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Simple, effective, cheap string stop
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Ironbow 08-Sep-09
aussie 09-Sep-09
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Mathew 09-Sep-09
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DaleM 21-Jan-10
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Reflex 21-Jan-10
From: Ironbow
I have a 2008 Diamond Marquis that came with a string stop off of the cable guard. I never liked it, it hit right where my kisser went. So I took it off, but noticed right away the string stop did add something to the bow. The 2009 Marquis came out with a lower string stop, so obviously I was not the only one that didn't like the upper one.

Funds being super tight right now, but wanting a string stop back on my bow, I went to the local hardware store and bought a 6" (5/16") bolt, nut and rubber stopper. I cut the head off the bolt, filed it smooth, then drilled a slightly smaller hole halfway through the rubber bumper. The rubber bumper fits on tight, and it is easy to adjust the bolt in the threaded insert below the handle to the exact length I want it. Tightened the nut, and put a little camo tape on it and it works like the $30-60 plus units. Total cost? $3.00. Took 15 minutes to cut the bolt, drill the hole, add the camo, and adjust it.

If you are wanting a string stopper but don't want to lay out the funds, here is a cheap way to do it.

Good hunting.

From: aussie
i like your idea ironbow and i'll give it a try. i made a string jig for about 15 bucks, got it off the internet, lots of good ideas out there

From: dustyvarmint
Good stuff Ironbow. dv

From: Mathew
what kind of rubber stopper did you use. picture would be nice.

From: bonecutter
Wonder if you could use one of the solid SIMS Limbsavers instead of the rubber stopper. Wally World had them on clearance a few days ago. I've been looking at the SIMS decelerators at Dicks but can't spend the 40bucks right now. I'm gonna have to give this a try.

From: TargetPanic
Good idea, all those factory accessories have sure gotten pricey.Somebody is making good money off some very simple concepts.

From: jay.s
yep good stuff ironbow, it would be good to have an on going thread on homemade tools and accessories of all kinds from bow presses to string silencers and everything in between. its all about saving money anymore.again ironbow good stuff.thanks!

From: DaleM
Just made up one of these for my bow. All in place but I was wondering just how much gap if any do you leave between the string and stop? Currently I have it adjusted to about 1/16th of an inch from the string.

From: kj
I've been making them for several years. Buy a buss cable rod. Cobra makes them for about $9. Cut it to length. Drill a hole in the end and install a fender washer with a screw ($.03) and stick on a sims limb saver. If you really want to go cheap, us a carbon arrow with the insert in lieu of the cobra buss cable rod. Screw in a fender washer and stick on the sims limb saver. On the other end, go to the store and purchase an allen screw (set screw) that will fit your bow stabilizer insert. Epoxy it in the other end of the shortened arrow and when dry, screw it in and you are ready to go. These work very well also. It is assumed you have a rear stabilizer mount in the back of your bow riser.

From: Reflex
That's true. It would take a little ingenuity to make one for the front mount like I would need for my reflex bow.

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