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Moon Phase Rut Predictions



Messages posted to thread:
Kickers 25-Jul-13
Ty 25-Jul-13
midwest 25-Jul-13
t-roy 25-Jul-13
Doubleforky 25-Jul-13
Rocky D 25-Jul-13
suony5 26-Jul-13
Tonyman 26-Jul-13
Rocky D 26-Jul-13
HDBOW2 26-Jul-13
Norseman 26-Jul-13
writer 26-Jul-13
Notnormal 26-Jul-13
20 ft up 26-Jul-13
Charlie Rehor 26-Jul-13
C.J. Winand 30-Jul-13
APauls 30-Jul-13
WildmanWilson 30-Jul-13
Rocky D 30-Jul-13
Rocky D 30-Jul-13
ridgerunnerron 30-Jul-13
bowriter 31-Jul-13
Rocky D 31-Jul-13
BowSniper 31-Jul-13
Tonyman 31-Jul-13
Rocky D 31-Jul-13
cord 62 31-Jul-13
bowriter 31-Jul-13
Rocky D 31-Jul-13
bowriter 01-Aug-13
Ty 01-Aug-13
Two Bar 01-Aug-13
Bill Obeid 01-Aug-13
Rocky D 01-Aug-13
AZBUGLER 01-Aug-13

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From: Kickers Date: 25-Jul-13
Full moon falls on Nov 17th this year and mid October. What's the best time predictions?

From: Ty Date: 25-Jul-13
NOV 6-12. Every year. The moon means very little to me. The weather in the first part of november imo has a lot more to do with the deer movement durring daylight.

From: midwest Date: 25-Jul-13
Moon has nothing to do with rut timing. Length of daylight triggers the does to come into estrous. Like Ty said, weather will impact the daytime movement.

From: t-roy Date: 25-Jul-13
I think anytime you can be in the stand would be a good time.

X2 what midwest & Ty said...or would that be X3?

From: Doubleforky Date: 25-Jul-13
I agree with TY but would back it up to Nov 1st, it is the same every year.

From: Rocky D Date: 25-Jul-13
More booners killed on Nov 11 than any other single day.

All I know is I am focusing my effort on 1-12 Nov.

I do not like hunting full moon period.

From: suony5 Date: 26-Jul-13
nov 11 is my favorite day to hunt period. second is the 7th. I have had a shot at two bucks on the 11th that are the biggest bucks I have ever shot at. They both ended with the same sad buck fever story. Win some lose some. If I could only Hunt one day it would be the 11th. Are we there yet. Cant wait to much longer for season to start without going nuts.

From: Tonyman Date: 26-Jul-13
Moon means very little, 5th through the 15th. Like previously stated, the rut is triggered by length of day, But t-roy is right on, any day is a great day to be in a tree. I like cloudy, cool, and damp. I also agree the 11th is the day, that is the day I got my Boon Daddy.

From: Rocky D Date: 26-Jul-13
Moon makes no difference but if you have five days to hunt if possible make it when the moon is up or down or vice versa at dawn and dusk!

This will be more evident the more pressured the area that you hunt if connected with the right weather you can predict good deer movement.

I plan all my hunts based on seasons and how they coincide with moon periods.

I got my boon daddy on the 5th and think that 7-10 Nov are going to be power days for buck movent this year. Of course "WEATHER" will be a critical factor!

From: HDBOW2 Date: 26-Jul-13
I wonder if the 11th is actually not because of the moon/day/weather/timing so much as more hunters in the woods because of the national holiday and having the day off. It would be interesting to run the stats on that. Perfect time of the year and a day a lot of people have off.

From: Norseman Date: 26-Jul-13
Where's TR? LOL

From: writer Date: 26-Jul-13
Give me dark of the moon, cold front and Nov. 19 in Kansas....that's the date I've shot 3 of my last 5 bucks.

I haven't seen as much early and late daylight activity when it's a full moon, even during the rut, but I've seen some smokers moving at mid-day.

That said, my son's last three good 'uns have been Nov. 11, 11, and 12.

Early November hasn't been that good for me, other than an occassional flurry around the 6th.

I've done scores of really big deer stories from Kansas, and I'd guess more were bow-killed about Nov. 18-28 than any other time frame as the big ol' boys go looking for one last doe before it's over....I'm talking about the 160-plus bucks.

From: Notnormal Date: 26-Jul-13
Agree writer. Kansas is a whole different animal. As for southern iowa east I will take november 11 plus or minus two days each way for my best big buck activity.

