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MT elk points



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Scoot 07-Feb-13
Bigdan 07-Feb-13
Scoot 07-Feb-13
Bigdan 07-Feb-13
Scoot 07-Feb-13
SBH 07-Feb-13
Scoot 08-Feb-13

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From: Scoot Date: 07-Feb-13
I talked with Bigdan, who's an awesome source of info BTW, about this, but I still have some questions. My big picture question is this: Given that I can't elk hunt next year, what is the best way for me to get a bonus point (the point I want to increase my odds of drawing an LE tag)?

As I understand it I need to apply to a unit and get turned down to get the point. I think, but I'm not sure, that I'll also need to pay my 20% when I get an 80% refund. However, I thought as of last year I could select on the application that I don't want to take a general tag if I didn't draw my LE choice, so I'm not sure that I actually do have to eat the 20%.

So, in a nutshell, can someone please tell me the best way to get a bonus point in MT so when I do apply for an LE tag in a year or two I've got a better shot at hunting in the unit I apply for?

From: Bigdan Date: 07-Feb-13
You can buy a bonis point for a general tag only. The only way you can get a bonis point for a LE permit is to apply for it and not get drawn.Its going to cost you the 20% theres no other way.

From: Scoot Date: 07-Feb-13
Thanks again, Dan, and sorry for me being so dense about how this works. After you PM'd me I started to think that because I could check the "no thanks for the general tag" box if I didn't draw the LE tag that I might be able to not have to pay the 20% to get the point. Sounds like that's not the case. Essentially it's going to cost me $180+ to get a point and not draw an Elkhorn Mnt tag.

How many years can I not put into the draw in MT and still keep my points?

From: Bigdan Date: 07-Feb-13
two 2

From: Scoot Date: 07-Feb-13
Once again, thank you Dan! You are an invaluable resource to those of us who are not in the know about MT!!!

From: SBH Date: 07-Feb-13
Scoot- If you accidentally draw that Elkhorn better figure out a way to get up here and hunt!:)

From: Scoot Date: 08-Feb-13
SBH, boy oh boy that'd be a good problem to have to figure out!

In all honesty, I don't think I'm going to do it. It's complicated in a few different ways, but I don't see paying $160+ bucks for a PP for the next several years. I know I won't hunt elk in MT for the next three years: '13=MN bear and ND muleys, '14=WY elk, '15=WY antelope. There's a small chance I could do both WY antelope and MT elk in the same year, but the odds are pretty small. I'm pretty well locked into one trip per year. The next chance I get to hunt MT will likely be '16 at the earliest. That means I'll have around $500 into points in MT. If I was going to hunt the general units in the meantime, I could justify it. However, I can't so I'm just applying for a tag I won't get and eating 20% of a very expensive application. Tough for me to justify that cost.

If I follow Bigdan's reply correctly, after getting a point last year (applied for a Breaks tag and point, didn't get the Breaks tag, hunted a general unit) I could skip applying for a point this year and next year, then get another point in 2015 and I wouldn't lose the one point I have. That way I'd have three points in 2016 when I was thinking about applying for a Breaks tag again. Does this make sense to people? Anything think my logic here makes sense in general? Or, am I missing the boat entirely?

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Subject: RE: MT elk points

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