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bowhunting fox



Messages posted to thread:
CObowhunter_20 09-Nov-07
Ermine 09-Nov-07
Scott 09-Nov-07
Shuteye 11-Nov-07
Rattus 19-Mar-08
Rattus 19-Mar-08

Adak Adventure
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Ducks going into milo
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Coyote keep away
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Coyote playing
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From: CObowhunter_20 Date: 09-Nov-07
I'm interested in bowhunting for some red fox that thrive on my land and was wondering how the best way was to hunt them....I was thinking about setting up my ground blind and waiting them out at a territorial post. But they most likely do their stuff at nite......I was also thinking of just setting up my blind in a productive spot that I have scouted out, and doing a little bit of calling....any suggestions on how i can make my plan a little more foolproof??

From: Ermine Date: 09-Nov-07
I would say calling is your best bet.

From: Scott Date: 09-Nov-07
Calling is your best bet, towards evening. I like using a circe call with a built in mouse squeeker.

From: Shuteye Date: 11-Nov-07
I have killed both red fox and grey fox with bow and arrow. Most of them were killed with a recurve bow while deer hunting. When I call I normally have a 22 rifle with scope and 18 volt light on top of the scope. It is actually easier to kill a fox with a bow if you are watching a trail. They are fairly easy to call but they are all eyes and ears when responding to a call and it can be difficult to draw your bow but it certainly can be done. I once field dressed a buck and took it out of the woods. The next day I climbed a tree right next to where I had gutted the buck. Two foxes spent a couple of hours biting off chunks of liver and burying it in different locations. I could have shot a dozen times but decided just to watch. About mid morning I killed huge doe and she was no more afraid of the gut pile than the foxes.

From: Rattus Date: 19-Mar-08

Rattus's embedded Photo

I stalked foxes in Alaska. What a rush.

From: Rattus Date: 19-Mar-08

Rattus's embedded Photo

Here's a cross fox I shot on the beach. Missed a chip shot at 18 yards, then nailed him on a full run at 35 yards. I could never repeat that shot if I tried.

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