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Colorado Unit 25



Messages posted to thread:
txtomkat 10-Sep-10
johnny 10-Sep-10
2NOLANS 11-Sep-10
txtomkat 11-Sep-10
johnny 12-Sep-10
jordanathome 12-Sep-10
pass through 12-Sep-10
ColoradoScouter 13-Sep-10
Pat Lefemine 13-Sep-10
Straight —» Arrow 13-Sep-10
icefishers 13-Sep-10

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: txtomkat Date: 10-Sep-10
Just got back from 6 days hunt in GMU25. In terms of elk hunt, it was disappointing. There were hunters everywhere and everyone had same problem, no elk. I think I heard of 2 bulls being took. My buddies and I didn't see anything and most others talked of seeing a cow or a spike, but where out of range. It was very very windy and we had one day of rain. No signs either. Anyone else encounter this problem in this unit? Any information would be appreciated.

From: johnny Date: 10-Sep-10
What part of unit 25 are you talking about? I hunted the first week of archery in that unit and seen 3 cow elk. did find some fresh sign in two differn't spots overall very disapointed.

From: 2NOLANS Date: 11-Sep-10
I think I feel wool being pulled over my eyes.That might have to be my back up unit if nothing is happening where i'm at.ha!ha!

From: txtomkat (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Sep-10
We camped at emerald lake and hunted sheep mountain & west mountain. Some hunters were all over the flat tops and didn't see anything.

From: johnny Date: 12-Sep-10
2nolans I don't think we are pulling the wool over your eye's.maybe it will pick up later in the season. I think I might start sending in for some draw areas.I have a friend that's heading for new mexico and it sounds like a sure thing, a local guy is guiding out there now. I definately think elk hunting is way more than killing one but after tag soup for 7 years and truck problems this year and atv problems last year it has really gotten costly.

From: jordanathome Date: 12-Sep-10
25 has declined which is why we moved on three years ago.

From: pass through Date: 12-Sep-10
we have hunted 25 twice now first time in 2007 had several oppurtunities that year still seen lots of other hunters last year really tuff hunting with lots of hunters probably looking elsewhere next year

From: ColoradoScouter Date: 13-Sep-10
The problem is not necessarily with 25; the whole season has started very slow. I have the privilege of living in CO and to get to hunt the whole season and observe. It has been off/on windy, rainy, warm, and the rut is just now starting with most of the bulls still oblivious to the cows. Send me a PM and I might be able to provide some insight for your next trip out.

From: Pat Lefemine (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 13-Sep-10
I agree. It appears to be 2-3 weeks late this year. Heat doesn't help either.

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 13-Sep-10
The action was fantastic in SW Colorado first week.

From: icefishers Date: 13-Sep-10
I don't know much about the hunting up there but I've camped up there at the lake above Emerald for 40 years. Great place to fish and you can't beat the scenery.

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