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Rowdy Dowdy Photo Shop Bear



Messages posted to thread:
armyscoutsniper 04-Jun-13
BigWave 04-Jun-13
Jim B 04-Jun-13
Nick Muche 04-Jun-13
Bou'bound 04-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 04-Jun-13
sticksender 04-Jun-13
Bou'bound 04-Jun-13
orionsbrother 04-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 04-Jun-13
Bou'bound 04-Jun-13
sticksender 04-Jun-13
Jaquomo_feral 04-Jun-13
Prairie Dog 04-Jun-13
city hunter 04-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 04-Jun-13
sticksender 04-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 04-Jun-13
Skullwerx 04-Jun-13
broncoformudv 04-Jun-13
in2dmtns 04-Jun-13
broncoformudv 04-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 04-Jun-13
broncoformudv 05-Jun-13
Nick Muche 05-Jun-13
broncoformudv 05-Jun-13
Bake 05-Jun-13
Pat Lefemine 05-Jun-13
Panhandle Bob 05-Jun-13
Florida Mike 05-Jun-13
Eric B. 05-Jun-13
orionsbrother 05-Jun-13
Norseman 05-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 05-Jun-13
Nick Muche 05-Jun-13
stringgunner 05-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 05-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 05-Jun-13
buskill 05-Jun-13
Surfbow 05-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 05-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 05-Jun-13
Dinkshooter@work 05-Jun-13
Norseman 05-Jun-13
Glunt@work 05-Jun-13
sticksender 05-Jun-13
grazak 05-Jun-13
Glunt@work 05-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 05-Jun-13
Brotsky 05-Jun-13
Glunt@work 05-Jun-13
BigWave 05-Jun-13
Dinkshooter@work 05-Jun-13
Dinkshooter@work 05-Jun-13
Crazy_8s 05-Jun-13
dakotaduner 05-Jun-13
Bou'bound 05-Jun-13
city hunter 05-Jun-13
Jaquomo_feral 06-Jun-13
Brotsky 06-Jun-13
joehunter8301 06-Jun-13
Saxton 06-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 06-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 06-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 06-Jun-13
orionsbrother 06-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 06-Jun-13
BowMad23 06-Jun-13
Ace of Spades 06-Jun-13
Dinkshooter@work 06-Jun-13
orionsbrother 06-Jun-13
Jaquomo_feral 06-Jun-13
Hollywood 06-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 06-Jun-13
Bou'bound 06-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 06-Jun-13
tradmt 06-Jun-13
Dinkshooter@work 06-Jun-13
BTM 07-Jun-13
borntohunt75 07-Jun-13
borntohunt75 07-Jun-13
Bowme2 07-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 07-Jun-13
Coyote 65 07-Jun-13
akjdubay 07-Jun-13
akjdubay 07-Jun-13
akjdubay 07-Jun-13
Crazy_8s 07-Jun-13
akjdubay 07-Jun-13
akjdubay 07-Jun-13
Jaquomo_feral 07-Jun-13
akjdubay 07-Jun-13
orionsbrother 07-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 08-Jun-13
BOWUNTR 08-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 08-Jun-13
orionsbrother 08-Jun-13
Shug 08-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 08-Jun-13
tradmt 08-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 09-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 09-Jun-13
Surfbow 09-Jun-13
elkcrazy8@home 09-Jun-13
Bowme2 10-Jun-13
mountainman 10-Jun-13
Daniel_Ak 10-Jun-13
DL 10-Jun-13
Daniel_Ak 10-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 10-Jun-13
Daniel_Ak 10-Jun-13
Jaquomo_feral 11-Jun-13
Bou'bound 11-Jun-13
Stuntman Mike 11-Jun-13
stringgunner 11-Jun-13
Daniel_Ak 11-Jun-13
Daniel_Ak 11-Jun-13
Woody Sanford 12-Jun-13
Woody Sanford 12-Jun-13
Woody Sanford 12-Jun-13
Crazy_8s 12-Jun-13
wild1 12-Jun-13
'Ike' (Phone) 12-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 12-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 12-Jun-13
Crazy_8s 12-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 12-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 12-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 12-Jun-13
rodney482 12-Jun-13
Surfbow 12-Jun-13
'Ike' 12-Jun-13
Eric B. 13-Jun-13
Brotsky 13-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 13-Jun-13
Wyo_elk 14-Jun-13
jjb4900 14-Jun-13
Bou'bound 15-Jun-13
borntohunt75 16-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 16-Jun-13
borntohunt75 16-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 16-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 16-Jun-13
'Ike' 16-Jun-13
Rucker61 17-Jun-13
borntohunt75 17-Jun-13
borntohunt75 17-Jun-13
borntohunt75 17-Jun-13
'Ike' 17-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 18-Jun-13
wilhille 18-Jun-13
Brotsky 18-Jun-13
Jaquomo_feral 18-Jun-13
Surfbow 18-Jun-13
IdyllwildArcher 18-Jun-13
'Ike' 18-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 19-Jun-13
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Daniel_Ak 19-Jun-13
orionsbrother 19-Jun-13
Jaquomo_feral 19-Jun-13
wilhille 20-Jun-13
Shug 20-Jun-13
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FemoralArchery 20-Jun-13
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BowMad23 21-Jun-13
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Tony Phillips 26-Jun-13
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Pukwudgie 26-Jun-13
Hunt cell 26-Jun-13
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wilhille 27-Jun-13
wilhille 27-Jun-13
BULELK1 27-Jun-13
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Surfbow 27-Jun-13
Brotsky 27-Jun-13
armyscoutsniper 28-Jun-13
wilhille 28-Jun-13
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Skullwerx 28-Jun-13
Glunt@work 28-Jun-13
Ace of Spades 28-Jun-13
stringgunner 28-Jun-13
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TurkeyBowMaster 03-Jul-13
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KS Flatlander 11-Jul-13
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Wyo_elk 13-Jul-13
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Hunt Trophy Black Bears at Mike's Outfitting
by Charlie Rehor

Bear baiting
by Hotm00n

440# Wisconsin Black Bear XX Killing Sticks
by buck pasture

Bear likes apples
by smokey

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 04-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

Looks like Rowdy Dowdy photo shop skills have come a long way. Obviously the skills he learned as a former Navy SEAL have served him well.

From: BigWave Date: 04-Jun-13
An Alaskan outfitter friend of mine sent me this a few days ago. Sad.

From: Jim B Date: 04-Jun-13
That photo has copyright protection.

From: Nick Muche Date: 04-Jun-13
Can someone give us some back ground on this picture?

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Jun-13
was the guy on the left a BOWhunter too? What a pair of brutes. Well done.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 04-Jun-13
What a loser.. He made up a huge story to go along with the BS photo.

Jim B- R and R guide service would not have a problem with the real photo being posted to clear up the fake one. As for Rowdy's bear pic, pretty sure you cant copy write a stolen photo?

Bou- Its the same bear. The guy who actually killed it is on the left. The "bowhunter" on the right faked the pic and sent it out to his sponsors..or former sponsors.

From: sticksender Date: 04-Jun-13

Looks like he posed for a pic on an empty beach with no bear. Then cloned the bear image onto his new pic, darkening a few cape colors/highlights to change the appearance.

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Jun-13
well that rascal. That is really bad! Howq the heck did they move it from the edge of the bay to the base of the fiord?

From: orionsbrother Date: 04-Jun-13
Did the real hunter or the guide catch it first?

From: TREESTANDWOLF Date: 04-Jun-13
Geez, you never know.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 04-Jun-13
Here is the bogus story he posted with the picture.

Wonder who will be everyones new favorite Alaskan bowhunter? Hopefully the teaser video is as good as the pic? Maybe it will be in CGI like Avatar??

"Rowdy Dowdy-

Just wanted to thank everyone again for their continued support amd following me through the season on here!! Also wanted to give a short story/follow-up of the events that occured last week...

Last week me and a good buddy of mine/videographer "Mike" jumped into a 16' zodiak and put well over 450 nautical miles on in a matter of days in search of a bear.. After having my spine beat to hell by the Alaskan Coastal waters for almost 100 miles one way, we started runnin into bears.. Mostly blacks but i knew a few places that the Browns would cruise the beach during low tide.. On day one we saw 4 black bears.. Day 2 brought decent weather and a lot more bear sightings.. 7 black bears and 4 brown bears but the 4 were not as big as others Ive taken in the past.. Not sure exactly what time but late afternoon around 6pmish, i spotted a big blondish colored bear walking a mile and a half long beach from 2 miles out.. The wind was good for an approach to the beach within a few hundred yards of the bear.. Once I put the boat on the beach, Mike got off and started settin up his tripod as I anchored the Zodiak.. Once our only ride was taken care of, I ran down the beach in the direction of the bear and set up behing a massive drift log on the upper portion of the beach and Mike set up 50 yds behind me on a hill to film the bear walking the entire length to me.. I put a Go Pro Hero 3 on the beach facing the bear about 10 yards out and 15 yards to my left.. When the bear approached I knew he'd be 20 yards or less... The wind was great and from previous hunts experience I knew he wouldnt know i was there!! Once i ranged him at 30 yards to my left i knew the Go Pro on the beach would be picking him up and turned on the Contour camera I ziptied to my Prime Centroids riser and looked back at Mike and got a big thumbs up telling me one thing, He was rolling footage and on the bear!! The bear walked directly over the Go Pro on the beach and got broadside at about 10 yards, but from previous experiences I knew not to draw til after he walked by and then take the quartering away shot.. Which is exactly what happend.. He took a few more steps, I drew back, settled the pin and let it go!! He whirled his head around to his right side where the arrow entered and started to bite like all my other coastal bears had done on my past hunts!! He ran back down the beach where he came from about 40 yards, I nocked another arrow.. He stopped and faced my direction as I ranged him but he was already spitting up massive amounts of blood and could tell it wasnt gonna be much longer til he was on the ground so the last thing I wanted to do was put another arrow in him to give him another burst of adrenaline! It wasnt another 20 seconds and he fell to the beach and I could hear him take his last few breaths of life..

At the end of it, I took the largest Coastal Brown Bear I'd ever seen.. He squared out at 10' 4" with an unofficial skull measurment of 28.5"

He's not a world record by any means but he is my biggest bear to date!! Probably the only way to kill a bigger bear would be to draw a really awesome Kodiak Island tag.. But you never know!!

Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, Barren Ground Caribou, Mountain Caribou, Black Bear, Interior Grizzly Bear, Alaska Yukon Moose, Whitetail deer, Mule deer, Sitka Blacktail deer and Mountain Lion are still on the agenda for 2013... Let everyone know who your favorite Alaskan bowhunter is!!

Teaser video comig soon!!"

From: Bou'bound Date: 04-Jun-13

From: sticksender Date: 04-Jun-13
A google search turns up the pic & story of the actual hunter. Name of Ed Joseph from California. Beautiful bear.

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 04-Jun-13
That.... is REALLY messed up.

I guess Bob Ameen is still my favorite Alaskan bowhunter.

From: Prairie Dog Date: 04-Jun-13
Maybe Rowdy Dowdy will post one of his videos!

From: TREESTANDWOLF Date: 04-Jun-13
Just curious, can the original hunter go after this guy legally?

From: city hunter Date: 04-Jun-13
come on if its a fake wouldnt u put your head on a better body then fatso lol

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 04-Jun-13
Im not sure which part is better the photo shopping or the 450 miles in a Zodiac!!!

From: sticksender Date: 04-Jun-13

From: Wyo_elk Date: 04-Jun-13
Treestandwolf- Not sure you can sue someone for being a D-Bag.

From: Skullwerx Date: 04-Jun-13
I'm not gonna lie... both pictures looks a little fishy to me....

From: broncoformudv Date: 04-Jun-13
No thats a hunting story! Anyone see his videos of this amazing bear hunt?

From: in2dmtns Date: 04-Jun-13
Rowdy you wanted attention, you got it.. Complete with story and measurements wow. What a loser. Congrats to the real hunter that's a nice bear.

From: broncoformudv Date: 04-Jun-13
So is this muskox pic a photoshop hunt as well? Post on 8 Feb from G5 Outdoors.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 04-Jun-13
Nope. No one's seen the videos. Got a link?

From: broncoformudv Date: 05-Jun-13
Nope haven't seen them the alleged videos or a link.

From: Nick Muche (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 05-Jun-13
Robert! What's up buddy?

From: broncoformudv Date: 05-Jun-13
Funny running into you on here Nick!

From: Bake Date: 05-Jun-13
I guess I'll ask the stupid question. . .

Who is Rowdy Dowdy?


From: Pat Lefemine Date: 05-Jun-13
I had the same question Bake.

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 05-Jun-13

Panhandle Bob's Supporting Link

Here's one profile...

