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Boycotting Colorado. where to now?



Messages posted to thread:
trailchaser 21-Mar-13
Rob in VT 21-Mar-13
Beendare 21-Mar-13
Pat Lefemine 21-Mar-13
trailchaser 21-Mar-13
standswittaknife 21-Mar-13
sticksender 21-Mar-13
Bake 21-Mar-13
Surfbow 21-Mar-13
WapitiBob 21-Mar-13
tracker 21-Mar-13
tracker 21-Mar-13
The Old Sarge 21-Mar-13
IdyllwildArcher 21-Mar-13
coelker 21-Mar-13
scrapwood 21-Mar-13
cnelk 21-Mar-13
trailchaser 21-Mar-13
Beendare 21-Mar-13
Jaquomo_feral 21-Mar-13
Fulldraw1972 21-Mar-13
painless 21-Mar-13
Owl 21-Mar-13
frogdipper 21-Mar-13
X-Master 21-Mar-13
Tixslam 21-Mar-13
fawn 21-Mar-13
huntingbob 21-Mar-13
wilhille 21-Mar-13
Fulldraw1972 21-Mar-13
fawn 21-Mar-13
oldgoat 21-Mar-13
trophyhill 21-Mar-13
Surfbow 22-Mar-13
Docstream 22-Mar-13
misfitmedic 22-Mar-13
arctichill 22-Mar-13
Fulldraw1972 22-Mar-13
Serrano 22-Mar-13
IdyllwildArcher 22-Mar-13
hunt'n addict 22-Mar-13
codyca 22-Mar-13
Jaeger63 23-Mar-13
moose 23-Mar-13
moose 23-Mar-13
tobinsghost 23-Mar-13
stealthycat 23-Mar-13
hunter47025 24-Mar-13
Knothead 24-Mar-13
blg 24-Mar-13
tobinsghost 24-Mar-13
Rocky D 24-Mar-13
Inshart 24-Mar-13
tobinsghost 24-Mar-13
Fulldraw1972 25-Mar-13
Thumper 25-Mar-13
donnybowhunter 26-Mar-13
Charlie Rehor 26-Mar-13
iowa elkbum 26-Mar-13
vic 26-Mar-13
coelker 26-Mar-13
TD 26-Mar-13
trophyhill 27-Mar-13
Jaquomo_feral 27-Mar-13
Swamp Buck 27-Mar-13
glacial21 27-Mar-13
Medicine Bow 27-Mar-13
trublucolo 27-Mar-13
Mathews Man 27-Mar-13
cjgregory 30-Mar-13
oilcan 30-Mar-13
tradi-doerr 30-Mar-13
orionsbrother 30-Mar-13
AJ 31-Mar-13
tobinsghost 31-Mar-13
tobinsghost 31-Mar-13
Kevin Dill 01-Apr-13
kidwalker 01-Apr-13
trophyhill 01-Apr-13
Jahvada 01-Apr-13
nockn1 01-Apr-13
txhunter58 01-Apr-13
Mtgoat 01-Apr-13
tobinsghost 02-Apr-13
Sage Buffalo 02-Apr-13
Mathews Man 02-Apr-13
Tracker 02-Apr-13
LBshooter 02-Apr-13
Mathews Man 02-Apr-13
Mtgoat 02-Apr-13
stealthycat 02-Apr-13
RCIII 02-Apr-13
pirogue 02-Apr-13
trophyhill 03-Apr-13
TD 04-Apr-13
trophyhill 04-Apr-13
wilhille 04-Apr-13
Ermine 04-Apr-13
coelker 04-Apr-13

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: trailchaser Date: 21-Mar-13
I have spent my last dollar hunting in colorado. Any suggestions where a guy can get tag. Decent area at this time. Would really love to still chase elk this fall.

From: Rob in VT Date: 21-Mar-13
Kind of sad people feel they need to boycott as the only people and businesses that are hurt are those who support the 2nd Amendment.

From: Beendare Date: 21-Mar-13
Your Boycott is misguided, IMO.

Its not the F&G dept that you are fighting its the politicians and the antigun/bunny hugger crowd. A boycott only helps put more pressure on F&G to succeed to political wishes, the bunny huggers would like nothing more.

Maybe this will wake up the hunting crowd which is typically apathetic.Consider joining SCI which has one of the most powerful sportsman lobby in Washington. Ahhh, but its a bunch of Millionaire hunters.......yeah, exactly, they have some horsepower.

