Eastern Sportsman show cancelled
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From: NYbob
I just recieved an e mail from the show telling me they are refunding my money for the advanced tickets I had purchased as they are cancelling the show!! I believe that means we WON!!

From: Bou'bound
Great news thanks for sharing Bob.

From: Notnormal

From: Buckstopper
Did we really win or did the anti hunters?

While I believe the show organizers made a huge error in the initial ban on certain firearms in the long run I believe the hunting community is the big looser.

From: sbschindler
+1 Buckstopper

From: jdee
I don't think the hunting community lost a thing. We need to stand up and now is the time. What do you think members of congress think of this ? It tells them just maybe americans have had enough of us too. Have you ever thought of what millions of americans have had to do to make this country what it is/was ? Our freedoms don't come cheap. It takes alot of sacrifice to have them.

From: pointingdogs
Way to go boys and girls,,, message sent.

good luck to all the dog

From: Busta'Ribs
This is one of those cant win situations.

From: Jack Harris
agree with busta - America lost the day those children were senselessly murdered in Newtown, there are no winners.... However we must defend the second amendment... I thought perhaps there was some room for compromise, but probably not...

Whoa...Never would have thought!

From: Woods Walker
Compromise on a right we were BORN with? No way.

It's either a right or it's not. If a GOVERNMENT can take it from you as a law abiding American then it's not a right at all but a government granted privilege...like a fishing license.

I have a right to self defense...with ARMS...I don't need a government, an organization, or anyone/thing to grant it to me.


From: 3 points
To lose our Second Amendment would mean our Founding Fathers fought in vain and if we allow that to happen, we will regret it as long as our offspring live.

From: wilhille
Jdee what have you sacrificed? I am sure it is a lot, since such a profound statement cannot be said without merit.

I understand the Mayor of Harrisburg made a statement basically blasting gun owners.. Can anyone verify?

From: RK
I guess the mayor would make a statement like that considering what an economic disaster it is for Harrisburg. Obviously a liberal though in not blaming Reed for making such a dumb decision.

The devastating effect on the city economically will hopefully lead to no other dumb decisions like Reed made this time. Certainly a wakeup call for those that think disarming the American Society will be an easy thing.

From: Junglecat
The mayor of Harrisburg just happens to be very anti-gun.Dont be so sure she didnt have some input on Reed banning those guns to begin with.I have no idea that she did but it seems possible.

From: stickflngr
I've been watching this and didn't know about the mayor, but if she is so anti gun then it shouldn't surprise her when lawful gun owners/sportsmen stand up for there 2nd amendment rights and see fit to NOT spend there hard earned dollars in her city......

From: Kevin Dill
Harrisburg is a city facing bankruptcy under the leadership of this mayor. Is it a wonder that she would be upset over the loss of revenue to the city?

From: Bob H in NH
There is a win here, but it comes with significant costs: - all hotels/restaraunts/bars in the area, lost income - vendors who lost income, many of which may severely hurt them this year - outfitters who lost income, many of which may severely hurt them this year

Was it a win? Yes, but a better "win" would have been the show changes their stance and the show goes on.

Brad from the PA Page found the Press Release from the Mayor:

The mayor's office issued this statement:

"It is unfortunate that Reed Exhibitions of Norwalk, Conn., has made the business decision to postpone the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show scheduled for the City of Harrisburg in February.

"It is also unfortunate that legal gun owners and the many families who have enjoyed a long tradition of hunting in the beautiful rural environment around the region will be deprived of this major event because of a controversy caused by firearms manufacturers who profit from the sale of weapons designed for the mass killing of human beings.

"Many regional arms and outdoor vendors and related services have been hurt by the postponement as well. This kind of conflict within the firearms community is the result of years of polarization between the majority American sportsmen and hunters who exercise their constitutional right to bear arms and at the same time favor reasonable illegal gun controls, and a minority of NRA members who refuse to recognize the very real problem of illegal military style weaponry and the mass havoc such weapons facilitate."

From: Brad Gehman
I believe this show will rise from the ashes.

I do not know in what form, but, I'd pewrsonally like to see hunting and conservation orgs from PA for a coporation to create a show, hire a co-ordinator, and have the show next February.

Profits from the show would be split among the organizations to further fund hunting and conservation in Pennsylvania.


Yeah, yeah, we'll let folks from other states in as well. LOL

But you get the idea.....

From: Junglecat
Check out this link on the mayor.She was in Washington with the President.Read down the page to where it talks about it on some of the other links.


From: Seminole
There will be other States that want this business now. Believe me... :)

From: Glunt@work
Wow...the candidate pool for Mayor must be shallow in Harrisburg, or she's way out left. No one who should know as much about the details of this situation as she should could reasonably come up with that statement and actually believe it, regardless of political stance.

",,,weapons designed for the mass killing of human beings"? ,,,reasonable illegal gun controls..." ? "...illegal military style weaponry and the mass havoc such weapons facilitate"?

From: Woods Walker
What I find hysterical is when people like her first state..."I believe in the second amendment right to keep and bear arms", and then in the next breath starts talking about what SHE thinks we should or shouldn't be able to have. WHAAAAA?????????

What a disengenuous liar. If she'd just come right out and say that she DOES NOT think we have an individual right to keep and bear arms I'd have more respect for her....she's still WRONG, but at least she'd be honest.

It's like saying that, "I think all people should be free from bondage and have all the rights associated with being an American" and then in the next sentence say, "But some races in some areas that still need slave labor should still be in bondage." Both are just as wrong, and just as un-American. You CANNOT have it both ways!

The right to keep and bear arms is an inalieable American birthright. Deal with it, or find some other country to live in where the people aren't quite so free!

From: Woods Walker
Maybe another way to look at this would be ask folks like her....

"Do we have your attention now???"

From: TCOguide
Make no mistake, this show cancellation will get the attention of alot people around the nation. It is a example of what can happen on the rare occasion when citizens stand up and take action for what is right. Nothing gets attention any quicker than hitting someones pocketbook. Gun owners should be proud.

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