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G5 Prime Bows---Thoughts?
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From: JJJ
Just wondering if anyone has shot the G5 Prime bows and what your thoughts are on them? A friend recommended I shoot one before I buy anything else. The Impact, new in 2013, is what he suggested.

From: milnrick
I've got a Prime Shift that I'm quite pleased with. THe bow is well balanced and shoots well. I think they're a good value for the investment.

From: butcherboy
My brother shoots a G5 Prime. He recommended i shoot one so I went to a shop and shot the G5 and Hoyt carbon element side by side. I chose the Hoyt because I liked the feel of it better. He loves his G5 though and it does shoot great.

From: tech1
The 2012's I test shot were very nice.

From: MTcountryboy
Nice bows....grip felt a little weird to me,

For the same money you could shoot a hoyt or a bowtech. The same two G5's have been hanging on the wall at the local archery shop, while the hoyt's, bowtech's, mathew's, and PSE's fly off the shelves.

there are probably better bows for the money, but to each his own, if it feels better than anything else....that's your bow.

From: city hunter
I shot one last yr at a 3d shoot it was ok at best it didnt float my boat , like MTcountryboy said for that kinds of coin id look hard at a hoyt !

From: HDE
I got a Prime because the mechanical aptitude made sense, reduce axle torsion and cam lean. Does it really make a difference, I think so. There are a lot of bows out there that shoot really well as long as you have good form. For me, I will not shoot another single cam bow again, I just don't like them. The G5 I shoot now feels much better than the Matthews I shot earlier. I don't have the luxury to shoot different models or brands since I am a lefty.

From: JJJ
Thanks fro the responses. I haven't been able to shoot one yet but am looking forward to comparing. I like that you get new cables and strings every 2 years, free from G5.

From: RLong
Nice Bows. I prefer the G5 Quest bows over the Prime though.

From: JJJ
Anyone else?

From: milnrick
JJJ - to RLong's point, you may want to check out G5's Rogue. You'll get high end performance at a reasonable price. Millie (Lady Bowhunter) shoots both the Rogue and their '09 model HPS 31, I think you'll be pleased with the performance of either brand bow.

From: Guideboy
Does the Drive have the same cam design as the Prime bows?

From: howie
I have a centroid and it is a pleasure to shoot, not a speed bow, very accurate. Can't see me buying another bow!

From: JJJ
The Quest bows do not have the Parallel Cam found on the Prime bows. I will look at the Quest, also.

From: wolverine
I tried all brands, and went with a left over 2012 Centroid, awesome bow!

From: JJJ
The Impacts and Defy's are showing up at the archery shop. Should have a 29.5" in soon!

From: NE3DShooter
I love the prime bows. I have a Centroid set up for 3D shoots and a Shift for hunting. Very comfortable, smooth drawing, and balanced. Prior to Prime I shot Martin, PSE, Diamond, Hoyt and Matthews. They all have their pluses and minuses. I just found a stronger plus column with the Prime. Shoot what fits and forget the brand attachment.

From: mainbrdr
I love my Centroid! I am more accurate with it than any bow I have previously owned. That is what is important to me!

From: Juan_ID
PRIME DEFY is the best shooting bow I have ever shot. Looking forward to playing with it this season for sure!

From: MJH
I shot the Defy, and really liked it.

From: Bear Track

Bear Track's Link
This past weekend in Cleveland, I shot a bunch of bows. That Prime is a real nice bow. G5 had a bow in camo pink that Jeannine shot, and was the only one they had and had not made it to the shelves yet. The owner of G5 will be bringing one of them up to give her on his hunt next year. The Prime is the smoothest bow I've shot in some time and you may think you're shooting a long bow when you try it, cause it's got "0" vibration or shock when you release the arrow.

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