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Apple juice for an attractant?
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From: cope30tyee
I'll be hunting blacktail deer out of a treestand starting Sept. 1st. I have a mineral lick set out under my stand and it gets frequented pretty often by does, but not as much by bucks. Do you guys think if I put apple juice in a spray bottle and sprayed it by the mineral block before I climb into my stand it would "Spice" spice things up a little bit? Any other cheap attractants you guys know off that work for blacktails?

Thanks for any help and good luck!!!

From: cope30tyee
Come on, somebody has to have some experience with this !!!

Have a friend that puts apple cider in old IV bags with drip adjusters on them and swears that they work great as an attractant. problem is that its in NY for whitetail and I myself have never tried it. I will say this about him, he shots a dandy every year. Im not sure that it is actually legal in NY. Argument between an attractant and baiting?

Dont really know about just using apple juice, but I would bet it would work. My folks have an apple tree at there house and I'll go in and pull a bunch off and find a good rock and smash them into a log or a boulder where I plan to hunt. It works pretty good problem is you need a lot of them.

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