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 21-Mar-13
I agree with Rob, all Boycotting hurts is the people that are on our side. The liberals hate hunting and a boycott only weakens the side that fights the liberals. So by boycotting, they win.

I remain optimistic that this issue will get the gun loving blue dog democrats fired up and (God help us) any Republican that jumped sides in previous elections. Colorado was close, and this could push enough pissed off voters over to conservative candidates. This gun assault is bad for Democrats, look at what happened in Congress yesterday. Dems are terrified about pissing off gun owners.

You guys still have a chance to win Colorado back. But if you don't do it soon you will be forever lost like we are in the Northeast. Don't let it happen. You guys can turn Colorado around, it will just take grassroots support and donations to conservative candidates.

From: trailchaser Date: 21-Mar-13
I can see both sides. The problem is politians are only interested in one thing $$$.As non-res. can't hurt them voting. And yes already belong to several hunting organizations and NRA. I just would rather spend my dollars in a state that supports the 2nd amendment.

From: standswittaknife Date: 21-Mar-13
Living here in rural Colorado, I can assure you that many folks are really disappointed and pissed off about this. Its the far left cities that determine our laws but we can even now see the changes that will happen in 2014. I can say that boycotting our state has an upside to us hunters, as you won't be out there competing for our wildlife, so to speak. I'd rather you come and enjoy this great state. Remember, us out in the sticks are beside our selves and ashamed to be part of Colofornia...

From: sticksender Date: 21-Mar-13
NM Landowner tag probably your best bet, if you don't mind the very short season length in most of the High Demand units.

I'm despising what's happening in Colorado, but I'll still be doing 2 or 3 bowhunts there this fall. I can't blame the DPW for this gun control nonsense. The liberal kooks are having their moment in the sun....for now. But I won't allow the granola grazers a collateral benefit in deterring me as a hunter from visiting Colorado this fall.

From: Bake Date: 21-Mar-13
I'm curious if anyone knows. . .

Of the $580 or so dollars that I spend for a CO elk tag, how much goes to the F&G department? Where does the rest go?

As a guy who likes to hunt CO, but basically just buys a tag and gas in CO, I'm unsure what a boycott from me would actually hurt/help?


From: Surfbow Date: 21-Mar-13
As said above, the boycott is a misguided knee-jerk reaction. It's EXACTLY what the tree-lovers in Boulder and Denver love to see-injury to the hunting and fishing industry. You should do a little more homework and spend your hunting trip dollars at businesses that support the 2nd Amendment instead of taking money out of their pockets. Find another way to make a statement...

From: WapitiBob Date: 21-Mar-13
If CO is like most Western states, all $580 goes to the Dept.

From: tracker Date: 21-Mar-13
I'm hoping that when I get to Co. this fall all of the stores that are opposed to this gun control have signs in their windows saying so, then will I know which ones to support. Maybe that is something that the residents can get a campaign going on. Any other ideas anyone have?

From: tracker Date: 21-Mar-13
double post?

From: The Old Sarge Date: 21-Mar-13
Nothing gets a politicians attention like $$$ ... unless it's an attractive woman.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 21-Mar-13
Harry Reid said yesterday that he had maybe 40 votes from his caucus for Feinstein's bill.

From: coelker Date: 21-Mar-13
I would do it. There is a reason why I do not go to California!!!!

The tag fee is one thing. It will hurt the wildlife management. But the truth is, coming to this state can now make you into criminal pretty easy. The universal background check has some pretty far reaching issues. Like borrowing a buddies gun? Dropping your gun thinking it is off an using a guides gun.

The magazine issue will be interesting as the law bans any magazine that is readily adapted to hold more, so any magazine that have a removable base plate, etc. Shotguns will also take a hit since the tube magazines can be extended.

In all honesty, boycott the state! The people in charge need to see how far reaching and misguided there actions were. I personally am buying everything I can online and void of tax.

Do not bring you family here, do not come skiing, etc. It may hurt hunting some, but our 2nd amendment and Constitution is more important!!!

From: scrapwood Date: 21-Mar-13
There are recall efforts already underway for Senators Morse & Hudak, and Rep. Maclachlan (sp?), and I think the governor Chickencooper is also in the pipeline. Legal/court challenges are also in the works (but prolly won't be filed until after July-1); I think Dave Kopel may be the lead litigator. I understand NR's can't sign recall petitions, etc. but the groups behind these efforts would, I'm sure, be glad to accept a donation to help their cause. Also consider donating to certain Governor/Senator/Representative campaigns come 2014.

