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Kill Area of Black Bear?



Messages posted to thread:
forrest-hunter 12-Jun-10
hoytshooter 12-Jun-10
forrest-hunter 13-Jun-10
Bou'bound 13-Jun-10
hunterx 13-Jun-10
guidermd 13-Jun-10
Manitoba Bohuntr 13-Jun-10
TOP PIN 14-Jun-10
Shug 14-Jun-10

2016 bear hunting rifle
by MarcelCote

Boar & Sow
by MF

Archery Bear, Lake Douglas Newfoundland
by Zack

Black bear hunt √Čric Pelletier 2016
by MarcelCote

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From: forrest-hunter Date: 12-Jun-10
How big is the kill zone on a average black bear?

From: hoytshooter Date: 12-Jun-10

hoytshooter's embedded Photo

woody ill save you the trouble of posting this again i just sent it to my father. Forrest hunter this is the picture you want..

From: forrest-hunter Date: 13-Jun-10
Thanks- looks like bear has a lot larger kill zone-large 18" serving plate compared to a regular 12" plate on deer.

From: Bou'bound (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 13-Jun-10
the kill area on an average black bear is not 18" around. there is less to a bear than meets the eye.

From: hunterx Date: 13-Jun-10
The kill zone on a bear is not much bigger but sits farther back. A shot in the middle of a deer is guts, maybe liver if really lucky, and on a bear will still get you a double lung.

From: guidermd Date: 13-Jun-10
if you shoot him over the hip your kill zone is about the size of a trash can cover. if that's not big enough, its time for more prctice.

From: Manitoba Bohuntr Date: 13-Jun-10
PLEASE...somebody stop the OTH insanity!!! Great shot though if you can find a boneless bear!

From: TOP PIN Date: 14-Jun-10
OTH is not a very ethical shot to take....and I would like to hear more on the "trash can lid" theory mentioned above??

From: Shug Date: 14-Jun-10
if you shoot him over the hip your kill zone is about the size of a trash can cover


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