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Pat's BIG buck
Whitetail Deer
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drycreek 11-Aug-17
Bigfoot 11-Aug-17
Buffalo1 11-Aug-17
Bou'bound 12-Aug-17
Rob Nye 14-Aug-17
Scar Finga 14-Aug-17
Hawkeye 14-Aug-17
From: drycreek
Just read Rob Nye's story about the buck Pat killed in the Bowhunter Big Game Special. Just a heads up for those that want to read it.

(Never mentioned a damn thing about the wicked, twisted blood trail challenge though )

From: Bigfoot
Great buck and a great story. Big congrads to both Rob and Pat. Gives some pretty good insight into what forest bucks are like. I hunt the same type country in Alberta, so no baiting, and they can be incredibly tough. But the big guys can be there (or not)!

From: Buffalo1
It is a well written story. Salutes to writer and hunter.

From: Bou'bound
excellent tribute to a great deer and hunt

From: Rob Nye
Thanks guys glad u enjoyed the story and it worked out for Pat. Hard to believe it's been nearly 30 years since I sold my first Bowhunter mag feature to M.R. James. All the magazine staffers have been excellent to work with, great bunch of people. Enjoyed all the stories in the big game issue, gets a guy fired up for bow season!

From: Scar Finga
Great Story and buck!

Well Done!

From: Hawkeye
Great story and incredible animal. Well done gentlemen:)

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