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Antler Rubbing Post?



Messages posted to thread:
Hunt98 10-Apr-13
Rock 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer 10-Apr-13
beltbull 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer 10-Apr-13
trkytrack 10-Apr-13
vmcfadden 10-Apr-13
vmcfadden 10-Apr-13
t-roy 11-Apr-13
t-roy 11-Apr-13
Mark Watkins 11-Apr-13
Shiras 11-Apr-13
Hunt98 11-Apr-13
Lee 11-Apr-13
t-roy 11-Apr-13
t-roy 11-Apr-13
Hunt98 12-Apr-13
JUSTHUNT1 12-Apr-13
t-roy 12-Apr-13
Mark Watkins 12-Apr-13
Prairie Dog 12-Apr-13
wacem 12-Apr-13
cnelk 14-Apr-13
'Ike' (Phone) 15-Apr-13
Charlie Rehor 15-Apr-13
doubledrop 15-Apr-13
SouthernILbowhunter 19-Apr-13
Shug 19-Apr-13

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From: Hunt98 Date: 10-Apr-13
I heard/read about this somewhere about making a rubbing post in a specific location for bucks to rub their antlers on. I'm just curious if it would work for a place that several bucks would use (to get trailcam pics or ??).

Has anyone tried this?

From: Rock Date: 10-Apr-13
It should work as rubs are used by many different bucks not just one.

From: Tree Killer Date: 10-Apr-13

Tree Killer's embedded Photo

I've been getting photos of blacktail bucks rubbing forest service posts for years.

From: Tree Killer Date: 10-Apr-13
Boy, that pic came out small?

From: Tree Killer Date: 10-Apr-13

Tree Killer's embedded Photo

From: Tree Killer Date: 10-Apr-13

Tree Killer's embedded Photo

From: Tree Killer Date: 10-Apr-13

Tree Killer's embedded Photo

From: Tree Killer Date: 10-Apr-13

Tree Killer's embedded Photo

From: beltbull Date: 10-Apr-13
Tree Killer, doesn't it seem that they use the cedar posts more? They seem to use the old cedar posts in my fences and not much else. Elk like to use them to if nothing else around.

From: Tree Killer Date: 10-Apr-13
Yes beltbull, most the old USFS signs are cedar. But a friend put up a pressure treated 4x4 he bought at Home Depot out 2 years ago...then left for Afganistan. He got back this fall and found that bucks had been shredding his post!

I have some cool videos too, don't know how to load those though?

From: trkytrack Date: 10-Apr-13
I hunted a property that had about 1/4 mile of barbed wire fencing with cedar posts and the whitetail bucks had rubbed every one of the post; some where rubbed almost clear through. They also had rubbed utility poles too.

From: vmcfadden Date: 10-Apr-13

vmcfadden 's embedded Photo

Any post with smell they seem to like.

From: vmcfadden Date: 10-Apr-13
That was a utility pole. They had just replaced it the year before. If you look close at the bottom you can see the old one. I wish I would have taken a picture before they replace it. The old pole looked like a hour glass. I guess they figured it wasn't strong enough anymore.

From: t-roy Date: 11-Apr-13

t-roy's embedded Photo

This is a cedar post that I set at the edge of a field near stand & I get tons of pics at it.

From: t-roy Date: 11-Apr-13

t-roy's embedded Photo

This post was in an old fence line that we cleared this past year. They were already using it. I saved it & relocated it to the field edge. They went right back to shredding it. If you can get them to use it, they are one of the better spots to set a trail cam. You don't get as many pics of does.

From: Mark Watkins Date: 11-Apr-13
T Roy x2! I shot a buck off of an old fence post that was shaved down to an hour glass....came back 4 days later and it was snapped off.

Will be replacing it this spring.


From: Shiras Date: 11-Apr-13
CJ Winand talks about two different kinds of rubs on trees. The little trees that get hit one time and the bigger ones that get hit over and over, year after year. I guess if you could make one close to a stand that would be great rather than putting a stand close to the rub.

From: Hunt98 Date: 11-Apr-13
So it sounds like a cedar post would work the best?

What size diameter cedar would you suggest?

From: Lee Date: 11-Apr-13
Those are some cool pics - gonna have to try it!


From: t-roy Date: 11-Apr-13

t-roy's embedded Photo

It even works for turkeys!

From: t-roy Date: 11-Apr-13

t-roy's embedded Photo

And coyotes!

Hunt, I would think that a 6''-8'' post would work fine. I have found a few rubbed posts in not so great locations & have relocated them near a stand.

They will go right back to using them, however, I try not to handle them any more than I have to. Don't know if it makes that much difference, but better safe than sorry. A couple of good rains, and they are probably as good as used.

Give it a try! Good luck....t-roy

From: Hunt98 Date: 12-Apr-13
Are there better areas (close the field edge, middle, shade, sun, etc...) to put in a post?

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 12-Apr-13
I still have 1/2 of my old rub post in the garage. It was finally broken off after being shredded to an hour glass shape! It was about a 6" fence post from my granpas barn. We got the idea from seeing rubs on power poles and an old corner post full of fence staples!

Ever see a concrete buck yard ornament with the antlers busted off? Kinda what sold me on decoys!!

From: t-roy Date: 12-Apr-13
Hunt, I like to put them in inside corners especially if there is a good tree stand spot near there. Seems the deer like to enter the fields from these areas.

Any place where you have had a lot of buck activity (primary scrapes, old rubs, etc) would probably be a good spot as well.

Try them in several spots & see which ones get used. If some of them don't work, you are only out a little sweat equity. (the posts can be used for something else)

From: Mark Watkins Date: 12-Apr-13
Hunt98, My post is back off a field edge about 35 yards. The area is a thick funnel for the deer on their way to the groceries.

I have a another spot picked out that I am going to put a post in. It is in a staging area about 120 yards back in the timber.


From: Prairie Dog Date: 12-Apr-13

Prairie Dog 's embedded Photo

This one was in Ne. it's probably gone by now. PD

From: wacem Date: 12-Apr-13
I used a 4 inch soft maple and it worked for me.

From: cnelk Date: 14-Apr-13
I was in Nebraska this weekend turkey hunting and took this pic just for this thread...

A true WT rub line on fence posts!

 photo DSC04437_zpse84d6ca2.jpg

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 15-Apr-13
Those are great...Ron, I need that Blacktail! ;-)

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 15-Apr-13

Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo

Cut down a tree, get a post digger, dig a hole and plant the tree at the edge of a big corn field. This will bring the bucks and does to the post and perhaps it will be near your stand:))

PS: There is usually a prefered kind of tree being used by your target buck(s) so use that kind.

From: doubledrop Date: 15-Apr-13
I have been looking to do this for awhile now and think I would like to have them in my spots where there is not a great funnel. I would also like to use it in my food plots to get them using a particular area of it more often. I saw a guy's website called and he shrink wraps them after starting them in deer farms and encloses the starter scent. I think that could be pretty productive. I'm excited to try it.

From: SouthernILbowhunter Date: 19-Apr-13
Would it be best to buy a post, use an old fence post, or find a cedar tree thats been rubbed and relocate it?

From: Shug Date: 19-Apr-13
Tree killer...I'll give ya $500 for the GPS numbers in that post...

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