From: Florida Mike Date: 05-Jun-13
Yea Bobs still my favorite Alaskan bowhunter! Mike

From: TREESTANDWOLF Date: 05-Jun-13
Wyo_elk :^)

From: Eric B. Date: 05-Jun-13
How sad.......

From: orionsbrother Date: 05-Jun-13
I just don't get it. I understand that he may have had financial incentive to fake something, but to think he'd get away with publishing and promoting it?

I can't even comprehend the guys who pass off purchased mounts, poached animals or pictures of someone else's animal as their own on a small scale.

I'd think that each time the con was run, you'd have to internally recognize and feel what a loser you are. I can't imagine that any false external recognition would make up for looking an arsewipe in the mirror each morning.

From: Norseman Date: 05-Jun-13
Good grief Charlie Brown

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 05-Jun-13
I can tell you what hes not and thats an ex-Navy SEAL who was wounded in Afghanistan and is a Purple Heart recipient which is what he was spewing out last year.

Why is it every D-Bag you run into says they were an Ex Navy SEAL, Special Forces or a Ranger?

From: Nick Muche Date: 05-Jun-13
So was he a Navy seal, or no?

From: stringgunner Date: 05-Jun-13
ok...just playing devils advocate here before this guy gets completely burned at the stake (which if this is all true, then by all menas, flame on) but no one has given any "evidence" that this is in fact a fake, for all we know the other picture and hunter could be a fake...

Armyscoutsniper, care to share how you know for sure this is all a made up story?

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 05-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

Nick When I met him 2 years ago he told me that he was an Ex Navy SEAL who was wounded in Afghanistan. This I know isnt true!

Stringgunner I hear you bro Im all for playing devils advocate, giving people there dues and besides I never said his story wasnt true....Im sure in his head its all real. All I said is that his photo shop skills have improved. If all this is an elaborate hoax that hes been caught up in I will be the first to eat crow, publicly apologize and let him punch me in the d*ck but Im not to worried about that.

If anyone else needs any other proof hes a con artist call Hoppie at Osceola outfitters or Russel Knight at Knights Taxidermy or any other of the handfull of people that hes lied to scammed or stolen from.

The thread Wyo_Elk posted was pulled from his face book page where it was posted for over a week until someone called him out on it and then it disappeared and he said his account was hacked.

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 05-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

From: buskill Date: 05-Jun-13
Orionsbrother is dead on.

From: Surfbow Date: 05-Jun-13
Don't brown bears have white claws? The ones in his picture are black...

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 05-Jun-13
I've met 3 ex-navy seals who'd been out 5 to 15 years. Everyone of them still had shoulders wider than their waists.

"ok...just playing devils advocate here before this guy gets completely burned at the stake (which if this is all true, then by all menas, flame on) but no one has given any "evidence" that this is in fact a fake, for all we know the other picture and hunter could be a fake..."

One of those pictures is certainly a fake. Every detail but color on that bear is identical including lines above the left eye, lines over the right bicep, tufts in front of the ears, tuft on the back, etc, etc.

No evidence, sure, but there's a post that states the guide of the real bear, so...

From: Wyo_elk Date: 05-Jun-13
Hopefully Rowdy will get on here and attempt to defend himself... with NunChucks.

From: Dinkshooter@work Date: 05-Jun-13
Sociopaths hunt as well.

From: Norseman Date: 05-Jun-13

Norseman's embedded Photo

From: Glunt@work Date: 05-Jun-13
In my completely unprofessional opinion, both pics look like they have been shopped. The first one looks like it was shopped where the fur meets the ground especially around the chin. Theres blood on the bear so it very well could have been shopped to clean up blood on the ground, pretty common. Looks like it was taken with a flash so maybe some eye glow was removed as well.

Pic #2 is a better shop job but obviously inserting the same bear and zero blood on the fur now. Darkened up to match the non flash look of the rest of the hunter and less ambient light.

No idea who either guy is or the story behind the pics. The quest for money, fame, or validation makes people do some silly things. If it is what it appears to be its no big surprise.

From: sticksender Date: 05-Jun-13
Glunt did you open the link that I posted above to view Ed Joseph's original pic on the R&R outfitting site? When the page opens, click the image again to view the max-size version. They used fill flash, which shows in the hunter's face and on the bear's eyes. But no altering is evident. Looks like they did pile up the black beach sand to elevate his head. Here's that link again:

From: grazak Date: 05-Jun-13
I wonder if his Dall sheeps are real..? He's killed big Rams in the Brooks the last two years, last years was a 44 incher...Hmmm!

From: Glunt@work Date: 05-Jun-13
I did. I don't think there's anything fake looking about it, just looks a little harsh/pixilized where the chin and base of the head meet the sand. Could just be from piling it up to elevate the head and/or covering up some blood on the ground. Might be all natural but sorta looked like what I get if I do a quick clone tool brush to remove blood from a pic.

Its obvious that the other bear is a shopped version of this bear.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 05-Jun-13

IdyllwildArcher's embedded Photo

I wanna have my pic with a brown bear!

Can someone photo shop me in?

From: Brotsky Date: 05-Jun-13
I bet he's the world's greatest turkey hunter too.

From: Glunt@work Date: 05-Jun-13
You know, I probably wouldn't want a pic of my animal chopped up on the web. All in fun, but poor form on my part and can't remove it. Mods please delete if you would.

From: BigWave Date: 05-Jun-13
Thats friggin funny Glunt! Nice work!!

From: Dinkshooter@work Date: 05-Jun-13
No way leave it up, that is hysterical!

From: Dinkshooter@work Date: 05-Jun-13
No way leave it up, that is hysterical!

From: Crazy_8s Date: 05-Jun-13

Crazy_8s's embedded Photo

Haha! Great photoshop. Amazing demo on how easy it is to do. I'll have too see if I can add my daughter to my bear pic!

From: dakotaduner Date: 05-Jun-13
Does anyone know the hunter Ed Joseph The name come up as A dentist in Burbank that hunts. Maybe he could shed some light on this. Not positive it's him but looks like him

From: Bou'bound Date: 05-Jun-13
Why even worry about shedding light on it. Nobody knows this howdy doody guy. The dentist or whomever in California is just a hunter. No international mystery here. Not like it's another Ted nuggent annual game violation or something.

From: city hunter Date: 05-Jun-13
I could care less about him lieing about his bear ,, But to lie and say he served our country and was wounded , well that alone should be a crime !

Glunt great work !!!! can u get Pat and Charlie in that bear pic from the christmas dance

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 06-Jun-13
I love this thread!

From: Brotsky Date: 06-Jun-13
The vast majority of Navy Seals present and former don't go out of their way to tell people they were Navy writers excepted of course.

From: joehunter8301 Date: 06-Jun-13
Is this Coleman Houston's uncle?????

From: Saxton Date: 06-Jun-13
Glunt@work - That pic you shopped with the bear and Idylwildarcher is GREAT! That is funny regardless of who or whatever it is about..."I do not care who you are; that is funny stuff right thar!"

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 06-Jun-13
I'd like to thank everyone for their support with this animal! My family, Glunt, God, the dude who actually shot this bear, you know who you are!

So here's a quick synopsis of the hunt:

After getting back from my 18th tour in Afghanistan where I received my 3rd Silver Star, I had a month off to go hunt an Alaskan Brown! Livin the dream I tell you! But unfortunately, I missed my flight out of LAX so instead, I just jumped into the Pacific and swam the 5K miles to Alaska!

Not long after swimming out of Canadian waters, I saw him on the beach, a real beast I tell you! So I knocked a Carbon Express Maxima(R) with Blazer(R) veins and Muzzy(R) 3 blade onto my Winner's Choice(R) string on the Bowtech Invasion(R) and burrowed under the sand like a gopher till I was 10 yards from where he was digging clams! Unfortunately, I underestimated my own sand digging speed and ended up right underneath him! He was digging up a clam and instead grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and pulled me right out of the sand!

I stood up and raised my hands over my head to make myself look big and gave out a mad growl! RAWR! He took a step back, not knowing what the hell was going on, then reared up on his hind legs and gave out a massive return growl! RAWR! At that point, I centered my top pin in his mouth and shot through his mouth and severed his spine! He dropped forward right there, dead! I had to back up to keep him from landing on me!

Teaser film coming soon! It's all on tape! Once I get some sponsors to fund the editing!

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 06-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo


Hey boss Im shedding light on it because I was asked by several archery companies to get him exposed as a fraud that he had lied to to get in with them and then screwed them over. There not in the business of getting on public forums and bashing former pro staffers but they dont want anyone else to be taken by him the way they were. Hes lied conned and manipulated his way into several high profile archery companies like Easton and Lancasters currently. Hes a D-bag that we dont need representing the archery industry with his face in catalogs and on TV shows. Its not news worthy, wont change the world and not as interesting as following something about Ted Nugent. My only real personal stake in it is being a current active duty service member whos been deployed is him using a cover story about being a former military service member and using that as part of his fake bio to get his foot in the door at places.

***above is some of his earlier photo shop work from FB. No elaborate story to go with it. This is where I started the thread saying his photo shop skills had improved.***

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 06-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

idyllwild you freakin crack me up dude, you are awesome. Do you have that number for me to call to change my vote for who my favorite Alaskan hunter is?

Another early Rowdy photo shop pic for your viewing pleasure!!!

From: orionsbrother Date: 06-Jun-13

orionsbrother's embedded Photo

Idyllwild - you beat me to the punch. I was working on the story to go with my stylized elk hunt photo.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 06-Jun-13
That's a respectable beard orionsbro

From: BowMad23 Date: 06-Jun-13
Someone please PS one of those little kid toy bows into Idyllwild's photo so we can get a complete depiction of the successful hunt!

From: Ace of Spades Date: 06-Jun-13
This thread is amazing! You guys crack me up...


From: Dinkshooter@work Date: 06-Jun-13

Dinkshooter@work's embedded Photo

Was sent to me as his sheep but looks like a different guy? Either way I want to be photoshopped into the long ram photo.

From: orionsbrother Date: 06-Jun-13
Idyllwild - I am one of the world's greatest facial hair artists. Unrecognized, of course and would not believe how I feel discriminated against. Sometimes I feel like a bearded Jackie Robinson. Look for my video soon. If you get through the first minute or two, I'll send you one of my autographed nose hair trimmers.(a bic lighter)

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 06-Jun-13
I enjoy eating oatmeal, too.

Wonder how he conned the plastic surgeons into sponsoring him?? :^)

From: Hollywood Date: 06-Jun-13
The guy with the sheep is supposedly "Rowdy Tough" out of Soldotna.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 06-Jun-13
Dinkshooter... Wrong dude. You may want to pull that picture. That guy is know to be a legit sheep hunter, basically everything Rowdy Dowdy is not.

Its fine to bash on a moron that brought it on himself, but you may want to do a little checking before you jump to conclusions on everyone with the same name.

From: Bou'bound Date: 06-Jun-13
ah yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the internet..............this place is great.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 06-Jun-13
"Wonder how he conned the plastic surgeons into sponsoring him?? :^)"

Probably promised them thousands in liposuction and tummy tuck income once he made it big.

That sheep is pretty impressive... You could open two giant bottles of wine with that thing's head.

From: tradmt Date: 06-Jun-13

From: Dinkshooter@work Date: 06-Jun-13

Who jumped to conclusion? Not me I said it didn't look like him. Besides if I shot that ram I'd want it all over the internet.

From: BTM Date: 07-Jun-13
An easy way to check: see if he registered the kill with AK Fish and Game.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 07-Jun-13
Thanks for calling this Rowdy guy out (real name Kyle Dowdy). Ive seen that he is banned on Archery talk under a couple names for selling things online but never sending the items. Ill try to find those warnings I saw on there and post one on here. Amazing that he could be a douche and become a staff shooter for some big companies and also got onto the new NBC Archery show that starts in July.

IdyllwildArcher you are hilarious!

From: borntohunt75 Date: 07-Jun-13

borntohunt75's embedded Photo

Here is one post from the Admin of Archery Talk- I saw there are a few more out there under other names where he is banned. I blacked out his address on it though, just so Im not the one being a douche

From: Bowme2 Date: 07-Jun-13

Bowme2's embedded Photo

I would like to kill a bear with antlers.... can somebody help me out? Thanks, my fans await.

From: TREESTANDWOLF (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 07-Jun-13
Up for favorite thread of the year?

Bowme2, that's going to be good.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 07-Jun-13
Apparently Kyle Dowdy Aka Rowdy Dowdy has started calling people who posted this story on Facebook asking them to pull the pictures as it may end his career.

May end your career?

News Flash Rowdy ( he is reading this thread every 10 minutes hoping it will go away).. Your nonexistent career is officially over, forever. Call Virgin Air as soon as possible and book a trip to the moon.

From: Coyote 65 Date: 07-Jun-13
The pictures may not end his career, but the Stolen Valor act may.

