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Bear Rug on Wall



Messages posted to thread:
Bowbendr 30-Sep-09
nalgi 30-Sep-09
cope30tyee 30-Sep-09
Bou'bound 30-Sep-09
Hugh 30-Sep-09
Clutch 30-Sep-09
Clutch 30-Sep-09
bullelk 01-Oct-09
wildwilderness 01-Oct-09
NYbob 01-Oct-09
TradTech 01-Oct-09
Hugh 01-Oct-09
Bowbendr 02-Oct-09
TONTO 03-Oct-09

2016 bear hunting rifle
by MarcelCote

Boar & Sow
by MF

Archery Bear, Lake Douglas Newfoundland
by Zack

Black bear hunt √Čric Pelletier 2016
by MarcelCote

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From: Bowbendr Date: 30-Sep-09

Bowbendr's embedded Photo

I recently got my bear rug back from the taxidermist and am vry pleased with the results! I would like to hang it on a wall but am undecided as to go head up or head down? Also what materials should I use to hang it without putting too many holes in the wall?

From: nalgi Date: 30-Sep-09

nalgi's embedded Photo

Hope the pic is clear. Couple of things dont know what to do about all the extra felt and how to stick it to the wall. Mine is gathered around the edge and is about 1-1.5 in long. Mine also has "D rings" sewn 1 on each foot and a couple on the head.

let me know how it goes

From: cope30tyee Date: 30-Sep-09
Nice Rug!!!

From: BUCKHUNTER Date: 30-Sep-09

BUCKHUNTER's embedded Photo

here is my hanging rug. Used a staple gun to attatch between the two layers of felt.

From: Bou'bound Date: 30-Sep-09
the rings work well. that guys must have owned stock in a felt manufacturer!

nice bear for sure.

From: Hugh Date: 30-Sep-09
Your taxidermist should have sewn in "D" rings into the backing of the rug. If he didn't you can go to any fabric store and get them. Sew one in each paw and one at the widest point of the head. Be sure to sew into the backing and not into the felt(it wont hold). When I hang a rug, I start with the front paw and the highest point. Screw into the wall and hook one "D" ring. Then spread out the rear leg until the slack is out of the rug and screw into the wall and hang the rear leg. Lastly, move the head out until the slack is gone and sink a screw. You may need to sink additional screws for the lower legs.


From: Clutch Date: 30-Sep-09

Clutch's embedded Photo

Blk. bear from Manitoba---rings and screw in hooks

From: Clutch Date: 30-Sep-09

Clutch's embedded Photo

Coastal Brown Bear--Ak--bow--- just drapped over the banister

From: bullelk Date: 01-Oct-09
Both of mine are head up, at an angle. I also used a staple gun through the felt to put them up at my cabin.

From: wildwilderness Date: 01-Oct-09
head up, D rings, you can tack down the rest with what ever- staples, tacks, nails

From: LUNDLIKER Date: 01-Oct-09

LUNDLIKER's embedded Photo

I hung mine head up at an angle.

From: NYbob Date: 01-Oct-09

NYbob's embedded Photo

I just stapled jnder the fur through the felt, but you need wood walls

From: TradTech Date: 01-Oct-09

TradTech's embedded Photo

Not the best pic, but I like the head up. I used finishing nails through the felt backed with iron on patch to protect the felt from stretching and tearing.

From: Hugh Date: 01-Oct-09

Hugh's embedded Photo

here you go

From: Bowbendr Date: 02-Oct-09
Thanks everyone for the info and the pics. Much appreciated!

From: TONTO Date: 03-Oct-09
I used brass tacks. The brass tacks look nice on the dark brown felt, and wall damage is very minimal. Cheap and easy. My rug lays parallel to the ceiling with the bears head about 2 feet above the couch. I think that it looks perfect like that on the living room wall. A bear rug is a awesome trophy isn't it!!!

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