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Blacktail meatpole.....

This thread designated as DEBATE FREE. All responses must be Constructive and Positive.


Messages posted to thread:
trkyslr 16-Aug-11
elkmtngear 16-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 16-Aug-11
Charlie Rehor 16-Aug-11
elkmtngear 16-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 16-Aug-11
longbeard 16-Aug-11
Charlie Rehor 16-Aug-11
SDHNTR 16-Aug-11
Reflex 16-Aug-11
Mad Trapper 16-Aug-11
Mark Watkins 16-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 16-Aug-11
ozzyshane 16-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 16-Aug-11
Willieboat 16-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 16-Aug-11
Forest bows 17-Aug-11
ozzyshane 17-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 17-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 17-Aug-11
arctichill 17-Aug-11
'Ike' 17-Aug-11
Forest bows 17-Aug-11
blg 17-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 17-Aug-11
Gus 17-Aug-11
Blacktail Bob 17-Aug-11
'Ike' 17-Aug-11
Zackman 18-Aug-11
'Ike' 18-Aug-11
Gus 18-Aug-11
WildBill 18-Aug-11
Zackman 19-Aug-11
joehunter8301 20-Aug-11
bowhunter1 21-Aug-11
Charlie Rehor 21-Aug-11
Animal Killer 22-Aug-11
Hawkeye 22-Aug-11
elkmtngear 22-Aug-11
DL 22-Aug-11
joehunter8301 11-Sep-11
trkyslr 11-Sep-11
joehunter8301 27-Oct-11
Yendor 29-Oct-11
trkyslr 29-Oct-11
trkyslr 31-Oct-11
prezboys 01-Nov-11
joehunter8301 03-Nov-11
hunterdad 04-Nov-11
prezboys 15-Nov-11
Blacktail Bob 15-Nov-11
BOWUNTR 16-Nov-11
Blacktail Bob 17-Nov-11
BOWUNTR 18-Nov-11
Mathews Man 19-Nov-11
Bowboy 19-Nov-11
Blacktail Bob 19-Nov-11
Charlie Rehor 19-Nov-11
BOWUNTR 19-Nov-11
Evergreen 20-Nov-11
Evergreen 20-Nov-11
Evergreen 20-Nov-11
Evergreen 20-Nov-11
blg 20-Nov-11
blg 20-Nov-11
trkyslr 20-Nov-11
joehunter8301 20-Nov-11
joehunter8301 20-Nov-11
joehunter8301 20-Nov-11
joehunter8301 20-Nov-11
Tree Killer 23-Nov-11
Zackman 24-Nov-11
trkyslr 24-Nov-11
joehunter8301 24-Nov-11
ridgerunnerron 24-Nov-11
Gus 24-Nov-11
Zackman 24-Nov-11
Blacktail Bob 24-Nov-11
DLB 26-Nov-11
Hollywood 30-Nov-11
GannettRidge 30-Nov-11
Zackman 02-Dec-11
Keef 04-Dec-11
joehunter8301 04-Dec-11
trkyslr 04-Dec-11
Wirehair 05-Dec-11
Blacktail Bob 05-Dec-11
Wirehair 05-Dec-11
howard 05-Dec-11
trkyslr 05-Dec-11
Outdoordan 05-Dec-11
Keef 05-Dec-11
Bowboy 05-Dec-11
Zackman 05-Dec-11

Huge CO muley
by TheSaint

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: trkyslr Date: 16-Aug-11
I know of a few bucks already killed 'in' A zone 'in' Cali.... A few more days for the rest of us for opener.. Let's see them. I can't wait!!!!

From: elkmtngear Date: 16-Aug-11

elkmtngear's embedded Photo

elkmtngear's Supporting Link

Surprised you don't have one hangin' on the meatpole yet, Chris!

Here's one I was watching a few months back...I'll be able to go after him next week.

Looking forward to seeing this thread fill up soon

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 16-Aug-11

Blacktail Bob's embedded Photo

First one for the year August 7, 2011. SE Alaska.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 16-Aug-11

From: elkmtngear Date: 16-Aug-11

elkmtngear's Supporting Link

That's a beauty, Bob! Nice mass...Congrats!

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 16-Aug-11
48, but who's counting? Getting near the end of a 20 year long goal.

From: longbeard Date: 16-Aug-11
Congrats Bob..And that goal was?

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 16-Aug-11
longbeard: Blacktail Bob is a humble man so I will explain. There are currently 403 Sitka Blacktails entered in the P&Y Club Record book. Blacktail Bob has 48 of them. He has had a personal goal of getting to 50 and it looks real good for this fall! Man o man he sure picked the right handle!! Good Luck! C

From: SDHNTR Date: 16-Aug-11
My goodness. There is no one better with them Sitkas! Congrats Bob.

