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climbing really big trees
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From: Lee

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Anyone have good advice for climbing a really large diameter tree? I have a tree I know I need to be in but it is really large and multi-trunked. I can get a stand on one of the trunks once I get to it but am scratching my head on the climbing part. I have no desire to use a ladder stand.



Easy Start screw ins, but not really safe on a large tree unless you can get a safety rope up first over a suitable branch.

Good luck!

From: Bowfinatic
Put a ladder up first so climbing up isn't a nightmare

We use several monster trees and do as Bowfanatic does which can get us to a crotch where we can go from there. Some are just too big and or dangerous.

From: ahawkeye
Your link didn't work but I had a really big diamiter tree that I used to dread climbing in my summit climbing stand. It wasn't the climb that was bad as much as the climb down, I'd get hung up on the way down. I finally put a lock on in and some climbing sticks. If you can incorperate climbing sticks and those 3 ft. sections of strap on ladder sets I think you'll do your self a favor or maybe just a bunch of the 3 ft. ladder sets getting a lock on stand in a place where you "need to have one" is so much easier and quieter than climbers and much easier to conceal than a ladder stand. If you're on a piece of property that you can controll I'd go for it get creative and try to break up your outline. Get a linemans style belt for setting the stand and put up a lifeline rope asap.

From: LKH
I've got a stand hanging, pretty much permanently, in a tree. Each fall I take an aluminum extension ladder out and wire it to the stand. So far no deer has paid it much attention.

Screw in steps are a bad idea. Big trees often have rotten spots and they are not visible. Also, on many the bark is very thick.

From: Butcher
Use a set of lone wolf sticks with rope mods. I have one set of ropes I made just for really big trees. I think the ropes are 13 ft if I'm not mistaken. In the delta we have a lot of cypress trees that can get really big at the base.

From: caribou77
Climbing sticks and 15ft ratchet straps. Put at least 3 sections together on the ground. You can usually him up 2 or 3 ratchets from the ground. Just walk them around the tree. Iv e actually had to crawl up and hang a section of ladder, then crawl down and use an extension pile to get the strap over branches and around the tree, then climb back up and lock the section of ladder in the tree. Use a climbing harness whenever possible. And map out your path up the tree from the ground. Been in some CRAZY big oaks in my life. Great cover, but a pain to hang stands. I personally would rather use screw in tree steps than the independent 3 rung ladders. Those ladders only have 1 strap. If that strap breaks, you go for a ride.... I know from experience. If a screw in step breaks (and you are always using 3 points of contact climbing) You will be much safer.

From: Bowriter
Guess you never hunted cottonwoods in a river bottom. Okay, here is what I did. First and foremost, get a quality lineman's belt, not a hunting harness, a lineman's belt. Next, get a quality, cordless drill and two batteries and at least two Tree-Hopper bits. Drill holes at a slight angle at least 4" deep. Insert 8", stove bolts-good ones. When fully inserted, they should angle slightly upward. Tap with a hammer to seat. Now you have steps and a way to put them anywhere you want. Climb up, hang the stand and use a second ratchet strap around the stand and you are good to go. Figure a step about every 10-12 inches and two at the stop so you can stand level to hang stand. Then put in two handholds to help in climbing into the stand. Some years back, I hung 40-50 stands a year that way. Just be sure your lineman's belt has a long enough strap. May need to get an actual tree belt.

I use to buy old wooden extension ladders on garage sales, Cheap, quiet once placed, and because they are heavy and cheap, no one wants to steel them.

From: GLP
I have used TV tower sections. Need two people to set, though. 3 is perfect.

From: Lee
Thanks guys - I don't know what that link is about!??


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