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no peep in bow
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after 20 years of having a peep in the bow I went to just having a kisser button and putting my nose on the string. I am able to see more in low light than with a peep and for some reason I seem to do much better shooting targets or 3D as the arrows always now seem to be in the center of the target.

anyone else out there that has there bow setup with just a kisser ?

From: carcus
Thats what I used for years, I didn't find a peep improved my accuracy at all, last year I had to put on on my evo 7 as the string was covering my pins and I didn't like trying to look around it, its a big peep and doesn't affect shooting in low light at all, I do still use a kisser with the peep.

From: Papabare
After bow hunting for about 14 years with a peep, I took mine off. I didn't use a kisser, I installed a "no-peep", because I was having trouble seeing through my peep in low light.

It's a little thing you mount above your sight that at full draw you glance at it and you center a black dot in a green circle. When the black dot is in the center your anchor point will be the same every shot. After practicing with it a lot, it forces you to have the exact same anchor point. After a while you just glance at it and then look back to your pins. It allows you to shoot with both eyes open.

I hunted with the no-peep for 6 years and killed a lot of game. And then for some unknown reason, I started to have issues with target panic. Maybe it was because I was hunting Pike Co IL, and I was shooting at monsters. Bottom line is I blamed it on not having a peep.

So when I bought a new bow, I put a big peep back on it and it seems to work great. Killed a bull elk and two nice whitetail s last season.

I would tell you to practice a lot with it and you should be fine. Tom Miranda uses a kisser and no peep.

Good Luck!

From: Trophy8
A peep is really nothing more than another reference point which just happens to aide in head alignment.

For some they help, others it doesn't...

From: IaHawkeye
Hmmm, I've never seen a bow with a peep.Seems like most of todays bow strings have peeps though.

Having said that, no I've never used one.

From: x-man
All I can say is that if a peep is loosing you shooting light, your peep is too small. Nobody's eyes are that bad that a 5/16" peep is too small.

From: snapcrackpop
Also look at the IQ sight. Its the one Tom Miranda uses, I like it too.

I have used both, seperately and together, and found for myself and many students that a peep with a kisser is harder to shoot well. I reccomend that you use one or the other.

A peep is my preference but I know several really good shooters that do it with only a kisser. Looking past the string with consistent periferal string/head position is essential.

I have used a 5/16" peep for hunting, although I have used a 1/4" just as well. Having a sight with a long dovetail mount bar is essential to getting the pin housing to fit inside the peep correctly with any sized peep. Obviously the bigger the peep, the more light gets through.

From: snapcrackpop
Also look at the IQ sight. Its the one Tom Miranda uses, I like it too.

i have always shot with just a kisser. as long as you have a consistent achor you can shoot plenty good.

From: Rocky D
When I cannot see with my peep I get down.

I use a peep and went to a smaller peep that matched the sights housing which shrunk groups at 50-70.

From: cutting edge
I shot fingers for years with no peep then i went to short axe bows which i had to go to a peep but hate them , i found this unit called a anchor sight it's similar to the IQ circle but only larger which is better with my old eyes , this gave me the best accuracy that i have had . Takes a while to get use to it but you get it it's awesome .

From: city hunter
what a peep does is lineup things for constant shooting , without a peep its easy to tilt head left/right

From: DonSchultz
I stopped using a peep on my hunting bow in 1993. I've used a variety of sight setups since then but mostly I've used the old Timberline No Peep since about 1995.

Today you can get the Anchor Sight from Archery Innovations which has some really nice improvements over the Timberline.

However I killed my best buck with just a kisser on the string. Just today I was looking to eliminate a pest in my back yard. My hunting bow is apart for some changes, so I grabbed my 3D bow which has a peep AND a Timberline No Peep on it. I came to draw in got the pin on the target for a moment, but I found the peep in my target image so disturbing, I couldn't settle down and get the arrow released. I ended up having to pass on a shot.

The peep is not a problem on spots or foam, but on a small fast moving target, forget it.

From: recurve
I've used the No Peep for many years and liked it a lot. Recently I bought an IQ bowsight and it works well too. After some practice it's very fast and accurate to use.

From: NYbob
I've shot without a peep for over 50 yrs. I just touch a nocking point on the string to a spot on the side of my nose, it has worked well for me and I'm competive at the 3D shoots.

From: mission man
So with that IQ sight one does not need a peep sight ?

From: mission man
Sorry I resurrected an old thread but super curious about the particular sight .

From: Wood
The IQ sight incorporates the same principal as the old Timberline No Peep or the Anchor Sight by Archery Innovations. I think the IQ only works with fixed pins, whereas the Anchor Sight will work with virtually any sight. I've been using the Anchor Sight for about 10 years and it works very well for me. I still have the record in Senior class Wa. 3d.

From: TD
My main hunting partner uses just a kisser. He's a killer for sure. But....

I think he's ok maybe to 35-40 or so.... but at some hard angles and positions I've seen him butch up a few slam dunk shots.... but I have too with a peep for that matter.... that's likely more me than the peep.....

I'll take what some would consider long shots. My groups at those distances are unarguably better with a peep. My buddy does seem to have a target acquisition advantage at close range..... he's a hands down killer..... but in all honesty i don't think it has much to do with how great a shot he is. He just has a knack of getting into knife fighting range.....

From: Ironbow-cell
I only use a kisser and touch my nose to the string. I can shoot a 4" group at 50 yds. Consistent anchor point is the the key.

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