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Cabelas employee discount????



Messages posted to thread:
Striker@home 25-Dec-12
Charlie Rehor 25-Dec-12
shark 25-Dec-12
BTcaribou 25-Dec-12
Striker@home 25-Dec-12
shark 25-Dec-12
Bushwacker 25-Dec-12
Z Barebow 25-Dec-12
Brotsky 26-Dec-12
Brian Swartz 26-Dec-12
MattBoyd 26-Dec-12
Brotsky 26-Dec-12
llamapacker 26-Dec-12
wilbur 26-Dec-12
sir misalots 26-Dec-12
AndyK 26-Dec-12
Z Barebow 27-Dec-12
CurveBow 27-Dec-12
Striker@home 16-Jan-13
Z Barebow 16-Jan-13
Rockstarr 16-Jan-13

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From: Striker@home Date: 25-Dec-12
I received a discount coupon/flyer in the mail advertising Cabela's employee discount. Does anyone know what that translates into in terms of a percent off? There are no details given other then the title of it being an employee discount and I'm trying to figure out if it really is a good deal. Anyone?

From: Charlie Rehor (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 25-Dec-12
I've been buying off and on from Cabelas for about 35 years and have never seen an "employee discount" offer. That said if it is legit it is likely a good deal as Cabelas employees (like us) could check the retail prices on line or in a store and compare the discount %. I would think anything greater than 25% is a good deal! Good luck!

From: shark Date: 25-Dec-12
They do it 4 or 5 times a year here in Boise. The biggest discounts are on Cabelas brand items, usually around 30% if its not already on sale. On other brands it may be anywhere from 15 to 25%. This is when I try to buy my stuff. This also applies to firearms although I have never bought firearms there and not sure of the discounts. Check it out if you need something

From: BTcaribou Date: 25-Dec-12
I have a sister-in -law that works at Cabelas. The discount amount depends on if Cabelas name is on the item or not. 25% to 30% is average,They also get their discount in the bargain barn.

From: Striker@home Date: 25-Dec-12
It's definitely a legit offer as it came on one of their 6x9 cards and clearly states that it applies to everything in the store EXCEPT bargain cave merchandise and cannot be combined with any other offer. I've been in the market for Vortex binoculars and this may be the time for me to act. Even a 10% discount would be $120.00 on the Razor model.

From: shark Date: 25-Dec-12
My buddy bought the vortex at the last friends and family sale around thanksgiving and he saved a bunch

From: Bushwacker Date: 25-Dec-12
Awww man, I thought I was the ONLY one to get the card!!! :)

From: Z Barebow Date: 25-Dec-12
I received the card in the mail also.

I have a tent which I have been eyeing for a while. Might be the time to pull the trigger on a Kodiak!

From: Brotsky Date: 26-Dec-12
I received one as well and was looking at adding some elctronics to the boat for spring. If anyone uses there's and has an idea on what kind of discount to expect and can post it would be much appreciated!

From: Brian Swartz Date: 26-Dec-12
Brotsky, I have used them a few times and the dicount really depends on the company and the margins.

The best way to know is call the store before you drive there and tell hem you have a discount card and have them check the price. It is easiest if you get a part number from the website then read it to them that way you know they are looking up the right part.

There are some great discounts and some not so good. Hope this helps.

From: MattBoyd Date: 26-Dec-12
I worked at the one in Buda TX for a couple of years when I was in college. The discount ranged from 10%-%40 depending on the item. The good stuff like guns is 10%. For the average item you can expect 20-30% off.

From: Brotsky Date: 26-Dec-12
Appreciate the responses guys. One time we received the "employee discount" as a group for a local conservation organization I'm a part of. I did save some pretty nice coin on a new set of guidewear with the Cabela's brand on it. It was worth the trip for that alone. Guess I'll "have" to make a trip over to the store to check it out. Ha!

From: llamapacker Date: 26-Dec-12
Remember the discount applies to regular priced items. Many times their good sale prices are cheaper than the employee discount. I used my card on Dec 24, and got roughly 10-20% off a variety of small miscellaneous items. It generally gives the best discount on Cabelas brand items, as mentioned earlier. Bill

From: wilbur Date: 26-Dec-12
It is just a marketing scheme to part you of your hard earned cash. Cabela's is high on most of the items that they sell. How do you think they can afford the flying air planes and mountains with mounts displayed in their stores? Buyer beware, do your research.

From: sir misalots Date: 26-Dec-12
it depends on the item 10-30% There can be good deals, you just have to see what it scans!

From: AndyK Date: 26-Dec-12
I got one as well. Wish i could use it online! Profits must have been lower than expected around the holidays, trying to get more sales for the year.

From: Z Barebow Date: 27-Dec-12
I just called to the nearest store (It is a 70 mile drive). They didn't have my tent in stock (Kodiak 10x14) but offered to order it in. I asked would the discount still apply and he stated it would.(I asked because they needed to order in vs in stock item) They would adjust the price (From $599 to $509). So I ordered in a sleeping bag liner also. I asked if I could apply my points and he also said "yes".

So in a little over a week, I will be picking up a tent and liner for ZERO out of pocket cost. I like it!

From: CurveBow Date: 27-Dec-12
I have gotten these cards on two occasions. One was for "in store" only. Unfortunately, the closest stores are a hump away. I'm not sure if the second and most recent one was this way too or not.... Sounds interesting though. Tis the season for more 223 ammo....


From: Striker@home Date: 16-Jan-13
Just an FYI, if anyone else gets this discount in the future, it's really quite a deal. I bought a set of Vortex Razor binoculars and got $180 knocked off the price (15%). That's a deal in my boat on a non-Cabelas branded product!

From: Z Barebow Date: 16-Jan-13
I scored (Noted above). Our director lives in Grand Forks and picked up my stuff at the store and delivered to my workplace. By using my points, I received Kodiak Tent and Sea 2 Summit Sleeping bag liner for less than $600 with sales tax. (Zero out of pocket by using points)

From: Rockstarr Date: 16-Jan-13
I walked in on one of these sales. Just happened to say to the sales person, can I have you price on this item? Then he replied one moment, reached behind the counter and grabbed a card. The card invited me to shop at employee prices. I dropped around $2000.00 and saved $500.00 . The right question at the right time. I would go to this sale again. rc

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Subject: RE: Cabelas employee discount????

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