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Proposal to end hound hunting in CA



Messages posted to thread:
bullelk 23-Mar-12
joehunter8301 23-Mar-12
SDHNTR 23-Mar-12
Matt 23-Mar-12
Lips 23-Mar-12
Matt 23-Mar-12
C.G. 23-Mar-12
C.G. 23-Mar-12
TD 23-Mar-12
Bou'bound 23-Mar-12
DL 23-Mar-12
Questfor29 23-Mar-12
'Ike' (Phone) 24-Mar-12
Jaquomo_feral 24-Mar-12
Dooner 24-Mar-12
Matt 24-Mar-12
'Ike' (Phone) 24-Mar-12
TreeWalker 24-Mar-12
skinner creek 25-Mar-12
Bigdan 25-Mar-12
Matt 25-Mar-12
ORARCHER 27-Mar-12
Beendare 27-Mar-12
DL 27-Mar-12
Matt 26-Apr-12
Beendare 26-Apr-12
Beendare 27-Apr-12

2016 bear hunting rifle
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Boar & Sow
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Archery Bear, Lake Douglas Newfoundland
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Black bear hunt Éric Pelletier 2016
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From: bullelk Date: 23-Mar-12
This is not specifically an archery topic, but you might be interested in contacting your legislators if you live in CA. I feel sorry for hunters in that state.

Sen.Ted W. Lieu introduces bill to end unsporting and inhumane practice using packs of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats March 22, 2012 Measure seeks to end inhumane, unsporting ‘hounding’ SACRAMENTO – Under legislation introduced by Sen. Ted W. Lieu of Torrance, bear and bobcat houndsmen would no longer be able to use dogs to pursue their prey in California, a practice which animal welfare advocates and hunters alike agree is inhumane, unsporting and unfair. “California has a long history of protecting its resources and protecting animal welfare,” Lieu said about Senate Bill 1221, which is coauthored by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. “The continued use of hound hunting runs counter, however, to California’s reputation as a humane state. Hound hunting of bears is illegal in two-thirds of the United States; the time has come for California to abolish this inhumane and unnecessary practice.”

Hound hunters use packs of dogs, often equipped with radio collars, to chase bobcats and bears to exhaustion. In their attempt to escape, the bear or bobcat often takes refuge in a tree, allowing a hunter to simply track the dogs’ radio collar signal, take aim and shoot the animal. In addition, the dogs used for this type of hunting are sometimes treated inhumanely, some abandoned in the field, and others suffer abuse from neglect. Other wildlife are often harassed, disturbed or physically harmed during hounding pursuits as well.

“Hound hunting of bears is cruel and unsporting, and it’s at odds with the values of the vast majority of Californians,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. “It was the abuses associated with hunting of hounds that prompted California voters in 1990 to outlaw all trophy hunting of mountain lions. The same ethical issues are at work with bear and bobcat hunting. We are very grateful to Senator Ted Lieu for introducing this legislation.”

Sponsored by The Humane Society of The United States, SB 1221 would expressly prohibit the use of dogs to pursue any bear or bobcat. The bill would not affect the use of dogs by bird hunters. Many other major bear-hunting states, including Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Washington, do not permit hounding.

SB 1221 is awaiting assignment to a policy-review committee, which is expected to occur within the next month.

From: joehunter8301 Date: 23-Mar-12
With the tough economic times you would think first priority is to create jobs in our economy. Lots of guys guide for bears w dogs for a livin in Huntin season. Think of how much that would hurt them guys. No common sense sometimes!

From: SDHNTR Date: 23-Mar-12
WTF? This crap is happening way too often lately.

From: Matt Date: 23-Mar-12
They must do a lot of bear hunting in Torrance. Sheesh.

From: Lips Date: 23-Mar-12
I just heard about two bills that they are also trying to get rid of the word "Game" in Fish and Game. Wonder if this is the same bill. Humane Society wants to end all hunting in California.

From: Matt Date: 23-Mar-12
I just donated $100 to the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance to help defend our hunting opportunities.

My sense is that HSUS is trying to take it to us after their failure to have Richardson removed.

From: C.G. Date: 23-Mar-12
Typical California move.

From: C.G. Date: 23-Mar-12
Typical California move.

From: TD Date: 23-Mar-12
I'd venture a wild guess none of them have ever chased hounds before. Love to drag one of their "sporty" little marshmallow azzes all over the mountain and show them how "unsporting" it is.

And I love how they assume the dogs are mistreated and abused. Need to talk to the dogs about that, they're doing what they were born to do and love it more than anything on earth. It is a rare animal that gets to do and experience what they are born to do, I'll guarantee you it's what they live for all year.

