8 deer per square mile, but they are in pockets leaving most areas void of any deer. I only hunt there because I hate seeing other hunters more than I hate not seeing a deer.

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