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Wifes deer



Messages posted to thread:
elkhuntr 12-Nov-11
Pat Lefemine 12-Nov-11
MuddyBull 12-Nov-11
BOWUNTR 12-Nov-11
Charlie Rehor 12-Nov-11
Outdoordan 12-Nov-11
BOHNTR 12-Nov-11
COLO 3-D 12-Nov-11
Jaquomo_feral 12-Nov-11
elmer@laptop 13-Nov-11
Bowboy 13-Nov-11
Bigpizzaman 13-Nov-11
Paul@thefort 13-Nov-11
LCH 13-Nov-11
wilhille 13-Nov-11
buglemaster 13-Nov-11
DC 13-Nov-11
DaveN 14-Nov-11
Mark Watkins 14-Nov-11
elkhuntr 23-Nov-11
Ermine 23-Nov-11
Deacon Dave 23-Nov-11
tech1 23-Nov-11
hunt'n addict 24-Nov-11
Scott Hartley 24-Nov-11

Wild Skies Archery Mule Deer Hunt

South Dakota spot and stalk mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota spot and stalk mule deer
by Dakota

Wild Skies/Muzzie Mule Deer Archery Hunt

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: elkhuntr Date: 12-Nov-11

elkhuntr's embedded Photo

Here is a pic of my wifes buck. Enjoy, Elkhuntr

From: Pat Lefemine (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 12-Nov-11
Holy smokes! What a buck.

Photo is priceless too. Nice going!

From: MuddyBull Date: 12-Nov-11
Great pic, great Buck and congrats!

From: BOWUNTR Date: 12-Nov-11
I agree... great photo and great buck... the smiles are priceless ... Ed F

From: Charlie Rehor (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 12-Nov-11
Can you say deeeep forks! Wowser! Congrats to the family! Charlie

From: Outdoordan (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 12-Nov-11
Great buck and photo! More info please!

From: BOHNTR Date: 12-Nov-11
What a heck of a nice mule deer.....big time congratulations to the huntress!

From: COLO 3-D Date: 12-Nov-11
Great buck, congratulations!

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 12-Nov-11
That's a "lifetime" photo of a great deer.

Congratulations on both!

From: elmer@laptop Date: 13-Nov-11
Cool. Love the smile on the little one the best!

From: Bowboy Date: 13-Nov-11
Great buck, and the photo says it all!

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 13-Nov-11

From: Paul@thefort Date: 13-Nov-11

From: LCH Date: 13-Nov-11
Got to love those smiles. Congrats to all.

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 13-Nov-11
Great buck. congrats!!

From: buglemaster Date: 13-Nov-11
Great pic! I shure hope you have a better buck cuzz if not, she has every right to "heap it on" real good!Congrats!

From: DC Date: 13-Nov-11
Sooooooooooooo does she guide???????????

Very Nice buck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: DaveN Date: 14-Nov-11
Your wife shot my dream buck!

From: Mark Watkins Date: 14-Nov-11
Memory maker! Congrats to your wife!

From: elkhuntr Date: 23-Nov-11

elkhuntr's embedded Photo

Funny you should say I better have shot a bigger deer than her. I think I either shot this bucks dad or maybe his older brother two years ago. What does everyone think?

From: Ermine Date: 23-Nov-11
Yikes your wifes buck is awesome! Cute picture! Your buck is nice as well

From: Deacon Dave Date: 23-Nov-11
Awesome bucks, pictures, & memories! Congratulations!

From: tech1 Date: 23-Nov-11
Wow awesome deer and pics

From: BOWINHAND Date: 23-Nov-11
Awesome pictures both! be sure to enter them in BB's photo contest.

From: hunt'n addict Date: 24-Nov-11
Both great deer. Congratulations.

From: Scott Hartley Date: 24-Nov-11
"What does everyone think?"

I think that that your wife makes much better photographs.

Nice deer !

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