I'm a resident of CO and I really don't want to leave. I read someone's post on here (in another thread) that referred to leaving the state as simply 'moving the line'. I found that pretty insightful. I agree that if we leave/boycott we are giving the liberal extremists exactly what they want. I will stay and fight.

I heard a report that the Independence Institute, in partnership with Peter Boyles on KHOW, are planning a massive magazine exchange for July-2 in the Mile High Stadium parking lot. There is strength in numbers so, if this is true, consider attending.

From: cnelk Date: 21-Mar-13
The Independence Institute filed a law suite yesterday. This is a very effective organization and the lead attorney, Dave Kopel, is a Adjunct Professor of Constitional Law at DU. These laws are very poorly written and stand a very good chance of being overturned. It will be a long and expensive effort with lots of outside money by the anti groups. They could use some $ if you are so inclined.

From: trailchaser Date: 21-Mar-13
Looks like if nothing else i got a good discussion going. Alot of good points being brought up and ideas to fight this thrown out there.

From: Beendare Date: 21-Mar-13
Scrap, keep me posted, I'm in for $100 on any recall of those fair weather politicos

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 21-Mar-13
Bake: your license money all goes to the CPW. Problem with that is that the CPW is becoming so politicized that instead of spending the money on hunting access and game population studies, they have to spend it on nesting studies of migratory African songbirds and outhouses in State Parks.

We had a public meeting on moose (licenses, hunting policy) and the biologist told us they have no idea how many moose there are in our area because they don't have any money to do aerial surveys.

CO's population is becoming more urbanized and more left-leaning with more and more "low information voters". Our CPW is becoming more and more infiltrated with non-huntes, or outright anti-hunters. I'm a lifer here, and becoming very concerned.

From: Fulldraw1972 Date: 21-Mar-13
"Granola Grazers" "chicken cooper" LMAO Put me down for $100 as well

From: painless Date: 21-Mar-13
I wholeheartedly agree that everyone should boycott this crazy state especially all you sheep hunters:)

From: Owl Date: 21-Mar-13
Government will always leverage to varying degrees the livelihoods of people negatively impacted by conscientious boycotts. That cannot be helped. How do we expect to restore our rights if we keep underwriting the musings of fascists?

From: frogdipper Date: 21-Mar-13
Sorry I'm not up to date on exactly what Colorado banned... that truly threatens our 2nd amendment rights. What specifically in the ban do you disagree with?

From: X-Master Date: 21-Mar-13
Not much in Colorado that is in any way good happening. Universal background checks, magazine limitations. assault style weapons bans,gay marriage legalized marijuana, won't pass Jesica's law to protect children. The list goes on and on and gets worse by the day . Basically the state is going to hell in a hand basket!!!!! After 30 years of hunting there - they don't need my money any more!!!

From: Tixslam Date: 21-Mar-13
I used to love Colorado, at one time we thought about retiring there. No more. I will vote with my wallet and hunt elk and mulies elsewhere. Feel sorry for the good folks that live there but as of now I am done.

From: fawn Date: 21-Mar-13
All of the gun legislation needs to be repealed.

The pot thing? There are some good points to it. Since folks have been using it illegally for years, we are now able to put a tax on it to help fund schools as well as have a legal limit to prosecute those who over use it.

Gay marriage? Who cares? How are two guys or two gals getting "married" going to negatively affect you, escept for maybe your own personal "Icky" factor? It certainly doesn't take anything away from you nor does it ask you to partake.

From: huntingbob Date: 21-Mar-13
Fawn I do care regarding gay marriage. It also would give them the right to adopt and I do not believe that is not in the interest of a child. BTW it is not marriage but civil unions I believe. Correct me if I am wrong. No.. I could care less what goes on behind closed doors in anyones house. Having said that a little kid would be exposed to stuff that to me could and would further there agenda. A small child is very easily influenced and probably not the right environment to raise a child. If the child is gay then they can figure that out on there own and I have no problem with them making that decision on there own...but to place one in that type of home only confuses a child wanting somewhere more normal than what they have. I would hate to think if I was a kid to be put into a PETA household and believe "I" at some point would learn to hunt. Just not gonna happen!Bob.

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 21-Mar-13
Do you have to be married to adopt? off subject but curious. gonna research that a little.

From: Fulldraw1972 Date: 21-Mar-13
Huntingbob, if I was in a PETA household I would be the black sheep of the family for sure. Haha If was an adopted child they would have taken me back to the orphanage or sure. Hahaha

From: fawn Date: 21-Mar-13

fawn's Supporting Link

First, my entire household has lifetime memberships to PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals)!!