Under the Stolen Valor Act it is now a Federal Offense, punishable by up to $5,000 fine and six months in jail (double that if the offense involves valor awards or the Purple Heart), to claim VERBALLY or in WRITING, to have received any military award you did not.


From: akjdubay Date: 07-Jun-13

akjdubay's embedded Photo

I have enjoyed reading all the comments! I guided Ed Joseph , who was the real killer of this bear, and yes the photo of Ed's bear is genuine! Ed killed the bear with R&R guide service in the Spring on Unimak Island.I have tried to reach this Rowdy guy for an explanation but sounds like he is laying low!

From: akjdubay Date: 07-Jun-13
I have enjoyed reading all the comments! I guided Ed Joseph , who was the real killer of this bear, and yes the photo of Ed's bear is genuine! Ed killed the bear with R&R guide service in the Spring on Unimak Island.I have tried to reach this Rowdy guy for an explanation but sounds like he is laying low!

From: akjdubay Date: 07-Jun-13

akjdubay's embedded Photo

I have enjoyed reading all the comments! I guided Ed Joseph , who was the real killer of this bear, and yes the photo of Ed's bear is genuine! Ed killed the bear with R&R guide service in the Spring on Unimak Island.I have tried to reach this Rowdy guy for an explanation but sounds like he is laying low!

From: Crazy_8s Date: 07-Jun-13
That truly is an awesome bear! Was it killed with a gun or a bow? Doesn't matter, but I'm just curious.

From: akjdubay Date: 07-Jun-13
A rifle!

From: akjdubay Date: 07-Jun-13
Sorry that it posted three times! Dont know how to edit that!

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 07-Jun-13
"Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, Barren Ground Caribou, Mountain Caribou, Black Bear, Interior Grizzly Bear, Alaska Yukon Moose, Whitetail deer, Mule deer, Sitka Blacktail deer and Mountain Lion are still on the agenda for 2013".

Sounds like a busy fall. Wonder if he's already photo-shopped himself into hero pics for these species, and is writing the fake stories as a summer project?

From: akjdubay Date: 07-Jun-13

akjdubay's embedded Photo

Another pose with the "real" hunter

From: orionsbrother Date: 07-Jun-13
Lou- Speaking of stories, only real ones, did your NZ red stag story come out? Life has been hectic, I want to make sure that I don't miss that.

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 08-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

Heres the pic going around FaceBook.

I cant believe Ed Joseph would go through all that trouble to photo shop himself into 3 pics with 3 different angles of Rowdys bear to prove his point!!!

From: BOWUNTR Date: 08-Jun-13
He may be a fake but you just gotta love a guy with the name Rowdy Dowdy... even if that's fake too... Ed F

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 08-Jun-13

IdyllwildArcher's Supporting Link

Coyote 65

I hate to burst your bubble, but the Stolen Valor Act was ruled unconstitutional in the Supreme Court.

See the link. The paragraph of interest is right above the subheading "Legacy."

From: orionsbrother Date: 08-Jun-13
Well, if they've decided that lying about military service can't be illegal because of first ammendment rights, then any disparaging comments about the D-Bag that does it are certainly covered.

From: Shug Date: 08-Jun-13
I just had lunch with Rowdy...he explained peer pressure made him do it.... For lunch he had the Surf and Turf and two bottles of Crystal....

Then he excused himself to use the men's room.

Two hours later he's still in the it possible he skipped out and stuck me with the bill...?

Coleman Houston did the same thing to me a few years ago....

I'll go check the bathroom and see if he's ok

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 08-Jun-13
Yes, it is totally legal to be a D-Bag in this country. And well said orionsbro.

Lying about military service to make yourself look like something you're not is the ultimate in douchebaggery. Photoshopping yourself into hero pics, although high on the "D-Bag Scale," does not score nearly as many "D-Bag Points" as crapping on the accomplishments of those that served.

I never heard him make any claims, I'm just saying...

From: tradmt Date: 08-Jun-13
Both photos look fake.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 09-Jun-13
Bump.. Dont want to let this gem slip off the first page..

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 09-Jun-13
My hero pic got taken down!

How'm I supposed to get sponsored by Bowtech now???

From: Surfbow Date: 09-Jun-13
Yeah, I didn't even get to se your pic Idyllwild!! What the heck, I was only out of town for two days and I missed it...

From: elkcrazy8@home Date: 09-Jun-13
The guys at can get to the bottom of the navy seal story!

From: Bowme2 Date: 10-Jun-13
Idyll... so much for me killing a bear with antlers. I did see your pic... and I'll be sending your sponsor packet out very soon. :)

From: mountainman Date: 10-Jun-13

mountainman's Supporting Link

Looks like they can get him with the just signed newer version of the stolen valor act.

If he really did lie about the military service while being sponsored and making money from it he can be charged under the new law.

From: Daniel_Ak Date: 10-Jun-13

Daniel_Ak's embedded Photo

Registered just to share this...

From: DL Date: 10-Jun-13
I saw on some website some guy was asking if anyone knew who howdy doody was? Seems he was dating his sister in law and wanted to find out about him.

From: Daniel_Ak Date: 10-Jun-13
Check the date on that, 2009 I think.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 10-Jun-13
Thats awesome... Always easier to blame " they" than come clean.. Hope he finds the culprits who are trying to sabotage his career.

What a joke...

From: Daniel_Ak Date: 10-Jun-13

Daniel_Ak's embedded Photo

No kiddin. His post was less than 24 hours after the bear picture went out. No way APD would have anyone lined out in that amount of time unless something physical happened. (Least that's my opinion).

Recently while doing business with another company his name came up, last week. He informed me that Rowdy brought in a caribou the fall prior. Rowdy stiffed them on the bill so the taxidermist sold it on Craigslist- this is fact. The caribou wasn't even taken with a bow. It was shot with a rifle, from an airboat.

What kinda pro-staffer can't foot the bill on a shoulder mount??

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 11-Jun-13
Anthony Weiner's Twitter account was supposedly "hacked" right after he was "exposed", so to speak.

Like Tyler Maiden said in the comments above, "Just put it back in their faces and repost the photos of your bear.."

Oh yes, please do! Right here if you don't mind, Mr. Dowdy.

From: Bou'bound Date: 11-Jun-13
That Rowdy is such a scoundrel. A scourge on the reputation of all hunters.

From: Stuntman Mike Date: 11-Jun-13
Can this guy really have an ego this big??

From: stringgunner Date: 11-Jun-13
hopefully this thread and the talk about this on facebook as others have mentioned above will shrink his ego and run him out of the industry. this goes far beyond lame!

From: Daniel_Ak Date: 11-Jun-13
I'd like to see him leave Alaska. He's only here to "make a name for himself". "Supposedly" he can't hunt Minnesota, license was revoked. Anyone able to check that?

Rather surprised none of this has surfaced on the Alaska Outdoor Forum, which is the single largest resource for outdoorsman of all type here in Alaska.

From: Daniel_Ak Date: 11-Jun-13
I'd like to see him leave Alaska. He's only here to "make a name for himself". "Supposedly" he can't hunt Minnesota, license was revoked. Anyone able to check that?

Rather surprised none of this has surfaced on the Alaska Outdoor Forum, which is the single largest resource for outdoorsman of all type here in Alaska.

From: Woody Sanford Date: 12-Jun-13
Unfortunately he's not the first or alone and probably not the last in the industry for this type of behavior. However if he can't hunt in another state due to having a lic. suspended it very easily might not be legal for him to do so in AK either.

From: Woody Sanford Date: 12-Jun-13

Woody Sanford's embedded Photo

Don't know how this got on in the post, this pic is not even on my computer.

From: Woody Sanford Date: 12-Jun-13

Woody Sanford's embedded Photo

"I wanna have my pic with a brown bear!"

Found ya a pink one!

From: Crazy_8s Date: 12-Jun-13
^ that's just too hilarious!!!

From: wild1 Date: 12-Jun-13
This fraud is so pathetic, I almost feel sorry for him.......almost.

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 12-Jun-13
How did I miss this...LMAO! I can get my 28 now and not have to leave the house...Thanks Rowdy!

From: Wyo_elk Date: 12-Jun-13
Apparently Rowdy Rowdy pipesmoker shot a few television shows for an Alaskan Television series.They are supposed to air this year..

It will be very interesting to see if they do the right thing and get rid of anything that has to do with him or let the show run?

Defineltly a bad deal for any company, product or person associated with this loser.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 12-Jun-13
Woody, I like my other bear better

From: Crazy_8s Date: 12-Jun-13
The beanie baby would be cheaper to full body mount

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 12-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

Idyllwildarcher I have the pic of your other bear if you want me to post it back up. Its cool that you were able to kill a big brownie and a polar bear off the same beach!!!

Heres a pic of the caribou mount from craigslist that Rowdy refused to pick up, pay for or even answer/ return a phone call about.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 12-Jun-13
I have it on my machine too, but it was taken down, which is why I didn't repost it. Thanx

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 12-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

It appears they hacked his twitter account as well.....if I had to guess with the precision in which they operate its either ninjas or the Taliban that are doing this!!!

From: rodney482 Date: 12-Jun-13
Lots of pictures here--->

From: Surfbow Date: 12-Jun-13
It has to be ninjas, I hear the Taliban aren't any good at hacking or photoshop...

From: 'Ike' Date: 12-Jun-13
Guy just gets better and better all the time...

From: Eric B. Date: 13-Jun-13
His twitter thing says he has taken 23 of the 29 species so far. Did he pirate Tom Miranda's DVD and insert his ugly mug over Tom's ?

From: Brotsky Date: 13-Jun-13
I'm sure Edward Snowden is involved somehow in this character assassination of such a fine hunter....

From: Wyo_elk Date: 13-Jun-13
Where is the denial?? He must be crafting a hell of a story .

Apparently he has some new hunting sponsors- Don Lewis, Kirt Darner, and Mitch Rompola have teamed up to take the little fella under their wing!

From: Wyo_elk Date: 14-Jun-13
Bump.. Hate to see this slip off the first page..

From: jjb4900 Date: 14-Jun-13
has he responded at all to these allegations? with as well known as this site is in the bowhunting community, you would think he would respond in some way...I'm pretty sure I've seen some more legit bowhunting celebrities come on here in response to bad press being circulated......his lack of response makes him more suspect to shady behavior.

From: Bou'bound Date: 15-Jun-13
This thread is the most buzz this guy has ever had. Who the heck is he anyway. Nobody as far as the hunting community is concerned.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 16-Jun-13
He will be on the upcoming (premieres in July) NBC sports show called Nock Out about archery and he got sponsored with Easton, Lancaster Archery and a bunch of other places by BS'ing them. So he was well on his way to become something - But; sounds like most of those companies have now wised up that he is full of it and have dropped him - except the TV show. I heard that when he tried to get sponsored by Mathews archery that someone tipped them off that he was a fake and Matt McPherson himself said no to Rowdy and also banned him from their property (way to go Mathews!) So Mr Dowdy, being a quick witted con - started a rumor in AK that he has slept with one of the big wigs wives at Mathews and that was why he wasnt allowed there. He's pretty sharp to cover his tracks and still make himself out to be cool.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 16-Jun-13
Oh yeah, he looks like the kind of person that could seduce someone's wife...

Watch your wives and daughters guys, Rowdy the Hut is single!

From: borntohunt75 Date: 16-Jun-13
Worst part is he actually is married and still started telling everyone that! my buddy lives in wasilla, ak where Rowdy lives, and has sent me some pretty funny stuff on this guy. After I do all the Fathers Day stuff today I will dig some up and post it.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 16-Jun-13
Lol! Here's an idea: Make up a story to cover yourself, while at the same time, getting yourself in more trouble! Brilliant!

If you're going to lie, at least don't dig your hole even deeper...

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 16-Jun-13

IdyllwildArcher's embedded Photo

Can someone photo shop Mr Dowdy into this?

From: 'Ike' Date: 16-Jun-13
I think he's back on FaceBook peddling his wares...I was going to message him and ask about the 'video'...LoL!

From: Rucker61 Date: 17-Jun-13
Hi, new guy here. Just perusing the forum when this caught my eye. My nickname when I was in the Army 25 years ago was "Rowdy Dowdy". Kinda glad I'm not using that for internet handles. Maybe I should sue him for defamation of nickname.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 17-Jun-13
Wow; thats kinda a weird coincidence since he is claiming to have been in the military and is going by that name even though his fist name is actually Kyle

From: borntohunt75 Date: 17-Jun-13

borntohunt75's embedded Photo

Thought Id post this little gem my buddy sent me. Its funny since his "100% success rate" he mentions- comes from photoshopping not hunting. You gotta read all his responses on it, hilarious. But its extra funny because my buddy found out that the "john lacer" that commented on this post, (and if you look back, on alot of his other posts), is actually a fake facebook person that Rowdy created to pump himself up on his posts. Classic! "John Lacer" is even on the "nock out" facebook page for that TV show saying how excited he is to see Rowdy on the show. too funny.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 17-Jun-13

borntohunt75's embedded Photo

Weird that is not the photo I posted, ha ha of that camera. I dont know where that came from. I will try it again.

