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Will this deer measure 125 inches?



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Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
ozarkman 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
grizzlyadam 18-Aug-11
Brotsky 18-Aug-11
Sage Buffalo 18-Aug-11
Txnrog 18-Aug-11
Panhandle Bob 18-Aug-11
Paul@thefort 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
Hawkeye 18-Aug-11
ozarkmanp 18-Aug-11
Stik'n String 18-Aug-11
SDHNTR 18-Aug-11
HerdManager 18-Aug-11
Jack Harris 18-Aug-11
Clutch 18-Aug-11
writer 18-Aug-11
Preacher Man 19-Aug-11
Roger J 20-Aug-11
tjh 22-Aug-11
kellyharris 22-Aug-11
roger 22-Aug-11
MoBowhunter 22-Aug-11
Elkhunter - Home 22-Aug-11
switchback07 22-Aug-11
pls009 22-Aug-11
Stik'n String 23-Aug-11

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From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11

Stik'n String's embedded Photo

I do not usually play this game, but there has been some disagreement regarding the size of this particular buck in terms of gross inches of antler. What are your thoughts? (Specify what you believe the measurements are, please, in terms of G1, G2, spread, etc.)

We are in a serious drought year (ie., the supplemental feeding), so I suspect mass will suffer. I think the deer will measure right about 125 inches, maybe a bit more.


From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11

Stik'n String's embedded Photo

Another (and I am referring to the ten in the middle of the page)

From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11

Stik'n String's embedded Photo

And a different view...

From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11

Stik'n String's embedded Photo


From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11

Stik'n String's embedded Photo

and Finally... The date on the game cam is actually wrong. These pictures were taken during the first week of July, so I anticipate some growth prior to the archery opener.

From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11
Yes, it is delicious. You ought to see the Post Oak Savannah region of Texas right now. Looks like a desert. Less than 3 inches of rainfall this year in an area that usually gets closer to fifty.

From: ozarkman Date: 18-Aug-11
probably going to gross 125-130......maybe a little more

From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11
Thanks, Ozarkman.

From: grizzlyadam Date: 18-Aug-11
That one is a bit better than 125.

From: Brotsky Date: 18-Aug-11

Brotsky's embedded Photo

He looks similar to this buck I shot a few years ago. This one went 127.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 18-Aug-11
+1 Everyone.

I think it will be close but if he continued to grow then yes.

From: Txnrog Date: 18-Aug-11
I have him falling just a tad shy. Giving him the following measurements:

19in beams 16inches of mass 3in brows 9in G-2's 7in G-3's

16in inside spread = 124

From: Panhandle Bob (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 18-Aug-11
It doesn't appear to have the tine length that brotsky's does at 127... So my guess would be close...but his short. Pictures can be deceiving.

From: Paul@thefort Date: 18-Aug-11

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo

Photo of a hard horned PY measured 126 5/8 wt. for comparison.

From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11
Damned nice looking bow, Paul.

From: Hawkeye Date: 18-Aug-11
Will be close :)

From: ozarkmanp Date: 18-Aug-11
Trog, I agree with your estimate on everything but his main beams should be 20 inches to 21 inches putting him just over 125 gross......will he make P&Y? I think he nets just under that. I shot an 8 pt a few years ago and he grossed 124 and nets 122 with main beams of 19 inches but brows of 7".... I think this deer looks alot like him.

From: Stik'n String Date: 18-Aug-11

You have to keep in mind that this deer has had another 6 weeks to grow. I would be surprised if he did not add at least five gross inches during that period, although who knows? Going to check trail cams this weekend and will post updated pictures of this buck. They should be starting to rub off the velvet any time now. That will be more telling.

From: SDHNTR Date: 18-Aug-11
On the fence.

From: HerdManager Date: 18-Aug-11
I think he will gross just shy of 125", probably not net P&Y.

From: Jack Harris Date: 18-Aug-11
The 8ptr looks like 118 to 122" gross, and the 10 ptr right around 125" gross plus or minus a few inches. Good estimates by all...

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 18-Aug-11
Not quite--close--

From: writer Date: 18-Aug-11
Can't really compare a Texas buck to the one Paul killed out on the plains of Colorado, Nebraska or Kansas. The smaller bodies of Texas deer throw me off a bit, as do the huge bodies of mature Canadian bucks.

From: Preacher Man Date: 19-Aug-11
Any guesses on the age?

From: Roger J Date: 20-Aug-11
"They should be starting to rub off the velvet any time now. That will be more telling."

Yes it will and I do not think the shed velvet will help your cause trying to 'stretch' this deer out to 125".

I would start looking for someone in the Obama administration that is willing to score this thing for you, should you shoot it, in exchange for some campaign donations. That's the only way this thing is touching 125" with an 8" pole (117 gross at best). Hate to have to be the reality check, but someones got to do it.

From: tjh Date: 22-Aug-11

From: kellyharris Date: 22-Aug-11

From: roger Date: 22-Aug-11
Not sure, but a 10' deer is prolly tough to come bye.....

From: MoBowhunter Date: 22-Aug-11
I think Txnrog is pretty close on the measurements except 16" on mass is low. It would take a pretty spindly antler to only end up with 16"

From: Elkhunter - Home Date: 22-Aug-11
I don't think so.

From: switchback07 Date: 22-Aug-11
I think he'll gross around 127, probably net around 122

From: pls009 Date: 22-Aug-11
Real close but about 119

From: Stik'n String Date: 23-Aug-11
I have a pretty good question for you whitetail wiz-kids. These pictures were taken in early July. On an average year, and assuming the deer will begin shedding their velvet in early-to-mid September, how much growth can you expect?

I know from the literature that cells forming antler grow and multiply faster than any other cells in the mammalian kingdom (including cancer cells). How is that growth expressed in grounded, real-world terms? Obviously, this question will be dependent upon nutrition and other variables. However, I suspect a wildlife biologist somewhere has researched this subject and is capable of offering a formula (Ie., there is a 20% outlying variable attributable to range conditions. However, whitetail will put on 90% of their gross antler in the first X number of days, etc.)

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Subject: RE: Will this deer measure 125 inches?

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