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Bobcat Mounts



Messages posted to thread:
Andy 01-Jan-07
mbklmann 01-Jan-07
bo-n-aro 01-Jan-07
bo-n-aro 01-Jan-07
bo-n-aro 01-Jan-07
bo-n-aro 01-Jan-07
bowriter 02-Jan-07
LV2HUNT 02-Jan-07
walkerhound 02-Jan-07
stubbleduck 02-Jan-07
hunterdad 02-Jan-07
Trophy8 02-Jan-07
Andy 02-Jan-07
stubbleduck 02-Jan-07
chris schroeter 04-Dec-08
Bou'bound 04-Dec-08
travis@work 04-Dec-08
sticksender 04-Dec-08
MoCracken 04-Dec-08
Bou'bound 04-Dec-08
aimpoint1 04-Dec-08
taximan 04-Dec-08
fuzzy 04-Dec-08
Bou'bound 04-Dec-08
DC 04-Dec-08
DC 04-Dec-08
Bingo 04-Dec-08
Man of Stihl 04-Dec-08
oldlongdraw 04-Dec-08
Bou'bound 04-Dec-08
Mike Sohm/Magnus 04-Dec-08

Adak Adventure
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Ducks going into milo
by Woodswise work

Coyote keep away
by wTk

Coyote playing
by wTk

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From: Andy Date: 01-Jan-07
Hey all, I killed my first bobcat tonight and am going to get it mounted. I am trying to figue out what type of full body mount I want and would love to see some pics of bobcat mounts that yall have. Thinking of doing something unique, maybe a quail or a squirrel in its mouth or something like that. Thanks for the ideas! andy

From: mbklmann Date: 01-Jan-07
i dont have a picture but ive seen a kitty mounted with a pheasant flying and the cat trying to get it. it looked pretty sweet

From: bo-n-aro Date: 01-Jan-07

bo-n-aro's embedded Photo

This is the last cat I mounted. I took it a few years ago on a bowhunt for deer hunt in Kansas.

From: bo-n-aro Date: 01-Jan-07

bo-n-aro's embedded Photo

Heres another one I did for a customer.

From: bo-n-aro Date: 01-Jan-07

bo-n-aro's embedded Photo

OK, one more!!

From: bo-n-aro Date: 01-Jan-07

bo-n-aro's embedded Photo

The last one..... :)

From: bowriter Date: 02-Jan-07

bowriter's embedded Photo

I have three mounts, two full body similar to ones posted above. But this is by far my favorite.

From: LV2HUNT Date: 02-Jan-07
Bobcat rugs really look nice as well.

From: walkerhound Date: 02-Jan-07
Love the one with the quail. I was thinking about having something like that done if I score on a bobcat or coyote next week, with a pheasant I'm having mounted.

From: stubbleduck Date: 02-Jan-07

stubbleduck's embedded Photo

Kansas Bobcat taken off my deer stand a few years back.

From: hunterdad Date: 02-Jan-07
Very cool mount!!

From: Trophy8 Date: 02-Jan-07
Nice mounts! Congrats Andy!

From: Andy Date: 02-Jan-07
Thanks for the pics guys! These are some great mounts. Stubbleduck, that looks to be a big cat. Do you know what he weighed? Keep em coming! andy

From: stubbleduck Date: 02-Jan-07

stubbleduck's embedded Photo


I didn't weigh him myself. The taxidermist, he lives in Wakefield Kansas, does a large number of Bobcats and told me it was one of the bigger males he'd seen. He quesstimated over 30 pounds. Oddly enough I think that Bobcat was the close'st shot I've ever taken at an animal with a bow. About eight feet, straight down, as he walked along a dry creek bed under my deerstand. Yeah, that's low for a treestand but it was great cover and I always saw lots of deer from it. I saw the cat about 50 yards behind me as he crossed a clearing and dropped into the creek bed maybe 20 yards behind me. I leaned forward, drew the bow, and waited until he strolled into the sight picture. After the shot he ran 50 yards or so on down the creekbed, I lost sight of him but then heard him thrashing about in the dry leaves and figured he was down. I had seen several deer that morning so I stayed in the stand for another hour before going after the cat. I walked to where I thought I had heard him thrashing. He was lying right out in the open just out of the creek bed.

A couple of years ago shot another Bobcat. A friend had that one mounted, it's the picture attached to this note. We call this one the "Bobkitten" as it is obviously a young one.

From: chris schroeter Date: 04-Dec-08
wow bo. no offense but tyour second, forth, and last pics have got to be the worst bobcat mounts i have ever seen in my life

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Dec-08
why is it that people think by saying "no offense" before offending someone the offensive statements are rendered non-offensive.

how does this go over.........

no offense, bill, but your wife is a dog and your son has the IQ of a potato.

From: travis@work Date: 04-Dec-08

travis@work's Supporting Link

click on my link then click on the bobcat section of my website..I just finished our new house and new Taxidermy shop so I`m fix`n to open the doors again and start taking more work...cats only for now...

From: sticksender Date: 04-Dec-08
travis, good gracious that's some beautiful work there brother ;-)

From: MoCracken Date: 04-Dec-08

MoCracken's embedded Photo a really bad mount!!!!

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Dec-08
there are never any better example of cat mounts than travis. period. consistently extraordinary.

From: aimpoint1 Date: 04-Dec-08

That mount would make a great lamp base. it almost looks like a bobcat skin mounted on owl body, interesting!!!

From: taximan Date: 04-Dec-08
All of those cat mounts are pretty bad Look at a picture of a real live cat,then look at tose mounts !!!! The 1st cat pic is'nt bad.

From: fuzzy Date: 04-Dec-08
Bou, no ofense, but that may be the smartest thing you've ever typed :-)

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Dec-08
could be fuzzy, but i have set the bar pretty low so it is still not much of an accomplishment

From: DC Date: 04-Dec-08

DC's embedded Photo

Heres One.

From: DC Date: 04-Dec-08

DC's embedded Photo

Another. Sorry I dont have a closer pic of it.

From: Bingo Date: 04-Dec-08
So many bad bobcat mounts out there. I would say that the ratio is about 100:1 terrible to decent. If was ever to get one mounted, I would find someone who specializes in cats.

From: Man of Stihl Date: 04-Dec-08
This is a great thread. It reminds me to sell any bobcat hides I get. A couple of these mounts are really nice but I'm not saying which ones.

From: oldlongdraw Date: 04-Dec-08

oldlongdraw's embedded Photo

This was my third West Virginia cat with a bow. Very nice mount, just excuse the rock(it was my first attempt).

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Dec-08
oldlongdraw -

looks good. just tell people it is a bobcat on a meteor and they will think you are a master artist. nobody has to know you were trying to make it look like a rock!

From: Mike Sohm/Magnus Date: 04-Dec-08
some great mounts and some not so great. one thing i can tell you is if anyone wants a great taxidermist email me, he is one of the best and a heck of a nice guy.

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