Gay marriage/civil unions, which, by the way, are not limited to same sex partners, is now legal in CO. So far as the adoption thing, it's rather interesting that this week the American Academy of Pediatricians, the doctors who take care of kiddos, have said that the research shows that all the "icky" factor that you are afraid of with the kids being exposed to doesn't happen. They state that a two parent household, regardless of the genders of the parents, is the key to a healthy child. I have seen children from all types of homes, straight couples, gays, lesbians, single parents and from my nearly 30 years in the medical field, I will have to agree with them. Broken homes, single parent homes, abusive homes....overall do have a serious negative affect on the children.

From: oldgoat Date: 21-Mar-13
ok, I think Gay people should be required to enter a "civil union" why should they be able to go through life single and care free????? And gay people can already adopt, that's old news.

From: trophyhill Date: 21-Mar-13
rather than boycot i'd like to see the citizens of CO protest at the Capitol. that would get far more attention.

there were sposed to be a bunch of guys boycotting NM after recent tag allocations diminished for NR'S. I heard the #'s of NR applicants are in the same ball park from last year so most boycots frankly are nothing but hot air!

From: Surfbow Date: 22-Mar-13
They already did protest at the capitol, when the gun bills were being debated. Didn't make a damn bit of difference, the Dems all voted so they could pat themselves on the back afterward. They need to feel it in the next election or all this debate amongst ourselves is jut a lot of hot air...

From: Docstream Date: 22-Mar-13
Convince out of state rifle hunters to boycott and you may have some little impact. They outnumber us many fold. Bad idea that hurts the very game we cherish. I fully support you hunting elsewhere and hope to not see you in my camp if you are a party to this insanity. Call and ask any young guide trying to scrape by if your boycott afffects him more or politics. Sure,lets starve those who help us hunt and not support game managemnent so we will have poor quality game or opportunities in the future. This is all so misguided.

I recommend that you boycott hunting completely and go shoot your high cap mags where you still can instead. I'll keep supporting conservation as I feel that you can not fight insanity with the same.

From: misfitmedic Date: 22-Mar-13
Everyone will forget all about boycotting Colorado as soon as Wyoming raises their non resident tag fees...

From: arctichill Date: 22-Mar-13
I think we need to support our Libertarians! This Country was founded on freedom, and that's what I want. It's pretty hypocritical to say you should be able to have more than seven rounds in a single clip, but not more than one penis in a single bed. The Government has no business regulating marriage or marijuana anyway. Those are personal "problems" (word used purposely) and no tax dollars should be allocated towards those issues. The Federal government's primary role is to provide infrastructure and national security. Meddling in who is smoking a joint or what guy is sleeping with another guy is a complete distraction of their purpose. Our 2nd Amendment is a constitutional right....a freedom. We need more Freedoms in this country...not less. Freedom to smoke pot (I don't), freedom to be gay (I'm not), and freedom to bear arms (I do) are all of equal importance to those who partake. If you don't like or agree with something then don't do it. Teach your kids not to do it. When the government tries to control my personal decisions though, I take real issue with that.

From: Fulldraw1972 Date: 22-Mar-13
Well said Arctichill!!!!!

From: Serrano Date: 22-Mar-13
The question was asked if all license fees go to hunting. They did until about a year ago when they combined DOW with Parks to send money from licenses to State Parks. Ken

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 22-Mar-13
It takes honesty and guts to advocate for something that isn't a personal freedom you would like to enjoy yourself.

Great post arctichill, I agree!

From: hunt'n addict Date: 22-Mar-13
Spot on artichill!

From: codyca Date: 22-Mar-13
I like the boycott idea. I may be able to draw a tag this year.:)

From: Jaeger63 Date: 23-Mar-13
TrailChaser, As a Colorado resident I commend you on your decision to boycott Colorado. More hunters and businesses related to hunting, shooting, and outdoor sports need to do the same. That is the only thing that will send a message to the Democrats in the Colorado government who were responsible for getting these laws passed. No amount of lobbying, petitions, or protests will matter until they see a monetary deficit in State revenue caused by passing such absurd laws. Thank you from a Colorado Resident!

From: moose Date: 23-Mar-13
I agree with boycotting colorado and will but in ways that dont hurt the very people in the state that are on our side.Would like to see somthing set up to offset the hardship a boycott will cause to those that make there living supporting hunting and 2nd amendment rights where donations can be made.Stay out of the cities on your hunting and fishing trips and spend your money with business that support the 2nd amendment.

