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Best drop away rest



Messages posted to thread:
BigBamaBoy65 01-Apr-13
Ermine 01-Apr-13
Bou'bound 01-Apr-13
Bowfreak 01-Apr-13
solo 01-Apr-13
Fulldraw1972 01-Apr-13
Tilzbow 01-Apr-13
sundowner 01-Apr-13
BigBamaBoy65 01-Apr-13
Bullhound 01-Apr-13
kota-man 01-Apr-13
city hunter 01-Apr-13
Backpack Hunter 01-Apr-13
Bowboy 01-Apr-13
HuntnBigGame 01-Apr-13
Florida Mike 01-Apr-13
wild1 01-Apr-13
BigBamaBoy65 01-Apr-13
Ermine 01-Apr-13
Jack Harris 01-Apr-13
JW 01-Apr-13
Rayzor 01-Apr-13
10gaugemag 01-Apr-13
x-man 01-Apr-13
MJH 02-Apr-13
BigBamaBoy65 02-Apr-13
MBMule 02-Apr-13
BigBamaBoy65 02-Apr-13
Cope 02-Apr-13
Pyrannah 02-Apr-13
Pyrannah 02-Apr-13
Olink 02-Apr-13
>>>--arrow1--> 03-Apr-13
nanuke22 03-Apr-13
Pyrannah 03-Apr-13
BigBamaBoy65 03-Apr-13
stringgunner 04-Apr-13
Tilzbow 04-Apr-13
Pyrannah 04-Apr-13
Bullhound 04-Apr-13
Pyrannah 04-Apr-13
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From: BigBamaBoy65 Date: 01-Apr-13
I have a whisker biscuit on my bow right now, but I am about to buy some new stuff. I'm going to buy a Sword 3rd plane sight, a helical clamp for Jojan jig, 3 inch fusion vanes, either pin nock or uni system, and lastly a new rest. I want to know what rest you prefer idc if its $400, whats the best rest money can buy. If I'm going to spend money on something, I'm going to like it instead of saving money. And also would like to know if I should go to pin nock, uni system or just keep what I have for hunting.

Thanks, Nick

From: Ermine Date: 01-Apr-13
Hamskea Versa Rest for sure! Pricey but well worth it! Built like a tank and able to shoot in 4 different configurations.

From: Bou'bound Date: 01-Apr-13
I am a QAD Ultrarest fan personally

From: Bowfreak Date: 01-Apr-13
I like Vaportrails.

From: solo Date: 01-Apr-13
The one i took off! Went back to my nap3000 after many high end drop aways. If i dint like my two prong so much i would go to a whisker biscuit. Ther seems to be alot of people takeing there drop aways off and going to the new whisker biscuit. Good luck

From: Fulldraw1972 Date: 01-Apr-13
I am a QAD guy myself. Great warranty. If it breaks take it to a dealer and they will put a new rest on. No having to send it in.

From: Tilzbow (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 01-Apr-13
Hamskea Versa Rest without a doubt.

From: sundowner Date: 01-Apr-13
QAD. You can shoot whatever degree of helical you want, you can do a slow letdown and the rest stays up, the rest is quiet, easy to tune, dependable, and full vane clearance, even with the fastest bows.

From: BigBamaBoy65 Date: 01-Apr-13
Should I go for limb or down cable driven? Bows IBO is 314 fps. I'm leaning towards qad hdx but still want opinions.

From: Bullhound Date: 01-Apr-13
I used QAD's (cable driven) for a number of years. Had to try Limbdriver (limb driven) couple years ago. Now, I put Limbdrivers on all my bows and each bow I set up for friends. They are just so easy to tune and have never had a failure. I had one failure with QAD. I do like the full up option of the QAD for spot and stalk slightly better.

From: kota-man Date: 01-Apr-13
I went with the Limb Driven Trophy Taker Smack Down Pro and after using several different drop aways, it is the only one I really like better than my old trusty WB.

From: city hunter Date: 01-Apr-13
Limbdriver why would u want to tie anything to yr cables ? I gave up on them QAD to many contact issues .

From: Backpack Hunter Date: 01-Apr-13
QAD HD has worked well for me. Easy to set up, easy to tune, stays up on slow let down, reliable, and has a lifetime warranty if you ever need it.

From: Bowboy Date: 01-Apr-13
Trophy Taker FC Pro Etreme. Built like a tank and really quiet.

From: HuntnBigGame Date: 01-Apr-13
QAD Ultrarest

From: Florida Mike Date: 01-Apr-13
Vapor trails Limb Driver. I haven't tried the new full containment LD but its probly as good as the old standard. Most guys compare their brand rest to a Limb Driver for a reason.... Mike

From: wild1 Date: 01-Apr-13
Another vote for the Trophy Taker FC Extreme. I've had it on my bow for three years and not one problem (through some tough hunts too).

From: BigBamaBoy65 Date: 01-Apr-13
Is the new trophy taker quiet and is it easy to tune?

From: Ermine Date: 01-Apr-13
Limbdriven is the way to go in my opinion. Hamskea versa rest is as good as it gets. Trust me! I've owned alot of rests over the years.

From: Jack Harris Date: 01-Apr-13
my pro shop swears by QAD and they move and tune a ton of bows here in NJ. I switched and could not be more pleased...

Never seen a Hamskea - but those endorsing them sure know their stuff so if I were back on the market I would heed that advice as well.

Look at both!

From: JW Date: 01-Apr-13
Limb driven, Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro.

From: Rayzor Date: 01-Apr-13
Ditto to QAD. I have 3 of them and have thousands of shots across them with no failures. I like to be able to let down without the rest dropping too.

