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Back from Stickflingers



Messages posted to thread:
TallTines 02-Jun-11
city hunter 02-Jun-11
Snapperman 03-Jun-11
Bou'bound 03-Jun-11
ryanrc 03-Jun-11
New York Bowman 03-Jun-11
Bernie1 03-Jun-11
Drahthaar 03-Jun-11
woodguy65 03-Jun-11
Shrewski 03-Jun-11
Jersey Todd 03-Jun-11
Bake 03-Jun-11
Shrewski 05-Jun-11
Herdbull 06-Jun-11
Herdbull 06-Jun-11
Ibow 06-Jun-11
PV 06-Jun-11
flyingbrass 06-Jun-11
Herdbull 07-Jun-11
PV 07-Jun-11
Trophy8 07-Jun-11
Herdbull 07-Jun-11
5575 07-Jun-11
Shrewski 09-Jun-11
Herdbull 10-Jun-11
Charlie Rehor 10-Jun-11
Jersey Todd 23-Jun-11

2016 bear hunting rifle
by MarcelCote

Boar & Sow
by MF

Archery Bear, Lake Douglas Newfoundland
by Zack

Black bear hunt Éric Pelletier 2016
by MarcelCote

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From: TallTines Date: 02-Jun-11

TallTines's embedded Photo

Just wanted to take a minute and give some feedback for a new sponsor here on Bowsite. My dad and I spent the last week of May hunting black bear hunt with Ryan Derlago of Stickflingers Manitoba Bowhunts. Ryan operates a top notch camp. I saw 33 bears in the first 3 days of hunting. The bear I killed on the 3rd evening squared 7'7". The skull green scored 21" and was missing 3 of the front teeth. Dad also killed his first bear on the trip as well. This area has not been hunted in several years. Everyone in camp saw very large bears and had the weather cooperated I'm sure more would have been tagged. Ryan is only taking 16 hunters per year and is focusing on trophy bears, not just having his clients shoot any bear so he can say he's 100%. That beind said, everyone in camp had multiple opportunities at bears and could have taken one had they chose to. The area also has a healthy population of color phase bears. Anyone looking for a great black bear hunt with great trophy potential should take a look at Stickflingers.

From: city hunter Date: 02-Jun-11
great bruin congras

From: Snapperman Date: 03-Jun-11
Do you have Stickfingers web page you can post?

Thanks, John

From: Bou'bound Date: 03-Jun-11
Great bear Brian

From: ryanrc Date: 03-Jun-11
Awesome, congrats! I wouldn't expect any less from Ryan's place. Post pics of your dads bear.

From: New York Bowman Date: 03-Jun-11

New York Bowman's embedded Photo

Here's a picture of the bear my son took with Ryan on his first week of hunting. My son also saw a blonde and a chocolate before taking this nice chocolate and cinnamon on the 2nd night. Lots of big bears around and Ryan is a first class person. His dad Ron is one of the most experienced guides in Canada and is a great guy and really looks after the hunters. His mom (and dad) are the camp cooks and you won't go hungry with great table fare. David is his main guide and he is a young energetic guy that will work his tail off for you. A great outfit all the way around.

From: Bernie1 Date: 03-Jun-11
Those are great bears, congrats!

I think you guys had a great guide also. I wish I could have made it out this year, but the timing just didn’t work. I’m planning for next though.

From: Drahthaar Date: 03-Jun-11
great bears,sounds like a fun hunt. Forrest

From: woodguy65 Date: 03-Jun-11
Awsome bears! Sounds like a top notch affair.

From: Shrewski Date: 03-Jun-11
I was with TallTines on that bear hunt at Stickflinger's. No time now, but will be back later with my thoughts. Will leave you with "first class" for now.

Here is the link:

From: Jersey Todd Date: 03-Jun-11

Jersey Todd's embedded Photo

I hunted with stickflingers first week and give them a 100% positive rating Had a great time watching 36 bears and passing several big mature boars waiting for a big colored bear. Got a nice bear the last 10 min, the last night. Everyone at stickflingers is a pleasure to spend time with and true proffesionals. Will post pics when I figure out how to convert them.