From: Reflex Date: 16-Aug-11
Congrats on your buck, Bob. I love the picture too. The hide of the deer really contrasts with the green....pretty cool!

From: Mad Trapper Date: 16-Aug-11
Ned Greer is up there hunting them now. Get a good one Ned.

From: Mark Watkins Date: 16-Aug-11
Great buck Bob! Congrats and good luck on "the quest!"

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 16-Aug-11
I think this buck will score between 90 and 95 inches, probably closer to 90 because of short fronts. Minimum for P&Y is 75 inches, so yes this is a pretty good buck.

A real trophy is 100 inches from SE Alaska and 90 from Kodiak Island. This buck isn't particularly great for SE Alaska, but he would be real nice from Kodiak. I saw only one buck better than this one and I saw that one after I already had an arrow in this one. I think I looked over approximately 50 to 60 bucks for the trip.

From: ozzyshane Date: 16-Aug-11
Hey bob were you useing a dif arrow combo from before how did it go Thanks Shane

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 16-Aug-11
On this most recent hunt I was using a Dangerous Game FMJ 300 with a 125 grain Rage having a total arrow weight of 686 grains. I think I've decided that arrow was a bit too heavy and I've gone to a regular FMJ 300 with the same broadhead. It weighs in at 515 grains. I leave for a Utah mule deer hunt tomorrow night and will use the 515 grain arrow. Not sure which arrow you are referring to, but for a long time I used 2219's. These are a bit lighter.

From: Willieboat Date: 16-Aug-11
Beautiful deer !! I really like the camo your wearing Bob.

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 16-Aug-11
My wife thinks I look good in blue, I need all the help I can get with that kind of thing.

From: Forest bows (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 17-Aug-11
I just bought a place in Valdez Bob, any good deer around there?

From: ozzyshane Date: 17-Aug-11
Bob i were refering to the FMG dangerous ... have you noticed any pano dif from the fat 2219 to the skinny FMGs.Thanks Shane

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 17-Aug-11
Not as far as I know regarding deer around Valdez. Great fishing, a few oil tankers around, good mtn goats, and good bear hunting though. Why did you buy a place in Valdez? Job with the pipeline company?

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 17-Aug-11
Not really on the penetration thing. I only shot the one deer and a black bear with them. Both arrows seem to pass through without and trouble. I did notice a bunch more arrow drop at 686 grains though, so thats why a switched to the standard FMJ. They are lighter than what I'm used to, but I think they will be fine. I hope to find out on a huge mule deer buck in a few days.

From: arctichill Date: 17-Aug-11
I hunted Blacktails on POW once while I lived in Ketchikan and I am officially 0 for 1. Congrats on your incredible success Bob and on your almost-certain monumental accomplishment!!

From: 'Ike' Date: 17-Aug-11
Couple of friends are hunting POW as we speak, hopefully doing well...

From: Forest bows (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 17-Aug-11
It was a real good deal! That's kind of what I do. I really would like to spend more time in AK. I was looking in Cordova when I found this place. The guys there in Valdez say the little islands out 50 miles or so are covered with deer. I think you can shoot like 5 th

From: blg Date: 17-Aug-11
FB, They are probably referring to Montague, Hinchinbrook, Perry and a few others. There are deer out there, though I wouldn't say its covered with them. Small gene pool so you see one you see them all as far as the bucks go.

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 17-Aug-11
I think "big" is correct. I've never personally hunted those islands, but know some guys who fly there for a meat hunt on occasion. I don't think it would be the place to go for a trophy buck. Some great hunting for other stuff around Valdez though.

From: Gus Date: 17-Aug-11

Gus's embedded Photo

OK, now back to seeing some blacktail pics! Here's my 24 inch wide 2011 columbian blacktail. He is probably going to be the oldest buck that I have ever killed. we are going to have him aged by the deerage sponsor. (we are guestimating him at over 12.5 yrs old but we will see). good luck to everyone this season.

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 17-Aug-11
Now thats a cool looking 2 point!!! Congrats

From: 'Ike' Date: 17-Aug-11
Great buck Gus....

From: Zackman Date: 18-Aug-11

Zackman's embedded Photo

Took this buck a few weeks ago. Good luck this season everyone! Zack

From: 'Ike' Date: 18-Aug-11
Very nice Zack...

From: Gus Date: 18-Aug-11
nice and heavy buck. congrats.