From: 'Ike' Date: 17-Jun-13
Somebody has to pop his bubble sooner or later...LMAO!

"True badass!" LMFAO!!!

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 18-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

Heres a side of Rowdy awesomeness for you guys to enjoy!!!

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 18-Jun-13
Well I sure hope that someone hacked his fb, because if that is really him, he is a huge douche.

From: Brotsky Date: 18-Jun-13
LMAO! He even has to like his own facebook posts.

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 18-Jun-13
I like his Facebook posts!

"He was well on his way to becoming something".

So is a Big Mac when first eaten. Appears he's pretty close to the end of the journey.

From: Surfbow Date: 18-Jun-13
I like his facebook stuff too, it makes me laugh!

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 18-Jun-13
"True badass!"

Yeah, I was laughing at that too. Hell, if you're going to stoop so low as to have a fake online conversation with yourself, you might as well call yourself a badass with your alter ego... Lol!

BTW, on my facebook page, there's a chick saying I have a 12 incher. That's not me, it's Manti Teo's girlfriend.

Hell, if I was making alter egos on facebook, I'd probably be talking chit on myself! "Who shot that baby elk and where's its mother???"

From: 'Ike' Date: 18-Jun-13
"Rowdy Burger with a side of awesome!"

It just gets better and better...LMFAO!

Should be a "Rowdy burger" with a side of IdylwildArcher...

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 19-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

and the hits keep on coming!!!

From: Shug Date: 19-Jun-13
Is his FACEBOOK still up and running?

From: Daniel_Ak Date: 19-Jun-13
Yep. Was never hacked to begin with.

From: orionsbrother Date: 19-Jun-13
I don't have a Facebook account. Has anyone posted any questions on his page?

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 19-Jun-13
Interesting that of his vast legions of super-fans, not one of them is on the Bowsite? Or if they are, they aren't willing to come on here to 'splain what's going on? Or that Old Rowdy hisself won't come on here?

I know if a thread like this was actively dissing me while I was trying to create a celebrity persona and become a TV hunting star (with a thick slice of of AWESOME!!!), I'd sure as hell be on here setting the record - and all us jealous wannabes - straight.

But then, I guess we already knew he's no Tom Miranda.

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 20-Jun-13
Excellent post feral. This guy reminds me of the guy in high school who always bragged about having "intimate" encounters with the opposite sex. At some point everyone knew he was full of it. To keep it going, the lies got bigger and bigger and eventually he was the laughing stock of the school.

From: Shug Date: 20-Jun-13
Orion....he has a pic of him and Phil Phillips I asked if it was really Phil or was he photo shopped in...

Seems as if he took all his pics down I can't find it anymore...

From: daleheth Date: 20-Jun-13
There is NO WAY I would come on here if I was him. He doesn't seem like the type to have a sincere apology and anything else will only lead to him being flamed. I would advise him to ignore it and it will go away, someday. That being said I would love for him to reply to this thread because it would certainly be the most interesting part of my week reading all of the responses.

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 20-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

If John Lacer is real I see a serious Bromance brewing!!! I hope everyone has a side of awesome today!!!

From: elkmtngear Date: 20-Jun-13
Wow, if this guy put as much effort into hunting as he did creating his fantasy persona ... he might drop a few pounds and actually kill something!

From: orionsbrother Date: 20-Jun-13
"I would advise him to ignore it and it will go away, someday"

Yeah, if he spends his time on the bowling circuit.

Do you think that anyone here running across a guy named Rowdy Dowdy in some future hunting camp is going to forget the photoshop of another hunter's bear or fail to suggest some Rowdy Crow burgers with a side of "Awesome" for dinner?

Courtesy of that Facebook post and a buddy of mine, the 'Spose "Awesome" video is stuck in my head. Someone should post it here.

From: GRoe Date: 20-Jun-13
"Rowdy" Dowdy...interesting name he gave himself.

This has been an interesting thread...for that matter.

Maybe I will keep an eye out for him at the ATA this year...not sure I can keep a straight face if he shows up and I spot him.


From: Daniel_Ak Date: 20-Jun-13
Musk Ox. Pffft.

That was an over the counter tag. Not some fancy draw tag. Only caveat is you have to fly out there and be there in person to get it, which cuta out a lot of people for time constraints.

From: FemoralArchery Date: 20-Jun-13
"Courtesy of that Facebook post and a buddy of mine, the 'Spose "Awesome" video is stuck in my head. Someone should post it here."


From: ki-ke out Date: 21-Jun-13
this guy reminds me of the part Ben Stiller plays in the movie Dodgeball.

Side of awesome.......gotta love it!

I wonder if he wears one of those inflatable jock straps......

From: Shug Date: 21-Jun-13
Steve don't knock em till u tried em....

From: azdogman Date: 21-Jun-13
You can't post on his Facebook page. But I did comment on the "nock out" Facebook page on both posts involving him.

From: JTV Date: 21-Jun-13
They have inflatable jock straps ?? Damn ! ;0) ..............

From: AlaskaZag Date: 21-Jun-13
He must have done some major damage control on his facebook account. There's not much left on there.

Probably too late to get him booted off that Nock Out show. I was looking forward to it but it will be real hard for me to watch if he's on it.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 21-Jun-13
I can't imagine the producers aren't on to him by now. I bet he'll get edited out in the end.

Or maybe, edited in...

From: azdogman Date: 21-Jun-13
On the nock out Facebook page they have a post asking for opinions on the contestants. His alter ego posted about him being one of the best adventure bowhunters of today. I posted he might be one of the best adventure photo shoppers of today. Now he pulled that comment about himself as it's no longer there. Lol

From: BowMad23 Date: 21-Jun-13
Heck that's too disrespectful of White Goodman to compare him to Rowdy Dowdy (I mean if all this is true of course :) ). It would be extremely funny if someone photoshopped the "Bull by the Horns" painting of White with Rowdy's face and "THE" bear to replace the bull.

From: BowMad23 Date: 21-Jun-13
Double Post

From: AlaskaZag Date: 21-Jun-13
The facebook profile for John Lacer is gone altogether. Rowdy must know people are onto his shenanigans.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 22-Jun-13

Mr Dowdy: If you're reading this,

1. Just stop.

2. Start eating Subway sandwiches.

3. Lose 200 lbs.

4. Apply for Jared's job.

5. Do not photoshop Jared at McDonald's to get his job.

6. Buy a 30-.06; you're embarrassing us.

From: orionsbrother Date: 22-Jun-13
"6. Buy a 30-.06; you're embarrassing us."

LMAO. Can't we just ask him to abandon hunting altogether? Maybe he could go with bowling or golf.

From: Shug Date: 22-Jun-13
Hes gonna have to take up chess after this ...although he would probably PhotoShop Bobby Fisher pictures

From: JTV Date: 22-Jun-13
'Awesome' ........ ;0)

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 22-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

From: Wyo_elk Date: 22-Jun-13
Love the conversations with himself.. What an absolute and total loser. Awesome to see such an epic fail on a grand stage.. Hunting is such a small community.

Kyle "Rowdy" Dowdy- You are now and forever a punch line and good belly laugh for every loser who would cheat to get to the top.

Why wont you respond? You read every one of these posts. You are getting killed online, what you thought was your career is over.

What is your defense? At least admit you are a total fraud and move on.

From: archery95 Date: 22-Jun-13
I wonder why this thread hasn't been locked yet? A thread bashing Ted Nugent doesn't last a day.

From: Gaur Date: 22-Jun-13
strange he said 3 camera's got the footage. I was thinking the bear was going to eat the Go Pro in the story. That would have been a good way to say the footage got destroyed.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 23-Jun-13
archery95- Threads get locked when bashing is unfounded in truth. Not the case here. Nothing wrong with exposing the truth on a public forum so others are not deceived.

Dude is a loser, a liar, and a total fraud. Those are the facts.

From: AlaskaZag Date: 24-Jun-13
How did people find out he photoshopped himself with that bear?

I still can't wrap my head around faking yourself into a picture and writing a detailed account of it.

What a way to live your life.

Dude has some serious issues!

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 24-Jun-13
Is kind of ironic...That him being such a 'hard core' Bow Hunter, we've never had the pleasure of him educating us on here...Lol

From: orionsbrother Date: 25-Jun-13

orionsbrother's Supporting Link

Language warning for video... Listen at your own risk. It will be stuck in your head.

"And I talk to myself on my Facebook wall. I'm Awesome."

"I'm awesome. No you're not, dude. Don't lie. I'm awesome."

"And lyrically I'm not the best. Physically the opposite of Randy Moss and yet so preposterous. Feel the awesomeness. The most obnoxious guest up at the sausage-fest."

"Suit untailored, ringtone Taylor Swift. Can't tweet up on my twitter 'cause I haven't done shit. Bank account red, body un-groomed. The only good thing about me is I'm off stage soon."

LMFAO Enjoy!

From: Dinkshooter@work Date: 25-Jun-13

Did you read the comments?

"this song describes my bf like soo much.... i? feel kinda disappointed"

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 25-Jun-13
Dinkshoter, I almost shot coffee out my nose when I read that one too!

This is almost TOO Rowdy......

From: Surfbow Date: 25-Jun-13
Rowdy Doody has some serious issues going on in his head I think, heck, there are apparently one or two people living in there, I almost feel bad for the guy...almost, but not quite.

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 25-Jun-13
I just wanted to be post number 200!!!

Happy Tuesday with a Rowdy side of awesome to everyone!!!!

Orion thanks for the laugh today!!!

From: Glunt@work Date: 25-Jun-13
I was sorta hoping someone would yell "gotcha" and it would turn out that Mr Dowdy was made up along with this whole story. Looks like that isn't the case.

Sometimes a house of cards gets blown over before its even near completion.

From: AlaskaZag Date: 25-Jun-13
Dude is very real. Can't say the same about his hunting accomplishments.

Anybody have any connections to the Nock Out tv show to know if they are on to this guy yet?

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 25-Jun-13
I almost took post 200 just for the sake of it, but figured I've posted on this thread too much already

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 25-Jun-13
Mark your calendars for July 26th to miss the first episode of the stupid Nock On archery reality game show. Since it has nothing to do with hunting, the people producing the show could give a hoot if he's a fake hunter. Plus, season one is already in the can, so unless he gets busted with a trunk full of dead hookers, the game will go on.

Best we can hope for is that he doesn't win. (Maybe John Lacer will spill the beans??) I'm rooting for Zelenda Koch, the cute little blonde.

Then again, who cares??

From: thetruthhurts Date: 25-Jun-13
Sounds like a professional wrestler's name.......only those guys are for real! ;)

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 25-Jun-13
What if he gets caught with a "picture" of a trunk full of dead hookers?

From: 'Ike' Date: 25-Jun-13
"What if he gets caught with a "picture" of a trunk full of dead hookers?"

Ohhhh, I like it...

From: Julius K Date: 26-Jun-13
This guy is terrible.. I just had to say

From: BULELK1 Date: 26-Jun-13

BULELK1's Supporting Link above.

Good luck, Robb

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 26-Jun-13

Panhandle Bob's Supporting Link

Wow! Nice arms on her Trophy Taker photo...

From: Norseman Date: 26-Jun-13
Is she from East Germany?

From: midwest Date: 26-Jun-13
lol @ Norseman!

From: Merriam Date: 26-Jun-13
I think she would have a more believeable Navy Seal story than Rowdy ever would.

From: Chip T. Date: 26-Jun-13
Will somebody please locate a bus so we can throw this "chooch" under it:)

From: SteveB Date: 26-Jun-13

SteveB's Supporting Link

This link is for the Pilot video of the program......

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 26-Jun-13
I didn't think it was possible for a woman to get Deltoids that big.

Is that photo real?

From: Surfbow Date: 26-Jun-13
I think Rowdy photoshopped her head onto a screen shot from Rambo!

From: KJC Date: 26-Jun-13
That's a man, Baby!

From: stringgunner Date: 26-Jun-13
Nock Out is running contestant profiles every couple of days on their facebook site. Rowdy's hasn't come up yet, but it should be interesting to see what kind of comments are made when they do run his profile

From: Wyo_elk Date: 26-Jun-13
lets not let this thread get off track.. Our main focus should be on bashing known liar and world class loser Kyle Dowdy.. AKA Rowdy Dowdy.

Keep focused people.. I think this thread could do 500 posts.

From: daleheth Date: 26-Jun-13
thanks for keeping us on task Wyo_elk. I bet this post track goes through the roof when the run his profile on thier site. Then once he gets kicked off of the show it will easily hit 500.

