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Hanging an elk hide on the wall? How 2?
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Manhartt 24-Jan-08
iowaPete 25-Jan-08
From: iowaPete
My wife and I decided we'd like to hang an elk hide from a previous hunt on our wall, but the size and weight of it give us concern that just tacking it up there won't work.

Does anyone have a large hide hanging on their wall? How did you go about it? If you have a photo of your creation, could you show me? I'd love to see some representative samples.

Thanks in advance,


From: CPAhunter
I'd like to hear some suggestions too. I've got one ready to hang, no felt on the back. Suggestions?

From: iowaPete
Kyle - Would you happen to have a pic you can share?


From: LTG
I have no pic, but had a full jersey cow skin (don't ask) that looked really cool in a retro black and white room with 15 foot ceiling. I used 24 inch wide sheets of 1/4 in (?3/8) plywood and traced the edges on the "top" and "bottom." Using a jig/scroll saw cut out the traced edges and tacked it to plywood using upholstery tacks. Then could use mounting rings on plywood onto hooks screwed into wall studs - only need 4 holes in wall. After mounting top. let gravity draw tight, then mount bottom sheet to keep taught. Stayed up for years and then new home buyers wanted it when we moved out.

use upholstern tacks with long shanks and just follow the outline of the hide every 12 inches. A plain tanned hide without velt. I did this in my den and then mounted a wt shoulder mount in the middle of it. Has been up for five years. Paul

From: bam

bam's embedded Photo
bam's embedded Photo
here is how I arranged a bull from co. just hung w/large upholstry tacks on the studs, worked great for my garage/hobby room.

From: Wolf777
Push pins that are t shaped work well. They are a lot longer like 1 1/2 inch variety. Dont need to worry about the stud. Holds in the drywall just fine

From: DonVathome
Just curious how you actually "tack" them up?

I once tried to hang a deer skin, problem was first nail went in, then since I was alone, letting the whole weight hang (while I tried to get a 2nd nail in) tore the hide, I would think with 2-3 there one could tack while the othes held until there were 6-8 tacks to spread the weight out?

From: Twoballc

Just used tacks to hang mine. However, did not have felt behind it and when we built a new house and moved, some of the oils from the tanned side soaked into the painted walls--had to use Kilz (3 coats) to cover it and repaint. The hide was professionally tanned. Would highly recommend some kind of backing.

From: iowaPete
Thanks for the help, gang! Gonna discuss it with my better half and see what we can come up with.

I've got my fingers crossed....


Build a little pedestal on either side of where you want the hide to hang, then hire off-duty Hooters girls to stand on either side and hold it up.

I proposed this to my better half, but she didn't appreciate the humor.


I have used heavy duty staples from a staple gun to hang bear rugs, so it should work for an elk hide as well.

From: Manhartt
I think LTG had a great idea. Even take it a bit more and paint the outside edge of the plywood (green, black, red, what-ever works with color decor) prior to fastening the hide to the plywood.

What's the approximate cost for having a hide taned?

From: iowaPete
Manhartt - Tanning prices will differ from place to place. It's usually based upon the total square footage of the hide. A small bear hide shouldn't cost as much as a bull elk hide.

I think tanning fee for mine was around $250 back in 2005, but I'm not completely certain.

Jaquomo feral - an EXCELLENT idea. However, your wife and my wife are in complete agreement (which means NO!!). hehee...


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