From: WildBill Date: 18-Aug-11
Congrats Blacktail Bob. I heard you guys were down there after I had returned home. Sounds like you all had a great trip. I sure know that the weather was awesome that week for SE Alaska. Good Luck on the Muley hunt. I heard that is a good unit.

From: Zackman Date: 19-Aug-11
Great buck Gus!

From: joehunter8301 Date: 20-Aug-11
great bucks guys hopin to be adding one to this thread here this week i got the whole week to chase em we'll see

From: bowhunter1 Date: 21-Aug-11

bowhunter1's embedded Photo

I missed a bigger one at 7 yards.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 21-Aug-11
bowhunter1: Excellent deer. See you in a month and a half on the "True Right Coast"! Charlie

From: Animal Killer Date: 22-Aug-11
Love the kill pics. Whitetail season doesnt start for quiet sometime yet here in the Midwest.

From: Hawkeye Date: 22-Aug-11 are the man....holy smokes that's incredible and good luck in Utah!

Great bucks guys all around boys.

From: elkmtngear Date: 22-Aug-11

elkmtngear's embedded Photo

elkmtngear's Supporting Link

My hunting buddy and business partner, Cory Gabrielson from Elk Mountain Gear with his opening day buck...Northern California B Zone Public Land...used the SLIP System to close the distance to 60 yards in open brush country.

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: DL Date: 22-Aug-11
[IMG][/IMG] Hunt all morning and this guy snubs ya

From: joehunter8301 Date: 11-Sep-11

joehunter8301's embedded Photo

My Cali Blacktail

From: trkyslr Date: 11-Sep-11
Great buck and super pic joehunter ! "You gotm"

From: joehunter8301 Date: 27-Oct-11

joehunter8301's embedded Photo

my second buck...there has to be some more to post on here fellas keep em comin

From: Yendor Date: 29-Oct-11
Joehuner. That has got to be one of the widest and longest 2 point ever. Great Job.

From: trkyslr Date: 29-Oct-11

trkyslr's embedded Photo

my nor-cal 2011 blacktail,,, 129" gross

From: trkyslr Date: 31-Oct-11

trkyslr's embedded Photo

second nor-cal blacktail,,,tagged out!!!

From: prezboys Date: 01-Nov-11

prezboys's embedded Photo

Coastal B.C

From: joehunter8301 Date: 03-Nov-11
lets see some more blacktails

From: hunterdad Date: 04-Nov-11
Great bucks guys. I am leaving today for Kodiak. Hopefully I can add to this thread!

From: prezboys Date: 15-Nov-11

prezboys's embedded Photo

From our early November Kodiak trip.

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 15-Nov-11

Blacktail Bob's embedded Photo

Weather was pretty bad on Kodiak this year. In fact, I would say it was the worst I can remember in nearly 30 years of doing early November hunts. We usually get three or four days of nice weather, but this year it was bad almost the whole trip. Only killed one buck and a mountain goat this year.

From: BOWUNTR Date: 16-Nov-11
Congrats Bob... way to get it done. I heard that it was a tough hunt... I got an invite to be in Roy's camp but couldn't make it. I would have rather been on that island.... next year. Congrats. Ed F

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 17-Nov-11

Blacktail Bob's embedded Photo

Roy got it done with a bit of a brown bear!!!

From: BOWUNTR Date: 18-Nov-11
What a pig, Congrats Roy.... Ed F

From: Mathews Man Date: 19-Nov-11
Wow. Gettin it done bigtime!

From: Bowboy Date: 19-Nov-11
Congrats to all! Big Roy is a big bear killing machine!

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 19-Nov-11

Blacktail Bob's embedded Photo

Its "Lil' Roy" - after he killed this one he sang a song and did some break dancing to run off the other bear that was feeding on the same carcas. He is indeed a bear killing machine.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 19-Nov-11
Congrats guys, great animals. I am hunting Columbian Blacktails in Oregon for my very first time and they are quite a challenge. Awesome deer to hunt, sort of like mountain goat deer. LOL! Two more days of hunting so it's coming down to the wire to see if I can add a deer to this thread. Again, congrats! Charlie

From: BOWUNTR Date: 19-Nov-11
Good luck Charlie.... tell killer I said hello. Ed F

From: Evergreen Date: 20-Nov-11

Evergreen's embedded Photo

OK I have not seen the great state of Washington weigh in yet, so here's one for you. Photos are from Summer, Fall, and headed for the freezer! I scouted this guy since July and took him in late October during the rut. He was the biggest I was able to see or photograph this year. I have him at about 96 inches if the right g3 was intact. Great to see a blacktail thread.