From: Bake Date: 03-Jun-11
Nice to see these pics and hear this positive news. I'd really like to do this hunt next spring with Ryan. We'll see


From: Shrewski Date: 05-Jun-11
As I said above, I was privileged to be in on Stickflingers first season. Of our group of 5, every one of us that hunted more than the first hour of the first evening had a close encounter with a bear in the same class as what Brian took.

I cannot tell you how impressed I was with Ryan's operation. He knows bears and more importantly for some he understands BIG bears. All the equipment was first class and I am still working on burning off all the calories I consumed!

Most important is he has a plan for the future to keep his area producing high quality bruins for many years to come.

From: Herdbull Date: 06-Jun-11

Herdbull's embedded Photo

Ryan, His father Ron, and David all took good care of us. I did not see as many bears as the other guys, but the stations I sat at all had big bear sign and I passed up a 6-footer waiting for the bear who was forcing a defined pod-trail into the earth. I finally got to see the big boar on the third day, but he was always straight or quarting on, leaving no shot. I think he would go over 7 foot and he had a long head. I will attach some photos of him from a set camera. One evening he came just after I left, and the other pic is of him just before I got to stand one afternoon. A great bear. This concession has great potential for good bears, and since Ryan is running bow only, it should stay that way. Mike

From: Herdbull Date: 06-Jun-11

Herdbull's embedded Photo

From: Ibow Date: 06-Jun-11
I'm about that far (index finger and thumb pinched tight together) to sending Ryan a deposit for next spring. Congrats to Ryan and all his hunters on a great spring.

From: PV Date: 06-Jun-11
See why you let the other bear walk Mike. I'd do the same with bears of that size in the area. You got a look at him. Any video? Paul

From: flyingbrass Date: 06-Jun-11
I'll add that I think he is a good outfitter after I talked to him. Safe place to go I think.

From: Herdbull Date: 07-Jun-11

Herdbull's embedded Photo

Paul, The dust and banging of the ride in must have messed up my camera. I got footage of the 6-footer, but the camera would not record when I had the really big guy in front of me. Ryan plays the wind a lot when setting up the stands and approach. He has multiple active baits for each client. It was a good experience for me. Brian Wessels Dad took this bear with one of Brian's Tall Tines long bows. Mike

From: PV Date: 07-Jun-11
Great picture Mike ! Sorry to hear about your footage but I sure know how that happens... Last fall in MB I had packed the camera and lowered the bow (getting down early as the bugs were fierce and no repellent or net) when a booner came in.I'll be giving Ryan a call for next spring.I was impressed with Brian bows last year at Denton. Having built a few myself I don't impress easily....

thanks for taking us along.. Paul

From: Trophy8 Date: 07-Jun-11
Glad everyone has had a great experience with Ryan. Shouldn't expect anything else from him, he put in a lot hard hours into getting things going. will only get better!

From: Herdbull Date: 07-Jun-11
PV. When filming for our Essential Encounters DVD during a fall Manitoba bear hunt, I sat my camera on my day-pack and filmed myself washing up in steam after taking my bear. When I looked back to see if I was still in frame, I saw that the pack had shifted and my camera was gone! It rolled down the bank into the river. The camera was toast, but I was able to retieve the footage of my hunt. You can see the results in the out-takes section of the bonus features. Ha! Bear hunting is a lot of fun, but filming isn't always easy. Ha!

From: 5575 Date: 07-Jun-11
Nice job guys!

From: Shrewski Date: 09-Jun-11
Just got a text from one of this week's hunters. 100% in 3 days. He was pretty happy!

From: Herdbull Date: 10-Jun-11
Yes I heard the same thing and that 3 out of 6 were green taped above P&Y minimum. Good for them.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 10-Jun-11
Excellent, congrats to the hunters and Ryan! I love when a Bowsiter hosts Bowsiters! C

From: Jersey Todd Date: 23-Jun-11

Jersey Todd's embedded Photo

My last day bore going back in 2013

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