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elkhntr 12-Jul-07
NvaGvUp 12-Jul-07
vic 13-Jul-07
Jaquomo_feral 13-Jul-07
Big Fin 13-Jul-07
ElkHunter21 13-Jul-07
Turk 13-Jul-07
KHunter 14-Jul-07
From: elkhntr
Does anyone have any info on comanche wilderness outfitters. I want to plan a Co mule deer hunt for next year, I have 5 preference points and was thinking about checking into them. Thanks

From: NvaGvUp
My experience is limited to a couple of years of Whitetail hunts where I paid a trespass fee.

Scott takes some awesome Muleys each year as well as great elk. As far as I know, he's got a very good reputation.

I'd do it if that's what you're looking for.

From: vic
Elkhtr. Scott Limmer is on the site from time to time, I'm sure he will see this post. He runs a good outfit.

I know him personally and he is a straight-up guy. I hooked up a good friend with him for an elk hunt this year, so I'll get a first-hand report.

He has some excellent leases for BIG plains muleys. Genesis (a frequent contributor to the whitetail forum) went on a CO plains muley hunt with him a couple of years ago, and despite hunting in 5 days of horrendous weather, wind, sandstorms, etc.. managed to get his buddy in position to miss a shot at a legit 190-class typical

I have never hunted with him, but he has asked me to guide for him a couple of times (for which I didn't have the time), so I might question his judgment in choosing guides! :)

From: Big Fin
I hunted with him in 2004. The guide I was paired with was a great guy and we had a blast. Scott was very organized and runs a tight ship. If a guided hunt in Eastern CO was on my list, CWO would be my first choice.

From: ElkHunter21
Scott is a great guy. I hunted Antelope with CWO in 2000, scored 77, drew a Goat Tag in 2005 that he gave me great intell on the unit took a 9.5 inch goat and drew a Moose tag this year that he offered info on as well (Can't afford a guided hunt this year or I would have hired him and I would get a B&C Bull I am sure). If you want a trophy buck--- hire Scott.

From: Turk
I have not hunted with Scott, but I thought I should tell of my experience with him.

I researched him first for mule deer, and he would be my pick if I were going to use an outfitter.

In 2006 I won the Colorado Moose Raffle tag. I talked to Scott and he was very helpful even after I decided I would be hunting DIY. He actually called my wife, during the hunt, to check and see how I was doing and to let me know that his booked hunter had scored and I could call him if I needed help.

From: KHunter
Scott was very helpful with straight up honest perspective when I was sweating having Colo sheep and moose tags in same year. Advised me that for my goals I did not need a moose guide as long as I had plenty of time to hunt, which I did. Gotta appreciate guys who want to help you make the right decision for you vs. a hard sell.

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