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TMA1010 14-Jul-17
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Scooter 14-Jul-17
TMA1010 17-Jul-17
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TMA1010 18-Jul-17
jingalls 18-Jul-17
From: TMA1010
Has anyone heard of Anchor P Outfitters near White Sulphur Springs, MT? I'd be curious to hear some feedback on them for archery elk hunting.

From: The END
Do they hunt the Big Belts or the Tenderfoot?

From: Scooter
TMA1010, last October I hunted rifle elk in Mt; and was fortunate to kill a 6x5 Bull.. I took it into White Sulphur Springs to get process at Pierce Meat's..... They are a good outfit to use, but what I'm getting at is Rita Pierce, who is a great person and very honest, would be able to fill ya in on good outfitters in and around White Sulphur... She talked to me at length over the phone , about several Outfitters in the area that she could recommend.. The name you mentioned sounds like one of them , but I'm not sure.. Give her a call , or PM me and I'll try and help ya out.. I hunted with Mike & Sandy Parsons at Crow Creek Outfitters, about 30 miles from White Sulphur.. Excellent Outfitter..Good Luck ..

From: TMA1010
Thanks Scooter - I'll reach out to Rita, I appreciate it!

From: Sage Buffalo
Don't know them but for that same price Montana Hunt & Fish Co - Vinny Delgado. has been used by several folks in here. I went with rifle.

100% success on archery hunts.

Guides are great.

Amazing land and it's only 2 hunters/week on their top property.

From: TMA1010
Cool, thanks Sage. I appreciate the input.

From: jingalls
What Sage says X2!

Just a heads up, Vinny sold out the outfitting side of his business to Guy Flynn. Guy has been with Vin from the beginning and his right hand man. It is now Montana Elk & Trout. Same guides and areas and same great results. This season will be my fifth hunt with them.

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