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Bugle Report



Messages posted to thread:
jeepdog 01-Sep-12
oldgoat 01-Sep-12
Tilzbow 01-Sep-12
emmas_daddy05 01-Sep-12
emmas_daddy05 01-Sep-12
Trad4Life 02-Sep-12
Gary Nichols 02-Sep-12
trublucolo 02-Sep-12
otcWill 02-Sep-12
YZF-88 03-Sep-12
trkyslr 03-Sep-12
mnturkeynut 03-Sep-12
GannettRidge 03-Sep-12
Herdbull303 03-Sep-12
wkochevar 03-Sep-12
all4elk 03-Sep-12
all4elk 03-Sep-12
huntingbob 03-Sep-12
Huntography 03-Sep-12
TheBugler 04-Sep-12
SBH 04-Sep-12
trkyslr 04-Sep-12
Quinn007 04-Sep-12
SD Bugler 04-Sep-12
Buster 04-Sep-12
Ski-skinBowHike 04-Sep-12
Bull-Tipper 04-Sep-12
Ermine 05-Sep-12
Dreaming Big 05-Sep-12
ColoradoHunter 05-Sep-12
whittmaes 05-Sep-12
bowhuntinelk 07-Sep-12
Nesser 09-Sep-12
all4elk 10-Sep-12
'Ike' (Phone) 10-Sep-12
heartshot 10-Sep-12
bullnbow 10-Sep-12
Colo. Bowman 10-Sep-12
AZBUGLER 11-Sep-12
Ermine 11-Sep-12
otcWill 12-Sep-12
sfiremedic 12-Sep-12
Bowhunter40 12-Sep-12
sfiremedic 12-Sep-12

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: jeepdog Date: 01-Sep-12
Well my fellow "elkahollics" are the Elk screaming yet? Let us know where you are and what you are hearing. Good luck.

From: oldgoat (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 01-Sep-12
Yep in Colorado, at least one bigger older bull with a sizeable harem already was, didn't hear any others besides him.

From: Tilzbow Date: 01-Sep-12
I was in eastern Nevada hunting mule deer and the elk starting bugling a week ago Friday... We had about 5 days of cool temps and rain prior to that Friday .

From: emmas_daddy05 Date: 01-Sep-12
northern utah they were bugling last weekend.

From: emmas_daddy05 Date: 01-Sep-12
northern utah they were bugling last weekend.

From: Trad4Life Date: 02-Sep-12
Man Im happy someone put this up. I was just thinking about starting this thread last night. We leave wensday for CO for a week to film. Really hopeing we can get some bugleing out there

From: Gary Nichols Date: 02-Sep-12
Bugling in NW Colorado last Friday evening 08/31.

From: trublucolo Date: 02-Sep-12
Quiet so far in Colo. unit 85

From: otcWill (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 02-Sep-12
Heard about a dozen this morning, southern Colorado

From: YZF-88 Date: 03-Sep-12
Fairly quiet in north central utah with the exeption of one herbull that had 15 cows already. He was screaming his head off mid-day on Saturday. Almost got him.

From: trkyslr Date: 03-Sep-12
Got credible info that elk talking in central Montana even in the heat....

From: mnturkeynut Date: 03-Sep-12
Anyone have a report on ne idaho leaving on Sept. 14th for unit 1 are they screaming cant take the suspense anymore?

From: GannettRidge Date: 03-Sep-12

GannettRidge 's Supporting Link

Just got back from 5 days in the backcountry of Colorado the bigger bulls with herds are Bugling quite a bit and late as 10 in the morning, very little talking in the evening.

Lots of sparing between smaller bulls, Overall the Elk are HIGH watched a heard every day graze on a 60 degree slope at 12,500+ and most of the bulls we were chasing were at or above treeline.

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From: Herdbull303 Date: 03-Sep-12

Herdbull303's embedded Photo

The bull I took in Colorado was with a harem of about 45 cows and calves. He bugled as he moved them into the meadow but no more. Last weekend saw this same bull and his horns were lighter, no mud on him, and he was silent and he had two rag horns in with the cows. No rag horns this time, he was muddy and really stinky, starting to fire up. This next weekend should be really good if the weather holds.

From: wkochevar Date: 03-Sep-12
Oldgoat..are you still in 50?

From: all4elk (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 03-Sep-12
Nothing at all where i have been in sw montana. But thats about normal for me.

From: all4elk (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 03-Sep-12
Nothing at all where i have been in sw montana. But thats about normal for me.

From: huntingbob Date: 03-Sep-12
Very nice bull Jerry!

From: Huntography Date: 03-Sep-12
Had a number of bulls respond to our calls early in the morning over the 1st 3 days of the season. Then nothing the following 2 days.

Heading back out this week.

From: TheBugler Date: 04-Sep-12
Got the silent treatment all weekend in central colorado. Saw lots of new scrapes and evidence that there were multiple bulls around but no talking. Saw 5 or 6 different groups of cows as well and none of them had a bull with them.