From: moose Date: 23-Mar-13
As far as hunters , 2nd amendment lovers and so called gun nuts. Together we stand , but divided we fall!!! If you let them take your comrade who will be watching your back when they come for you!!

From: tobinsghost Date: 23-Mar-13
J63 X2!

I'm a resident as well and he's correct. They don't care about anything besides their agenda. To help us vote them out, folks on the fence need to see or feel some economic pain. Sad but true in the world we live in now.

Look how good their agenda has Detroit! I can't wait for some recalls to start.

From: stealthycat Date: 23-Mar-13
how else is a sportsman going to get their opinions and points across ?

removing millions in revenue WILL get someones attention - money is all that matters isn't it ?

From: hunter47025 Date: 24-Mar-13
I won't be back, unless they repeal their stupidity.

From: Knothead Date: 24-Mar-13
with regard to what has been said so far.......

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

From: blg Date: 24-Mar-13
Everyone can breath easy now, looks like the gov. has just signed a bill to repeal the law that made adultery illegal, whew for a minute there I was a little worried about the direction colorado was headed.....

So the way it looks you can now smoke pot with your neighbors wife and not have to worry about getting shot (to many times) by her husband !

From: tobinsghost Date: 24-Mar-13
Or HIS husband!!

From: Rocky D Date: 24-Mar-13
Hmmm, why in God's name is someone advocating gay marriage on a forum that is of the natural order.

Go for a leftover tag like Wyoming or maybe Montana.

If you feel the need to personally boycott then stick with your convictions.

Pat newton,s law, hopefully, people every where will not sit like frogs in the proverbial hot water and wake up one day with their rights stripped away like many areas in America.

These groups have agendas and they are hoping that you try to use diplomacy and the process as a defense.

We are progressively losing and they are right that we are too conservative. The $$$$ is all that will get their attention.

From: Inshart Date: 24-Mar-13
My hunting partner and I talked couple weeks ago - decided NOT to go back to CO.

Your Nincompoopluper needs an eye opener and I agree the best way to get the point across is through the loss of revenue!!!!

I sure hope he gets voted out of office!

p.s. the spell checker didn't recognize the name Nincompoopluper. LOL

From: tobinsghost Date: 24-Mar-13
Not advocating it, blg missed it!

Just another issue these silly dems pushed through on their agenda. This state is going downhill, just like Stockton California.

From: Fulldraw1972 Date: 25-Mar-13
I won't be boycotting Colorado as far as hunting goes. I feel it will do more harm then good for the hunters.

I will donate money and spread the word the best I can when it comes to election time in 2014.

Hopefully this will be overturned before then.

From: Thumper Date: 25-Mar-13
Isn't CO is the first state that started milking hunters with high license fees to keep NR numbers down?

NR hunters boycotting won't effect voting numbers in 2014 when it comes time to elect politicians to reverse these new anti-gun laws. The loss of revenue for the state as a whole will motivate voters to do so.

From: donnybowhunter Date: 26-Mar-13
support the colorado bowhunters association...join the nra... write or call the lawmakers and put pressure on them. if you boycott and stay out of colorado....improves my odds for a draw tag. lol....see ya in arizona

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 26-Mar-13
Just completed my online application for Colorado. While there I'll change minds one voter at a time:)

From: iowa elkbum Date: 26-Mar-13
Im boycotting. Their are some in Colorado that benefit from hunter money that aren't protesting. They will get more involved when they feel the financial impact!

From: vic Date: 26-Mar-13
Hunting dollars pay for all of the items that fall under the division of wildlife (now parks and wildlife). even fishing. fishing licenses don't even bring in enough to pay for fishing believe it or not. Hunting dollars actually fund every venue.

From: coelker Date: 26-Mar-13
Some of you not boycotting might not come any ways since the state is pushing to move more tags from the public pool to a special set aside for landowners. We are looking at current legislation that will cost public hunters over 5500 elk deer and pronghorn tags.

From: TD Date: 26-Mar-13
We as NRs can't vote there, we can't sign a recall. We can send emails that get a form letter back saying thank you for your concern but we never really read your stupid email anyway.

I agree with supporting any direct recall or opposition efforts in the state with your donations. That's great and most likely where the biggest impact would be felt.