From: BULELK1 Date: 26-Jun-13
West Germany.....TJ! ha

Good luck, Robb

From: Crazy_8s Date: 26-Jun-13
Is there any evidence that "Rowdy" has ever harvested a trophy animal with a bow(outside of Photoshop)? It'd be interesting to see if any outfitters would admit to having him in their camp. Also would be interesting to see if any real veterans can back his service story.

He may be able to do some advertising for Photoshop attesting that his career was built on their product.

From: Tony Phillips Date: 26-Jun-13
I wonder if anyone has given this photo to the Alaska Fish&Game? They have harvest reporting requirements.

From: 'Ike' Date: 26-Jun-13
Ohhh, Tony good point! They'd know for sure...Lil side of awesome there...

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 26-Jun-13
I don't think Alaska F&G will do anything about this. Unlike Coleman Houston, who actually did forge hunting tags, which was actually illegal, Dowdy has probably never broken a F&G law because he's probably never actually killed anything other than a bunch of 2 liter bottles of coke.

From: S,E,A,L, R.D. Date: 26-Jun-13

S,E,A,L, R.D.'s embedded Photo

You guy obviously haven't seen the classified pic of RD in Abbottabad where he made his most famous spear kill. The pic is infrared and a bit fuzzy, but I'm told it's real!

From: Pukwudgie Date: 26-Jun-13
If Alaska F&G see a picture of an individual with a dead bear but no record of a tag issued or a harvest report ,I would think they would investigate .

From: Pukwudgie Date: 26-Jun-13
If Alaska F&G see a picture of an individual with a dead bear but no record of a tag issued or a harvest report ,I would think they would investigate .

From: Hunt cell Date: 26-Jun-13
Just think if ROwdy DOwdy latches on to one of your kill photos for his next shop hunt You will be an Instant Internet Awesome or not

From: BULELK1 Date: 26-Jun-13
How long can we Beat A Dead Horse To Death??

I think Point's of Concern have totally been made here-

Nothing personal at all fella's--- just an observation from many 'Past' beat the 'chit' out of someone type deal...

Good luck, Robb

PS--How many of you thread poster's are actual In Country ('nam?, Iran?, Afganistan? ect?) War Veterans? Hey thanks--Robb

From: Wyo_elk Date: 26-Jun-13
Bulelk1.. I can go on beating this horse forever. Until everyone on the planet knows he is a fraud and a liar the job is not done.

Guys like Rowdy never get ran far enough out of town.

Sure hope he posts a defense one of these days. He has had enough time to think up something good by now?

Come on Dowdy..

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 27-Jun-13
Although I am not in nam(been over for a while now) or Iran(didn't know we were in active military engagements) I have fought for our country. If this man claims to have fought next to any of my "battles" and actually hasn't, then I think he not only deserves this, but also a spit in the face and a kick in the nuts. IMO, he is no better than Jane Fonda or that douche nozzle who fought for the Taliban who was an American by birth. F him and this this of "beating" is light in ny opinion. Have a super day. Wil SSG USA Scouts Out!

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 27-Jun-13
BTW, I font really think it matters who has actually fought for our country Rob. Wrong is wrong and sticking up for someone who says he has fought for our country but really hasn't isn't that good in my opinion either. At least these guys on here are sticking up for those who have served instead of those who haven't, but claim they did. So what exactly is your point in that last post?

From: BULELK1 Date: 27-Jun-13
Okay--fair enough....your points of view are well taken and I understand your passion.

I too realize this guy is a Plick and full of chit.

Good luck, Robb

PS--yes I am a 'nam vet.

From: Coyote 65 Date: 27-Jun-13
Did not go to Vietnam in the military, went as a DOD contractor, however did retire from Army National Guard after 22 years.


From: M.Pauls Date: 27-Jun-13
I could see this guy being on dr Phil

From: Surfbow Date: 27-Jun-13
I keep seeing commercials for a new show on Discovery for a naked survivorm show...I bet Rowdy could be on that, opens up more photoshopping opportunity for him at least :)

From: Brotsky Date: 27-Jun-13
Surf, naked Rowdy would most likely just fuel more sasquatch rumors.

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 28-Jun-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

Did anyone catch Rowdys DIY photo shop seminar at the Western Hunting Expo!!!

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 28-Jun-13
What happened to the 23rd of February?

From: borntohunt75 Date: 28-Jun-13
Would love to know what the hell he taught people in a seminar on how to hunt bear in alaska? Thats pretty funny. Bet the organizers are cringing now if they are aware of all this

From: AlaskaZag Date: 28-Jun-13
Everyone he ever represented should be cringing right now!

From: Skullwerx Date: 28-Jun-13
Just thought I would contribute.....

OK I got nothing

This thread is great

From: Glunt@work Date: 28-Jun-13
"Would love to know what the hell he taught people in a seminar on how to hunt bear in alaska? Thats pretty funny. Bet the organizers are cringing now if they are aware of all this"

I'll take a shot:

"Ok, lets go over some basic tools you will need do it like me, which means full throttle, game on, awesome."

"You'll need Photoshop Elements, a couple online social networking aliases, and an ego so big it squeezes out the little voice in your head babbling on about morals and the odds of you getting away with this for long"

"Ok, now bring up the pic of you on the beach and the donor pic, click on the quick selection tool and....

From: Ace of Spades Date: 28-Jun-13
Now here is where I work the real magic... I make up an amazing, because I'm awesome, twig by twig awesome story of the stalk.. Just awesome! That is where the real memories of the hunt come from! Awesome!! ~ RWDYDWDY13'GHOSTRECONADVENTURENAVYSEALDIYAWESOMENESS

From: stringgunner Date: 28-Jun-13
"Oh and when this seminar is completed, please join me out on the deck as I will be serving up some Rowdy Burgers with a side of AWESOME!"

From: chsnelk03 Date: 28-Jun-13

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 28-Jun-13
Lol glunt!


From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 29-Jun-13
Damn, how could we have missed the Hunt Expo....

From: Skullwerx Date: 01-Jul-13
Hated to see this slip down so far....

I am going to grab another Rowdy burger with a side of awesome and enjoy.....

From: Rut Nut Date: 01-Jul-13
Dang, you can't make this stuff up! ;-)

Amazing somebody could be so full of himself! He should have gone to Hollywood instead of Alaska! ;-)

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 01-Jul-13
I think he named himself after ROWDY Roddy Piper,same personality.

From: Norseman Date: 01-Jul-13
Another "ham and egger"

From: michaelw Date: 01-Jul-13
Until this thread, I have never even heard of Rowdy Dowdy. It is absolutely disgusting and appalling that someone would go to such great lengths to commit such fraud.

This thread is doing a great service to inform as many people as possible in the hunting community about this unbelievable and revolting act.

I would hope this guy disappears and receives zero support in the hunting community. This "instant gratification" hunting attitude he possesses is nauseating.

Hunting is truly about enjoying the sights and sounds of the experience and taking pride in accomplishing a goal only after putting in the appropriate work and dedication.

I would not support any product, company, or manufacturer that has absolutely anything to do with this deceitful individual and his spurious acts.

Thanks for the heads up!!!!!

From: Brotsky Date: 02-Jul-13
Norseman, he's a "Ham and egger with a side of awesome!"

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 02-Jul-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

Heres a morning side of awesome for you guys......I think I found Rowdys camera man that was on the bear hunt with him.

From: Keith in colorado Date: 02-Jul-13
Nice Bear!

From: Ace of Spades Date: 02-Jul-13
Wow, awesome hide that's for sure! Not rubbed at all, awesome!


From: Wyo_elk Date: 03-Jul-13
Bump.. To good to let slip!

Beautiful Bear sniper!

From: Bou'bound Date: 03-Jul-13
This is the best thing since Wayne Zaft declared himself a world record holder and set up a website where he self-described himself as a "Man on the Move".

From: Brotsky Date: 03-Jul-13
I wonder if I can get that side of awesome recipe for my BBQ tomorrow?

From: orionsbrother Date: 03-Jul-13
I don't know about the side of awesome, but the ingredients of a Rowdy Burger concern me. Second hand ground bull?

From: TurkeyBowMaster Date: 03-Jul-13
I got news for all of you...outdoor celebritys are made up of plenty of Rowdy's. Manufacturers deserve what they get because they actively seek put these suck up type and don't seek the guys who can get it done. Until changes are made, there will be plenty of Rowdy burgers in the futures.

From: TurkeyBowMaster Date: 03-Jul-13
I got news for all of you...outdoor celebritys are made up of plenty of Rowdy's. Manufacturers deserve what they get because they actively seek put these suck up type and don't seek the guys who can get it done. Until changes are made, there will be plenty of Rowdy burgers in the futures.

From: Surfbow Date: 03-Jul-13
armyscoutsniper-I had a bear rug just like that when I was little, always wondered where they got the bears with the fake fur...

From: trublucolo Date: 06-Jul-13
This threads been hilarious.

From: jkoenig04 Date: 07-Jul-13
It has been a couple days since I looked for this thread, and to my complete joy... it is still here!!!

From: Jailer Date: 07-Jul-13
This thread is great. Never watch the outdoor shows and guys like this pathological liar are the reason why. You check out a couple of this d-bags blogs and you see pretty quickly that things don't add up. He is around 29 years old and was a navy seal and has a degree in natural science. Yet in his down time he claims as of two years ago he was 6 animals away from the North American slam. Oh and all on video as well. Most guys that have completed the slam are in there 50's just because of the time and money it takes. Not saying it couldn't be done but highly unlikely. Must be a real con-artist to make it as far as he did. Love to see his response to all this. Probably hiding out having another rowdy burger and an awesome side of jackass pie!

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 07-Jul-13
"Probably hiding out having another rowdy burger and an awesome side of jackass pie!"


But seriously, that animal count is not too tough if you're that awesome. Or if you're proficient with Photoshop.

Ahh September... If only you were long enough to take 6 animals.

From: Rut Nut Date: 08-Jul-13
LMBO! This thread never disappoints! :)

From: moosenelson Date: 08-Jul-13
Im full from eating rowdy burgers, jackass pie and a side of awesome! I ain't full of this thread tho. I really hope that Rowdy and others make better choices in the future.

From: Bullshooter Date: 08-Jul-13
Who wants to start a "photoshop slam"? This could make the dream attainable for the average Joe, who can't afford a $25K sheep hunt!

Anyone can be a Slammer!

From: Ace of Spades Date: 08-Jul-13
For the cost of adobe you can do the slam! My finger hurts from clicking the mouse, ouch.....


From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 08-Jul-13
275, like Rowdy's weight...Lil side of awesome!

From: Wyo_elk Date: 08-Jul-13
Exciting news today. I hear the 60 day drying period is up his photoshop bear. Rowdy Dowdy is now officially the biggest Douche Bag in the history of hunting.

Congrats dude. You are finally the legend you always thought you were!

This thread can easily do 500 posts and a year on the first page.

From: Paul@thefort Date: 08-Jul-13
I just spent an enjoyable but somewhat sad hour reading this thread, so thanks all for posting your remarks.

The self imposed pressure to succeed without a conscience, surely is evident here.

A lie is a lie and I surely hope, when this is all exposed, he gets what he deserves on all counts.

Keep us all informed.


From: Stick1@work Date: 09-Jul-13
I'm in for the photoshop slam!! Only if we can create, our own critters, like Rowdy know the ones that live in our own back, "Ol'Mossy Head, the Swawheilan Skincrat and the Rattlemouthmoccerheadkingchickencoilracer"!

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 09-Jul-13
275? Maybe with no arms or legs...

I may not be able to judge an elk rack, but this guy's a booner

From: Bowme2 Date: 09-Jul-13
I still never got my bear with antlers... maybe some day I can be as awesome and proficient with my photoshopping.

One day.....

From: Coyote 65 Date: 09-Jul-13
As this thread approaches the 300 mark, it causes me to wonder what the all time record for responses is? It would be awesome if this thread hit the top.


From: moosenelson Date: 09-Jul-13
If you can't be trusted in little things, I can't trust you with big things.

Character happens in the dark.

Maybe all of us hunters could learn a little something from Rowdy.

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 11-Jul-13
I have a special side of awesomeness for the 300th post for everyone!!!

From: bigotisjeff Date: 11-Jul-13
I looked for tis clowns Facebook Page and couldnt find it....Did he take it down?

From: Seminole Date: 11-Jul-13
This guy is an absolute loon.

From: Bowfreak Date: 11-Jul-13
This has been so good that I have had nothing to add. I simply just wanted to post so I am not left out of the awesomeness of this thread.

From: bear2 Date: 11-Jul-13
Thankfully he can't breed with Turkeybowmaster, the offspring might rule the world.

