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Can you hunt deer in the rain?
Whitetail Deer
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Derby 12-Nov-12
bowyer45 12-Nov-12
RickWhit 12-Nov-12
Pyrannah 12-Nov-12
AndyB 12-Nov-12
Scotty 12-Nov-12
Jeff Lebowski 12-Nov-12
ishi 12-Nov-12
ExtremeZ7 12-Nov-12
Ilhunter123 12-Nov-12
APauls 12-Nov-12
StrutNut 13-Nov-12
Bake 13-Nov-12
Buckeye_Hunter 14-Nov-12
Speedgoat 0815 14-Nov-12
Bill in MI 14-Nov-12
Pat Lefemine 14-Nov-12
Thornton 14-Nov-12
Ollie 15-Nov-12
woodguy65 15-Nov-12
TD 16-Nov-12
From: Derby
Is it very productive to hunt deer when it is raining?

From: bowyer45
Not always comfortable but very good sneakhunting in the lighter rains. In a light rain especially in hot weather deer seem to getup and feed right thru it and seem less alert.

From: RickWhit
I normally don't hunt while it is raining. Just concerned about a blood trail that might get washed away.

From: Pyrannah
hunt as much as work and wife will let me regardless... unless super downpour

From: AndyB
I have done it some with one of those treestand umbrella gizmos. Deer seem to be more at ease and less jumpy than usual in a light rain.

From: Scotty
I've shot two bucks in the rain.

As long as I dont feel like I am getting wet yes I hunt. If water is going to be dripping off my cap then no. Love hunting but wont get miserable.

From: ishi
Had a great hunt in the rain just today.

From: ExtremeZ7
Love hunting in light misty rain. Shot my biggest buck to date in the rain. plus it keeps your scent down

From: Ilhunter123
I am hesitant to hunt in the rain because of the inability to blood trail the deer. There is enough pressure dropping the sting on a shooter, separate from having to have him drop within sight!

With that being said, I don't make trips in the rain. But if it starts raining, and is not a flat out down pour, I stay on stand.

From: APauls
Shot my biggest typical in a light rain. Before the snow flies - a light rain or drizzle is my favourite whitetail killin weather!

Sure you can hunt and be productive in the rain.. The rain can also wash out a good blood trail before you can follow it.

Then you can get a tracking dog and go find him tomorrow.

From: StrutNut
I have limited time to hunt each year so I hunt when I can no matter what the weather. I like a light rain/mist as the deer seem to move better all day. I also will opt for the double bull over the lone wolf as I will be more comfortable and can last longer. As mentioned, when the heavy rain stops the deer move well and I am already there and ready. Movement is almost immediate with deer, turkey and black bear after a heavy rain. After heavy snow the deer really move as well.

From: Bake
I'm like Strutnut, I have limited time, so I hunt when I can, regardless of weather. I LOVE a light/drizzly rain in November. Bucks will move like crazy in my experience

I will even hunt downpours. Lots of time, immediately following a downpour, deer will move.


Deer have been living in with rain of all kinds for hundreds and hundreds of years... I can't imagine it has all that much effect on them.

Tough to blood trail but right after a light sprinkle is when i have shot my two biggest bucks.

From: Bill in MI
Killed a doe during light to med rain this year. Had the easiest blood trail I've had ever. For some reason the blood popped out more for this color blind guy. She went 70 yards as it turned out but I didn't see or hear her fall so I duitifully found the impact sight and trailed from step 1. I could follow it at a fast walk.

Secondly, the foot prints and turned up leaves were far easier to see in the rain soften ground. I suppose it allowed me to connect the dots even easier.

Strange I know...

From: Pat Lefemine
Killed my first buck on my NY property in a downpour. They do move but its miserable and tracking is near impossible.

From: Thornton
If you know how to stalk, a light rain is ideal. I have gotten very close to deer in these conditions because it is noisy and every leaf in the woods is twitching. The deer are less likely to notice you since there is so much movement and noise in the woods already. The leaves on the ground are wet which makes them very quiet to walk on. Usually the deer will be on their feet and when the rain stops, they will begin moving again which makes for good stand hunting.

From: Ollie
How good are you at finding a dead deer with no blood trail? That is what you may have to contend with if you shoot one during a heavy rain. I think there are ethical considerations to contemplate regarding hunting in heavy rain.

From: woodguy65
Heavy rain, blowing, etc no, light rain absolutely. You especially want to be there when it stops, light rain won't slow them at all.

From: TD
Plenty of places I hunt, if you aren't willing to hunt in the rain then you just don't hardly ever hunt. Several of my best deer are in the rain. Have lost a couple that we lost the blood in the rain. Lost a pretty good one this year. Plenty we found.

Two things.

Gotta hit em good. Perfect shots or your work is cut out...

And you can't kill anything from the couch but time.....

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