From: Evergreen Date: 20-Nov-11
Oops, here he is in Summer

From: Evergreen Date: 20-Nov-11

Evergreen's embedded Photo

From: Evergreen Date: 20-Nov-11

Evergreen's embedded Photo

...and October

From: blg Date: 20-Nov-11

blg's embedded Photo


From: blg Date: 20-Nov-11

blg's embedded Photo

Another Kodiak buck.

From: trkyslr Date: 20-Nov-11
awesome bucks guys!!!

From: joehunter8301 Date: 20-Nov-11
Lovin the blacktails

From: joehunter8301 Date: 20-Nov-11

joehunter8301's embedded Photo

i got a few more here is one i helped my buddy kill in august during our archery season...only his 3rd bow kill

From: joehunter8301 Date: 20-Nov-11

joehunter8301's embedded Photo

my buddys first bow kill deer. 8 yard shot

From: joehunter8301 Date: 20-Nov-11

joehunter8301's embedded Photo

another monster i put my buddy on this year

From: Tree Killer Date: 23-Nov-11

Tree Killer's embedded Photo

Not my biggest, but I'm proud of this little buck!

From: Zackman Date: 24-Nov-11

Zackman's embedded Photo

Congrats to everyone above for their great-looking blacktails. I love to see a thread for such a tough and under-appreciated animal.

I thought I would share a pic from a recent hunt in Northern California. After 16 years of hunting blacktails with a bow, I was fortunate to take my largest buck.

At 19" wide, he gross scores a touch more than 128" and nets above 125". Several people helped put me in the position to have an opportunity to take this buck and I'd like to thank all of them.

Congrats to anyone who has taken a blackie because they are special. Happy Thanksgiving!

From: trkyslr Date: 24-Nov-11
zackman,, awesome buck and congrats!!! great pic as well

From: joehunter8301 Date: 24-Nov-11
Beauty zackman. Well done

From: ridgerunnerron Date: 24-Nov-11
Congrats to all the guys with such great looking blacktails here! Let's see/hear more.

As said before, they are an under appreciated animal, so seeing a bunch of these photos are great.

I shot a Oregon Columbia in 1998 and a SE Alaska Sitka in 2005 and both were very memorable hunts in such different habitat. (rifle hunts, but tough hunts) Most of the wet, steep, thick rainforest blacktails are alot toughter to hunt than most whitetails. YES, under appreciated.

From: Gus Date: 24-Nov-11
Zack, congrats on a great Columbian Blacktail. Nice buck! I really like the pictures on your website, especially the pic of the buck you and Richard rattled in.

From: Zackman Date: 24-Nov-11

When that buck started coming into the horns, it was almost more exciting than shooting my buck the day before. What an experience! Thanks again

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 24-Nov-11
Congrats Zackman, that is an awesome buck.

From: DLB Date: 26-Nov-11

DLB's embedded Photo

Killed this one on Nov. 20 thanks to my brother Robert and Brian Stevens.

From: Hollywood Date: 30-Nov-11
Congrat's to all the successful hunters!

Great bucks!

From: GannettRidge Date: 30-Nov-11

GannettRidge 's Supporting Link

Great Bucks Guys!

Can't wait to get out and chase Blacktail again. It's not going to happen this year, maybe next.

From: Zackman Date: 02-Dec-11
Great buck DLB! congrats

From: Keef Date: 04-Dec-11

Keef's embedded Photo

I took this buck Nov 22 in southern Oregon.

From: joehunter8301 Date: 04-Dec-11
beautiful buck keef

From: trkyslr Date: 04-Dec-11
Keef, congrats on a great blackie! Awesome looking spot as well with oaks and pines mix

From: Wirehair Date: 05-Dec-11

Wirehair's embedded Photo

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 05-Dec-11
Those are just incredible bucks you guys have killed! I'm very guilty of being envious.

From: Wirehair Date: 05-Dec-11
As we are all envious of u Bob.....

From: howard Date: 05-Dec-11

howard's embedded Photo

From: trkyslr Date: 05-Dec-11
Howard awesome blackie he's a beauty!!

Wirehair, glad to see your buck back on the thread!!!

From: Outdoordan Date: 05-Dec-11
Man, I can't believe how many great looking b-tail bucks were killed by you guys this year! Congrats to all!

From: Keef Date: 05-Dec-11
Congrats to all of you other guys who took bucks. I know I was lucky and am grateful for it.

From: Bowboy Date: 05-Dec-11
You guys have taken some great bucks! Congrats to all of you!

From: Zackman Date: 05-Dec-11

You can add up all of the blacktails we have shot in our lives and we still fall short of you. Thanks for the praise, but as trkyslr said, "We envy you."

Congrats to all the blacktail hunters for an incredible year!

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