From: Bowfreak Date: 11-Jul-13

From: KS Flatlander Date: 11-Jul-13
"Ignorance is curable, stupid is forever."

From: borntohunt75 Date: 11-Jul-13
I love the suspense, bring on 300!

From: Saxton Date: 11-Jul-13
I looked for Rowdy on FB and did not have any luck.

From: Rick M Date: 11-Jul-13
And the 300th post belongs to??

Not me yet but I am gonna try.

From: JW Date: 11-Jul-13
Here's to another side of awesome! C'mon 300!

From: AH Date: 11-Jul-13
Every time I read this thread I keep thinking Rowdy reminds me of the Charlie Sheen of the hunting world.

But instead of "Adonis DNA" and "banging 7 gram rocks"

He has "Adobe DNA" and "bangs 7 megapixel shots"

From: bowman94 Date: 11-Jul-13
is it just me, or do I see shades of Mitch Rompola?

From: Wyo_elk Date: 11-Jul-13
300 here we come!!!

From: Ace of Spades Date: 11-Jul-13
Rowdy "Awesome" Dowdy- 300 posts here we come!

From: Rick M Date: 11-Jul-13

From: Rick M Date: 11-Jul-13

From: Rick M Date: 11-Jul-13

From: Rick M Date: 11-Jul-13
Winner!!! I will let you know where to send the "awesome" prize.

From: Rick M Date: 11-Jul-13
Crap, Ace of Spakes threw me off by one:) My "side of awesome" must be more like a snack:(

From: KS Flatlander Date: 11-Jul-13

KS Flatlander's embedded Photo

Rowdy, when he was a mere child!

From: KS Flatlander Date: 11-Jul-13

KS Flatlander's embedded Photo

From: armyscoutsniper Date: 11-Jul-13

armyscoutsniper's embedded Photo

In honor of the 300th + post Rowdy would like to invite you all to his place for a slice of awesomeness and some shirtless man hugs to celebrate you making him your favorite Alaskan Bowhunter!!!!

From: Ace of Spades Date: 11-Jul-13
Lol.... Mmmmmm I love cake!

From: orionsbrother Date: 11-Jul-13
WTF? Armyscoutsniper- Where did that pic come from? Was that from his Facebook page? Did he post a pic holding a congratulatory cake himself, or did he just Photoshop his name onto the cake?

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 11-Jul-13
Looks younger in that pic. And a good 50 lbs lighter.

From: Cub Date: 11-Jul-13
Idyllwildarcher, you crack me up.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 12-Jul-13
I can actually hear him getting fatter in that pic. The sad thing is he defineltly ate that by himself. He may have shared a slice or two with this imaginary cameraman buddy "mike".

I wonder he was congratulating himself on a tremendous session of photo shop or if he just got done playing a marathon game of dungeons and dragons? Either way that dude is living in fantasy land!

Rowdy, we know you read all these. Congrats on being the biggest loser of all time.. Ever.. In history.

From: ridgerunnerron Date: 12-Jul-13
I was holding out to be number 300! What a thread! :) Where/when will it end?

From: the_runner Date: 12-Jul-13

the_runner's embedded Photo

All this talk of burgers, sides, pie, and dessert. May I suggest something to wash it all down…

From: wildwilderness Date: 12-Jul-13
Sent an email to see if they have any response

From: Brotsky Date: 12-Jul-13
Sniper....that's not even his cake. He shopped himself into that pic so he could have a birthday too.

From: Rick M Date: 12-Jul-13
I appreciate the grand prize cake but I prefer pie. Besides it kinda looks like Rowdy may have some other ideas for me!!

I don't want to end up "mounted" in a photo with him on Facebook. Photo shopped or not:)

Rick M

From: borntohunt75 Date: 12-Jul-13
I wonder if that is humble pie he is serving up in that photo.....

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 12-Jul-13

Good one

From: toehead Date: 12-Jul-13
Of only Spook had been wise enough to use photoshop! At least Rowdy hasn't broken any federal game laws and violated probation.


From: JW Date: 12-Jul-13

From: trublucolo Date: 12-Jul-13

From: Jailer Date: 13-Jul-13
As motivation to get to 400 treads I've just been authorized to award the winner a couple of just off the press books. Listen to these exciting titles! Taking the North American slam for under $50 by Rowdy Dowdy. Trailing a Fat Boy by John Lacer. A teaser from Trailing a Fat had been a long night. Rowdy and I had put down I don't even know how many Rowdy burgers and were working on a particularly tough photo shop of a mountain goat. I told Rowdy, hey dude we only have one sheet of photo paper left. He said, don't worry JohnO I got this and proceeded to print out a master piece. It was at this point that I knew when I grew up I wanted to be just like him a true bad ass. Wow! I hope I get the 400th post so I can keep these master pieces. As a special bonus you'll also receive your favorite trophy photo with Rowdy in it! Good luck people and remember. Stay awesome!

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 13-Jul-13
"Taking the North American Slam for Under $50" was a true classic Jailer, but you should throw in "The Super 10 in Two Septembers" where Awesome Incarnate(R) shows us how to take 10 animals in under 60 days with under 10 points in any state!!!

I cant wait till his new book "I Shot One Arrow in Africa and Seventeen Friggen Species Went Extinct" comes out this fall!

From: Jailer Date: 13-Jul-13
I cant wait till his new book "I Shot One Arrow in Africa and Seventeen Friggen Species Went Extinct" Epic my friend! LMAO.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 13-Jul-13
Dont forget his take on an old sporting classic " Death in dark Places 2- Rowdy Dowdy's long nights behind a monitor in search of the big 5" .

They say a picture is worth a thousand words..I wonder how long it would have been before he started plagiarizing whole books.

With a brain as small as his, creative new stories cant come easy.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 13-Jul-13
Some other books Rowdy is working on-

" Fake rams and fake ram hunters"

"Hell I wish I was there"

"Very forgettable bowhunters"

" Super Scam!"

From: Ace of Spades Date: 14-Jul-13
And his cook books

"Rowdy burger minus the burger"


"How to slice, dice, and photochop"


From: tracy warren Date: 14-Jul-13
I rarely post on this side of the site BUT this thread is hilarious. You guys are funny as $h!t.

From: TREESTANDWOLF (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 14-Jul-13
" How to put yourself in anyone's shoes"

" Hero to zero in 10.9 seconds"

" Take any North American animal, any weapon, without hunting"

Not the funniest, just checking in.,, funny stuff.

From: SteveB Date: 15-Jul-13
"Five Awesome Steps to a Trophy Photo (Without Hunting)"

"How to Lie Your Way to a TV program in one Rowdy Season!"

"How to Bag your Trophy... Without the Bag"

From: BowMad23 Date: 15-Jul-13
"Who Needs a Trophy Wife When You Can Have a Trophy Husband?"

An auto-biography of one John O. Lacer

I apologize in advance.

From: bowhntonly Date: 15-Jul-13
What is his relationship with Nock Out?? I didn't see him on the show on the link that was on here.. I never heard of him until this link...

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 15-Jul-13
I never even heard of NOCK OUT,but I'll definitely be checking my TV listings for it,just to see the "awesomeness" of Rowdy!!!!!

From: wildwilderness Date: 15-Jul-13
here is the link

he's listed as a contestant. Would be funny if they aired a bunch of his lies then would flash on the screen "this is a lie"

From: Rut Nut Date: 15-Jul-13
You guys are a RIOT!!!!!!!!!!! I almost peed my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

From: Jailer Date: 15-Jul-13
I just got on the nock out facebook page and left some comments about him. I would encourage you all to do the same. Would truly be a same for this fraud to get any more air time.

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 15-Jul-13
This thread is like a magnet.

Funny, but there's nothing I could find about Rowdy on the Nock Out FB page. Plenty of stuff about "Big Guns" Zelinda and the others, but no Rowdy? Why no profile of him and his "accomplishments"?

From: Surfbow Date: 15-Jul-13
You guys do realize this thread is probably the most attention he has EVER received, right? (other than the conversations he had between his facebook personalities...)

From: Jailer Date: 15-Jul-13
Lou, maybe because the're all made up... wait that didn't stop him before. On the nock out facebook page on the top right you'll see one that says something like is Rowdy Dowdy really going to be on this show. Has the photo shopped bear on there. After my post they responded that the show was filmed awhile ago and to feel free to post your comments.

From: No Mercy Date: 16-Jul-13
WOW___this is the most fun hour I have spent on the computer in a long time!

Keep it going!

From: orionsbrother Date: 17-Jul-13

orionsbrother's embedded Photo

Everywhere I look, I am reminded of this thread.

From: 'Ike' Date: 18-Jul-13
A easy 350 coming up! Awesomeness rowdy style...

From: Bowfreak Date: 18-Jul-13
Make sure you guys tune in on July 26th to see all of his awesomeness on NBC sports. Yikes!

From: stringgunner Date: 18-Jul-13
they said they are not going to run a bio on their facebook page "Nockout Tv" because he never sent one in for the page. I figured we could come up with a pretty good one to submit for him!

From: Eric B. Date: 18-Jul-13
I stopped in to see why this thread is still going.. I hear he is going to play "Curly" in the next 3 stooges flick ! Stay tuned as he eye gouges a polar bear & packs him out whole for Moe to skin. Yuk ! Yuk ! Whoo Woo Woo ! Soitanly ! It's Rowdy Curly Dowdy on Imax !

From: 'Ike' Date: 18-Jul-13
"Make sure you guys tune in on July 26th to see all of his awesomeness on NBC sports. Yikes!"

No way!

From: realunlucky Date: 20-Jul-13
Sad way to spend an hour reading this some funny stuff in here though

From: DL Date: 21-Jul-13
I think this guy is going to take away being the top Captain Blow Hole from Buck Mcneely.

From: Brotsky Date: 22-Jul-13
If Nock Out lets Rowdy in the video editing booth he's going to be hard to beat.

From: drycreek Date: 22-Jul-13
238 posts??? Dammit, just made it 239!

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 22-Jul-13
350 baby...

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 23-Jul-13
Only 3 more days till Nock Out,and Rowdy in all his awesomeness!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

From: drycreek Date: 23-Jul-13
Ike Not only got a bad memory, looks like I can't read writin'

From: Brotsky Date: 25-Jul-13
Anybody have any tips on how to handle a straight dose of pure awesome? My lady and I plan to watch Rowdy tomorrow on nock out and I want to make sure she keeps her drawers on.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 25-Jul-13
To watch or not to watch..... On one hand you think: this guy lied about his military service, told people he was a navy seal etc..., he stole other peoples hunting photos and photo shopped himself into them in order to get attention, fame and ultimatly free stuff and sponsorships from archery companies, he made up elaborate stories to back up his fake photos and even made up a fake guy on facebook to give himself more validity, he screwed over small businesses for money (have I left anything out here?).....and hell no Im not gonna support any show that he is on because he is disgusting......on the other hand - its like watching a train wreck and you cant look away - there is the hope that the producers noticed he was a douche and will show clips of him lying or contradicting himself and being an idiot which would be fun to watch...... the dilemma......

From: trublucolo Date: 26-Jul-13
Brotsky, What's the report on Rowdy on nock out?

From: Rut Nut Date: 26-Jul-13
I was at a retirement dinner tonight, so could not watch. Just wondered if Howdy Doody was on the show tonight?! ;-)

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 27-Jul-13
I was looking forward to watching the show last night. I got home from work yesterday and checked my tv listings,found out it aired at 1:00 PM. I missed it.

From: kyrob Date: 27-Jul-13
Just read where Rowdy Dowdy and Carlos Danger are teaming up for a new video called, "One wild weekend of awsomeness", sexting and photoshopping at it's best".

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 27-Jul-13
Lol, did no one watch the show? Someone has to give a report, we need more material for the thread!

Comon, 3.2 million unique hits to Bowsite, someone had to have watched it...

From: wilhille (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 27-Jul-13
Carlos danger lmao!!! Good one. Anytime is a good time to throw in a Weiner joke.

From: boothill Date: 27-Jul-13
Watching the DVR recording now of good old Rowdy Dowdy. Unfortunately they let him talk and everything. Will report more at the end.

From: boothill Date: 27-Jul-13
Well unfortunately Rowdy is still on the show. They shot spots to figure out who was on each team. Then shot 3 different spot targets and then decided which 2 would shoot it out to stay on while the other goes home. Is TopShot all over again but all archery tackle.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 28-Jul-13
I watched it. He was as arrogant and fat as I had imagined he would be

From: TurkeyBowMaster Date: 28-Jul-13
This is proof that bad publisity is better than no publisity at all. I missed the show but did see a show I kind of liked....solo hunters.

From: Yttails Date: 28-Jul-13
TBM, I think it's spelled, Publishity.