But I also think there is a point to be made and the only way they are going to listen or even think about the true consequence of their actions are to show them there ARE consequences from the general public, the sporting public across the country. If not, what other impact, what message is a NR going to reach them with? They WILL see revenue decreased. And the screams of WHY they are decreased will ring in their ears.

I know much of the biggest hurt will be to folks you don't want to hurt. But in turn they should react to their own state government in anger and full force. It is not the sportsman doing this to them, it is their own government. Many will do nothing if nothing changes and there is no effect on them.

Not boycotting would only show them we the sportsmen are essentially impotent, weak, and will not stand together. They will do what they want with no penalty for their actions. It would send the wrong message. IMO.

The eastern sportsman's show took heed. Those exhibitors that boycotted, those people demanding their tickets be reimbursed and outright boycotts by sportsmen shut down the show. And made a strong statement. While true they did not rescind their ban, it shut them down..... and at least other shows will look at what happened and take it to heart. I'd bet no such bans will be enacted soon by other shows.

But if no boycott, business as usual.... it was a big loss, a whimpering away with your tail between your legs loss, rather than a win. This, although much larger, is a similar situation, IMO.

I've been known to be wrong, (on a far too regular basis lately) but those are my feelings on the situation. I'd have to say those going with a boycott have very valid and logical reasons for doing so.

From: trophyhill Date: 27-Mar-13
x2 Knothead!

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 27-Mar-13
Please, please boyocott units 16 and 17. In fact, if you PM me, I'll suggest some specific areas within those units for you to boycott.

It'll be a win-win. You get to hunt a different state and feel very righteous about it, and I get less pressure from dummies who insist on hunting bedding areas during midday when the wind is bad.

Let's work together on this, for mutual benefit!

From: Swamp Buck Date: 27-Mar-13
Point Creep???

Problem solved...

From: glacial21 Date: 27-Mar-13
I'll believe THAT when I see it.

From: Medicine Bow Date: 27-Mar-13
While I understand the sentiment about boycotting Colorado the effect will be negative to the folks who, in all likelihood, didn't vote for this.

The one's that need hurtin' are the politicians. Sadly, the Front Range cities control the State. The pot smoking college student in Boulder couldn't care less if you don't come here.

It's going to take electing officials with some common sense to change this. I don't know if there's enough people in Colorado with common sense to change our elected make-up.

The Californication of Colorado continues. It's a shame to see.

From: trublucolo Date: 27-Mar-13
"Everyone will forget all about boycotting Colorado as soon as Wyoming raises their non resident tag fees..."

Hell, most will forget boycotting by the April 2nd application deadline.

From: Mathews Man (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 27-Mar-13
As a Colorado native it would be nice to not be everybody's go to or backup plan.

From: cjgregory Date: 30-Mar-13
On one hand I agree with Pat. On the other I understand the boycot as well. The only thing that liberals understand is money pain. You can't raise taxes here without voter approval.

I've been a Coloradoan all my life. At one time it was an amazing state fellas.

It's still the cheapest place for an elk hunt.

From: oilcan Date: 30-Mar-13
Lifes to short and Hunting oppurtunity's to few to boycott in my opinion

From: tradi-doerr Date: 30-Mar-13
If you want to boycott Colorado, then don't vacation in Denver out side of the hunting seasons, like boycott skiing, biking, etc. anything the libtards like doing. Contact the Governor and let Hickenpooper know he screwed up.

But come on out to hunt, show your a supporter of owning firearms/weapons for sporting purposes and self protection, support the 2nd amendment and such. Lets not blame the little guys as mentioned, it's the idiots in the big cities that dictated these new gun laws.

From: orionsbrother Date: 30-Mar-13
I am definitely crossing that performance art event off my calendar and will avoid Denver omelettes at all costs. Vail won't see me avant or apres ski either!

From: AJ Date: 31-Mar-13
As a kid most of the people at school hunted with their parents (that was the 70's) My son told me that only a few people knew anything about hunting. We sat around the camp fire wondering how can this be, were here in Colorado. Hunter numbers are down, a further drain does not help any Colorado hunter. In effect the population growth has already boycotted Colorado. The liberal bias has their agenda set and the 2nd amendment is a another step. Colorado does not have fair representation. Some one mentioned joining the CBA - not sure what good that does, however Boycotting is not an answer. Phone calls, email messages, jamming the libs email boxes and filling their voice mail - Don't be concerned over the canned replies, just keep calling, emailing and sending letters. Influence others to be informed before they vote. Personally I've been to Washington, and attend townhall meetings. If your out of state buy your Colorado tag and spend very little to provide tax revenue once you arrive.