From: 20 ft up Date: 26-Jul-13
I take what my work schedule gives me every year but I will say I have never had any luck hunting a full moon phase.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 26-Jul-13
The thing I like best about archery hunting whitetails is the season is so long. Those poor Elk guys get less than a month for archery and sometimes less. I don't concern myself too much with the moon other than to hunt 9 AM to noon on full moon.

My favorite time in the Midwest is October 25th to January 10th.

Whenever the temperature is below normal will likely be a good day. If normal in late October is 55 and that day it's 40 it will likely be good. In January if the normal is 18 and it's zero that day it will likely be good.

The other time I like is right when a rain or snow stops. Doesn't matter what time of day that is I run to my stand. Good Luck all. This is the year!!!! C

From: C.J. Winand Date: 30-Jul-13

C.J. Winand's embedded Photo

Here's some P&Y entry data, via KS

From: APauls Date: 30-Jul-13
You have to take that data with a grain of salt. If the number of hunters out in the rut was the same in September the data would look a lot different. Big bucks are sometimes easier to kill in September, but let's face it. It's not nearly as fun (IMO) and I hate sweating and mosquitos! Here in Canada, Nov. 11 is a mandatory holiday, so guess what the hunter numbers do on that day? Also scews data. Just fwiw.

For me, any day from Oct 31 - end of November, I a a very happy man to be hunting.

From: WildmanWilson Date: 30-Jul-13
The rut is the same or close to it every year. Its not a mystery. Fawns will be born in the spring and the circle of life continues like it has for many a moon.

From: Rocky D (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 30-Jul-13
This year is perfect example to apply moon data if you are a believer. I backed my hunt dates so. I would not be there 15-19 Nov with full moon on the seventeenth. Unlike Charlie I do not have five weeks to hunt big whitetails. My GA deer does not count for bigguns.

From: Rocky D Date: 30-Jul-13
Ok, I am a mooney. You can figure your vacation any way that you want.

My vacation times are not flexible enough to take into account "Other things matter more like temps, winds, rain/snow"

From: ridgerunnerron Date: 30-Jul-13
The new moon is on on November 3rd...I'm thinking the 3rd-10th will be my week to be out hunting for sure.

From: bowriter Date: 31-Jul-13
I have a prediction. I predict the rut for all you will be within a week of when it was last year. I also predict you may not know it. Don't confuse what you see with what actually is.

The moon has nothing to do with the rut and never has. However, the weather has a tremendous amount to do with what you see.

From: Rocky D Date: 31-Jul-13
Bowriter, I am not talking rut, I am talking daytime deer movement.

Also, chase phase for me is especially hard to get shot at moving animals.

I want them seeking not chasing.

From: BowSniper Date: 31-Jul-13
We all know the peak rut differs state to state based on North/South latitude... Canada to Kansas, etc. But we all look at the same moon. So how can the moon theory possibly be true?!?

The rut cycle is going to be basically the same window of time every year, year after year, for the same area you hunt. And you can go out any phase of that rut cycle (seek, chase, tend, etc.) depending on the action you like to see. But moon cycles on the calendar are not the trigger and the rut dates don't move +/- several weeks each year as the full moon would dictate.

From: Tonyman Date: 31-Jul-13
I would agree that the full moon does little if anything to effect deer during the rut, but it does save the batteries in my flashlight!

From: Rocky D Date: 31-Jul-13
Mark down the number of deer seen on a new moon vs full moon and you may become a believer to the effects on deer movement during daylight.

Or look back at deer photos and see how often the moon is hanging in the sky.

From: cord 62 Date: 31-Jul-13
SE Ohio, never any luck during a full moon. Thirty minutes after dark I can hear chasing/grunting around my cabin.

From: bowriter Date: 31-Jul-13
Rocky posted: Mark down the number of deer seen on a new moon vs full moon and you may become a believer to the effects on deer movement during daylight. Or look back at deer photos and see how often the moon is hanging in the sky.

Rocky, I could check the figures from the census we did in 2005 in IA, MO and NE. They sure surprised me. See, what we did was censuse deer seen on every night for 30 days. We did it in Oct., Nov., and Dec. We also census the hunters sightings during daylight. The difference between full moon and a dark night was about 3%.

We counted 3% more deer on a dark night. Remember, deer like cover (such as a dark night) and can see perfectly well. That was what we were really interested in finding out.