From: boothill Date: 29-Jul-13
Go onto Facebook to the Nock Out page...they were asking what folks thought of the show and who was the best so far. I told them to check backgrounds on their competitors better.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 29-Jul-13
The first episode is now online to watch on You Tube I am not too tech savvy but it would be cool if someone could just pull out clips of the howdy doody interviews and post those

From: Nick Muche (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 29-Jul-13
Just watched that episode. Still can't believe he is on it and the way he talked was pretty high and mighty... A joke.

From: chsnelk03 Date: 30-Jul-13
Way to "diagnostic" the shot Rowdy....your team has been served a side of AWESOME!

From: DWarcher Date: 30-Jul-13
That 'diagnostic the shot' quote was epic and exactly what we expected. It's pretty hilarious having that DB on the show.

 photo awesomeness_zpsef0fd24e.jpg

From: Longshaft Date: 30-Jul-13
What an arrogant douche!!! I hope he reads these. Awesome diagnostic!

From: Ace of Spades Date: 30-Jul-13
I diagnostic the shot by missin so they be hittin'.... Awesome

Rowdy dowdy- chief DB

From: SteveB Date: 02-Aug-13

SteveB's embedded Photo

From: borntohunt75 Date: 03-Aug-13
SteveB - where'd you get that photo of Rowdy? looks like he lost some weight

From: toehead Date: 03-Aug-13
"andt he last two shooters did sucha good job JUST BECAUSE oof my first shot" Rowdy Dowdy, class a DOUCHE BAG muahahahahahha

From: azdogman Date: 03-Aug-13
Lmao. You have to be kidding. I just watched it on YouTube and he really said that.

From: SteveB Date: 05-Aug-13
borntohunt: no, we just "uncovered" who he always was. :)

From: Tazman Date: 05-Aug-13
I wonder if Ed Joseph "did such a good job" at shooting his bear, because of Rowdy's "first shot" on the same bear.

From: Stickflinger Date: 05-Aug-13
Yes Rowdy is a complete DB... And that show is a joke... Marked yardage and they shoot like that ??


From: Nick Muche Date: 05-Aug-13
"Marked yardage and they shoot like that"

Exactly what I was thinking.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 12-Aug-13
anyone watch the 3rd episode of nock out? rowdy dowdy was in full form on there. his team got into a situation where the next shooter had a very easy opprotunity to win it for them and look like the hero; but it was another guys turn to shoot. rowdy was begging the team to let him shoot instead -and the team was saying no, its this other guys turn, finally they caved in and let him. he made the shot but it made him look like an ass, dying to be the hero.

From: Nick Muche Date: 12-Aug-13
Are there any links to the most recent episode?

From: borntohunt75 Date: 12-Aug-13
they said they arent allowed to post it on you tube anymore so i am not sure where else to see it at?

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 12-Aug-13
I saw it....thought of this thread and said to myself...yep that sounds like Rowdy

From: boothill Date: 12-Aug-13
I'm not really impressed with the show actually. For some of the top shooters around they have been performing really poorly. Except for watching Rowdy make a butt of himself begging to shoot episode 3 was a snoozer.

From: txhunter58 Date: 13-Aug-13
If you guys are still watching it, then the sponsors are getting their moneys worth out of him.

From: Rut Nut Date: 16-Aug-13
Is this on the "regular" NBC channels?

From: drycreek Date: 16-Aug-13
I have never seen this guy........and boy am I glad!

From: OFFHNTN Date: 16-Aug-13
Rut Nut - It is on NBC Sports channel. I think it's channel 220 on DirecTV, which I don't get with my package.

From: Surfbow Date: 16-Aug-13
Uh-oh, the Rage Hypodermic thread is catching up! Better get this one back on track!

From: Rut Nut Date: 16-Aug-13
Thanks OFFHNTN- I don;t get it either. Will have to see if it comes on Netflix.

From: bigotisjeff Date: 16-Aug-13
There is an ex NAvy Seal that runs a training course for people who want to try and become Seals. What he also does is OUT people who claim to be SEALs...I think i will send him the $20 fee and see what he can find out on MR Awesome himself.....

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 17-Aug-13
I'll be damn, it's still here...Lil slice of awesomeness!

From: borntohunt75 Date: 18-Aug-13
Bigotisjeff....that, would be awesome

From: drycreek Date: 20-Aug-13
Can't let this die before reaching 400 ! Come on guys, do your part!

From: wildwilderness Date: 20-Aug-13
Here is the link again

The "diagnostic the shot" starts at 11:29. With pure Awesomeness after for his self sacrifice on the poor shot

From: wildwilderness Date: 20-Aug-13
He takes the credit for the other shooters at 11:49

From: Rut Nut Date: 21-Aug-13
Thanks for the link, wildwilderness! Almost could not believe what I was hearing and seeing!

Laughing at other competitors when they missed, saying something like "if that guy and I were on the same team, we'd clean up" and then the best: when he said "our last 2 shooters did great, just because of my first shot" Can you get any more narcissistic???!!! ;-)

From: Julius K Date: 21-Aug-13
Still can't believe this dude hasn't tried to defend himself. You'd think the pure awesomeness would be able to brain wash us

From: Rut Nut Date: 21-Aug-13
Doesn;t surprise me! He sounds like a real "poser"!(as the kids would say ;-)

From: Rut Nut Date: 21-Aug-13
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! 400!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I win???!!! ;-)

From: Brotsky Date: 21-Aug-13
On the nock out Facebook page his fellow competitors have not been overly kind in discussin Rowdy. Seems his brand of awesome isn't quite as awesome as he thinks.

From: Rut Nut Date: 21-Aug-13
LOL! Again, not surprised! ;-)

From: borntohunt75 Date: 21-Aug-13
wish i could find a link to this weeks episode. classic quote when one of his teammates said "I was hoping Rowdy was going to step up and be a team player, but....I guess not"

From: Rut Nut Date: 21-Aug-13
LOL! :) Yeah, I'm sure it didn't take them long to figure him out!

From: caller79065 Date: 22-Aug-13
I decided to go on their Facebook page and ask them about it. They responded that it is true and that he is "a disgrace to archery". At least the truth is out there now.

From: ericolson Date: 23-Aug-13
Good idea caller, but you posted to the wrong website. The show is called "Nock Out" and you posted to "Nock On"

From: caller79065 Date: 23-Aug-13
I did, and I have deleted the post. My mistake. Too damn many "Nocks" out there for me I guess.

From: caller79065 Date: 23-Aug-13
At least I didn't go to the "Nocked Up' page LOL.

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 23-Aug-13
"At least I didn't go to the "Nocked Up' page LOL."

Is it true that Rowdy got Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

From: Brotsky Date: 23-Aug-13
I'd be surprised if anyone other than Rowdy has seen his "little slice of awesome" in quite some time. On second thought, I'm not sure he can see it without a mirror.

From: Rockbass Date: 24-Aug-13
Wow....great thread everyone....Rowdy is a scam artist and should be accountable for his actions.

We had a guy like that up in Ontario a few years back who was a member of the SCI Ontario Chapter. We had a friendly Big Game Awards at our annual fundraising dinner where you had your animal officially scored, wrote a story on it and entered it in our competition. It was great for our newsletter because it generated a lot of material. This guy claimed he had taken the new world record Mountain Lion in B.C. with a Outfitter. He also claimed he had shot a grizzly bear and a wolf with the same outfitter.

The awards committee (I was on the panel) made one phone call to the BC Guides and Outfitters and then to the Conservation Officers office in the area in which he claimed he hunted. Long story short...our guy (small time version of Rowdy Dowdy) was charged with 10 offences and had to have legal representation attend in BC with a signed statement that it was all Bullshit. The charges were stayed but the courts got it in PRINT that he was a lying Asshole!

Anyone live in Alaska to make that call? They may do something when they see the pictures and hear the claims.

From: Rockbass Date: 24-Aug-13
Sorry...did not mention it in last post...the skull that Cyril got measured trying to represent as the new world record Mountain Lion...oops I said his name...was a Jaguar from South America!

From: Huntin' Hardcore Date: 24-Aug-13
The guy is a loser and terrible shooter also. He doesn't belong on Nock Out and I knew there was something about him I didn't like from the second I saw him on there.

From: borntohunt75 Date: 25-Aug-13
Rockbass that is a crazy story. Sounds like you guys have yourselves a canadian rowdy! I couldnt imagine there was another DB out there that would pull that kinda BS but I guess so!

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 31-Aug-13
I guess Rowdy's 15 Minutes of fame is over :(

From: Jim D Date: 31-Aug-13
Maybe we can encourage him to do something else? I don't know, ah, Frisbee? He'd be awesome.

From: ELKAHOLIC Date: 31-Aug-13
Could someone please photo shop him holding the fake Rompola buck, that would be extraawesomenesser. (he deserved a new word to describe that level of awesome)

From: Rut Nut Date: 06-Sep-13

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 31-Aug-13 I guess Rowdy's 15 Minutes of fame is over :(

Did he get kicked off the show?!

From: 'Ike' Date: 06-Sep-13
Oh man...No mo Rowdy!

From: Pukwudgie Date: 07-Sep-13
No he is still on the show. He won this weeks challenge .

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 07-Sep-13
No Rut Nut,I just posted that because he was way down on page 3 of the forums,we got him back on top now. Bob

From: Rut Nut Date: 12-Sep-13
LOL! I'm a little slow on the uptake at times! ;-)

But you're right- now he dropped back down!

From: Rut Nut Date: 12-Sep-13
From: Pukwudgie Date: 07-Sep-13

No he is still on the show. He won this weeks challenge .

WOw! What was the challenge? See how many times you can pat yourself on the back in a 30 min episode?! ;-)

From: Shug Date: 13-Sep-13
He's done now...kicked off the show today...

From: Rick M Date: 13-Sep-13
This is like a bad car wreck, I just have to look.

I keep hoping that I will read he was prosecuted for something??

From: Russell Date: 14-Sep-13
He went down crying about a 70 yard shot. Not knowing that he had to shoot a long shot during elimination shoot-out.

From: Surfbow Date: 14-Sep-13
I actually saw the end of the episode, he said he felt, poor guy

From: Rut Nut Date: 14-Sep-13
LOL! He probably thought his team mates were jealous of his "Awesomeness" and wanted him to go home! ;-)

From: mn_archer Date: 14-Sep-13
omg, how did I miss this guy? has anyone confronted him on fb or anywhere else?

From: HighLife Date: 16-Sep-13
Let's see NFAA Champ and all. The Beyotch is whining over a 70 yard shot. Censors won't allow me to post what I think of his "Awsomeness" ;)

From: NorCalBowhunter Date: 17-Sep-13
holy sheep shit. just spent my morning reading this ENTIRE thread, this guy is something else. sounds like in times like this he may need a friend, anybody? show of hands? nah nevermind.

From: Buckeye_Hunter Date: 18-Sep-13
This thread was a great way to waste an hour. Now I have to go check out this Rage Hypodermic thread I saw mentioned a few hundred posts up...

We still have 10 days until the Ohio bow season opens. I have to do something to pass the time...

From: NDRECURVE Date: 21-Sep-13
At least he can go back to being a Navy seal now, what a stud.

From: Hotm00n Date: 22-Sep-13
Obviously this thread has becsme a trashing, bashing and a humiliating thread and nothing more! It is very disturbing that "some" individuals having fun over others miseries!

Some might say he brought this upon himself and he deserve it,, well he brought it upon himself is true but no one deserve this, well at least not the bashing and the humiliation "some" are purposely doing to this foolish young man...

if this thread was to make everyone aware of what this young man has done, then message was received and we are now aware of what this young man has done, we thank you for opening our eyes to this horrible crime committed by this man,, but it's time to move on, don't you think?! I am sure we all made mistakes at some point or another and hopefully learned from them, and hopefully this young foolish man have learned his lesson today as we all hope he did. I am going to allow myself to end my message by using a quote from my favorite role model: " HE THAT IS WITHOUT SIN AMONG YOU, LET HIM FIRST CAST THE FIRST STONE AT HER."

From: Bou'bound Date: 22-Sep-13
good point HotnOON and a great quote. That was from Chuck Adams in his book Super Slam if I recall.

From: mnbowhunter Date: 22-Sep-13
Wow I can't believe I read all that lol. What a D-bag

From: Redbeaed Date: 05-Oct-13
I know the truth of this fairy tale

From: stringgunner Date: 05-Oct-13
Care to share Red? This thread could use some life again. :-)

From: Redbeaed Date: 05-Oct-13

Redbeaed's embedded Photo

So...... How do I start? Hmmm....... I get introduced to this guy and to my embarrassment I agree to go on a hunt with him I have the boat he had the cash for gas and food so yes we go on spine crushing Zode ride maybe a total of about 300. Miles for the trip, no I'm not a videographer no there was no bear at this beach throughout the hunt we did see 4-5 black bears all pretty small I opted to hunt with my rifle I might as well of been hunting with hammer..... Let's just say no bear fell to my rifle. Rowdy never even nocked and arrow or stalk a bear there were no browns seen the whole trip.... I've been working all summer in and out of town I he asked if I heard about Rowdys bear I finally check it out and I can't believe my eyes his photoshop skills are good. We stopped one day and took a set of pics on this beach he told me it was product shots for his sponsors, I took several with his camera and a few with my own. Does this beach look familiar? All my other photos are home on my computer. I'll be there tomorrow night and I'll post them.