From: tobinsghost Date: 31-Mar-13
They don't care about you or us, residents. Look at how they passed these laws. Don't waste your time, the liberals do not care. How do you let some fn astronaut speak who doesn't even live here!! Money talks and bull$hit walks! BOYCOTT COLORADO.

Unless things change, I'm gone once my kid turns 18. I will do my best to volunteer my time and give my money to vote these idiots out. I hope Magpul leaves, I hope the media continues providing coverage about this boycott, I hope more Sheriffs have nads like Maketa and then I hope we are able to change politicians!

From: tobinsghost Date: 31-Mar-13
They don't care about you or us, residents. Look at how they passed these laws. Don't waste your time, the liberals do not care. How do you let some fn astronaut speak who doesn't even live here!! Money talks and bull$hit walks! BOYCOTT COLORADO.

Unless things change, I'm gone once my kid turns 18. I will do my best to volunteer my time and give my money to vote these idiots out. I hope Magpul leaves, I hope the media continues providing coverage about this boycott, I hope more Sheriffs have nads like Maketa and then I hope we are able to change politicians!

From: Kevin Dill Date: 01-Apr-13
Condemning the policies of an entity...while simultaneously helping themselves to their products? That's a textbook description of how our government operates. It's called justification.

From: kidwalker Date: 01-Apr-13
I thought this was a (BOW)SITE. Boots, bow, binos, elk tag. Everything else is pretty much a waste of time.

From: trophyhill Date: 01-Apr-13
i'm in for a limited draw unit and if i don't draw i'll hunt OTC for a grand total of $599. plus whatever i spend when i get there.

From: Jahvada Date: 01-Apr-13
It will be interesting to watch it play out. I am of the opinion that is sends a strong message to Colorado to boycott as this boycott is getting press.

There are a few facebook pages that are dedicated to it and they are below if you want to follow any Boycotting of Colorado.

From: nockn1 Date: 01-Apr-13
Elk applications must be down. We are seeing a lot of never before seen TV ads to elk hunt in Colorado.

From: txhunter58 Date: 01-Apr-13
Last year, they said that there were 30,000 less elk hunters than historically. No big mystery here. They priced some people out of the market.

From: Mtgoat Date: 01-Apr-13
I have lived in Colorado for most of my life. I support a boycott of Colorado - not for tongue-in-cheek selfish reasons, but to demonstrate that the ##$@ liberals in the state legislature cannot push through whatever they want without any consequences. Sadly, in the short term, this is going to hurt the "little people" the ones whom the legislators are supposed to represent but dismiss as ignorant and irrelevant. I also support the move by Magpul and others to leave the state. In the end, the voters are the ones who have to stand up to the legislature. That will only happen when they start to see the negative consequences of this stupid legislation.

BTW - CPW (formerly DOW) wastes a bunch of money patting themselves on the back in the form of TV commercials touting how great they are.

From: tobinsghost Date: 02-Apr-13

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 02-Apr-13
These laws cost CO economy about $200 million thie year and likely more next year.

People don't realize hunting brings as much revenue as skiing in CO.

From: Mathews Man Date: 02-Apr-13
The guy who started this thread should hold to his boycott and stay in Indiana where he can hunt deer and turkey. Colorado is 4x's larger than when I was a kid growing up here.

We moved to the extreme NW corner, where Colorado is for the most part still what it used to be. I'd have a different opinion if I were stuck amongst the libs on the front range.

From: Tracker Date: 02-Apr-13
I am heading to Idaho on an Elk hunt. And the following year I plan on going to WY. I have been disappointed in CO ever since they chnaged the draw odds for NR. I'm done with them nd this just made it eeasier.

From: LBshooter Date: 02-Apr-13
Well I wonder how many pro gun skiers are out there who also will Boycott Co? Hope they too will find other places to ski. Anyone know when mag pull is leaving?

From: Mathews Man Date: 02-Apr-13
They had a sale on their clips, limit 5 each so they are cleaning out their inventory. I don't blame them.

From: Mtgoat Date: 02-Apr-13
The Magpul "sale" was actually giving preference to Colorado residents so that we could buy before the new legislation went into effect.

From: stealthycat Date: 02-Apr-13
"People don't realize hunting brings as much revenue as skiing in CO."

People will and soon if this boycotting snowballs.

