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Taxidermist near Silt/Rifle CO
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hunter47025 04-Sep-11
huntmaster 04-Sep-11
Jwillman6 05-Sep-11
Medicinemann 05-Sep-11
X-Master 05-Sep-11
hunter47025 05-Sep-11
Chris B 06-Sep-11
From: hunter47025
We have several tags to fill, leaving very soon, is there a good Taxidermist near Rifle or Silt area anyone can recommend? I am just afraid of something getting spoiled before the tags are filled and we would not like that... Thanks ahead of time, and good luck to everyone.

From: huntmaster
I don't know how far away he is, but Brad did a couple whitetails for me last year that turned out great. Do a search for A Lasting Memory Taxidermy.

From: Jwillman6
Slims in Glenwood Springs

From: Medicinemann
PM sent regarding Western Wildlife Taxidermy. That studio is operated by Greg Brumfield....and he is a judge at many of the taxidermy competitions, as well as a master taxidermist himself.

From: X-Master
Give Mark Gustad a try at Elk Creek Taxidermy at 161 W Main St. in New Castle just down the road from Silt. He is the best in the area and does great work We've been using him for over 20 yrs.

From: hunter47025
Thanks guy's. I loaded my stuff yesterday and dropped the trailer at my partner in crimes place so he could load up. We head out Wed. Morning 0400. I won't sleep now till i get there. can't wait for another season in the Rocky Mountains.

From: Chris B
I would definitely contact Greg Brumfield at 970-640-4004 or His work is second to none and to top it off, he does pick ups as well! You can't go wrong with him. He has done several animals for me and I won't go anywhere else. Good luck on your hunt!

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