From: bigotisjeff Date: 07-Oct-13
Ha ha...and the plot thickens...

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 07-Oct-13
Now that Redbeaed has weighed in with an eyewitness report, this seems a bit more than a "young man who made a mistake", like throwing a snowball at a passing car.

This guy is a skid mark on the undershorts of bowhunting, and defrauded his sponsors. If it's true he's not a former Seal, he also dishonored our brave men. He's a sociopath, possibly a criminal.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 07-Oct-13
HotM00n- Nice to see his mom would stop by to defend him. Im sure you didnt raise the little ( big now,and by big I mean fat) fella to be a liar and loser.. Some times it just happens.

There is never enough negative exposure for guys like this.

Awesome to see "Mike" show up and give the full story.. Cant wait to hear what other stuff you have to add. Thanks for coming forward.

Still the best thread ever, in the history of the internet!

From: Redbeard Date: 09-Oct-13

Redbeard's embedded Photo

I found the rest of the pics and looking back at the circus act of setting up and getting the right position and distance from the ROCK! I just can't believe it! Total clown show! Well here are some more pics as promised.

From: DWarcher Date: 09-Oct-13
Unbelievable....or not! What a DB.

From: Brotsky Date: 09-Oct-13
LMAO! Thanks for posting we know "the rest of the story"!

From: orionsbrother Date: 09-Oct-13
If he was posing for pics, working the positioning relative to the rock, it sounds to me that this whole thing was premeditated, planned well in advance.

He deserves whatever derision he gets. And then some.

From: Longshaft Date: 09-Oct-13
Got to give Rowdy some credit. He masterminded a great photo Opp. I wonder if he has read this thread yet. Do you think he knew what photo he was going to rip off before the hunt, or after? AWESOME!!!

From: XMan Date: 09-Oct-13
I just read this entire thread, OMG this is nuts! I am not sure which thread is better, this one or Buck Fever! Classic

From: APauls Date: 09-Oct-13
I just had to be part of a thread that hit 450 posts!!

From: JayG@work Date: 10-Oct-13
I was on a Special Forces Combat Dive Detachment. We used to use the Zodiac F-470s and well as the older MK III Grand Raids. Even if the photo shop job isn't BS, I do know that putting in 450 NM in a couple days in one of them is. It would jar you so badly you'd be peeing blood by the time you were done.. LOL Jay

From: Redbeard Date: 10-Oct-13

Redbeard's embedded Photo

Ruck up SF it's a walk in the park for Recon! Lol I've ran my Zode more miles than my body would like to remember hell my kids have even been out for some 200nm trips! No one said it was a cozy ride but it's fast, fuel efficient and can carry a ton of gear literally. But where I run here in Alaska there are days it's like being on glass and there are days like Poseidon is pissed as hell! I love my little Zode there's no safer vessel when SHTF. I love taking it out and doing serious Man up trips. But don't discredit my Zode for Rowdys indiscriminations.

Semper Fi Here's a good day of on the water pic

From: Dave in Battle Creek Date: 12-Oct-13
What a tool.

From: LBshooter Date: 12-Oct-13
Why do you all keep this guy in the lime light. Quit talking about him and let it doe. Bad press is good press to egomaniacs. Let the talk die out and make him a bad memory.

From: Wyo_elk Date: 28-Nov-13
Sure was thankful for this thread this year...

Any new news from this hoser? Sure hope he turns up some day for an explanation.

From: woodguy65 Date: 29-Nov-13
Wow, what an ending, I'm glad I tuned back in to read what Redbeard posted.

From: SteveB Date: 10-Dec-13
It sure is hard to believe that some sort of law hasn't been broken here....maybe impersonation?

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 10-Dec-13
Whoa, I missed the stuff in October due to my local deer season.

It's all out there now. What a story.

From: CurveBow Date: 10-Dec-13
OK, lets get this thread over the 500 mark! Here's my post to help it on its way.... :)


From: kansas bowman Date: 11-Dec-13
what the heck is going on here? def not going back to read.

From: muzzy man Date: 12-Dec-13

muzzy man's embedded Photo

I have searched out both rowdy's Guide and Photographer. You will be amazed at who it is.

Merry Christmas

From: muzzy man Date: 12-Dec-13

muzzy man's embedded Photo

opps wrong photo it worked like health care

From: elkmtngear Date: 12-Dec-13
Well if you type "Rowdy Dowdy" on a Google Search, this thread comes up as the #1 hit.

So, he has become "legendary"...he wanted fame, right?

From: HighLife Date: 13-Dec-13
Oh come on LBshooter it's always fun to out a fraud LOL He wanted "Awesome" fame alright :> Maybe some of the guy's that are looking for speakers should contact The Awesome Rowdy I'm sure he's available.

From: nemobowhunter Date: 13-Dec-13
Crack me up

From: Grunt-N-Gobble Date: 13-Dec-13
You fellas are hard core. My post to help get to 500+

From: BigAl Date: 13-Dec-13
Any truth to him being Mitch Rompola's brother in law?

From: arctichill Date: 14-Dec-13
BigAl, I had never heard of this clown until this thread. I would venture to say though that there is no truth to ANYTHING this poor, insecure, insignificant, excuse for a man, ever said. Now, if that claim was made by someone other than the pathetic character known as Rowdy Dowdy it might make sense to investigate? Anything this Dowdy idiot says, does, or said he did is not worthy of the brief time it takes to ask the question "Is it true?"

Waaaaaay earlier in this thread someone stated that they "Almost feel sorry for him...almost." I have to admit that I truly do feel sorry for this human being. I don't even feel comfortable referring to anyone who would commit this level of disgust as a person, although that seems evil of me. Even so, this is a human being who obviously has deep issues and needs serious help. I hope he gets it.

I would love to see this thread resurface again in the future with a sincere apology from Rowdy Dowdy. All hunters who have involuntarily had their animals posed with Rowdy Dowdy deserve an apology. All sponsors who invested money in a bogus and fraudulent excuse for a bowhunter deserve apologies (and refunds). All bowhunters who may have (if there are any) looked up to the accomplishments and fraudulently portrayed success of this facade deserve an apology. Most importantly, the men and women who have served this great country and made sacrifices beyond my (I've never served in any branch of the military) imagination deserve an apology.

Early in this post many requested an explanation from Rowdy Dowdy. I could care less about an explanation. I would not be able to comprehend any attempt to explain this type of behavior. As I said the cause of the actions of this individual run much deeper than even greed or fame. He owns the reasons why he did this. A true apology would be an indication that he acknowledges the damage he caused. "I'm sorry" is one of the most powerful phrases in the English Language.

If he can't say that, then I prefer he doesn't say anything at all.

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 16-Dec-13
Could somebody please dig up some new dirt on Rowdy,so we can get this thread back to the top and hit 500!

From: Brotsky Date: 16-Dec-13
As if all this wasn't unforgiveable enough, now I hear he shoots Rage.

From: muzzy man Date: 16-Dec-13

Reinvent Any Guy's Environment

Is that some kind of new photo shop software.

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 16-Dec-13
Actually, if he'd shot Rage BHs, he wouldn't have had this expose.

It's his lack of shooting ANY broad head that is his biggest issue...

From: BowSniper Date: 16-Dec-13
I hated Rowdy back in the WWF days when we wore a kilt... didn't know he was a fake hero/hunter

From: pointingdogs Date: 16-Dec-13
Interesting reading... post #474 :)

From: JW Date: 16-Dec-13
Here's to 500...

From: TXCO Date: 18-Dec-13

TXCO's embedded Photo

How is this picture still getting attention? I just saw it again while doing some social mediaing....

From: HUNTR4477 Date: 18-Dec-13
There is no problem with THAT picture,the problem is the picture of the same bear with ROWDY DOWDY photoshopped into it.

From: TXCO Date: 18-Dec-13
I know its the real one, just funny to see it still curculating by people looking for promos

From: Ace of Spades Date: 20-Dec-13
Rowdy shit bag dowdy..

From: Chris S Date: 22-Dec-13
480 only 20 more to go!!!!!

From: bow assassin Date: 22-Dec-13
Had to have a post on a thread that will hopefully make 500 posts. What a douche

From: Bear Track Date: 23-Dec-13
Without reading every post, has the real shooter of that bear ever commented or been contacted?

From: daleheth Date: 23-Dec-13
I only read the guy who was with him's account here. No report form real shooter.

let's get 500 then put this to bed. Unless Rowdy shows his face again.

From: GRoe Date: 23-Dec-13
The ATA is in 2 weeks...someone needs to see if he shows up. That would keep things going.

From: Tundra Monkey Date: 23-Dec-13
I've been checking in on this thread for the last 6 months so I figure I should add a post lol. 15 to go!!

From: wrkdvr Date: 23-Dec-13
Helping those trying to make the thread to 500. I have nothing to add…Rowdy is DB.

From: moosenelson Date: 23-Dec-13
sunshine is the greatest disinfectant in the world. 500 posts is only how far away?

From: Steve H. Date: 23-Dec-13
Good Lord, what a DOUCHE!

From: Mountain sheep Date: 24-Dec-13
Whoever gets the 500th post gets their face photo shopped in RD's place!

From: TMA1010 Date: 24-Dec-13
I'm not sure how I missed this up until now, but I just read the entire thread and all I can say is wow.

I think the best line is the "Rowdy burgers with a side of awesome". Who names a burger after themself?

Good luck on 500.

From: Steve H. Date: 24-Dec-13
Is a "tool" like a micro-douche and wouldn't be a strong enough adjective for this A$$-Clown?

From: Ambush Date: 24-Dec-13
TurkeyBowMaster could have this over the 500 mark in no time.

Did Rowdy just disappear? I heard he was trekking across Mongolia with nothing but a knife. He plans to kill mountain sheep to eat and cloth himself.

From: HighLife Date: 24-Dec-13
I think it would be AWSOME to have my face photo'ed shopped if I'm the 500th thread

From: drycreek Date: 24-Dec-13
Doing my part !

From: elkmtngear Date: 24-Dec-13
Have a Rowdy Dowdy Christmas...with a side of AWESOME!

From: Mountain sheep Date: 24-Dec-13
I got awesome, I just need a computer expert. did I mention AWESOME!

From: Russell Date: 24-Dec-13
Maybe someone in the Anchorage area can personally ask this "great hunter" why his brown bear looks identical to another one shot? Ask about the video too.

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 24-Dec-13
Me and TBM are racing for the 500th post! Just love this thread!!!!!!

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 24-Dec-13
Me and TBM are racing for the 500th post! Just love this thread!!!!!!

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 24-Dec-13
Me and TBM are racing for the 500th post! Just love this thread!!!!!!

From: BULELK1 Date: 24-Dec-13
Ya milked it Lou!!

But you got # 500---ha

Good luck, Robb

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 24-Dec-13
Lou, you cheated!

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 24-Dec-13
I was hoping for an autographed hero photo from His Awesomeness himself as a prize, but he seems to have gone totally underground.

Hmmmm, wonder why?

So as an alternative, I'm going to print out one of the fake bear photos and sign it, "To Lou my biggest, most awesome fan! Chase your dreams, no matter how big or small. It's worth it! Rowdy Freakin' Dowdy"

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 24-Dec-13
It's as real as anything else he's done...

From: Grunt-N-Gobble Date: 27-Dec-13
Looks like his FB page is GONE!!!!!

From: Nick Muche Date: 31-Mar-14

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 01-Apr-14
Even dead people's Facebook pages are still around...

From: thatdoggJake (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 01-Apr-14
I heard this guy just got a new hunting show.

Ha. U know that's an April fools joke.

From: Eric B. Date: 01-Apr-14
Jake, stranger things have happenend !

From: allegence70 Date: 01-Apr-14

allegence70's embedded Photo

Has anyone seen his massive Dall? That's one lucky guy!

From: Frank Sanders Date: 01-Apr-14
That sheep pic is not Rowdy Dowdy, it is another guy who, sadly to say, has the real name of Rowdy, he is a good hunter and the real deal and forgot more about hunting that Ole Fat Awesomeness ever knew!

From: IdyllwildArcher Date: 01-Apr-14
The above pic was posted on June 6th, you can see it near the top of the thread as well as the explanation that it's a different guy.

From: allegence70 Date: 01-Apr-14
My bad. I had a friend send it to me in an email.

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