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Pope & Young Scorers



Messages posted to thread:
John55 23-Jan-09
Elk Hunter 23-Jan-09
John55 23-Jan-09
JJJ 23-Jan-09
Gator 23-Jan-09
Deacon Dave 23-Jan-09
John55 23-Jan-09
LKH 23-Jan-09
John55 23-Jan-09
Boris 23-Jan-09
antlrs 23-Jan-09
LKH 23-Jan-09
John55 24-Jan-09
No Mercy 24-Jan-09
Gator 24-Jan-09
chip 24-Jan-09
No Mercy 25-Jan-09
Booner@laptop 25-Jan-09
Gator 25-Jan-09
SDHNTR 26-Jan-09

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: John55 Date: 23-Jan-09

John55's embedded Photo

Ever had trouble with a scorer? I killed my first elk this year and it should go a little over 270". When I talked to my taxidermist about who I could get to score it he gave me the guys name and kind of smerked. I've talked to the scorer several times and we keep setting dates and times to measure my head. I let him pick the times and I told him I would work with his schedule. Well, he usually calls about an hour after he said he would arrive with an excuse of some type, and lousy ones at that. This has gone on for several weeks now. I don't want to push him because he's a volunteer and he is doing me a favor, but my wife is really starting to get tired of the elk head in the floor.

Anyone else ever had this problem?

From: Elk Hunter Date: 23-Jan-09

I am a P&Y scorer in Bama. I have had 3 entered myself and I have never had a problem with a scorer. Now that I am one, I haven't cancelled on anyone yet.

I don't know what part of TN you live in, but I will be in Huntsville AL a couple times this spring and summer and would be glad to score him for you.

From: John55 Date: 23-Jan-09
Thanks EH, but it looks like I'm a pretty good ways from you. I think he'll get around to it eventually. The wife will just have to get used to the new floor obstacle I guess.

Also, I should probably clarify that I in no way meant to imply that this was characteristic of the group. As I said, this is my first experience.

From: JJJ Date: 23-Jan-09
I'm with Mul Pwr if he's a 6x6.

From: Gator Date: 23-Jan-09
John55, I've been a measurer for a good many years and know that sometimes schedules change but I believe you need to look elsewhere. Here's a link to other measurers in your state. I regret this has happen to you but don't give up.

BTW great bull, congratulations.

From: Deacon Dave Date: 23-Jan-09
I'm with Gator. Look elsewhere. Congratulations on a great animal. It should be an honor for someone to get to score such a great animal. He's had his chance. There are some bad apples, even in P&Y scorers. DD

From: John55 Date: 23-Jan-09
That is the elk. Icame up with 275 when I taped it out but I tried to be conservative since it was my first attempt. I couldn't be happier with him. He's well proportioned and if I never kill another, I will be content. Best part about it, I was able to take him on public land in an OTC area.

From: LKH Date: 23-Jan-09
NIce elk. You must have been alone and didn't have a timer or you'd be in the photo.

Most scorers do it because they enjoy it.

From: John55 Date: 23-Jan-09
I forgot to learn how to set the timer before I left. Other important lessons I learned: 1. Pick your parters carefully, 2. Go back down the mountain the same way you came up, and 3. Make sure your packer brings in enough horses to pack your gear AND your elk out if your hunting where there's no cell phone reception.

From: Boris Date: 23-Jan-09
John, I am also a measurer from Pa. When I get the call. I have the hunter come to my house. I have never had a hunter not show up. One thing that I do, is tell the hunter that I prefer to score on the weekend. I have found that it works better. If I were you look for someone else. Even if you have to drive some. I have had guys drive 2.5 hours to have their racks measured. Look for some outdoor shows. See if they are having P&Y scorers there. Contact the person in-charge. An remember that this is a free service.

From: antlrs Date: 23-Jan-09
I am a measure also and we love to do it so please go for another guy in the area. It is volunteer but the contacts and friends I have made while measuring have been fantastic!! Get er done!!

From: LKH Date: 23-Jan-09
John55, your number 2 rule made me laugh and cringe. I have had to climb back up from more than one "shortcut". Wyoming, southwest of Douglas had a lot of those.

From: John55 Date: 24-Jan-09
Boris - Since this is a free service, is it acceptable to buy a guy a case of beer or something for their trouble? I can also see where it might be prohibited by the Club, but I didn't know for sure.

LKH - My first bull almost bacame my last in a hurry. What looked like a gentle 1,500 foot decent turned into a nightmare. One poster here recently talked about brush being so thick that he had to walk on top of it, and I definitely had to do that going down through some of the washes. And the cliff faces....I've not missed church since I got back.

From: No Mercy Date: 24-Jan-09
John55-I am also a scorer-and, no, we cannot take gifts or money for scoring.

I score alot of animals and I work at an outdoor retail store. Most guys are completely happy to leave their animal overnight so I can do it off the clock. If not-I make other arrangements on weekends and nights. I will never not call anyone back or cancel on plans unless it is an emergency. It's just not the right thing to do.

From: Gator Date: 24-Jan-09
No Mercy, not exactly true. You can alllow applicants to share in expenses. An example being film. Polaroid comes to mind. I never found it necessary to charge for anything but acceptable under certain circumstances.

From: chip Date: 24-Jan-09
I have a few 260's in my office and they are much smaller than yours. My guess is around 290-300.

From: No Mercy Date: 25-Jan-09
GAtor-sorry - I thought he was just talking about compensation or gifts for scoring. I don't charge for film or postage either. It's not that much and I truly enjoy looking at all the animals.

From: Booner@laptop Date: 25-Jan-09
I'm a scorer here in NE PA. I quit making house calls a long time ago. We couldn't take any money to defray gas costs if we wanted to.

I get the call from the guy, ask a few simple questions, and then as long as everything is in order I set up a measuring date and time.

One thing I make sure I stress is that he gets his pictures in order, has a check, and if his witness can't show up at the measuring, I have him download a Fair Chase Affidavit and get the signatures before he gets here.

P&Y has been getting kinda bitchy about lag times beteen measuring sessions and actual submission of documents to them. I find that my delay is usually one of the aforementioned, and once these guys see the score they sometimes aren't so hot to have it entered.

From: Gator Date: 25-Jan-09
Booner, I feel your pain. Not that long ago I travelled some distance to score a deer which turned out to be a once in a life time buck. An Alberta NT that netted over 200. The hunter previously had it scored by Buckmaster. It was entered first place in their semi-nontypical category. All the paper work and pictures were ready for the mail. When the hunter found where it ranked in P&Y (he asked), he decided to not have it entered.

An otherwise waste of time on my part but worth it just being able to score such a magnificent animal.

From: SDHNTR Date: 26-Jan-09
I'm an official measurer too and my thought is that if the guy repeatedly blows you off and stands you up P&Y shouldn't have those kind of folks associated with the club. Contact the P&Y headquarters and voice your complaints. Are there no other measurers in your area?

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