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PSE Recurve



Messages posted to thread:
drbuck 06-Dec-02
runswithskunks 06-Dec-02
hillbillybowman 06-Dec-02
drbuck 07-Dec-02
wolfman 07-Dec-02
mhogan 08-Dec-02
wolfman 08-Dec-02
Russ 08-Dec-02
Zapper 10-Dec-02
Ghostman 11-Dec-02
Calabash 11-Dec-02
drbuck 11-Dec-02
mhogan 11-Dec-02
Frisky 14-Dec-02
Canadian mist 14-Dec-02
Griz 14-Dec-02
stitch 18-Dec-02
dave wissehr 19-Sep-08
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From: drbuck Date: 06-Dec-02
I am thinking of buying the PSE Kudu takedown. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about this bow. I am currently shooting an old shakespear recurve set at 45#.Hoping to move up to 55# on the new bow. I think I am giving up on the compounds completely.

From: runswithskunks Date: 06-Dec-02
I was wondering about that bow, too, when I first saw it in the Cabela's catalog. I don't know about the Kudu, but every other PSE recurve I've shot (five or six models) has been very unimpressive. A couple were downright junk. Barring Cabela's good return policy, I think you'd do better to buy an older used bow. The ones from the 60's and 70's were fantastic bows, and as long as they weren't abused or very poorly stored, they're every bit as shootable today as they were 30 years ago. One thing I've learned is to never judge (or buy) a bow based on looks.


From: hillbillybowman Date: 06-Dec-02
what he said

From: drbuck Date: 07-Dec-02
Thanks for the info. I will have to check out some other bows before spending the cash. Most likely will order out of Cabelas. I have some gift certificates burning a hole in my wallet.

From: wolfman Date: 07-Dec-02
You would be better off buying a Martin or a Bear as far as production traditional bows go. They are better made and better shooters than PSE. I had a PSE Blackhawk and it sucked. I sold it and bought a Martin Dreamcatcher then had a custom bow built by Groves archery for less than the Dreamcatcher cost me. The Dreamcatcher shot great and was nicely constructed out of some nice woods. I gave up the compound as well. Traditional is the way to go! My Dreamcatcher is for sale if you're interested but it is only #40.

From: mhogan Date: 08-Dec-02
I wouldn't go over 50# yet in any case.

How was the Groves bow?

From: wolfman Date: 08-Dec-02
The Groves Spitfire Firebird is really nice for what it costs($395). Not as fancy as some of the other custom bows, but I don't think the deer mind. It is a real fast shooter and smooth as well. I think it was a score for what it is. Definitely worth looking into.

From: Russ Date: 08-Dec-02
I'm currently shooting a PSE Intrepid with PSE carbon/wood limbs and like the combinaton very much. I' ve looked at the Kudu thought haven't shot it. It appears to be a good value but may not be the best bow available. PSE does have a great, no questions asked, replacement policy but if you don't like the bow to begin with it's of little consequence. Martin and Bear bows are good shooters. I'm a bit of a Fred Bear T/D fan myself. There are many great recurve bows available these days. One of my favorites is the Black Widow MA series. All these latter bows are a bit spendy.

From: Zapper Date: 10-Dec-02
Russ, I shot an MA2 for years, but found that I can use a much shorter sight window due to a decent amount of canting. I shoot an SA2 now and went with 4" shorter limbs's sweet. Z

From: Ghostman Date: 11-Dec-02

I'm interested in your Dreamcatcher.

Please email me at

From: Calabash Date: 11-Dec-02
Have had three PSE recurves.. All shot great, but they were made by Jeffery archery.. In the USA.. Owen Jeffery used to be a bowyer for Bear Archery in the old days.. They make very solid bows.. I have what they now call their Royal Hunter series. That being said.. The current PSE bows are not worth the money.. Your can get better buys on something else.. If you don't want a custom maker, you can not go wrong by buying a Martin.. Good Luck, Calabash

From: drbuck Date: 11-Dec-02
Thanks for all of the help guys. I am now looking into the martin hunter I saw a few posts here that speak well of this bow. I'm still a little stumped on which draw to chose. I have been shooting 65# on the compound and my current recurve is 45# at 28inches, but my draw is only about 25-26inches. The weight on my current recurve seems pretty light (I can hold at full draw for almost one minute). I will probably go up to the 55# which should give me about 45-50# at my draw.

From: mhogan Date: 11-Dec-02
Sounds reasonable to me.

From: Frisky Date: 14-Dec-02

Frisky 's Supporting Link

I too am looking for a new recurve. I'm watching ebay for a used bow, but I'm also leaning towards a new takedown. After reading threads here, it seems like the best deal on a new bow is probably a Check Mate TD recurve. The TD Hunter 2 is neat. Price $310. Everyone seems to rave about these bows. lay.cfm?GroupID=1&SubGroupID=8&Bra ndID=&PT=15

From: Canadian mist Date: 14-Dec-02
If anyone is looking for LH Recurves e mail me @ I have a couple of Bears which might be of intrest

From: Griz Date: 14-Dec-02
I have an older PSE Heritage made by Geoffrey. I've taken a number of deer an turkey with it but compeared to todays coustom bows it was a bit of a dog. but it was my first recuve and would not hesitate to use it for hunting today.

From: stitch Date: 18-Dec-02
I have a 50# Falcon TD recurve. Not too impressed.

From: dave wissehr Date: 19-Sep-08
I am looking for the brace height for a PSE Kudu, 60# 58".

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