Numbers dropped drastically on rainy and foggy nights and climbed dratically during warm weather. Snow also made the nocturnal figures drop slightly. There was little difference during the pre-peak-post rut. However, activity did change. Daylight activity peaked about six days before the peak of the rut, dropped like a shot during the peak of the rut and climbed some after the peak passed. Nothing new there.

The only real effect we saw from a full moon was more daylight action later in the morning. It was an interesting study but tough on getting much sleep. I have the actual figures around here somewhere. I don't recall all that much variance of sighting during what is known as the children's moon-a moon seen during daylight hours. I do think maybe I made an observation to that effect one time.

Our overall observation was, the moon had little to do with deer movement night or day. However, if some sort of moon behaviour gives a hunter more confidence, he will hunt harder.

You may have alltogether different results where you live. Go with what works for you.

From: Rocky D Date: 31-Jul-13
bowriter, I normally respect my elders but I have been killing deer since I was 12 and am 56 now. I have hunted public land nearly 100% of the time and if I had to pick a time when not to hunt it would be during a full moon if all other conditions were the same.

I have four brothers that shared a camp for 25 years and it is a consensus that it would be the full was virtually a wash when it occurred during the season.

I do not need studies to override personnel observations of 40 plus years.

Most of you writers wait on some study to have something to write about. Typically most of you whore yourself out to whoever will sponsor you. I remember when Craig Boddington was enamored with killing a 60-80 inch Coues with a gun when I was having my wife hold out for 90 or better.

This is like fat free diets, cardio, and training heart rate for best fat burn. Or if you it a balance you will magically lose weight with little regard to caloric intake. The new philosophy is high intensity training.

I guess I need to listen to young Tyler Jordan or Tiffany who has been hunting shooting deer for the last ten years or so. I do respect Tiffany for her effort and her commitment but the deer she kills does not apply to me on most of the ground that I hunt. I do not see field full of big feeding in broad daylight and the vast majority of the big deer that many of the celebrity crowd kill are late season post rut and colder weather is driving them to feed.

I know the rut is triggered by phototropism. I have eight biologist phone number on my phone currently and can list another 25 that I have had extensive dialogue with and for the most part except one killed more deer than most of them.

You are the same people that sold the world on under armor, scent lock clothing, call turkeys incessantly to get them to gobble on the TV.

If a gobbler ever cuts me off I set the call down and get the gun up.

There are some shortcuts to success if we invest money for a guide, the best property, the best period and hunt 60-75 days a year and hunt multiple species. Frankly, I only acknowledge some of this people for the commitment that they place on their chosen path.

In David Morris's Book Hunting Trophy Whitetails he stated that he plans his hunts based on reduced movement during a full moon period. Oh, he is a biologist, founder of North American Whitetail, guide, outfitter, and has killed many deer over 150 inches.


Do not be so condescending with closing statements like this.

However, if some sort of moon behavior gives a hunter more confidence, he will hunt harder.

I know that most here probably disagree but as for me I do not view the full moon period with glee!

Sorry for the rant!

From: bowriter Date: 01-Aug-13
LOL- Don't know me very well, do you. Don't have a sponsor, been hunting a lot longer than you. Did the census with a couple friends for our own knowledge. Never published an article anywhere about the census. Don't promote any type of clothing except ASAT and don't get paid for that.

In fact youngster, I am not among the group you describe at all and hate all outdoor television programing.

As I said, whatever works for you, do it. As for me, I shall do the same. And oddly enough, I too have killed more deer than most of the wildlife biologists I know. probably, you too. But what does that prove? If a gobbler cuts me off, I run over the s.o.b. I'd rather fish than hunt the stupid things.

I have a problem with folks who can't stand facts.

From: Ty Date: 01-Aug-13
I have not made up my mind on the daily peak activity time charts though. I am not really sure how they work either.

From: Two Bar (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 01-Aug-13
bowriter, I greatly respect your attempt to bring objective data into the discussion. Far too often, hunter observations are biased, and grossly inaccurate.

From: Bill Obeid Date: 01-Aug-13
Objective data?

This topic is very complex. What you need is REPEATABLE , VALID data. You need a controlled environment and understand cause and effect, not observations and maybe some correlations. Taking a poll is not science. I'm no scientist , but from the research I've read on this subject , I'd say most everything posted is unverifiable opinion.

From: Rocky D Date: 01-Aug-13

Rocky D's Supporting Link

Here is a link to an article that I would recommend since it was recommended to me.

From: AZBUGLER Date: 01-Aug-13
Is it time to hunt yet???

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