Interesting stance from an org that kills even adoptable pets. HSUS is not your local animal shelter, they are more in alignment with PETA. Google HSUS killing animals and you'll get pages of them and their PETA pals killing and tossing adoptable pets.

From: Bou'bound Date: 23-Mar-12
Humane Society wants to end all hunting in California.

yep and 49 other states too. it's who they are and what they aspire to do

From: DL Date: 23-Mar-12
There's a number of houndsman that are going to loose out if this goes through. Oregon Washington Montanna could come here and chase bears. I bet we'll loose this one. I know of several hunters that don't understand why anyone would shoot a bear. I've been on two hunts with hounds. I couldn't begin to do it now. If it's a young bear which the first one was I got you better shed gear and put on running shoes. The actual kill was a relief. These guys knew every road in the county and there are hundreds of logging roads here. The next one was another small bear and I was real close to the tree and as soon as they moved the hounds he came sliding down that tree Fast and I mean Fast.

From: Questfor29 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 23-Mar-12
Re: matt good on you... I recently wrote a check to COHA too. These guys are doing a great job on the capital doors and are our only hope to preserve hunting in CA. We need more to get involved.

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 24-Mar-12
So if when we can't chase 'game' anymore can we hunt them...F'n state!

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 24-Mar-12
They put it on the ballot in CO for bears, alonmg with spring hunting and baiting, and we lost 69-31% For your sake, I hope you can keep that from happening in CA

Good luck!

From: Dooner Date: 24-Mar-12

Dooner's Supporting Link

Matt- +1

It's time, again, for all CA sportsmen/women to put up some $ and contact your state legislators!!!

Check out the Link for donating to COHA.


Here is a copy of the e-mail I got from the Sportsman's Alliance:

Bill to Ban Hunting Introduced in California

Fresh off their failed attempt to play politics with the California Fish and Game Commission, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has now teamed up with California State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Redondo Beach) to target the states bear and bobcat hunters.

Senate Bill 1221, introduced by Senator Lieu, originally dealt with air pollution. Instead, the senator is proposing an amendment to ban hound hunting for bears and bobcats at the behest of the nation’s largest animal rights organization, HSUS. The bill will likely be referred to the Senate Natural Resources Committee next week where it will be heard possibly as soon as April 10th.

In addition to an attack on hunters, the bill is also an attack on public safety as California black bear numbers have more than doubled over the past 30 years. Coupled with California’s dramatic increases in population and urbanization, it is increasingly important that state wildlife officials have every tool necessary to control populations. Hunting with hounds is an accepted, effective, challenging and humane method of hunting. Twenty-nine states have a huntable population of black bears, 17 of which permit hunting with hounds.

“Anti-hunters have tried several times to ban hunting with dogs in California, but all hunters realize this is all part of their agenda to ban hunting one step at a time,” said Evan Heusinkveld, USSA director of state services. “That’s why it is so important that all California hunters contact their state senator to oppose SB 1221.”

USSA is working with the Masters of Foxhounds Association, California Houndsmen for Conservation, the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance, and others to defeat SB 1221.

Take Action! California sportsmen must speak out today and prevent anti-hunters from driving this debate. Call your state senator and tell them to oppose SB 1221. To find your senators contact information, visit the USSA Legislative Action Center at

U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance 801 Kingsmill Parkway Columbus, Ohio 43229 614-888-4868

From: Matt Date: 24-Mar-12
I just wrote e-mails to my senators:

I am writing you to urge your opposition to SB 1221, which seeks to end the use of hounds in the pursuit of black bears. Understand, I am not a hound hunter and I have never hunted bears with hounds. I write you from the perspective of a citizen who is fed up with specials interests buying politicians to pursue their agendas, and as a citizen who is frustrated with politicians pursuing agendas that do not benefit their constituency (there are no bears in Torrance, CA) and not speaking word 1 as to how they propose to mitigate the effects of the increased human/bear conflict that will occur (all outside of Torrance I might add) if this practice is prohibited.

California currently has a very conservative bear harvest quota (a maximum of 1,700 of a population of 35,000+- and growing) which is not even fully met in some years, and a sizeable portion of the bears harvest is based on the use of hounds. If this practice is prohibited, it will remove a very important management tool from our game managers.

Based on this, I urge you to oppose SB 1221.

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 24-Mar-12
I matched your donation Radar....Nice letter also!

From: TreeWalker Date: 24-Mar-12
Is not just in California. Most states are vulnerable.

