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What is the best Camo Pattern????



Messages posted to thread:
onlybow 30-Jul-08
Bentstick 81 30-Jul-08
HeadHunter®........ 30-Jul-08
onlybow 30-Jul-08
Extreme Predator 30-Jul-08
Bowfreak 30-Jul-08
C2 30-Jul-08
Matt 30-Jul-08
Big Nine 30-Jul-08
smarba 30-Jul-08
pwahuntn 30-Jul-08
pwahuntn 30-Jul-08
pwahuntn 30-Jul-08
onlybow 30-Jul-08
RandBow 30-Jul-08
TheArc 30-Jul-08
jims 30-Jul-08
Hunts_with_stick 30-Jul-08
primitve 30-Jul-08
onlybow 31-Jul-08
smarba 31-Jul-08
onlybow 31-Jul-08
ansci 31-Jul-08
G.R. 31-Jul-08
onlybow 31-Jul-08
frednfrog 07-Aug-08
Thunderthumbs 07-Aug-08
Paul @ the Fort 08-Aug-08
jims 08-Aug-08
primitve 08-Aug-08
Rooselk 08-Aug-08
LitlRiddle 10-Aug-08
Ermine 10-Aug-08
Rooselk 10-Aug-08

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From: onlybow Date: 30-Jul-08
In your Opinion.....From YOUR Experience...what is the best camo pattern for wide open and stalk.

I have my own opinion but I want to know have known to work for you....

NOt in a the wide open areas such as ND, SD, WY...etc...

From: Bentstick 81 Date: 30-Jul-08
I use the A.S.A.T. camo and really like it. I also think the Predator deception is really good. The ASAT camo doesn't look like a black dot, it is really light colored. Works and blends about anywhere.

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 30-Jul-08
anything that is PREDATOR! Especially the old Predator styles.

From: onlybow Date: 30-Jul-08
it has to be super light or it will stand out like a big blob....does predator have light camo?

From: Extreme Predator Date: 30-Jul-08

From: Bowfreak Date: 30-Jul-08
I am mostly a tree hugger but, if I were hunting the ground consistently I would have either Predator Fall Brown or ASAT. ASAT probably would get the nod due to its availability. Fall brown is discontinued and you would have to buy from someone like Day One or Grey Wolf to get it.

From: C2 Date: 30-Jul-08
Another vote for ASAT. The pattern regular hunting clothes is great for phenomonal try a ASAT 3D Pro Vanish leafy suit. Like a light weight weight over anything ghillie suit amazing concealment. I love ASAT so much I am a dealer. ASAT isn't more popular because it doesn't look like anything specific so it doesn't fool hunters; BUT it flat befuddles game.

From: Matt Date: 30-Jul-08
Predator evolution is my #1. Less black and dark tones than the other predator patterns or ASAT. Max-1 looks pretty good as well.

From: Big Nine Date: 30-Jul-08
Kings Desert Shadow

From: smarba Date: 30-Jul-08

From: pwahuntn Date: 30-Jul-08
I like the mossy oak brush. I blend in very well with this yellow grass we have here in the bay area. And the other I like is the open country.

From: pwahuntn Date: 30-Jul-08

pwahuntn's embedded Photo

Seclusion 3D/Mossy Oak brush

From: pwahuntn Date: 30-Jul-08

pwahuntn's embedded Photo

Mossy Oak Brush

From: onlybow Date: 30-Jul-08
I have seclusion 3d mossy oak brush and it sticks out unless your right by a sage brush....

two years ago me and three friends went to ND to hunt lope on public was barren and wide open. we all wore different camo patterns for whatever reason. and we got a great look at how they blend in.

I had the realtree open pattern and it was to dark.

my friend had the army digital pattern and it was pretty close.

another friend had on seclusion 3d and that seemed too green.

the best out of all four of us was my friend who had on one of the oldest realtree patterns i ever was washed like a million times and was blended in like a dream and broke the image great...he bagged the big buck that year.

me and my friends have tried everything we can get our hands on and am still trying to get something that will beat that outfit (which you can not buy).

desert storm camo actually works really good also.

I will to check out ASAT.....

From: RandBow Date: 30-Jul-08
I don't judge a camo's color by what I see. I judge the effectiveness of the pattern on how it works on game animals. That being said, I've hunted spot and stalk for mulies and antelope in North and South Dakota and in Wyoming. I've had very good luck with Predator Fall Brown and Fall Grey. I've also used Prairie Ghost with good results.


From: TheArc Date: 30-Jul-08
Ghillie suit in grass pattern for open sage country.

