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unit 34 colorado
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From: duranceau3
anyone know any good areas to bow hunt elk in unit 34 in Colorado?

From: jordanatwork
There are plenty just like most any unit. Let the map be your guide and look for spots you can get a mile or more off the roads and trails.

Look out for sheep (always a bunch in 34 during archery) and even more look out for sheep dogs.....mean nasty critters when you get anywhere near their sheep.

Unit 33 is a draw unit that borders 34 on the West but the creek valley on the boundary is NASTY steep and thick. We used to hunt 25 to the NE of 34......tried a spot once in 34 but all the sign was at least 2 weeks old.

By far the most beautiful unit I have ever hunted. Whatever you do....take a couple of extra minutes and go stand on the deep creek lookout. Don't worry you can't miss it.

I spent many years there a decade ago....stay on a main road. Scout for fresh sign and hunt where it is steaming. Stay mobile. I don't have my maps handy but I'll try and remember here in the next few days some spots for you to look at on the map and when you get there. I am leaving on an extended turkey hunting trip shortly so I won't have time to do this for a while.

Craig, Sent you a PM.


From: Coolcop
Can someone tell me how to get to deep creek lookout. My better half and I are going to Colorado in August for some hiking. I really would like to show her what all the fuss has been about for the past 8 years.

From: fishmagician
Lots of folks there.

From: jordanathome
Go to Dotsero, CO on I-70, take exit, go up Hwy ??? don't recall the # but follows the Co River north a bit then hang a left on Coffee Pot road and follow the signs. First couple miles are some hairy switchbacks but once you make the top the look out is only a bit more on the right. Its a dooozy

From: Coolcop
Thank you.

From: MT in MO
I sent you a PM via the Bowsite website. Take a look at that. Should direct you to some pretty decent places. The unit can be very hard to hunt due to terrain and people, but there are lots of elk there.

Good Luck!!!

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