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WY Unit 7



Messages posted to thread:
Shedhead 01-Feb-11
wyobullshooter 01-Feb-11
Beendare 01-Feb-11
Les Welch 01-Feb-11
NvaGvUp 01-Feb-11
LKH 01-Feb-11
Dink Shooter 01-Feb-11
HalfRack1 01-Feb-11
Les Welch 01-Feb-11
Shedhead 01-Feb-11
glacial21 01-Feb-11
Shedhead 02-Feb-11
delmag1942 02-Feb-11
city hunter 02-Feb-11
Shedhead 02-Feb-11
gil_wy 02-Feb-11
njbuck 02-Feb-11

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: Shedhead Date: 01-Feb-11
Now that the draw deadline is over and taking into consideration the extra tags added to the hunt this year, what do you think the draw odds will be in the max point pool regular drawing this year?


From: wyobullshooter Date: 01-Feb-11
The draw odds for last year was just under 38% for the regular draw, and a little over 58% for the special draw, and I don't see it changing that much. If anything, it will probably get a little worse what with all the added exposure Area 7 has recieved on Bowsite, EBJ, Hunting Fool, etc.

I don't know where you saw that extra tags will be added this year, since quotas aren't set until late spring.

From: Beendare Date: 01-Feb-11
IMO, what you need to find out is;

How many guys with max points didn't draw last year vs how many tags avail?

From: Les Welch Date: 01-Feb-11
Quotas would have to be set before the NR draw in 4 weeks wouldn't they?

They added 250 tags....

From: NvaGvUp Date: 01-Feb-11
Unit 7 has been getting top reviews in Huntin' Fool for several years. My guess is that the draw odds for the max point 'special' draw will be 70% - 75%. That's based simply on the progression I've observed in the draw success in max point 'special' draw for the unit over the last few years.

From: LKH Date: 01-Feb-11
Before the Pref points started I put in for 7 three years and drew twice. Should have bought lottery tickets with that kind of luck.

I think it may turn out like CO where you only get to hunt a unit once in your life, if that.

What does it take to get CO unit 10 for example.

From: Dink Shooter Date: 01-Feb-11
I think Colorado NR unit 10 will take 17 to draw this year.

Having hunted both WY 7 and CO 10 there is no comparision. Unit 10 hands down was a better experience.

From: HalfRack1 Date: 01-Feb-11
Eastmans is high on 7 too, with the increased tags and hype, I put my son in elsewhere. I have a year or two till I go, so have some time and may consider 7 then.

From: Les Welch Date: 01-Feb-11
I have an "in" in unit 7...that said we still didn't apply for it this year...we'll see what the future holds......

From: Shedhead Date: 01-Feb-11
LKH- I am treating this hunt like that. Dont plan on taking this trip again. Will hunt general or learn a unit that only takes 3-4 points to pull. I have an in on a ranch that probably will only be available once. Keeping my fingers crossed

From: glacial21 Date: 01-Feb-11
Any idea what landowners charge for a tresspass fee in WY 7?

From: Shedhead Date: 02-Feb-11
the place that i have a line on is $800 for the year

From: delmag1942 Date: 02-Feb-11

You are correct at about 65% regular max and 100% special maximum. Good luck.

From: city hunter Date: 02-Feb-11
question the guys at huntin fool do they hunt any of these so called great untis ,

From: Shedhead Date: 02-Feb-11
I did not have to ask the HF guys about this unit. Have 2 freinds that drew this tag in the last 4 years and did well on the ranch. Far as HF guys and hunting these units in some cases they do hunt these units but usually its with states with landowner tags. Where thier service shines is the contacts you get when you pull one of these good tags. The info you get from other members is priceless.

From: gil_wy Date: 02-Feb-11
If you do draw, give me a shout, I'll be glad to help all I can... the area and the pressure has changed a bunch since I hunted it 3 years ago, but I'm sure I have a couple places that will still be good... Prly not as good as hf's stuff though...

From: njbuck Date: 02-Feb-11
I have hunted this area in the past, once for Mule deer and once for antelope. Have seen some monster elk in the area, but the vast majority of them were on private land. Im waiting to draw my elk tag there, but having only 3 points, it might be a couple years.

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