From: jims Date: 30-Jul-08
I usually bring a wide range of camo/colors/patterns with me on my hunts. What works well in one area (or time of year) may stand out in another. I'm color blind but what tends to stand out for me in most prairie situations is dark colors against a light background.

I normally set out a bunch of camo clothes and look at them from a distance. The colors/patterns that blend in and are the right material for the weather, type of hunting I will be doing, etc are the ones I use.

From: Hunts_with_stick Date: 30-Jul-08
I used desert camo from a surplus store to stock and shoot a P&Y white tail in the praries of MT.

From: primitve Date: 30-Jul-08
ASAT hands down. Dont judge camo from how it looks close up, look at it from a 1/2 mile away (like your open country mulies do) and you will see why, in my opinion, ASAT has no competition. By their 3-d suit, its cheap and you can wear whatever you want under it.

From: onlybow Date: 31-Jul-08 comes the stupide question....

ASAT??? what is that and where do I find it?

i've tried praire ghost was pretty good also. its hard to find one cammo for a spot and stalk hunt because you might be in three different kinds of land on one stalk....praire, green grass, then hay bales...thanks for the input guys.

From: smarba Date: 31-Jul-08 stands for All Season All Terrain, and I feel it lives up to that claim.

Many camos try to match surroundings, which are shortfalls if you have different surroundings like you note, onlybow. ASAT (and to somewhat the same extent, Predator) break up your outline so that you are much less noticeable.

I've hung my ASAT leafy suit on branches, laid it on gravel, etc. and no matter where, it is extremely hard to pick out.


From: onlybow Date: 31-Jul-08
doesnt the black in the ASAT stand out like a sore thumb in the wide open? I checked theri pics and didnt see any with the open range in looks good though....I probaly buy some.

From: ansci Date: 31-Jul-08

ansci's Supporting Link

prarie ghost is what I use.

From: G.R. Date: 31-Jul-08
we do most of our hunting in the open prairie country of southern Alberta and I find a number of camos work well in some of our areas . I personally use all the predators , Kings Desert Shadow, Cabala's open country, realtree max 1, mossy oak brush , and prairie ghost. One of my guides prefers the desert storm camo .It works good out on the prairie grasses . I really like the Kings desert shadow but I've had success with all of these .

From: onlybow Date: 31-Jul-08
I guess I should get down to buisness and get my own pattern should'nt I......anybody know how to get that going?

From: frednfrog Date: 07-Aug-08
Natual gear camo in tan it blends in every where.

From: Thunderthumbs Date: 07-Aug-08
Natural Gear is the best I've seen for alround use.


From: Paul @ the Fort Date: 08-Aug-08

Paul @ the Fort's embedded Photo

ASAS pro leaf wear while turkey hunting. check out

From: jims Date: 08-Aug-08
I would have to agree w/BBAirborne. It is sometimes wise to wear a different camo pattern on bottom compared to top. I would expect this to break up the human form (tall and thin) a little better than having the same camo throughout? There aren't too many critters in the woods/prairie that walk upright like a man! It probably doesn't matter as much when squatting down or in a blind.

From: primitve Date: 08-Aug-08
I tell my guys who come to bowhunt mulies in southeastern Alberta to buy the 3-D ASAT suit. Its cheap, and it really does work. The key with the 3-D suit is you need to wash it alot, rough it up, and give it that used look. I run mine over with my truck in the gravel, and wash it a dozen or more times before I use it. Its kinda like a good baseball glove, you need to work it in. Prairie Ghost, True Sage,Kings, Cabelas, Realtree, etc. look the same from afar, you look like bigfoot walking across the desert floor. Predator looks ok from afar, do they make Predator in 3-D?

From: Rooselk Date: 08-Aug-08
I live in the west and I hunt on the ground. I primarily use ASAT. The stuff works. But I am also agree with others here about Predator - and especially the older patterns.

From: LitlRiddle Date: 10-Aug-08
Why is it that you always here people say the older patterns are better? IF they were better why don't companies go back to them? Or is it the washing has muted and lightended up the colors so much they fade in better?

From: Ermine Date: 10-Aug-08
I have found that Predator Brown works for anything. From elk in the timber to Antelope on the praire.

From: Rooselk Date: 10-Aug-08
"doesnt the black in the ASAT stand out like a sore thumb in the wide open?"

I've worn it while hunting in open desert areas. It works just fine. In an open area with no cover ASAT will still break up your outline from a distance but movement would certainly be detected regardless of the type of camo worn.

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