Arizona voted on Prop 109 last year which HSUS opposed and voters killed it big time. Oregon lost ability to use hounds years ago.

Look at the number of hunting licenses sold in your state. Now look at total population. There is the challenge. The ratio is probably under 10% and may be under 5%. You have an uphill battle at the ballot box and in the state legislature when 95% of your state does not go out in the woods to hunt. You win uphill battles with money.

Do we raise money for political battles? Not very well. We generally support critter groups that focus on habitat issues.

We, as hunters, are mostly solitary. We like to keep honey holes to ourselves. I know hunters that will not share info with family.

We complain about paying an extra $50 for a tag vs. the prior year. We are, and this will upset folks, often cheap and selfish.

HSUS collects money. Grandmas with six cats send in money. PETA lovers send in money. The they hire lobbyists. Lobbyists get bills passed. They hire workers and get petitions started. They run ads during campaigns.

We rely on tradition and common sense to impact voters and politicians. How is that working out for us?

Is no wonder that HSUS gets a few of these anti-hunting bills passed each year and often defeat bills that are pro-hunting.

They will attack your ability to use hounds, lead bullets, traps,....and we shake our head at the lack of common sense. And we lose more of these battles than win.

Hundreds of comnplaints on forums does not move the needle. We are preaching to the choir. The 5%.

We each need to take action. Support the NRA as they will battle for your right to own a weapon and use ammo. Support SCI as they will battle for your right to hunt.

From: skinner creek Date: 25-Mar-12
tv adds showing what happens to the California Mtn Lion when sportmen are taken out of the management equation. Mtn Lions are still getting killed in California by the hundreds. It is just the taxpayer paying for governmnet hunter and trappers to kill and discard the carcuss under the nearest bush. Thats right the nearest bush, even the government trappers are not allow to utilize the meat or hides of the animals.

This is what is needed to be shown and explained in a media blitz, This will take money and organization, hunters need to start bucking up.

My friend in Oregon is taking on the state policies on his own and making some headway. If any of you would like to talk to him send me a PM. thanks Doug

From: Bigdan Date: 25-Mar-12
Time to move guys and give California back to Mexico. My brother is moving back to Montana in two years. Washington and Oregon already went that way. No hound hunting that is.

From: Matt Date: 25-Mar-12
Someone must have started celebrating Saturday evening early.

From: ORARCHER Date: 27-Mar-12
I grew up hunting in northern Ca. (Sutter county ) back in the 70's and 80's left in 92 and wouldn't go back I thought about it a few yrs ago but home just wasn't home anymore. Orchards around home gave way to stucco clad track homes. Rivers and streams way to crowded. Refuges I grew up bird hunting gave way to limiting access, politics and water control issues. Life as a general rule did a total 180 deg turn around. NO surprise about the bear issue and unfortunately hunters are out numbered tenfold.

From: Beendare Date: 27-Mar-12
Alright, I'm matching Matts donation...

I understand the guys in other states flipping the bird to Ca with some of the crazy stories on the main news channels. We have an incredibly vocal MINORITY of crazies and once Ca falls, it will be used as a president to topple other states or hunts or minority hunts.

Where the anti's have it over hunters is they band together against all hunting. Take a midwest bowhunter for example, he could give a flying leap about a Ca houndsman. AND THE ANTIS COUNT ON THAT FRAGMENTED APPROACH- nibbling away at one group at a time. So when it comes time to defend your little niche or favored pursuit....are those hound guys who lost theirs going to come to your rescue?

The antis have a cohesive long term strategy that would be literally blown out of the water if ALL sportsmen stuck together. But right now they are laughing all the way to the bank when Bowhunters, birdhunters, fishermen, whitetail hunters, etc. remain fragmented.

From: DL Date: 27-Mar-12
Can't hunt bears with hounds in Montana either unless it changed in 2012.

From: Matt Date: 26-Apr-12
I received an e-mail from COHA, and this bill apparently passed the first hurdle in the legislature - time to call and write your representatives again and urge them to vote against this legilsation.

From: Beendare Date: 26-Apr-12
Yeah, band together as sportsmen before its too late.

Interesting to note, the anti's originally wanted to include bird hunting in this legislation but then backed off knowing how passionate and large a segment of hunting it is. Chip away is their strategy.

COHA has pre written letters you can cut and paste [or slightly modify] then look up the reps on their websites and paste into an email- takes about 2 minutes

From: Beendare Date: 27-Apr-12
Just got word from a buddy that it ain't looking good for sportsmen on this one.

Many thanks to the guys who took the time and made an effort.....

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