From: SBH Date: 04-Sep-12
Just go back from 3 days of bulls bugling all day long. Couldn't believe it!! Lots of opportunities but couldn't seal the deal, best opening weekend Ive had. I'm in Montana.

From: trkyslr Date: 04-Sep-12
My cousin and his partner killed a spike and raghorn in the breaks over the weekend and he said bulls were talking. And heard of more bugling action in central MT. 2 more weeks and I'm code 3 to MT!

From: Quinn007 Date: 04-Sep-12
A little bugling in E. Oregon, but not heated up yet. Did get my son his first bow kill on a cow! It gets no better than that!!

From: SD Bugler Date: 04-Sep-12
Hunted opening week in wilderness area in CO (at & above treeline). A couple halfhearted bugles early and late the first couple days then nothing the rest of the week (other than one bull bugling while chasing down his herd after the wind switched and we spooked them).

Biggest bulls were still away from the herds in bachelor groups. Younger bulls were bothering the cows.

It was very dry above treeline. Elk were only feeding in the seep areas.

TONS of bears!!!! We saw 9 bears in an area where I had hunted several times previously and only saw occasional sign. My brother-in-law had one blonde phase bear growl and snap his teeth at him at 15 feet!!! We had another one come in to my cow/calf calls to 20 feet.

From: Buster Date: 04-Sep-12
They are talking in unit 9 in Arizona no screaming just lite bugles back and forth in the early morning. It is coming.

From: Ski-skinBowHike Date: 04-Sep-12
Only found two heards so far. 1st bulged a little, 2nd a little more i think they are starting to get going in central colo.

From: Bull-Tipper Date: 04-Sep-12
Nice bull Bull and that pic could be used in the Shot Placement thread!

From: Ermine Date: 05-Sep-12
Opening weekend I heard one bugle. Small bulls were running the herds. Big bulls were still out hiding. Going out the next two days. We will see dig things changed a bit.

From: Dreaming Big Date: 05-Sep-12
They are lighting it up in the high country of Washington per my buddies who are in elk camp while I am stuck at my desk.

From: ColoradoHunter Date: 05-Sep-12
The elk are generally pretty quiet in the area I hunt, foothills of Colorado. I heard one weak bugle Sunday night and that was it in 7 days of hunting. I did locate a big bull with 15-20 cows already rounded up.

From: whittmaes Date: 05-Sep-12
Blue jeans and a t-shirt...hmmm. did they take the hobbles off just before the picture.

From: bowhuntinelk Date: 07-Sep-12
Heard my first bugle of the year last night in SW Montana. Had a decent 6X6 come in to a locator bugle but hung up 40 yards out in the trees.

I was alone, but would have had a shot with a partner. Tomorrow I'll go see if he's still there as I didn't get busted.

From: Nesser Date: 09-Sep-12
Spent last 5 days in 61 Colorado....The bulls are bugling steadily from late afternoon til 10am in the North facing timber. So much so that I had to sleep in my truck with the windows up as its just too loud in a tent! Really crankin up for sure

From: all4elk (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 10-Sep-12
Finally heard first bull yesterday in montana. He would answer if far away but get in close he would shut up. This was two in the afternoon tell dark

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 10-Sep-12
Tule's are screaming in morning and some evening's...Herd bulls still keeping cows in check and Satelites at bay...

From: heartshot Date: 10-Sep-12
Last night I heard a 400" screaming in my face (about 12 yards) for what seemed like 3 hours. Just as he was about to walk out into my shooting lane, Abraham Lincoln and Jenny McCarthy walked out and I had to let down.

My wife woke me up and told me to go sleep down stairs.

From: bullnbow Date: 10-Sep-12
hahahahahah awesome heart shot nothing in west central mt for me yet

From: Colo. Bowman Date: 10-Sep-12
Lots of bugling in Colorado in unit 14 on the 7th & 8th. All day and night except for between 10:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.

From: THEBUGLER Date: 11-Sep-12

THEBUGLER's Supporting Link

North central Idaho- Bulls were vocal on Sunday am, with he first screaming bull of the year called in for my son. Too bad the brush was so stinking thick!Lol! But there were pockets of elk that would not bugle also. No wolf sign seen........ yet :)


From: AZBUGLER Date: 11-Sep-12
I heard they were starting up here in AZ as of yesterday!

From: Ermine Date: 11-Sep-12
Still quiet in central Colorado. I harvested a bull a day ago. But silent.

From: otcWill (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 12-Sep-12
Firing if up a bit in southern col in the morning and evening but still not super vocal. Havnt heard any this morning 715am

From: sfiremedic Date: 12-Sep-12
Screaming. mornings, afternoons, evenings, all night.... tons..

From: Bowhunter40 Date: 12-Sep-12
Last post, where are you at that you are hearing them scream?

From: sfiremedic Date: 12-Sep-12
SW New Mexico, Lots of bugling from opening day.. Bugling is very good. If you're not hearing bugles, keep moving.

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