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hitmanonmac 13-Jan-17
stick slinger 13-Jan-17
147Hitman 15-Jan-17
APauls 16-Jan-17
From: hitmanonmac
Still looking for a bou hunt. I found an outfitter in Nunavut that I am looking into. Have any of you hunted with C. W. O before?

Haven't heard of them, but something like this is on my list. What kind of price did he give?

From: 147Hitman

From: APauls
Being Nunavut based, just do your diligence on who runs and owns it. I have heard some stories. I have 0 knowledge of the outfit. Could be the best outfitter on the planet. Check the Jack Hume letter thread and maybe make sure it wasn't the outfitter with a booth beside spike buck ;)

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