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Cow calls
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From: lnevett
I am looking for some simple, “idiot proof” cow calls.

I have a guided elk hunt next September, and I want to be able to do some cow calling just in case.

Couple of years ago I went to another Elk hunt, and I bought the DVD series from Elknut, wich I still have and I am studying them all over again, so after spending a couples of month practicing with several diaphragms calls, I almost got kicked out of my house, my sons knew exactly the differences between a cow mew and a lost cow call, etc. But when the moment of truth arrived in the mountain, and I wanted to do some soft cow call to attract the bugling bull that the guide had called in, but was away from me, I got some sort of buck fever or better said call panic and the sounds that came of my diaphragm call sounded more like and extraterrestrial alien than nothing else.

So this time I want to have some type of call like the “hootchie Mama”, but that does not such a bad reputation…

Which one would you recommend?

From: howler
the bite call from screery is pretty fool proof, I ought to know been using it for years,

From: GRoe

GRoe's Link
That's too bad about the calling under pressure incident. Just to warn you, the "hootchie mama" is a good call, but it too can make some interesting sounds...especially if you are anxious. You still have to keep your composure. It's a good call to have at your side...but not "idiot" proof. Grab a hootchie, but stick with the diaphragm calls as well.

Have confidence...

Good luck GR Heads Up Decoy

From: black525
Try as many as you can. I'm new to elk calling and hunting. I've had the best luck with bugling bulls game calls. Try the whos yrr daddy, its a really good call for getting estrus whines and general cow calf sounds. I also really like the raging bull, mellow yellow mamma, and elk101 all star. These are all diaphragms but are really easy to use and learn to cow call with. Good luck-Jarred

From: Elk Dog
Spend some time with a diaphragm call practicing a simple mew, nothing else. You may need to stop the elk in a shooting lane but more likely the guide will do it for you. Don't put too much pressure yourself to call in the bull, that's part of the guides job, one of things you are paying for. May the wind be in your face.......

From: Jwillman6
Carlton/Hunter Specialties, Primos, Mossback and numerous others make calls that are idiot proof. The Hoochie Mama is a good call, but every body that does one day of elk hunting per decade has one. Elk can learn calls to avoid.

From: Chris Roe

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For me, a good quality open-reed style call is my go-to call.

The Hoochie is GREAT, BUT, like you've probably heard, there are a pile of folks out in the hills running around pushing the thing every two seconds. Elk definitely figure it out. The Hoochie Mama is a GREAT call, but when used for purpose. If you want consistent, clear chirps, mews, and lost mews, the Hoochie is EASY. BUT, if you want more diverse sounds, OR, you have a bunch of hunters in your area using them like crazy, they might be a little less effective than what you want.

A bite and blow style call is the next easiest, but again, you are going to be limited on what sounds you can make with them. Also, because your breathe goes through a "tunnel" and across the reed, in cold weather you can get condensation built up on the reed and they can stop working. You have two options. Either keep the call close to your body so it stays as warm as possible to KEEP it from gumming up as quickly (but it will still eventually lock up) OR carry two and switch off. Either way, though, you'll have to keep "shaking" them to flick the moisture out to keep them working.

For both the reasons in the examples above (and many others), I like an open-reed style call. They'll do all the sounds a cow can make (except maybe a bark), they are fairly easy to learn and blow, and when condensation starts to build up, you can wipe the reed off and continue rockin' and rollin'.

I like the Primos Hyper Lip Single and Double, and Bugling Bull makes a couple of great ones as well. ...I actually need to pick up the Steve Chappell signature call here in the near future so I can finish out our in-depth videos on HOW to use a number of the "better" elk calls out there.

Hope this helps. Good luck in your choice!

Chris Roe - Roe Hunting Resources

From: trophyhill
sounds like a little more practice with the diaphragms is needed. confidence is huge in my book. you already have ElkNut's DVD'S so get with it man. a confident elk caller/hunter is an elk killer. a little ice in the vanes doesn't hurt either. think about it, if that bull flustered you enough to where you couldn't muster the sounds you wanted out of your diaphragm, were you really ready to make a great shot at "The Moment of Truth"?

I'd stick with a mouth call if you can. The Primos Sonic Dome are really easy to use, especially the single reed model.

Aside from that, the Mossback Widowmaker is one of the best cow calls I've ever heard. Easy to use too.

From: GregE
The problem with using the bite and blow calls is when you are at full draw and want to stop the ELK.

You Don't want that call getting whacked by the bowstring- it will wreck the shot and the string will burn the heck out of your neck.

From: spyder24
I like using the Hyper Lip Single and the Cow and Calf call made by Primos. Like others have mentioned it is better to get familiar with diaphram calls as well. I keep one in my mouth 95% of the time while I am hunting. Primos and Bugling Bulls both make good diaphram calls.

From: elkdude07
Primos Cow Girl, is pretty hard to mess up, probably my favorite call.


We'll be unveiling the new "Temptress" open-reed cow call from Bugling Bull in the next few weeks...for an open-reed cow call, it is nice! Very easy to use and some of the sweetest cow sounds I've been able to make.

But if I had to choose, I'd definitely say to spend some time with a diaphragm. Way more versatile and hands free.


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