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Spraying gly on Eagle RR soybeans
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Pat Lefemine 19-Jun-17
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Mountaineer 21-Jun-17
From: Mountaineer
I drilled 4 acres of Eagle RR soybeans in June 2. First time using Eagle RR and first time using drill. Beans are/we're doing great except for weeds which had started to take over. So I sprayed them with gly Saturday and 15 days after planting. Most beans were 3-5" tall but did range from probably 2-6" overall. Looked at them Sunday and they looked pretty pathetic - wilted like the weeds around them.

I lost a non-RR soybean plot in this same spot last summer and read online that nobody ever had a failed RR plot spraying too soon.

The obvious question - did I spray too soon? Will these RR beans make it?

Looking for folks with experience using them who have sprayed this early to weigh in.


From: Killbuck
How much roundup per acre did you use? I typically use 2qts per acre on somewhat taller beans.

From: Ollie
What does your product label say?

From: Pat Lefemine
Couple things. Did you spray pure glyfo? I've heard of guys spraying Roundup Max which has other crap that will hurt your crops. Did you spray from a clean tank? If your tank had 2-4D, or some other herbicide residual that could affect it.

I always buy the 2.5 gallon jugs of 41% Glyphosate from TSC. I won't buy anything labeled Roundup or Roundup max. And I always flush my tanks after all herbicide applications.

The only other explanation is somehow the plant loaded the bags with a batch of non-GMO beans. I've heard of that happening before but it's rare.

The beans should not wilt. They should be impervious to Glyphosate. Keep us posted. Good luck.

From: drycreek
My experience is just like Pat's. ALWAYS wash your tank out, put some clean water in the clean tank and activate your spray, both tank and wand. Never had surprises after doing it this way.

From: t-roy
The only extra ingredient in Roundup Max that I'm aware of, is a surfactant, which most guys add to their generic R-up products anyway. I've used it for the past several years with no issues (other than it won't kill waterhemp anymore) You can spray RReady beans as soon as they emerge, so the timing shouldn't be the issue.

More likely, it's probably one of the other issues stated above.

From: Mountaineer
Definitely a clean tank and I actually did use TSC 41%. Also, I used 46 oz/acre which I believe is 1.5 quarts. So it kinda to me like I'm within all those bounds. Another plot friend told me it wasn't unusual they look that way a day or so, so we'll see when I get back down there this weekend I guess.

Thank you all and any other input appreciated.

From: Ollie
Weather can play a factor in the efficacy of pesticides. When I worked for a pesticide company we would sometimes get reports of crop injuries under certain climate conditions that were atypical.

From: test1
I've never seen glyfo cause wilting. I see that all the time with 2-4db but time will tell. Eagles should be RR.

From: Mountaineer
Called Eagle today. During conversation I was reminded that I DID NOT clean tank. 150 gallon sprayer that I ran two rounds through with 20 oz. per acre of a cleth-24db combo for my clover. Since I was only terminating plots, I did not clean. I ran four 130 gal mixes of 48 oz/acre of 41% gly through it before I sprayed last weekend.

The max amount of 24db that could've been in there was less than 2/10 of one percent of an ounce. The amount that was likely remaining remaining should be less than a thousandth of that.

I'm looking forward to seeing them Saturday. I expect them to be thriving.

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