From: RCIII Date: 02-Apr-13
I've lived in Colorado since 1974 and I too am disgusted with what the state has done. Boycotting Colorado will inadvertently hurt the people that support the 2nd amendment. Dividing us will only help the antis. Join groups like the NRA and continue to fight the good fight. Hickenlooper's days in office are numbered. As far as I'm concerned he's public enemy #1, or wait, isn't that Obama. FREEDOM!

From: pirogue Date: 02-Apr-13
I think a lack of NR dollars sends a message to those Obama loving tree huggers. There are plenty of red states for me to hunt in.

From: trophyhill Date: 03-Apr-13
so how many of you boycotted Montana last year beause they raised their prices? and WY the year before that because of their wilderness set aside for outfitters? or NM last year because of the reduction in NR tags? and i'm sure AZ, UT, WA, OR and Nevada have done something to warrant threats of a boycot.

the hunters never stop coming! you hear a bunch of hot air on different forums but thats all it is. hot air!

i will continue to support the local businesses in and around my favorite OTC unit in southern CO and it sounds like with everyone boycotting my odds of drawing are getting better :)

there might be a few that actually boycot just so they say they are boycotting but those are the ones that weren't going to hunt the particular state anyways and are talking to hear their heads rattle ;)

the point is with all the various western states being boycotted now, their shouldn't be anyone from east of the Mississippi venturing into my neck of the elkwoods anymore :(

TD, if half the people in the US knew what really went on in HI do you think they'd boycot? or will they keep coming?

From: TD Date: 04-Apr-13
I think if they started looking at the socialist republic of HI, (we are fighting anti-2nd amendment bills here now) and felt strongly about it.... they have the right to spend their money where they want to.

This isn't just raising prices or making crazy hunting regulations designed as outfitter welfare.

This is an overt attack on a constitutional right. Rights we already have. Or had. Constitutional rights are NOT granted by the government, they are not granted by any official or authority. They aren't laws written by the government. They are the PEOPLE'S rights. The are empowered by these written words that were the VERY BEGINNING of our country, the first things the FF did, before there was a government.

The words say "Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights". Not granted by the government if they feel like allowing it. These rights are not to be infringed, it is not within the governments power to do so. But they will chip at it until it is a pebble. And then it's gone.

People have been so conditioned to look to the government for what they can and cannot do it's a reflex like a...... sneeze, yeah OK, a sneeze....

Everyone has the right to spend or not spend their money where they want to, for whatever reason they want to. It is one of the strongest influences they have available to them.

If a company was an open PETA supporter would you choose to do business with them or not? Do you realize that by not doing business with them you WILL inadvertently harm those that work there, folks who may be strong supporters of hunting. You will also have an effect on the venders that sell to that company and/or make the products they sell. The folks that sell them insurance, any number of things, who may or may not be strong supporters of the hunting heritage.

Are you still going to do business with the PETA supporter? Even if it may take the food from the mouths of someone that is innocent, helpless? How strongly do you feel about it, what choices are you going to make? How are you going to make your disapproval of that company heard, better yet felt? Felt strongly enough to where it may effect or change their support.

Every choice has consequences. Every one. You make them and you live with them. Those politician have to live with theirs as well, they should not be let off the hook.

A person has to decide if they feel strongly enough about this issue to make a stand. And then decide what kind of stand they should make. Or maybe they are numb to it all, doesn't really effect them, and they are OK with giving up yet one more part of their rights as citizens.

That is how we will lose our rights, become the livestock of the government elitists. Not through violent occupation. Through apathy. Nobody cares enough. Or is willing to sacrifice enough. Heck, so many don't even pay attention. They give up their rights becasue it's too much work to stay up with it much less to fight for them.

I'm not saying saying a boycott is the thing to do. But it may be one of the only ways for an NR to get their attention.

Best of all worlds is the court strikes it down. Hopefully before Sept......

From: trophyhill Date: 04-Apr-13
gosh darn it TD, there are not enough like you on the Islands. Aloha'z Braddah

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 04-Apr-13
Great points TD. I have a question to all.

Is it ok to take any firearm away from a citizen of this great nation?

From: Ermine Date: 04-Apr-13
A boycott is exactly what they want. They want no hunting. Just peace and smoking lots of pot. The plan is to make you get on your knees and hands behind your head.

Don't give in to their game. United we stand divided we fall. There is power in numbers but the singles out guys will lose

From: coelker Date: 04-Apr-13
Its ok, Obama came here and told the rest of the country we are a model to follow at the federal level... What a joke!!!

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