From: 10gaugemag Date: 01-Apr-13
Vaportrail. Either standard Limbdriver or Pro V. I had the Limbdriver and just had to try the Pro V. Both great rests but wish I had kept my money and the Limbdriver.

From: x-man Date: 01-Apr-13
The newest Vaportrail Limbdriver has the springsteel launcher like the original which allows the rest to be used as a standard rest should the cord ever get cut on a backcountry hunt. It also has the ability to tie to either top or bottom limb(new). It has micro adjustments(new), and zero slop tolerance making it the only rest in the industry can be used as a top limb drop away, bottom limb drop away, or as a lizard tongue target rest(3 interchangeable launcher blades from containment launcher to lizard tongue).

No other rest that I'm aware of offers all these things.

From: MJH Date: 02-Apr-13
The QAD HDX is a great rest, if that is what you are looking at.

From: BigBamaBoy65 Date: 02-Apr-13
Ok its down to Trophy Taker Smack Down FC, VaporTrail LimbDriver Pro V, and QAD HDX. Which is quietest and easiest to use/tune?

From: MBMule Date: 02-Apr-13
I can't speak for the QAD, I've never used it, but I've tried both the Limbdriver and the Trophy Taker and went back to the Limbdriver. It was quieter, easier to set up and would stay tuned whereas the Trophy Taker seemed to go out of adjustment every once in a while. The rest tension is very easy to adjust on the Limbdriver, and it seems to give me a little more forgiveness for whatever reason if I have the spring tension set just high enough to hold the arrow up at full draw. Between the Trophy Taker and the Limbdriver Pro V, I'd go with the Limbdriver. I don't know why they didn't come out with a full containment version years ago.

From: BigBamaBoy65 Date: 02-Apr-13
Trophy Taker is built stronger, and thats important to me so thats the one I'll probably get. Im going to go to the shop and shoot both and then I'll decide. Thanks for your input guys!

From: Cope Date: 02-Apr-13
The trophy taker extreme fc is awesome! Easiest rest to tune there is. Plus it guides the arrow much longer than qad rests. I love mine!

From: Pyrannah Date: 02-Apr-13
saw some you tube videos of limb driver and trophy taker under high speed film and looked like they bounce up after the shot... think maybe they are just not set up correctly or what?? just seems wierd to me but seems like a lot of support here for both though....

From: Pyrannah Date: 02-Apr-13
saw some you tube videos of limb driver and trophy taker under high speed film and looked like they bounce up after the shot... think maybe they are just not set up correctly or what?? just seems wierd to me but seems like a lot of support here for both though....

From: Olink Date: 02-Apr-13
The Hamskea Versarest. Nothing else is even close.

From: >>>--arrow1--> Date: 03-Apr-13

From: THE ELK REAPER Date: 03-Apr-13
Hamskea Versa Rest

From: nanuke22 Date: 03-Apr-13
Hamske Versa rest!! You will thank us later, hands down the easiest and best rest out there!!

From: Pyrannah Date: 03-Apr-13

Pyrannah's Supporting Link

here is one i was talking bout... the plate flips back up???

From: BigBamaBoy65 Date: 03-Apr-13
I really want containment drop away because it's a hunting bow. What's so special about this versa rest? If limbdriver made a micro adjust pro v, it would be on my bow. I just don't want to buy one and then later wish I bought the other. Again guys thanks for your input!

From: stringgunner Date: 04-Apr-13
So wondering for those using a limb driven rest, when I was looking at them today, I was a bit concerned about the cord running half the length of the bow to either limb as opposed to just a couple inches to one of the cables? Seems like it would get caught on things (i.e. moving through brush, etc.)? Or does most quivers shield it? Just curious from those who use one?

From: Tilzbow Date: 04-Apr-13
The versa rest is extremely well made and can be set up any way you can imagine. The thing is built better than most bows and tough as a tank.

They come in a full containment model that was released this year and that's the one I'm using. I've owned and used the QAD and the AAE Pro Drop and although they're both good the Versa Rest is heads and shoulders better than anything I've used.

After using a limb driven rest I won't go back to a cable driven rest. There are simply too many advantages to the limb driven set up, the quiver seems to protect the cord and it'd be easy enough to replace in the field if it got damaged and replacing wouldn't affect tune one bit. The cord is the only draw back to the limb driven rests. Everything X-man said about his preferred rest in a post above can be said about the Versa Rest except it doesn't have micro adjust which IMO isn't really needed.

From: Pyrannah Date: 04-Apr-13
how do the limb driven rests work?? I was looking for a you tube or something but couldn't find any good info...

what are the advantages??


From: Bullhound Date: 04-Apr-13

Limb driven rests are attached to the limb via the cord. The cord to the limb holds the launcher arm down until you draw the bow. when bow is draw, limb flexes towards rest and releases the tension on launcher arm, which lets the spring tension in the rest itself raise the launcher arm/arrow to proper position. When the string is dumped, cams roll and limb springs back to brace position, pulling the launcher back down out of the way. It does NOT spring back up. what you are seeing in the video is the repeated cycle of that portion of the shot sequence. Advantages of Limb driven rests, like Limbdrivers, is the fact that they cannot come out of time, unless your limb breaks! Since they are not tied to any cable, you can change your entire string and cable set without ever needing to adjust the rest, therefore, re-tuning your bow with new threads is much easier and timing your rest over again is not an issue at all. those are a couple advantages of them.

From: Pyrannah Date: 04-Apr-13
Great.. thanks for the info bullhound.. that was perfect

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