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late season decoy



Messages posted to thread:
Mike in Mo. 20-Dec-12
Foodplot 21-Dec-12
Kicker Point 21-Dec-12
Ty 22-Dec-12
Mike in Mo. 22-Dec-12

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From: Mike in Mo. Date: 20-Dec-12
I have never used a decoy in the late season, I have one question, thought I would run it through here for some info.

I have one question, should I leave the horns on the decoy or take them off, I am looking for a good buck only.

Thanks and good hunting Mike in MO.

From: Foodplot Date: 21-Dec-12
I have used them in late season and have good luck.Use a buck only decoy.

From: Kicker Point Date: 21-Dec-12
They can work good in late season. Yes, food is key, but sometimes it's hard to set up where they're coming out. A decoy on the field edge can get some curious visitors.

From: Ty Date: 22-Dec-12
Just curious why you said to use a buck decoy only; I would think a doe would have worked better. I have never tried anything but bait in late season so wouldn't know.

From: Mike in Mo. Date: 22-Dec-12
I know pretty much where the deer are coming out into the field, problem this time of the year, I will stand out like a sore thumb anywhere I set up near the field.

I was hoping to distract the deer from looking up and keep thier attention low, not sure if horns will help or it slick head is better.

Thanks for the info and good huntin Mike in Mo.

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Subject: RE: late season decoy

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