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Gerbings vest or back wrap
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Slivrstkr 20-Nov-12
Rocky D 20-Nov-12
OFFHNTN 20-Nov-12
kota-man 20-Nov-12
Mark Watkins 20-Nov-12
GAFFER1 20-Nov-12
Slivrstkr 22-Nov-12
Charlie Rehor 23-Nov-12
From: Slivrstkr
I'm interested in trying either the vest or back wrap. I like the idea of the back wrap for support while sitting and keeping my kidneys warm. But I like the idea of the vest to keep my upper torso warm. Anyone have experience with either. Also did you upgrade the battery packs?

From: Rocky D
I got the vest and was not impressed. My brother gave down underwear and thats the ticket. I change at the base of the tree. Just my experience...

I ordered the vest last week, should be able to give a report soon.


From: kota-man
I've got the vest, but labored over the same decision. I still may get a wrap to reduce bulk.

I didn't upgrade battery packs. I may however buy and extra battery just to have two.

If you keep your kidneys warm, I think your upper torso will be warm.

If I had to do it all over again, I would probably go with just the wrap simply due to having less bulk when layering.

From: Mark Watkins
I have both. The Gerbing vest works well. However, if you live in a northern climate and hunt late season, you must have two batteries for much of a sit. The challenge for me was changing out the battery (as the vest is a mid layer) and changing any heat temp setting. It was miserable (for me) to dig through my clothing to get to the controls (too much movement in a whitetail stand).

The wrap (with chemical heaters) is the ticket and is the only one I use now when it is sub 10 F.

Good luck,


I have the vest and a second battery for all day hunts in the cold. I moved the battery from the lower pocket to the upper slash pocket so I can get to it by unzipping my coat. I wear it ontop of my innermost layer. Everything else goes on top. Made my season this year, wish I had this years ago.

From: Slivrstkr
After looking further at their products online they offer a vest liner that is very thin and supposed to be worn over your inner layer. They also offer an additional battery 4 times larger than what the liner comes with that is intended to give you full heat (135 degrees) for 8 hours. This seams like the ultimate set up. Going to order in the am for my late season hunt in North Dakota.

Gaffer: Great idea I will do that today! That releases the only small burden! Thx

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