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How many deer per square mile?
Whitetail Deer
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Tombow 25-Oct-10
RTH 25-Oct-10
Fitzdogg 25-Oct-10
Amoebus 25-Oct-10
pdubs 25-Oct-10
JTV 25-Oct-10
DPowers 25-Oct-10
non-typical 25-Oct-10
hunterx 25-Oct-10
HeadHunter® 25-Oct-10
St. Croix 26-Oct-10
From: Tombow
How many deer does your area hold per square mile? the BEST zone in the province only has 15/mile2 and that is because of the urban areas which are off limits. Some zones are running less than 3/mile2. I see guys complaining about no deer in their area but with some of the numbers they are throwing out I'd be real happy having so FEW :) Mind you we got big deer so maybe they need the extra room :)

From: RTH
Don't know, guarranty it's a heck of alot more than 15/square mile though.

From: Fitzdogg
There is a preserve on Long Island that has 40 per square. They are allowing a special hunt this December to try to bring it to around 25 per. I have a buddy who got a spot. I'm applying next year. I'm not sure as far as the rest of the Island is concerned,but would now love to find out.

From: Amoebus
Northern MN - 1-8 deer/mi2. Even less hunters.

From: pdubs
I'm in northern Delaware; some areas it's 100 per habitable mile.

From: JTV
NW Indiana .... 25-50 and in some urban and non- huntable Nat. Lakeshore areas even more dense .....before I started a urban hunt program in a local town, they were around 70-100 per Sq. Mile .... now they are around 20 .....Jeff

From: DPowers
Allegheny National Forest PA - based on my observations over the past few seasons - hardly any.

From: non-typical
nw pa we have approx .05 dpsq mi lol

From: hunterx
Varies greatly in Ontario obviously but in my area the southern edge of the area I hunt I believe is about 5 per mile, and in the norhtern part of the area more like 1 or less. The fact they still issue a lot of surplus doe tags makes me think finally the MNR decided you can't manage for deer, moose, and caribou in the same habitat. More than willing to do my part and push the deer south. :)

5 to 10 deer per sq. mile and about 250 hunters per sq. mile!.....(In the 'old days' it was maybe 1 hunter in 100 sq. miles!)...what happened?

From: St. Croix
BWCA...maybe 5-8 deer per square mile, but they are in pockets leaving most areas void of any deer. I only hunt there because I hate seeing other hunters more than I hate not seeing a deer.

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